Came to the last stop, Beijing, followed by Tianjin, Qinhuangdao

D6: The train at 2:30 goes to Beijing and arrives at Beijing Railway Station at almost 5:00 in the afternoon

When I got out of the station, it was past five o'clock, and I bought two one-card cards in Beijing, with a deposit of 20 yuan and a balance of 30 yuan. You can take the subway and bus. I used to hear that the Beijing subway is 2 yuan, and the bus is 40 cents. I don’t know if it’s true or not, but it’s not anymore. The starting price of the subway is 2 yuan, and the price is calculated according to the distance. After all, the price is not low. If you use the card, the bus is half price, but there is no discount for the subway.

Card refunds are available at airports, train stations, and many subway stations. We left at Beijing West Railway Station, and we can refund anywhere. It is a self-service card refund machine, and the money is returned directly to Alipay or WeChat.

After getting out of the train station, I swiped the shared bicycle and rode to the hotel. After five o'clock, it was rush hour. I didn't have the guts to squeeze the subway in Beijing, and I didn't want to be stuck on the bus, so I just rode away and took a stroll. Along Qianmen Street, I booked a hotel on Meishi Street, very close to Tiananmen Square, and only a short walk from Dashilan.

PS: There are a lot of hotels in Meishi Street and Qianmen, because it is convenient to watch the flag raising. The hotel I booked on the first day was on Meishi Street. To be honest, the hotel is not good, the sound insulation effect of the room is very poor, the hotel makes full use of the space, the room is very crowded, the corridor is very narrow, the room is also small, and the air circulation is very poor , At night, the next door speaks a little louder, and you can hear it clearly. When I came to see it, I felt that I had to change it no matter what. I was very tired after playing for a day. If I can’t rest well at night, what can I do. What happened later made me feel more and more that it was right to change the hotel. The first day I slept until midnight, the room was stuffy and hot, even though it was winter, it was suffocating, and when I woke up in the middle of the night, I kicked off all the quilts like summer, but I had to turn on the air conditioner, the windows of the room It is facing the corridor, so there is no ventilation at all. I woke up to pee in the middle of the night, and I was walking and drifting, unable to stand stably, as if I was drunk, and I just wanted to fall while walking, probably due to lack of oxygen in the brain. So I suggest that you do not book a hotel on Meishi Street. This place is very good, every inch of land is expensive, and the hotels make full use of the space. Of course, big hotels may be different, and local tyrants are free. You can book a hotel in the alley. I later changed to a convenient hotel in Xiaochunshu Hutong. Xiaochunshu Hutong is past Dashilan, where there are few people and it is clean. The Dashilan on Meishi Street is the dividing line. Once you pass the Dashilan, there are obviously fewer people. Although it is further outside, it is not far from Tiananmen Square. It only takes fifteen to twenty minutes to walk, but it is very clean and very quiet.

There are a lot of fences near the front door, which are intricate and complicated, like walking in a gossip array, which can make people dizzy. When playing in Beijing, you have to swipe your ID card everywhere, and you have to go through security checks everywhere, so it is recommended that you put your food in a separate bag, after all, there are still fewer things to eat than light machines. I just carried it by myself, and let me have a look if you asked. Usually, you pass through the food, and besides, can I give you a bite, anyway, I just don’t want to go through the security check. Especially bread, after a few light machines, I suggest you stop eating it.

After checking in at the hotel, we went out to eat. The shops on Meishi Street are not cheap anyway. On the opposite side of Dali Hutong, there are a few shops, because they are past Dashilan, and they are more homely. We just went to a Northeast restaurant. It is not recommended for everyone to go here. The proprietress is very domineering and looks down on others. We looked at the menu for a long time, and the two of us couldn't eat too much, so we ordered a grilled fish. Then when it came up, I asked her if she had disposable chopsticks, "No", let us use the ones on the table. The problem is that you can keep the chopsticks clean and hygienic. The dirty chopsticks on the table are inserted into the black chopstick cage, so people can see... At least you can be seen clean Well. There is "no" disposable chopsticks, so there is no way, eat it, you can't do it. After a while, the takeaway boy came in, and I didn't believe you didn't have chopsticks. Sure enough, I took out the disposable chopsticks from inside. Of course, we still encourage everyone to use less disposable chopsticks. I brought a set of cutlery for two people, and there is only one left. . . . This is a small problem, and I am very upset about the latter. Alipay paid, and finally asked me how much to pay, I said how much, she looked at the phone, but the phone didn't respond. Then I looked at my mobile phone. I just turned it on for her to see, but now I don’t believe it and ran to check it. After reading it, I said something, why is there no name? I'm so angry! While I was eating, several people paid after eating, but she didn't look at them, and they all walked away, walking slowly, as if she was afraid that I wouldn't pay, and when we went out, she didn't say a word about walking slowly. And very stingy, the takeaway boy came in and wanted some water to drink, but a hundred of them didn't want to, oops, it's gone, why don't you burn some. In fact, I just lost a pot with the electric kettle, and the chef inside made a cup of tea, I can see clearly. When I left, I wanted to order some boiling water. It was the same thing again. It’s gone. How about boiling some? Yes, I saw it, and I yelled at him directly. When you get a glass of water, leave. Grandma's, I feel like I'm going to be looked down upon. Haha, maybe I'm too hypocritical!

There is a Chengdu restaurant next to it, and I ate here later, the price is very affordable, the kimchi is delicious, and the hygienic conditions are also good. You can go there if there are delicious and spicy ones.

After dinner, I went to Dashilan for a stroll. Anyway, I didn’t feel much about these commercial streets. I walked to Zhengyangmen to have a look, to explore the way for the next day. I also wanted to go to Tiananmen Square, but there were activities in those few days , Not allowed to get close to Tiananmen Square, went back to the hotel.

There is a Railway Museum near Qianmen, which is the earliest Zhengyangmen Railway Station, which is also the Qianmen Railway Station in many World War II storytelling novels. Tickets are required, and friends who are interested can go and see it.

D7: Get up at 6:20 and brush your teeth, go out at 6:35, and head for Tiananmen Square. The security check, swiping the ID card, is very strict anyway.

Winter is very deserted, not many people

feel the flag raising

The Monument to the People's Heroes, there are guards next to it, but now it is impossible to get to the side

After watching the flag raising, before eight o'clock, I walked around the square and prepared to go to the Chairman Mao Memorial Hall

Bags, water and other items are not allowed in the memorial hall. Only mobile phone wallets and ID cards are allowed. There is a place to store bags across the road. Those who go to the memorial hall have to deposit their bags, and depositing bags requires money.

The memorial hall is open from 7:00-11:00 in July and August, and it is open from 8:00-12:00 at other times. It is closed on Monday (all museums are like this), because there are few people in the off-season, and during the peak season, the memorial hall has to line up After a long time, we lined up for ten minutes and then went in

It is recommended that you do not bring things to see the flag raising, and go directly to the memorial hall to line up after watching the flag raising. But summer is more sad, the flag is raised at five o'clock, but the memorial hall does not open until seven o'clock. The security check at the memorial hall is very strict, very strict, very strict. There are chrysanthemums sold in the memorial hall, which cost three yuan each, and you can buy them if you need them. The chrysanthemums were put down in the front hall of the memorial hall, and there is a special place for chrysanthemums.

The memorial hall just goes in and walks around, the speed is very fast, and no stay is allowed. To pay respects to Chairman Mao, walk half a circle around the crystal coffin, enter through one door and exit through the other.

After the memorial hall came out, I rushed back to the hotel immediately, because I wanted to change hotels. I ate a cage of siu mai and a cage of xiaolongbao in a small shop on the street for 28 yuan, which felt a bit extravagant.

Check out and go directly to the new hotel booked in Xiaochunshu Hutong. It was only after 8:00 in the morning. Because there were vacancies, the staff checked in directly. The room is facing the sun and has a big window. The second floor can directly receive sunlight The exposure is very good. You can overlook the old alleys in Beijing, without obstruction, and have a wide view. Put your things down and rush to the Forbidden City immediately.

The Forbidden City must be entered through the Tiananmen Gate, and entering Tiananmen, of course, is another security check. Security inspector, hehe, let’s not talk about your attitude, anyway, you can say whatever you want when you arrive at someone’s land. An old man walked through an unopened security channel, and started arguing. The uncle was also very angry, and his voice was a little higher. Ouch, the staff wanted to jump up and argue with you. The louder the noise, the more intense it became. Even the word of detention was thrown out, so prestige.

At the feet of the Son of Heaven, I am timid and afraid of getting into trouble. I can do whatever I am asked to do. Fortunately, I was not asked to call me Dad, hahaha

Huabiao, the top one is the divine beast Wangtian. There are usually two pairs of Huabiao. The front pair of divine beasts face outward, called Wangjungui, and the back pair face inward, called Wangjunchu. Huabiao can also be seen in the Shinto of the Ming Tombs. .

Enter Tiananmen from the bridge on the far right of the Jinshui River. When there is no special arrangement for the Tiananmen Gate, you can go up. Tickets are required. When we went, it was under maintenance, so it was closed.

Now there are no paper tickets in the Forbidden City, and all of them have to use mobile phones to buy electronic tickets. Personally, I think this is not good. Nowadays, many elderly people still use old-fashioned mobile phones. They just make and receive calls and do not surf the Internet. If they come to the Forbidden City, they will not be able to enter? Although it is low-carbon and environmentally friendly not to use paper tickets, it cannot be one size fits all, and special groups must always be considered. I bought two. To be honest, although my mother uses a smart phone, she doesn't play well online. If I let my mother buy it by herself, she doesn't know how long it will take. Although there are staff to help you, But I think it still needs to be taken care of. I used to like to collect tickets, but this time it's gone.

There is another security check to enter the Forbidden City, so it is recommended that you carry food with you. After entering the security checkpoint, there are guides for rent. I asked for one, but my suggestion to everyone is that you don’t need it. Why do you say that, the explainer is automatically positioned, but it only speaks once, and the positioning is not very, very accurate, as soon as it reaches a certain range, it may start broadcasting, you may not have heard a few words, after walking two steps , to explain the next positioning location, and the ones that have not been listened to will pass away, and will not be played repeatedly. What's more, the contents of the broadcast are all explanations on a large scale, and you can also find them on Baidu. You can install a tour guide software on your mobile phone, and you can also explain it. Anyway, it’s just a superficial introduction. There are no interesting stories that happened. But don’t worry about this. There are many tourists in the Forbidden City. In 2018, the number of tourists in the Forbidden City has exceeded 17 million. You can easily join the group and listen to the explanation. Moreover, there are volunteers in the Forbidden City who will also give explanations.

The Gate of Supreme Harmony, after passing the Gate of Supreme Harmony is the Hall of Supreme Harmony

In the Hall of Supreme Harmony, the number of small beasts on the eaves is the largest, and any hall is not as high as the Hall of Supreme Harmony

The tank next to the Hall of Supreme Harmony is mainly used to hold water to prevent the fire from leaking. It is said that He Shen was ordered to build it, and the outside was painted with a layer of gold powder. Everyone thought it was made of gold, until the Eight-Power Allied Forces came and scraped it with a knife, only to find that it was only covered with a layer of gold powder, so the Eight-Power Allied Forces scraped off the gold powder, and the tank was discarded. It seems that this tank, He Shen has been greedy a lot.

Pottery Museum

The angle of the shot is so uncomfortable, this photo is so ugly

This would be perfect without the bin in the middle lol

On the day I went to the Forbidden City, although it was cold, the weather was still very good

The sunlight coming through the window is beautiful. On the small bench here, I ate the dry food brought from Qinhuangdao, small bread and Harbin red sausage, haha. The Forbidden City is very big, and you won’t be able to finish it in a while. You can do it without food. There are food sellers in the Forbidden City. A bowl of beef noodles is only forty or fifty yuan. If you are a rich man, you don’t care, I will Eat dry food honestly, poor class.

Only the emperor can step on the dragon

Palace of Preserving Harmony

Longzongmen, there is an arrowhead left on this plaque. It is said that when the Tianli religion invaded the Forbidden City, the arrowhead left on it was ordered by Emperor Jiaqing not to be taken out as a warning. It is conceivable how poor the fighting power of the Eight Banners was in the middle and late Qing Dynasty. There were only more than a hundred people from the Tianli Sect, and they directly invaded the Forbidden City.

Compassion Palace

Don’t be misled by TV dramas, thinking that the Palace of Compassion and Tranquility is where the Empress Dowager lives, but it is not. There is only one queen mother who actually lived in the Palace of Compassion and Peace, Xiaozhuang. After her death, the future empress dowagers did not dare to live here, at most they stayed here temporarily, feeling that the palace could not be suppressed, the prestige of Xiaozhuang was too great

Sandalwood Buddha, the style of water-pattern clothes are all sandalwood Buddhas, which are easy to identify

The Empress Dowager couldn't live in the Palace of Compassion and Ning, and felt that she couldn't be restrained, so where should she live? Here, Shoukang Palace

Empress Dowager Cixi? ? ?

The cabinet of golden nanmu is valuable. But compared with the main hall of Changling, this is drizzle, why? I will talk about it later in Changling

I can't remember where this is, door in door, take a shot

It's full of small Buddha statues, the place where the scriptures are chanted

Aircraft Department

Behind is the Qianqing Palace

Upright and bright plaque, behind this plaque is the place where the emperor's edict is placed, and the secret reserve

Kunning Palace, which has not yet been renovated


Take a corner and play

Where is this? The Palace of Yanxi Palace, once burnt by bombing, is now a place for storing cultural relics

A persimmon tree in Yanxi Palace, the persimmons are almost turning into persimmons on the tree, haha

Tongzi Lane

Nine Dragon Walls, now there are three Nine Dragon Walls across the country, two in Beijing and one in Datong

Emperor Palace

This is the phoenix crown. It was really dug out from the tomb. It was unearthed in Dingling

These are all cultural relics of the Treasure Hall, and the Treasure Hall needs to buy additional tickets

not open

big stage

What a big piece of jade, don't worry, there are bigger ones behind

Poverty limits your imagination


Eight Banners jersey

Already got off work

Sandalwood Buddha

Rockery in the Royal Garden

Behind the imperial garden is the north gate exit

This is a farewell to the Forbidden City. Unfortunately, there are still two museums that I have not seen, the Clock Museum and the Bronze Ware Museum. I can only look for opportunities next time. The Forbidden City is too big, and if you are not familiar with the terrain, it is easy to miss it. I entered the Forbidden City at 10:30, and I kept seeing that it was closed, but unfortunately I still missed two.

So I’m here to tell my friends, what kind of one-day tour, in-depth tour of the Forbidden City, the National Museum, and the Summer Palace, are all bullshit. , that could be done, but that would be pointless.

After seeing the Forbidden City, go to Jingshan Park, overlooking the entire Forbidden City

There are many people with long guns and short cannons, taking pictures of Beijing when the lights are just coming up

It was dark, and the picture was not clear. This is the place where Chongzhen hanged himself

Jingshan Park tickets are two yuan, you can swipe a card to enter

From Jingshan Park, walk to Shichahai, not far away, through the small alleys, the alleys of old Beijing, very tasteful

I went to Shichahai for a while, there are all bars and other shops, and there are some snack bars. I don't like to eat snacks, let alone this snack, if you want to eat it, it is estimated to cost one hundred and eighty yuan. The restaurant in Gulou is also very expensive. For poor people like me, I couldn’t afford it, so I bought a piece of cake and ate it, and took the subway to the Bird’s Nest and Water Cube.

It looked beautiful at night. I watched it for a while and then withdrew, just take a look, and forget it if you go in, haha

There happened to be a RT-Mart nearby, so I decided to go to the supermarket to buy something to save money.

The things in the Beijing supermarket are quite cheap, almost the same price as our supermarket. I just bought a few buckets of instant noodles, a few steamed buns, a pack of French bread, a generation of old bread, two packs of mustard, and a few fried skewers. Skewer, satisfy your hunger. Afterwards, I took the No. 82 bus back to the front door and walked back to the hotel. It was late, so I stopped eating instant noodles and went to bed.

D8: Get up in the morning, eat some dry food bought by RT-Mart yesterday, pack up and go to the Ming Tombs. It's really hard to go there by subway. There is a stop on the Ming Tombs on the Changping subway line, but this subway station is still far from the Ming Tombs, and it takes more than half an hour to walk. It takes too much time to take the subway from the urban area, and the subway took about two hours. I took the subway at nine o'clock, and it was almost eleven o'clock when I arrived at the Ming Tombs subway station, and when I walked to the Ming Tombs, it was half past eleven.

Get out of Exit B of the subway station and turn right. There is a road about 20 meters away. Turn left and walk along the road. When you get to Nanjian Road, turn right and go straight. The Great Palace Gate.

At Shinto, I chartered a car, how should I put it, my ears are soft, I fell for it. 120, take Dingling, Changling, Shinto, and then send you back to the subway station, it’s not worth it anyway, but if my mother can’t walk, it’s okay, and it’s not too bad. There are actually buses between the three places.

First went to Dingling. Dingling is the first mausoleum where the state takes the lead in organizing archaeological excavation, the first and the last. Because of the immature technology, after the excavation, many cultural relics were unearthed, and the suffering was devastating, and Emperor Wanli was also devastated. Since then, the state has stopped excavating any emperor's tombs. (About the excavation of the Dingling Underground Palace, there is a documentary. I have watched it, and friends who are interested can check it online)

Dingling is rumored to be a very evil place, very spiritual. After all, it's going down to someone's ancestral grave, so it's really prudent to think about it.

It is not recommended to take pictures in Dingling, especially if you can’t take pictures of yourself and take pictures with the tomb, which is unlucky. Take a photo with the rumors and the mausoleum, there will be ghosts appearing in the photo, of course I have not tried it, why do you want to try it.

This is the Lingxing Gate, which is usually found in Confucian temples and palaces, and it is a ceremonial building. But the Lingxing gate in the mausoleum does have another meaning. The Lingxing gate in the mausoleum is also called the gate of ghosts, the gate of Yin and Yang. It is the place where the inner and outer coffins pass through, and this door is generally only for exit but not for entry. After passing through this gate is the mausoleum, which is the ghost world. Of course, as a visitor, you can go in and out without going through this door, just avoid this taboo. If you want to go through this door, it’s okay, but according to the convention, this door can only be exited but not entered. When you come out of the underground palace, pass through this door. Before you pass, stomp your feet and shout: I’m back! Stepping through this door means returning to the world.

This is the square city of the mausoleum, behind it is the top of the treasure, the underground palace

The Dingling Underground Palace is more than 20 meters deep, and the bottom is shady. Originally, I planned to take pictures inside (of course not myself), but I found that no one else, no matter whether they were in a group or a free traveler, took a picture. Well, I took a picture in a place just like an underground palace , and I didn’t take pictures later. The one I took at the beginning was a staircase, and it had no special features, so I deleted it. Since everyone doesn't shoot, then I don't want to be a special case, just follow this taboo. After all, to put it bluntly, this is in someone's ancestral grave, whose ancestral grave would let you enter? It is good to be able to visit, but it is very disrespectful to take pictures, after all, we are not archaeologists.

PS: There are a few taboos to be aware of when going to Dingling. Although we don’t believe in ghosts, we must have a sense of awe. This is respect for culture and ancestors. Don’t think that people hundreds of years ago have nothing to do with you. If you If you have this idea, then it doesn’t matter if you don’t go to this place, you have completely separated Chinese culture.

Don't take pictures in the underground palace, especially you can't take pictures of yourself in, people don't take pictures with ghosts; don't step on the threshold when passing the door, men left and women step right, step over; try not to bring food in, enter the underground palace, the place of the dead, give it to you The dead bring something, that is a tribute, do you think it is for you or for him?

Of course, these are taboo rumors, but you don’t need to break this taboo, everyone sits like this, please feel at ease, if you insist on not obeying, then no one can do anything to you, as long as you feel at ease.

After coming out of the underground palace, go to the nearby museum to visit the unearthed cultural relics.

400 year old tree

After leaving Dingling, go to Changling. Changling is the mausoleum of Ming Chengzu Zhu Di, and it is the largest among the Ming Tombs. At the beginning, I planned to dig the underground palace of Changling, but it is said that I couldn't find the entrance of the tomb passage, so I had to give up Changling and choose the mausoleum to dig first, so as to practice my hands. Zhu Di's descendants and grandchildren helped him escape.

The biggest attraction of Changling is the hall. Do you think there is nothing special? Eyes are clumsy, the focus is on the wood of this hall. The whole hall is made of golden nanmu. The value of golden nanmu can be known by Baidu. This hall alone is a priceless treasure. Golden nanmu is extremely difficult to grow, like the pillars in the hall, each of which is thousands of years old, and it takes several years to transport these nanmu to the Ming Tombs. Go out, wait for the flood to recede, and start shipping. Why is golden nanmu precious? Because of the long growth cycle, it may only grow to the size of a bowl in a hundred years, and now in nature, there are almost no living copies of golden nanmu. So, if you dare to have a small piece of nanmu as thick as this hall, it will be enough for a lifetime.

Zheng He's great treasure ship model

Shi Wugong

Changling Hall

Changling can also be transferred to Fangcheng, and the graves behind are surrounded. Although Dingling has opened an underground palace, but when it comes to value, Changling is much higher than Dingling.

The Shinto of the Ming Tombs was originally the Shinto of Changling, but in order to respect Zhu Di, the descendants of later generations must follow this Shinto, and then go to the respective Shinto of other tombs, and the Shinto of other tombs is also separated from this Shinto, so The Changling Shinto became the general Shinto of the Ming Tombs. Siling in the Ming Tombs has no divine way, because after Sizong hanged himself in Jingshan, Li Zicheng won the hearts of the people and buried Chongzhen in Siling.

Huabiao, the specification of Shinto Huabiao is the same as that of Tiananmen

Stone statues on both sides of Shinto

It is the same as the Shinto regulations in the Nanjing Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum. I often walk in the Shinto and live to ninety-nine. The Shinto is a spiritual place, especially the Shinto in Qufu Konglin. After walking the Shinto, I came out and took the bus to the subway station. It was only 3:30, and I took the subway back to the city, and it was after 5:00, so I spent all my time on the road.

PS: If you want to visit the Great Wall and the Ming Tombs in one day, it is really a bit rushed. It is recommended to stay in Changping the night before, and it is best to charter a car the next morning. If you can’t charter a car, take the first bus to the Juyongguan Great Wall early in the morning. Badaling is far away. Visit Juyongguan in the morning (it is said that the Juyongguan Great Wall is steeper than Badaling, and the climb is more difficult), and go to the Ming Tombs at noon.

Come out from the Ming Tombs, take the subway to Jintai Xizhao Station, and watch the underpants building of CCTV

Does the CCTV headquarters building look like underpants? Haha, after walking around here, I took the subway to Wangfujing

There really is a well.

Wangfujing snacks, just turned around, didn't eat, if you want to be full, you can't eat ten skewers of lamb, right?

I bought some preserved fruit and thought about going back to the Chengdu restaurant near the hotel for dinner, but who knows, I went in the opposite direction. . . . .

I originally planned to go there by bicycle, and it took only 20 minutes. As a result, I walked northward, walked farther and farther, and walked directly to Di'anmen Street, only to find that I was walking in the wrong direction. This delay cost me an extra 40 minutes of riding. minute. . . . It was after nine o'clock when I got back to the hotel, it was too late, so I didn't go to the restaurant, so I ate instant noodles, but luckily I had something to prepare yesterday.

D9: Get up early in the morning, eat bread, and hurry to the National Museum. Because on Saturday, there were more people than usual, and there was a long queue. The National Museum does not allow you to bring water, and all water must be poured out, including eight-treasure porridge, yogurt, etc., so before going to the National Museum, the liquid should be cleaned up first. Entering the museum, there is a supply of pure water.

The National Museum is on the east side of Tiananmen Square.

This is a nostalgic exhibition hall. I still have one of this red box at home. What does this mean? It means I'm old

This is an African art exhibition hall. I can’t understand it, I can’t appreciate it, they are all without clothes, and the body proportions are very weird. Apart from being fresh, I really can’t appreciate it.

zodiac maid

Hu Maid

bank note

Houmuwuding, also known as Simuwuding

Is it something in the legend, it is something in the textbook, and the real thing is in the National Museum

another treasure

The most worthwhile place to visit in the National Museum is actually the first floor, which covers the entire history of China from primitive society, the Stone Age, Xia, Shang, Zhou and Han to Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties.

Therefore, I suggest that you start from the basement floor first, and then go upstairs to the Bronze Pavilion. I just discovered the basement floor last, and I didn’t have enough time to look at it.

Does this little pot look familiar, history textbook, haha

The Jiahu Bone Flute is in the National Museum, and there is also one in the Henan Museum

This one is the Jiahu bone flute collected by Henan Museum

Fuhao owl vase, the same pair was unearthed, two Fuhao owl vases, one collected by the National Museum, one collected by the Henan Museum, the picture above is from the National Museum, and the picture below is from the collection of Henan Museum

There are many such cases. The lotus and crane square pots mentioned in history books are actually a pair, and there is also a standing crane square pot. The lotus and crane square pot is slightly taller than the standing crane square pot. It is collected by the museum, and the standing crane square pot is in the Palace Museum. It is a pity that I did not see the Bronze Museum when I went to the Forbidden City this time. It is very regrettable.

This thing was unearthed because it is said that there was a head inside, which was steamed. . . . Um, can this thing be cooked?

Does this jade phoenix look familiar? It is the jade phoenix unearthed from Fuhao's tomb in history books.

oracle bones

Another treasure, Siyang Zun

Bronze Mask of Sanxingdui

Witch Hazel Jade Clothes


In the past, there were rhinos in our country. Otherwise, why did Chinese medicine use rhino horns as a medicine? It was only later that people’s demand for rhino horns led to the extinction of rhinos in China.

Are you familiar with it? Rap figurines are also from textbooks

Why is the bronze acupuncture man male? ? ?


After reading it, it was past three o'clock, and I went to Qianmen to eat a bowl of ramen

The next attraction is the one that annoys me the most and fails the most in all my trips.

I took the subway for about an hour to the Summer Palace and entered through the North Palace Gate, but it was getting dark. This trip to the Summer Palace, part-time job is a ghost hit the wall, I can’t get out of Longevity Hill, and I didn’t turn to the front Kunming Lake. Enter from the North Palace Gate and go straight up the mountain, because it was already 4:40 when I went there, and the garden in the garden was closed, so I only bought a big ticket. The road signs of the Summer Palace are not very good. On the mountain, there is only a tour route, and then an arrow, which does not indicate which scenic spot is going in which direction, so it is very directional. When you go up the mountain, the sky will gradually get dark. He even returned to the North Palace Gate. I'm so angry, I can't, I have to go to another gate, turn around and go again. I won't go up the mountain now, but walk along the path down the mountain. We walked to another gate, but it was the North Ruyi Gate, which was also on the north side. In other words, we turned around, but we just turned around near the Longevity Hill on the north side of the Summer Palace. We couldn’t find any other scenic spots. Why can’t I get to Kunming? The lake is gone, I can’t help it, it’s already six o’clock, it’s already dark, I can’t see anything, there’s almost no one in the Summer Palace, and I don’t dare to wander around anymore, let’s go, that’s it, the Summer Palace has been around for a long time Just turned around in the north, this failed.

Just a few pictures, because it can be said that there is almost no transfer, I can only wait for the opportunity, I don’t know the year of the monkey before going back to the Summer Palace

After coming out, ride a bicycle along the Beigongmen Summer Palace Road, heading towards Zhongguancun, and ride for a stroll if you have nothing to do.

We are approaching Zhongguancun, which is Tsinghua University and Peking University. The two schools are separated by a road. Looking at the students walking inside, I thought about myself as a scumbag, envious and jealous. I went to Zhongguancun Carrefour and bought some things, mainly bread. I took the subway back at Zhongguancun subway station, and I was about to arrive at the station. At that time, I ordered a takeaway, 30 yuan, and ordered a large portion of bridge rice noodles, which is enough for two people. I mainly want to order green vegetables. It’s almost nine o’clock when I get back to the hotel. The takeaway will arrive as soon as I arrive at the hotel. Let’s eat. , Maybe I'm hungry, it's delicious.

After eating, wash and sleep, tomorrow is the last day

D10: On the last day, I got up early in the morning and ate the bread I bought in the supermarket yesterday. I went out early in the morning and went to the Temple of Heaven. Because the Temple of Heaven is relatively close, I didn’t check out. I went out before eight o’clock and rode a bicycle to the Temple of Heaven.

The Temple of Heaven Park is the place where Beijing people do their morning exercises.

There are many little squirrels in the Temple of Heaven. When I entered the door, I saw two little squirrels chasing around the tree. It was really free.

I heard from the local people that you can attract little squirrels with just a touch of two walnuts

Even if it is a set ticket, the Kagura Department also needs to charge additional fees

The fasting palace is free, but it doesn’t open until nine o’clock

This is a light pole outside the Circular Mound, indicating that the sacrificial activities were carried out at night in the past. There are three light poles, but now there is only one left. It is said that the wax used in the past has been lost, and no one knows the skill anymore.

circular mound

Lingxing gate, yes, Lingxing gate again

Huangqiongyu, this is a memorial tablet dedicated to the gods

The surrounding wall is the echo gallery. Stand on the third stone in front of the steps, clap your hands and hear three echoes

This is the wall of the Whispering Wall. It has been engraved with tourists from all over the country. The quality needs to be improved.

Inside the Imperial Vault

Three tone stone

This is a bell in the Zhai Palace

Qianlong Dynasty

This hall has no beams

Landmark buildings, the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests, and the main hall are explained every half an hour

After watching the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests, there is nothing more to do. Go out the north gate and go back to the hotel to check out.

Back at the hotel after 11 o'clock, check out, pack up your backpack and go, and eat at the Chengdu restaurant opposite, which is quite affordable, a piece of bacon, a piece of green vegetables, and a piece of Sichuan kimchi, a total of more than 50 yuan. After dinner, I rode my bicycle to the front door and took the subway to Prince Gong's Mansion, a Prince Gong's mansion, half of the history of the Qing Dynasty. Prince Gong's Mansion is not open all year round, it is closed for two to three months every year. In 2019, the museum has already started to close on January 7, and it will be closed until March.

The Prince Gong in Prince Gong’s Mansion refers to Guizi Liu, Prince Gong Yixin (why is the word 䜣 always not displayed, after submitting it, it always turns into a question mark), but this mansion was not owned by Yixin at first, but by a corrupt official and Shen's mansion.

Prince Kung’s Mansion can store bags for free, which is pretty good, right?

Yin'an Hall, the emperor's is called Jinluan Hall, and Heshen's is called Yin'an Hall

This building is very long and has a turn. This is Heshen's treasure building, which is used to display all the treasures that Heshen came to.

The Zangbao Building has a thick wall, which is used to store all kinds of rare treasures.

This is Heshen's treasure code. Different styles of windows are used to distinguish what treasure is hidden under the wall.

The emperor’s family has it, and the Heshen’s family also has it. The Western-style Old Summer Palace is gone, and the Heshen’s family is preserved.

Brother, you are a bit stealing the spotlight

A Taihu stone that looks like a woman holding a child, He Shen took this pictographic stone home, and in the second year he had a son, Fengshen Yinde

There is a word of blessing, the best blessing in the world written by Kangxi

The word "Fu" is in this rockery, and everyone queues up to touch the word "Fu". There is a piece of glass on the word "Fu", and they touch it through the glass. Do you want to touch directly? Give it up, if it weren't for a piece of glass, you wouldn't be able to see this blessing now, it would have been flattened long ago. At the entrance of the rockery, both sides of the stone wall are patinaed, as smooth as jade.

The emperor's family has the Great Wall, and He Shen's family has a small Great Wall

This is a building that has nothing to do with Heshen in the entire Prince Gong's Mansion. This theater building was built later by Prince Gong Yixin.

This is transferred out.

He Shen was richer than the emperor before his death, and he was treated the same as the emperor after his death. Almost all major tourist attractions in Beijing are under the management of the Tourism Bureau, with two exceptions, one is the Forbidden City, the emperor's home, and the other is the Prince Gong's Mansion, and the home of He Shen.

After leaving Prince Kung’s Mansion, it was past 4:30 and almost 5:00. Although Prince Kung’s Mansion is Beihai Park, there is no time to go around, so I can only wander around the Beiwai Wall, take the bus to Beijing West Railway Station, and arrive at the train station It was almost six o'clock, and the card was refunded at the train station, and the remaining money and deposit were refunded to Alipay. I ate a bowl of instant noodles in the waiting room, the last bowl of instant noodles I bought in Beijing, and I went home after eating

Farewell, Beijing, the imperial capital! Although I have not visited enough, there are many regrets, and many places have not been visited, but in the future, I hope to have the opportunity to come again! ! !

Cost: Accommodation 147+170*3=657,

Day 1: 164, Day 2: 160, Day 3: 266, Day 4: 164, Day 5: 171

The high-speed rail fee for going home is 618, and the high-speed rail fee from Beidaihe to Beijing is 220

The total cost of Beijing is 2420

Approximate, there may be some discrepancies

Well, this is the end of the travel notes. I divided Tianjin, Qinhuangdao, and Beijing into three travel notes, otherwise the article would be too long. This is also convenient for everyone to look at separately, and it can be used as a strategy for a place alone. I hope it can bring you something to learn from when you travel.