where dreams begin

I want to have a big house with big floor-to-ceiling windows and a terrace full of sunlight. If it can’t face the sea, it should also have the tranquility of cicadas and birds singing.
I want to have a group of lovely neighbors who read poems, read books and discuss literature, sing and dance to make progress together, sow seeds in spring and harvest in autumn.
I want to have a yard, plant flowers all over the yard, pick a handful of flowers from the yard every day, and put them in a vase in the living room.

This holiday, am I in Beijing? Oh no! I may have arrived in Japan

The church after the rain is particularly eye-catching in the mountains of clouds and mist. It feels a little like Switzerland, right?

Such small scenes are everywhere in Orendari, with a pastoral style, and you will be greeted with leisure as soon as you enter

This is the home of a grandfather who retired from Tsinghua University. His garden is just like what I have seen in my dreams. His life is like a poem. I hope that when we are old, we will have such leisure and elegance.

The old man's confused garden, living here, every day is a poem.

Rather than saying that this is a community, let’s not say that this is a garden followed by another garden

The 1.1-kilometer Orenda Highway 66 in the whole field is more cloudy and foggy after the rain

On the west side of the Yanqing Guyaju Scenic Area, there is an American-style town covering an area of ​​8,000 mu - Orenda Hometown America. The autumn in Beijing is getting thicker. After turning into this large town in the valley along the winding mountain road, you will instantly forget that you are still in China. The pure American western style here seems to travel to the western countryside in an instant. There are small American-style villas one by one, with gurgling streams running through them, and the undulating asphalt road ends with the continuous Yanshan Mountains.

It can be said that this is a new type of community like a paradise, with high-end sports, prestigious school education, leisure parent-child, physical and mental health and other high-end supporting facilities. Over the past decade, more than 2,000 elite families have chosen to live here; it can even be said that this is a resort. , here is a collection of super five-star hotels, catering, red wine culture, and natural oxygen bar. Of course, the integration of humanistic architecture and nature here is a beautiful scenery, and you will never miss it when you are in it.

An ideal community with literary and artistic temperament

As soon as I entered the Orenda tribe, I was surrounded by the rich literary and artistic atmosphere here. There is a big display board on Dream Street in Xizhen, showing various daily activities in the community, such as flower arrangement class, oil painting class, drama club, reading club, all kinds of interests seem to be found in this category, Dream Street is The liveliest place in the entire tribe, where there are open-air stages, West Town Tea Events, Taobao House, Orenda Tribal Life Museum, blacksmith shop, organic supermarket, wine museum, outdoor sports, etc. The place.

Every holiday, there will be various community activities on Dream Street. In the valley where the autumn is thick, "harvest" must be the most joyful word. At the Potato Festival, the residents of the small town brought the harvested fruits, and it was a competition whose pumpkins were bigger. After double the cultivation this year Who will win the melon king?

The oil painting exhibitions in the activity center are also from the residents of the small town. It seems that after staying here, they all become literary and artistic. They drink tea, read books, and draw small paintings to cultivate their sentiments in their spare time.

During the daytime, Dream Street is full of laughter and laughter, various parent-child fun, colorful bubbles hanging in the air, naughty panda dolls and big white bears wandering on the street, and the fireworks show at night lights up the whole town, and the silent valley is boiling.

Delicious enjoyment from cheap canteens to romantic French meals

Living in the Orenda tribe, you can enjoy the time wholeheartedly. There are not only beautiful scenery here, but also a variety of delicacies. Every morning, Mengsan canteen is the most lively place, with pancakes, fried dough sticks, steamed buns, and soy milk. , You can also enjoy a nutritious lunch here, and you don’t need to worry about your daily diet when you live here.

In the evening, under the romantic night sky, enjoy a romantic French meal. Under the warm yellow light, pour a glass of red wine in a large glass room, and serve exquisite dishes one by one. Chatting with relatives and friends during the serving time, Changing from the busy work in the past, spending enough time with family and friends to chat and enjoy the good time together is what life should be like.

Global Buffet Restaurant, Copper Pot Shabu-shabu, and Hong Kong-style tea restaurant live here, and it seems that there are endless delicacies to enjoy.

Pure American pastoral scenery——Photography guide for Internet celebrity check-in places

art stage
The cars passing through the wall on the stage will definitely open your mind. There is no need to be shy about all kinds of cool poses. It can be said to be an alternative Internet celebrity wall in Orenda.

Oil Painting Club, Huayou Club, Commercial Street Corridor
The characteristic small shop not only looks good for taking pictures here, but also can experience and learn oil painting and dried flower painting or flower arrangement here, with a strong artistic atmosphere.

Backed by the steeple church on Cangshan Mountain, you can take beautiful photos of exotic customs in minutes.

Grand Canyon
The small villas decorated with cobblestones on both sides are built on the hillside, and the houses and courtyards are full of lush flowers. The autumn is getting thicker, and the hawthorn trees beside the road have begun to pick up red fruits.

mountain tent
Here you can see the whole picture of the Orenda tribe, and you can even see the Guanting Reservoir when the weather is good. There are many open-air chairs on the top of the mountain. It is also a very good idea to invite friends to hold a starry sky party here at night. The reception center in the "tent" is decorated in a minimalist Nordic style, where you can have a cup of tea.

reading cloud
This place is like a fairyland, especially the two round hanging chairs. Sitting on the hanging chairs, one side is the asphalt road that shuttles through the villa area, and the other side is the cloud-shrouded mountain scenery.

Live life as poetry, afternoon tea in the private courtyard of Confused Garden

The residents of Orendari are very warm and hospitable. Mr. Mutu is such a kind old man. After retirement, he taught himself gardening and made his own garden the most beautiful garden. Enjoy an afternoon tea here in the private garden. A big house, a small garden, watering the flowers and walking the dog every day is probably the idyllic life everyone dreams of, right?

TIPS: Afternoon tea in Confused Garden needs to be booked three days in advance at Huayouhui and TO

Healthy vacation, let the body and mind more relax

At the entrance of the town, a tall building is the most eye-catching. This is the Museum of Physical and Mental Health. ), energy medicine, new natural diet, traditional Chinese medicine and other international medical therapies, and also provides mental and physical health services and medical services. Adhering to the biological-psychological-social medical model proposed by Engel.GL, a professor of psychiatry and internal medicine at the University of Rochester School of Medicine in the United States in the 1970s.

There are high-end community outpatient clinics in the life service center. In addition, there are Taoist halls and tea rooms, which display Taoism and art with traditional Chinese cultural characteristics, integrate the essence of Chinese culture, Chinese medicine, and Chinese arts, and highlight piano, chess, calligraphy, painting, poetry, wine, and flower tea. The wisdom of life that enters the Tao through technology enables people to achieve the harmony of mind and body.

In the MTT Rehabilitation Sports Center, the body's sports functions are tested and evaluated for muscle strength, cardiorespiratory endurance, balance and coordination, flexibility and speed; and based on this, personalized exercise prescriptions are customized for members. Under the guidance and accompaniment of professionals, the training of motor functions aimed at improving basic motor ability is carried out autonomously.