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China Astronomical Observatory - Record the most beautiful side face under the sunset

Driving alone, all the way north, leaving Beijing, the first stop I want to go is "Bulaotun Observatory". Before arriving at Bulaotun, I must pass through a mobile stall market. I was attracted by the passers-by taking pictures here. I can take a short rest here, buy some mountain products, or take a picture of the Miyun Reservoir from a distance.

This is located in Laotun Village, Miyun, Beijing. Since 1966, the Miyun Radio Astronomy Observation Base of the National Astronomical Observatory has taken root here and has become one of the important observation bases of the National Astronomical Observation Center.
Most of the people who come here to check in are starry sky fans who yearn for the starry sky. Forgive me for my poor photography skills, so I can't stay here for everyone.
Beside the wild road section of Bulaotun Village, a comprehensive aperture radio telescope array composed of 28 parabolic antennas with a diameter of 9 meters is arranged. The treasure of the town station is the 50-meter radio telescope. In addition, there is also a 30-meter FAST experimental model.

Looking at the large and small "pot lids" along the road here, you can break into a sci-fi blockbuster in a second. The most important thing is that there are no tickets here, as long as you park in an orderly manner, you can make any concave shape. If you want to be a European and American sweetheart hot girl, the "behemoth" here is used as the background, which is simply too much for the wife.
Of course, the premise is that you come early enough, and the closer you get to the evening, the more starry sky fans will come here to gather together.

If you are like me and are not particularly interested in the stars, why not wait for the most beautiful sunset here, which is also a very good choice.

While waiting for the sunset, I can't help but fall into contemplation. These magnificent and large objects are exploring the mysteries of the universe and feel the insignificance of our human beings. The little worries of being imprisoned by reinforced concrete for a long time are really not worth mentioning in the universe. We should always maintain the best mentality and record every inch of beauty.

The sunset time is very short and fleeting. If you travel independently like me, you can first find a good shooting position for yourself and fix the corresponding equipment for yourself to facilitate shooting. Of course, there will be other passers-by here, you can ask him for help.

The fifth-generation Tucson L is really harmonious with this sci-fi scene. Embellished by the afterglow of the sunset, the eagle wing LED hides the daytime running lights, the three-dimensional and shining front grille, and the muscular round body is full of technology and full of artistry. People can't help but record its most beautiful side view. What I like the most about the appearance of this car is its distinctive muscular lines. Even if I don’t have a boyfriend, I can still feel the power of my boyfriend. Max can definitely become my best-looking knight and escort me.
When recording the most beautiful appearance of the fifth-generation Tucson L, I will not give up recording for myself. In my car, the multi-angle concave shape must be a must-have skill for girls. Believe in yourself, it must be this old man The most beautiful cub.

If you don't want to be so close to the "universe", I saw the "big pot cover" from a distance on the way to the fairy tale tree house in Yunfeng Mountain by accident. This is also the joy of exploration brought to me by the fifth-generation Tucson L. Don't be unable to travel just because you are alone, as long as you have a heart that wants to start in the "tide" summer, follow the strategy of @小砼堂头UP, you will definitely not go wrong.

[Treasure strategy TIPS summary]
? No tickets? Recently, the water level in Miyun has risen, and some small road sections are closed and cannot be fully passed
?Whether you watch the stars or watch the sunset, sunscreen and mosquito repellent are essential items
?Scientific and magical scenes, very suitable for filming with a car
?There are many online celebrity homestays, which need to be booked in advance, 3-4 days in advance on weekdays, and 1-2 weeks in advance on weekends
Short-distance tours around: Miyun Reservoir, Baihe Bridge, Heilongtan Scenic Area, etc., are all natural scenery and cultural scenery. In the past, you can camp along the road. Recently, the water level is rising. Camping is not recommended

Not Old · Mountain House - Stargazing in Starry Sky B&B

The treasure homestay I booked this time is called [Bulao·Shanju], an internet celebrity homestay near the Bulaotun Observatory. Surrounded by hundreds of acres of pear trees, it is very comfortable and comfortable to stay in. The best time to stay is spring and autumn, because spring is full of pear blossoms all over the mountains and plains, and there are fruitful tribute pears in autumn. The scenery and taste are absolutely perfect. There are a lot of Internet celebrity B&Bs in the suburbs of Beijing, and they are also full on holidays. If you make a reservation, you must make a reservation in advance.

The biggest reason for choosing this homestay is that it has a room type with a starry sky and a canopy. You don’t need to be bitten by mosquitoes or suffer from the cold. I can see the stars while lying in the homestay with the air conditioner blowing on it. This is the most convenient way for star fans.

When I checked in, it was already late at night. Everyone can sing freely in the self-service KTV of the hotel. Don’t be embarrassed. If you travel alone and don’t want to be lonely, I’m the best at blending in when you can get together and sing freely. A song, so happy.

In addition to watching the stars, the B&B I stayed at [Bu Lao Shan Ju] can also watch the sunrise and overlook the entire Miyun Reservoir on the top of the highest mountain. If you get up early enough, you must climb to the top of the mountain to see the sunrise covering the reservoir. Really super beautiful.

There is another reason to climb the mountain. For me, it is to look for the most sunny and largest Gongli on the top of the mountain. This is also a specialty of the hometown of longevity. The owner of the homestay is very enthusiastic, saying that as long as you don’t take it away, you can eat whatever you want here and keep your fill. Although it is not yet the season when Gongli is fully ripe, I have already eaten Gongli with a very good taste.

Under the pear tree in this yard, there are swings that can be seen everywhere. Even if you don’t do anything, just staying quietly on the swings is super comfortable. This may also be the little secret of the hometown of longevity. In addition to the beautiful mountains and waters, the people here are also very beautiful.

There is also a well-behaved Internet celebrity dog ​​named "Nao Nao" who likes to eat tribute pears. He is very friendly and well-behaved. If you come to stay, he will definitely follow you.

Although it was only a short trip, as a cute little guy with a camping plan, I still prepared a lot of props for myself. The fifth-generation Tucson L I drove this time has a sufficient trunk capacity of 583L. If necessary, the rear seats can be folded flat to become 1904L. It feels like you can put down the inflatable mattress if you go out for bed and night trips in the future.

What I prepared for myself this time is light and luxurious camping equipment, including tents, canopies, outdoor tables and chairs, picnic mats, and some beautiful props, all for the convenience of taking beautiful photos for myself.
If you need to stay overnight, you also need to bring accommodation equipment such as moisture-proof mats, sleeping bags, pillows, lights, etc., as well as barbecue or outdoor cassette stoves, various snacks, ingredients, etc. The most important thing must be mosquito repellent, mosquito coils, the outdoor mosquitoes are really too exaggerated.

Although stuffed with all kinds of equipment, the super large trunk can also satisfy me who wants to stay on the side of the road for a short time. I can sit comfortably in the trunk and capture the good times I want to record.

It was a happy day to stay at [Bu Lao Shan Ju], and after eating the rustic farm meal cooked by the boss, I also want to go to my next stop [camping]

Although I am a girl, but with the fifth-generation Tucson L, I can easily own my own self-driving trip, which is safe and comfortable. The dirt road to [Bulao Shanju] is also very rough and muddy. Due to the rising water level of the Miyun Reservoir in the past few days, there is still a small section of the road here to release water. Equipped with the new generation of Hyundai SmartStream powertrain, my car has both fuel economy and power, and it is easy and natural to cope with various road conditions. The driving experience is superb.

[Treasure strategy TIPS summary]
??Address: Bulao Shanju - North side of the intersection of Lioxin Road and Huangtukan Road, Huangtukan Village, Bulaotun Town, Miyun District, Beijing
??Navigation: search for "Beautiful·Mountain Dwelling" on the map
?? Parking lot: There is a parking lot, free of charge
? Meals: Home cooking can be ordered, accommodation includes breakfast
?Playing: Watching the sunrise and sunset, watching the clouds and rolling clouds, admiring the sun, moon and stars, looking at the Miyun Reservoir, picking pears, apples and walnuts
?Room types: stargazing tents, lake, moon, mountain, pool and wooden houses, and small courtyards for multi-person gatherings. Prices vary.
?Suitable for the crowd: family gatherings, couples travel, girlfriends travel
?Surrounding attractions: Miyun Observatory, Yunfeng Mountain, Happy Squirrel Valley, Black Dragon Pool, Taoyuan Fairy Valley, Human Flower Sea

Camping Trip - the most "trendy" INS light luxury camping

As a moving-style light luxury camping enthusiast, I actually prepare a lot of equipment for my camping. But this trip did not go very smoothly, because the water level in Miyun rose, and many places along the way that could camp were closed.
But the joy of self-driving travel is randomness. As a senior fan of outdoor camping, in such a hot moment of Camping Trip, there are more and more "trendy" INS luxury camping bases in Beijing. Of course, the current supply and demand are not completely balanced. The Sunshine Valley and the Great Heat Wilderness that I know best are full. Of course, this is completely difficult to search for small experts. Let me discover this new coordinate super music farm.

This is the base in Miyun, which integrates various elements of music / outdoor / parent-child / intangible cultural heritage hand-made experience / art / picnic / camping / market. It is a tourist destination suitable for the whole family's music vacation experience.

When I came here, I discovered that in addition to the camping equipment I wanted, there can also be fluorescent parties, outdoor movies, water parks, internet celebrity trampolines, roof slides, football fields, restaurants, and bars. When you come here, you can make proper arrangements for the whole family.

Of course, what I am most interested in must be camping. It also meets all the requirements of camping friends who don't want to move.

Never fall asleep on an air mattress again with comfortable and spacious mattresses. The most intimate thing is that if you don't bring shooting props, there is absolutely no need to worry. [Super Music Farm] A full set has been prepared for you. Ladies and sisters who want to pose in a concave shape can do it by themselves.

Although I didn't have afternoon tea at a place with a small stream along the road as originally planned, it didn't affect my good mood at all.
Because I own the fifth-generation Tucson L, I who love outdoors also love challenges and changes.

And I found that this camping base is super suitable for self-driving parties. There are plenty of parking spaces here, and novice drivers can be very comfortable. The fifth-generation Tucson L that I was traveling with this time has a large 10.4-inch central control screen, Hyundai SmartSense intelligence-mind integration safety system, equipped with ultrasonic radar, millimeter-wave radar, and high-definition camera, and finally someone rescued those who had difficulty parking in reverse.

[Treasure strategy TIPS summary]
? Daylight Valley
-Located in Miyun, it is a light luxury natural holiday camp park suitable for parent-child fun.
-The camping equipment is fully equipped and has the status of a RV base. It is a camp that includes catering, accommodation, and entertainment at one price.
- There are also many entertainment projects in the park, such as sports experience park, ATV off-road vehicle, karting track, etc. are very complete.
-It is relatively popular, with a large number of people, and it is difficult to reserve tickets and tents.

?Hot Wilderness
- Beijing is currently the most INS camp, and there are very mature camps in Beijing and its surrounding areas and even the whole country
- Suitable for experiencing the joy of manual camping, the coach will teach you how to build camping equipment, avoid moving camping and fully equipped
- suitable for young people

Tour of Miyun Reservoir—Misunderstanding into the scene of Hayao Miyazaki's comics

Leaving from the most "tide" INS camping base, I plan to play around the Miyun Reservoir Dam. The fifth-generation Tucson L that accompanied me, because it has a super complete intelligent voice system, opens QQ music with the voice, and plays the song "All the Way North" that I am familiar with. The 6 speakers in the car are really super high, a perfect smart device It can be switched freely, and it can also be connected to other devices with dual Bluetooth. For me who travels alone, I don't have to rush at all. According to my mind, let me enjoy a leisurely "tide" summer trip alone during the trip.

The Miyun Reservoir is really big and it is the largest source of drinking water in Beijing. This year should also be the year when the water level of Miyun Reservoir is full. Because it surrounds the entire reservoir, the dams here are divided into main dams and auxiliary dams. And vehicles are not allowed to stay on the dam. If you want to take pictures, you must park your car at both ends.

The scene of Hayao Miyazaki's comics that all girls like is here, with a village on one side and a reservoir on the other, full of Japanese atmosphere. I just need to use the intelligent voice function on the fifth-generation Tucson L to search for Miyun S313, stop the car at a certain section and walk to the small house.

Of course, if it is not necessary to take pictures of small houses, then both the main dam and the auxiliary dam can capture beautiful sunsets.
When my vehicle was not very dense, I stopped for a short time and flashed a photo. This is probably the only road map I took during the entire trip. Hahaha, thinking about myself is also very fast. If you want to take pictures with more peace of mind, you can wait for the sunrise in the morning and when the vehicles are not crowded.

Huatian Mountain Residence - a paradise hidden in the city

Leaving Miyun Reservoir, stay in Huatian Shanju, a paradise hidden in the city. The entire courtyard has 7 main rooms and 4 wing rooms. Each independent apartment type is equipped with a special viewing platform, which really achieves a view for each household. In addition, there are abundant activity rooms and Chinese studies schools.

This is definitely a good place to relax and decompress. I have never seen such a well-preserved original ecological homestay. All kinds of tree species are planted inside and outside the courtyard. It is said that there are more than 30 species. In the room I stayed in, the one planted in the courtyard is probably a small hawthorn tree.

The local wooden rafters and stone materials are preserved in the house, which looks very artistic. The room types are divided into styles such as Tang-style tatami, heated Kang, and double bed. The names chosen are also ingenious: "Qingfeng", "Fuqin", "Xunmi", "Friends", "Tingxi", "Guanshan", "Little Rain", and "Picturesque", which sound very literati and ink. The tone of the whole environment is very appropriate. I originally thought that in the north, there would not be such an elegant courtyard.

What I like most is [Huatian Shanju]'s own ecological vegetable garden, where there are geese raised by itself, and the melons, fruits and vegetables in its own greenhouse can be self-sufficient. It can be said that the most original ecological life lies here.

I don't want to leave here anymore, I just want to stay quietly and enjoy my pastoral time.
The housekeeper of the yard also suggested that in addition to enjoying the slow time in this original ecological yard, you can also go fishing, boating, climbing, etc. nearby.
If the whole family is traveling by car or building a company team, the small courtyard can provide not only normal meals, but also barbecue ingredients. It is really super beautiful to have barbecue without equipment party in the small courtyard.

[Treasure strategy TIPS summary]
??Address: Huatian Shanju Boutique Homestay - Zhujiawan Village, Beizhuang Town, Miyun District, Beijing
??Navigation: search for "Huatian Shanju Boutique B&B" on the map
?? Parking lot: There is a parking lot, free of charge
? Meals: Original ecological home cooking can be ordered, accommodation includes breakfast, and barbecue can be prepared
? Play: fishing, boating, mountain climbing, playing the piano
?Room type: There are Tang-style tatami, heated kang, big bed and other styles, and the prices vary
?Suitable for the crowd: family gatherings, company team building

Yishi Winery - The fugitive princess returns to the European-style castle

Yishi Winery is located in Bailongtan, Liuheyu Village, Taishitun Town (near National Highway 101). A red winery with an 18th-century European-style castle as the main body, the mottled rocks of the entire castle, and creepers all over the walls, mysterious, solemn, and full of sense of history. When I came here, I felt like the fugitive princess had returned to her old castle.

The whole manor is not big, there are lake viewing platform, Pinghu Pavilion, Yishi Castle, Yishi Square, Grape Corridor and other attractions, but my favorite is the large lawn at the entrance of the castle, which is really good to shoot.

The basement floor of the winery is where red wine is processed and stored, which looks very mysterious. The first floor is the sales area, expensive 1100 and cheap 100 a box, all brewed by the winery itself.

Tickets here? There is a fee, and the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Travel Card can enter for free, and parking is free. The ticket I bought is 98 yuan, which includes a glass of red wine tasting and a free bottle of red wine, which is actually equivalent to buying a bottle of red wine. Of course, because I was driving by myself, I just took a sniff of the red wine provided in the package and took it home to drink slowly.

As a layman in red wine, the longest stay in the whole winery is the castle that belongs to today's fugitive princess. Today, the princess will go back to the entrance of her old castle and take enough photos at once!

Sitting in the car, you can seriously experience my fifth-generation Cavalier Tucson L. The waterfall layout can make the field of vision more open.

High-grade fabric design, with a cockpit surrounded by waterfalls, the entire sensual shape is beautiful, with a rich three-dimensional sense, and it is also super intimate and comfortable.

D-shaped multifunctional steering wheel, the overall details are well done and comfortable.

The 10.25-inch open technology instrument, 7-inch LCD + digital instrument and 10.4-inch central control large screen are the largest in its class and are full of technology.

Light transmission area: 0.77m², opening area: 0.35m² panoramic sunroof high-end atmosphere.

The "L" leapfrog body size and unrestricted free sitting posture allow both the driver and passengers to have a super spacious leapfrog experience.

If you ask me what I am most satisfied with, I would like to say that I actually like them all, showing the temperament of luxury cars everywhere. As an "exquisite" pragmatist, the fifth-generation Tucson L and the owner of the fugitive princess are related to this entire European style. The atmosphere of the castle fits perfectly.

Yanqi Lake - Afternoon Tea for Ladies in the Coolest Hotel

When the fugitive princess left her old castle, the last thing she wanted to check in was Yanqi Lake. It is said that the most iconic building in Yanqi Lake is this vermilion building. The top is designed as a disk that gradually enlarges upwards, like the reflection of the Temple of Heaven. This is the Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention and Exhibition Center.

I felt very relaxed when I drove there, because during the past few days of continuous self-driving, although I have traveled different roads, I am very satisfied with the performance of the fifth-generation Tucson L in terms of handling.

After a few days of familiarization, I also discovered that the fifth-generation Tucson L has a more "human touch" smart space. That is, it can realize functions such as BLE mobile phone Bluetooth key and vehicle remote management. A girl who goes out alone will occasionally be reckless and don’t know where to put things in a mess. With these thoughtful details, I feel that technology makes life more convenient.

To take a perfect picture, you must go to the reception hotel that hosted the APEC leaders' informal meeting at the end - Sunrise East for an afternoon tea. This hotel was also built next to the dam, and it is said that it took a lot of effort when it was built. The final product looks like a rising sun, symbolizing harmony and unity; viewed from the side, it looks like a scallop, which represents wealth in Chinese culture. Such a rich place will definitely not lack my punch card.

Drinking an afternoon tea in this comfortable and quiet place, as long as you spend over 100 yuan, you can get rid of the 50 yuan parking fee. For a money-saving person like me, it is comfortable and cost-effective, and it is also for yourself. The itinerary draws a successful conclusion.

A must-eat delicacy in the suburbs of Beijing—authentic Miyun stewed fish in iron pot

As a senior gourmet travel expert, @小砼堂头UP will not give a single food recommendation.
When you come to Miyun in the suburbs of Beijing, you must have an authentic stewed fish in an iron pot, and it is best to eat sturgeon.

Other dishes that must be ordered in the signature must be the dried beans, tofu, sauerkraut, fish tofu and Arctic Ocean.

The sauce is rich in flavor, and the freshly killed live fish is stewed in a firewood cauldron. This delicacy is unique in Miyun.

If you have never been to Beijing, then this old Beijing wild vegetable dumpling is also a must-order staple food. Cereals taste better

There is no need to choose which one deliberately, there is a main street in Miyun that is stewed in an iron pot, and no one will step on thunder.
What if you travel alone? My answer is to fight the table with a thick face.
I just made the stew in an iron pot with the residents who lived with me in [Bulao·Shanju].

For the rest of my time alone, I just ate whatever I wanted along the way, such as the unique buckwheat noodles in the north + Hongbaolai old soda.
The mutton soup and mutton cakes that Hui people are good at making are super suitable for people who travel alone.

Summary Raiders One-click collection

I don't know if everyone is satisfied with my itinerary, but I can say that I enjoyed it very much.
The whole self-driving trip has high flexibility and good comfort. The fifth-generation Tucson L is also very energy-saving and fuel-efficient. The intelligent voice function and other services are very good for me, and it is super considerate. In order to make it easier for everyone to reproduce my route, this summary list can be collected with one click!

Must-see routes: Bulaotun Observatory, Miyun Reservoir Dam, Yishi Winery, Yanqi Lake, Beijing Sunrise Kempinski Hotel
Recommended camping bases: Super Music Farm, Sunshine Valley, Great Heat Wilderness
Moving-style camping equipment list: tents, canopy, outdoor tables and chairs, moisture-proof mats, sleeping bags, pillows, lamps, barbecue or outdoor cassette stoves, various snacks, ingredients, picnic mats, some nice props (convenient for posing) , mosquito repellent, etc.
Food: stewed fish in iron pot, fried noodles, lamb soup, halal meat pie, tribute pears
Accommodation: Heshe Homestay, Bulao Mountain Residence, Huatian Mountain Residence
Row: Fifth-generation Tucson L

I hope that you can have an exclusive "tide" summer trip like me, and don't disappoint Beijing, the most suitable season for self-driving camping!