Let’s go to Tiandong on May 1. The travel strategy of Tiandong Scenic Spot is here. I went to Tiandong on May 1. The weather was very good that day, there were unexpectedly many people, and there were many activities in the scenic spot. I was very excited when I watched the tug-of-war competition haha , It will be very fulfilling after playing all day. As a native of Guizhou, it should be no surprise to see all kinds of caves, but my reaction when I saw the sky cave was worth it, like a person who saw a cave for the first time, It is not surprising to describe it as Grandma Liu entering the Grand View Garden hahaha... The peculiarity of Tiandong Scenic Spot is not only the spectacle inside the cave, but the large sea of ​​flowers outside the cave. Xu Xiake said that when you return from Jiuzhaigou, you don’t look at the mountains, and when you come back from Huangshan, you don’t look at the mountains. I said that you don’t look at the caves when you come back from Tiandong. The strange stalactites are scattered all over the cave, and walking into it seems to have traveled to another world, the lights are glazed, and the rocks are strange. But you must bring a coat before entering the cave. The temperature difference in the cave is large, so don't catch a cold. For me who loves to toss around, the most attractive thing is an off-road vehicle. I step on the accelerator and put all my troubles behind my head. This really verifies the saying that people fly in front and souls chase after them. But babies who have fun must pay attention to safety, especially in rainy days, there may be slippery roads, so you must protect yourself.