Autumn in Beijing is always so short. Some people say that the short time seems to go directly from summer to winter, and it is over before there is time to appreciate it. Autumn is golden, and autumn is also red. In fact, autumn has many colors, as long as we discover it with our hearts. People often say climb high and look far. The crisp autumn weather is just right for appreciating autumn in Beijing and cherishing this autumn color. I want to hide from the mountains and forests, and I also want to have a pleasant time in the afternoon, accompanied by coffee and the fragrance of tea. Where can I find such an artistic conception?

In Yunyinli, the third space in Fangshan, Beijing, the autumn colors are at the right time, and because of its beauty, it has already attracted friends from Hebei and Tianjin to visit and watch. Yunyinli is located in Shangyingshui Village. Shangyingshui Village is located in the southeast of Fozizhuang Township. In the Qing Dynasty, it was established as a village. It was originally called Yongshui, and later evolved into Yingshui. Hearing this name, I feel that he is an outstanding person. I can't explain why, but I just have such a feeling in my heart. The Third Space B&B is located in the nearest deep mountain area of ​​Beijing, next to the Zhenwu Temple. The first phase of the project has a total of 31 yards, 12 yards and 26 rooms are now open, 4 yards are under construction, and 15 yards will be opened next year. 1 hall and 2 meeting rooms. [A cup of coffee] Cafe.

When I came to Yunyinli, I just felt as if I had traveled through time, as if I had come to Tao Yuanming's paradise. It turns out that the design here is very careful. On the basis of retaining the characteristics of northern dwellings, the designer focuses on the local original environment, incorporates modern aesthetic ideas, serves in the courtyard like a butler, and carefully prepares delicious meals. Create 12 yards in the third space, Yunyinli Courtyard, where you can enjoy the unique natural scenery at the same time. Taste special delicacies, sleep on the mountain, and enjoy poetry and the distance.

Most of the B&B check-in places are at the front desk, but Yunyinli is a coffee shop. Coffee is always accompanied by a pleasant time, so at the moment of check-in, you have already entered a different atmosphere. The staff who handle it is also the name of the village, because they are serving their hometown, so they are all extra attentive. In fact, for many years, under the leadership of Secretary Zhao, Shangyingshui Village has actively developed the tourism and vacation industry, revitalized the idle resources in the countryside, established collectively owned homestays, transformed the idle farmhouses in old villages into boutique homestays, and introduced professional management personnel. The villagers are trained and employed. On the one hand, they revitalize the idle resources in the countryside, and on the other hand, they solve the employment problem of some idle people in the village.

It is not surprising to create such an exquisite small courtyard in such a place of truth, goodness and beauty. There are actually no villagers living in Shangyingshui Village, which is very different from other homestays. The service staff generally live in a little bit of the city, and they have a shuttle bus every day. Some friends may wonder why the villagers moved to the city. It is because the village is rich in coal resources and has a long history of mining. The villagers used to focus on coal mining and transportation. At the beginning of the 21st century, in order to protect the local ecological environment, the two committees of the village responded to national policies and called for and led the transformation of the mining economy in the village.

The afternoon sun was just right, and a few friends sat in the coffee shop, either reading a book or chatting. Time passed slowly like this, and I never felt that I cherished such a comfortable time so much. I hope that by walking slowly, we can have more time to fully feel the beauty and warmth in Yunyin. The small biscuits served with the coffee are baked on site, everything is so fresh and attentive. There are also friends who like to sit on the attic and look at the mountains and jungles in the distance, feeling extremely smooth. Seeing such a beautiful picture, all the troubles seemed to disappear.

After entering the small courtyard, the welcome fruit and hot camellia are ready. At this moment, I feel as if I have returned to my own home. The butler was very helpful and asked about our needs. A few friends didn't have time to enter the room, so they sat down and rested first. This kind of arrangement is very careful, and it is specially designed and arranged by the staff. It is fully considered from the perspective of the guests, and it is very suitable for those of us who come from afar.

The design of the yard is also very attractive. Each yard has a different design, and the details also highlight different feelings. The yard we live in is halfway up the mountain. You can see the Zhenwu Temple from the courtyard. In fact, before we entered the small courtyard, we had already seen the Zhenwu Temple. I have been to many homestays, and this is the first time I have encountered such a Zhenwu Temple in such a close distance from the homestay. I think Feng Shui must be excellent. I like Taoist culture very much.

Zhenwu Temple is not only a kind of cultural inheritance, but also an imprint of history. Zhenwu Temple is located in Shangyingshui Village, Fangshan District. It was built in the Ming Dynasty more than 500 years ago. The Zhenwu Temple is a courtyard with three entrances and two halls dedicated to Emperor Zhenwu and Lord Bixia respectively. There are also four side halls, two side halls, two side buildings and more than a dozen mountain houses, with a total construction area of ​​3,000 square meters. Zhenwu Temple is the central temple of dozens of villages in a radius of Zhonglou. It is very popular and famous far and wide. Because the Taoist temple is very spiritual, and the main hall is dedicated to Emperor Zhenwu, it is known as the "Little Wudang" in the north by Taoism.

When we arrived, we happened to be going through a ceremony and saw the whole process of the ceremony. I don't know why, but I think it's very peaceful here. It seems that everything has been forgotten. The big tree in the yard is also 500 years old, which really makes people feel very emotional. It has witnessed a lot of history, starting from the Ming Dynasty, what a treasured monument.

There are front hall, back hall and left and right side halls in the temple. The main hall is dedicated to Emperor Zhenwu, who sits on the top of the hall with disheveled hair and bare feet, and there are golden boys and jade girls beside him. In front of the hall, there is a copper censer with three-legged dragon claws. There are two guardian gods in the front hall. We had a great time playing here. We can also see the inheritance of etiquette culture on the wall, telling the children how to respect the teacher and what kind of posture is correct. I think it is completely possible for children to learn our ancient civilized etiquette here.

There are hiking trails not far from Zhenwu Temple. There are three hiking trails to enjoy the autumn scenery all the way to Tianzhu Peak. You can enjoy the red leaves while the weather is good. The red leaves all over the mountain are really beautiful, and there are also different colors. No wonder we all say that autumn in Beijing is the most beautiful. Looking at it this way, this is indeed true. Of course, the few of us girls couldn't miss the opportunity to take pictures when we saw such a beautiful scenery. No, the charm of the scenery makes us want to stop and immerse ourselves in the beautiful scenery.

When we returned to the small courtyard, the butler had already prepared delicious meals. At noon, the taste of mother’s hand-rolled noodles, and the spring cake feast in the evening. I like the spring cake feast the most. It is very delicious. It is a little different from the spring pancakes we make at home, not only with bean sprouts, but also with different ingredients, various flour sizes, and my favorite egg rolls. Clipped together, dipped in the unique fried sauce, wow. It's really delicious. Now, I don't want to do anything.

It is also very quiet at night, and it has been a long time since I enjoyed such a starry night. I remember when I was a child, my favorite thing was to enjoy the shade in the yard with my family after finishing my homework. At this moment, several of our friends were chatting and laughing constantly. It's like going back to my childhood.

We had breakfast in the morning and were ready to go to the Yinhu Cave Scenic Area. Because of the tickets for the Silver Fox Cave Scenic Spot given by the special event, I just went to see it together. The white silver fox is a spectacle, of course you have to see it. The staff is used to saying that this is the lower hole. Then we entered to understand the meaning. It turned out that this is a cave all the way down, very mysterious. When entering, everyone felt that this was the feeling of the Tomb Raider's Notes, which was a pleasant surprise.

Yinhu Cave Scenic Area is one of the first batch of municipal scenic spots by the Beijing Municipal People's Government on March 3, 2000. The scenic area is located at the foot of Baihua Mountain in the northwestern mountain area of ​​Fangshan, beside the Dashi River, surrounded by undulating mountains and clear mountains and clear waters. It covers an area of ​​1.8 square kilometers and is the largest in the north. The large-scale karst cave group integrating floods and droughts is named after the stalactites shaped like silver foxes. The cave is multi-layered and multi-branched, like an underground labyrinth; the cave is 4,500 meters deep and has 1,500 meters of waterways. The water flow is quiet and it does not freeze all year round. Rafting on it, the boat moves and the water does not move, like entering a fairyland.

According to the direction of the cave body and the distribution characteristics of the landscape, it is divided into ten scenic spots, with a total of more than 100 scenic spots. The top ten scenic spots are: 100-meter Grape Valley, Underground Dragon Palace, Milky Way Rafting, Crystal Polygonatum, Brilliant Starlight, Revolutionary Scenery, Wonderland on Earth, Cat-headed Silver Fox, 100-meter Gallery and See-Off Hall. Among them, the most famous landscape is the large hairy crystal, the cat-headed silver fox about 1.8 meters long. It is crystal clear and covered with hairy velvet-like needles. It is the first discovery of a karst cave in the world. It can be called a karst wonder and a Chinese national treasure , hence the name Silver Fox Cave.

There is a section of the road that requires a small boat, and there is a clear water flow at the bottom of the boat, which is very clear. There is no electric drive or any gasoline drive here, it is completely manual. Because this water is also the drinking water of this village, it is kept very well. According to the staff, two-thirds of the cave has not yet been discovered, and more secrets of the Silver Fox Cave are yet to be discovered. It's amazing to see so many mysterious caves.

The time in the hidden clouds is so warm and memorable, the silence of morning bells and evening drums, and the beauty of autumn colors, this is our favorite time. Blooming flowers look like brocades looking for peace, light clouds and flowing water save this life. This is the life we ​​are looking forward to. Once upon a time, I also wanted to escape from the metropolis and wanted a space that belongs to nature. Yunyinli, right here, opened a different small courtyard time, strolling in the fields, the sound of fallen leaves, The crispness of birdsong is the search for comfort and slow time.