That night, I dreamed of my grandma.
I greeted her who was wearing a lake blue dress, she blinked at me, as if she didn't know me, turned her head and ran towards a sea of ​​sunflowers.

Grandma ran faster and faster, and became younger as she ran.

In a blink of an eye, she became a child, her image has not changed, she still has short shoulder-length hair fluffy, her feet are bare under the lake blue dress, she is lying in the moss cherry blossoms all over the mountains and plains, purple, red, white ,Pink……

I saw the story of life replaying quickly in front of her eyes, every moment of age was waving with her in the sky.

She closed her eyes gently, and a faint smile appeared on her chubby little face.

At that moment, it seemed that all the flowers bloomed for her, the breeze came for her, dragonflies and butterflies danced for her, and everyone just wanted to make her smile.

She fell asleep deeply, with a smile on her face, and never woke up again.

When I woke up the next day, there was a smile on the corner of my mouth, but my eyes were moist.

I have never had such a happy dream, everything is warm, and so are the tears.

Then I received a call from my mother, who told me hesitantly: Grandma, she passed away.

This Children's Day, I just want my grandma to accompany me and let this 80-year-old kid talk to me.

She passed away two days ago.

I flipped through the chat records with my grandma on WeChat, recalling the content of our recent conversations, and I couldn't find any traces of her leaving us.

At the beginning of the month, she also participated in the unit's overall physical examination, and the report said that she was in good health. Grandma proudly relayed my doctor's words: 80 years old with a 50-year-old body.

I still remember that I happily replied to her that I would take her out for a trip when the weather was cooler.

On the other end of the phone, she happily replied: That's great!

Yes, grandma is 80 years old this year.

I still remember that she frowned and said to me in a drawn out voice: life is so fast, you will be 80 in the blink of an eye, you are an old monster.

I put my arms around her, kissed her cheek, and said in a coquettish tone: How come? You are still very young, at least live to be 100 years old!

She shook her head quickly: 100 years old! That's really an old monster, it's scary to look at! It's only been 2 years since she said that to me and I never see her again.

Grandma is very happy when I go home for the holidays this year. Last year, the epidemic was so violent that every city was quarantined. I didn’t go home for the New Year, and I didn’t see my grandma all year.

She moved the nagging on the phone to reality, and sighed that now the travel agency will not take her to play with the elderly, and the newspaper tour will not accept it, so I can only wait for me to take her out to play.

Don't look at grandma who is 80, she is really in good health, her body is strong, and she walks faster than ordinary young people. I can't catch up with her, and she often scolds me in front: young people should walk more, look at me, just because I like it Walk, so be healthy!

Even when crossing the road, she has to speed up when the green light is about to end. If she encounters a driver who refuses to give way to pedestrians and wants to rush the road, she yells: These drivers are too unqualified.

I laughed at her: You have to be considerate of the driver. When you took my car in Beijing and saw pedestrians rushing to cross the road and not let the car pass the green light, didn’t you also say that the pedestrians have no quality?

Grandma's habit of walking comes from her love of traveling.

I remember when I was in elementary school, I often received toothbrushes and toothpaste brought by my grandma from hotels all over the country as gifts for me.

I was amazed that grandma can go to so many places, and she runs around whenever she is free.

I have heard many interesting stories about her travels. The one that sticks out the most in my memory is that when the Red Guards joined forces, she and a group of colleagues traveled to Shanghai by train for free. After spending all the money, they borrowed money from the company in Shanghai. Don't pay it back, just keep traveling.

When I was a child, I was really moved when I heard grandma say these vivid and fun stories about strange cities in strange times.

Maybe there is a seed of travel, which was planted in my heart by my grandma since I was a child.

People in grandma's era mainly traveled with group tours, which were economical and affordable, and there were also special explanations.

It's just that after she was 70 years old, the tour group did not accept the elderly to sign up for the group alone, fearing that something might happen and it would be difficult to bear.

So one after another, I took my grandma to many places and experienced many first times in her life.

When we went to Hong Kong, it was her first overseas trip and the first time to fly first class. The flight attendants of Hong Kong Airlines took care of grandma with smiles, which made her very uncomfortable. After eating, she secretly asked me: This little spoon is not bad. , can I take it?

It was the first time in her life that she lived in a luxurious five-star hotel at the Ritz-Carlton in Hong Kong. It is also the first time to stay in the highest hotel in the world, with a panoramic view of the entire Victoria Harbour.

Grandma said that the clouds reflected the sea view and appeared on the ceiling. You can see the clouds when you lie on the bed, you can see the clouds when you are in the swimming pool, and you can also have breakfast on the clouds. She was surprised: the poem said that the heights are too cold, and the poem also said that it is like being in the world. There is really such a place that is exactly the same as what is said in the poem.

At the Temple of Heaven, my grandma took the crystal cable car for the first time. She saw the scenery in 360 degrees and looked down at the height of thousands of feet. Grandma sat in the corner and dared not move. I said to take a picture, and she immediately smiled brightly like a V-shaped hand.

At Disney, although grandma can’t play many things, it doesn’t prevent her from being as happy as a child, taking pictures with different cartoon characters, making concave shapes in each scenic spot, and going together and acting as our photographer from Hong Kong. Sweet potatoes praised grandma Walk like flying.

On that day, my grandma took the subway for the first time. We took a taxi to Disneyland. When she came back, she insisted on taking the subway. When she changed trains in Central, she walked with the crowds of people for tens of minutes. For the first time, she said out of breath: In Hong Kong Or take a taxi.

In Lei Yue Mun, it was the first time for her to see so many fresh seafood. She bought and killed fresh seafood, and she tasted it with relish while unbelievable that the price was so high.

In Temple Street, it was the first time that grandma ate all-you-can-eat sugar water, and she was full of praise for every kind. She ate two of the two-centimeter soft toast with milk. She shouted: If there is such a restaurant in Hefei, I will eat it every day!

During the itinerary, grandma was full of praise for the Wong Tai Sin Temple. The main reason was not because it was effective or not, but because it was large enough. After walking for two hours under the scorching sun, she exercised her body (laughs).

My grandma and I also went to Macau together.

Live in the Venetian’s VIP guest room, Yu Pian Hui, a duplex two-story penthouse villa, which is much larger than the house my grandma rented at the time.

On the second day after I checked in, my grandma told me to return my room and live with her.

I said: Isn't it much more convenient for you to live alone?

She looked around with wide eyes, and whispered: I'm afraid.

In the restaurant of Yubianhui, grandma enjoyed the extremely luxurious food for the first time. Every dish made her tongue-tied. Sea cucumber, abalone, peppercorn and lobster were only read in novels and seen in film and television works. Chance to taste.

In the artificial sky of the Venetian, she took a gondola and "traveled" to Europe for the first time.

The Ruins of St. Paul's under the night was reserved by my grandma and me. The moonlight sprinkled on the archway like water, and my grandma carefully looked at every lifelike statue.

The performance of The House of Dancing Water made her fall asleep for a long time. It was a pity that she lost the VIP ticket, but in her memory, the performance was quite wonderful, and she didn't really remember sleeping for most of the time.

Grandma is quite fond of another Melco performance called Sehuo. This is the first time grandma has watched a large-scale reality porn show, and it is also the first time I have entered such a top-level nightclub. I am blushing and have a thick neck, but grandma doesn't care. .

We have also been to Guangzhou together.

Grandma loves the quality life of Guangzhou Mandarin Oriental very much. She has carefully touched every lamp in the room, opened every drawer, and smelled the fragrance of every toiletries.

The house in the form of a courtyard house, she always turned in the wrong direction, so she dragged me to move in with her again.

She said to me pleasantly: every lamp in the room is covered under, and the light is mild and comfortable.

She asked me: These toiletries smell very good. I can smell many kinds of flowers. I am reluctant to use them. Can I take them home? I laughed: Don't be reluctant to use it. If you like it, you can ask the waiter to bring you more bottles.

She also likes the sofa in the elevator room. Although she doesn't feel tired after walking for a long time, she sits down naturally when she sees the sofa and says: This hotel is more comfortable than home.

We took the retro Guangzhou Daily Nanhaishen ship and toured the night view of the Pearl River. Grandma came to Guangzhou when she was young, and it is very different. Grandma said sincerely: My life has gone through so many times, but it is still beautiful in the end. I have witnessed with my own eyes that this country is getting better and better.

My friend from Guangzhou, Jijiameitu, especially recommended me to take my grandma to Shamian, old trains, European-style churches, bicycles, and parks. It really made my grandma very happy, because I can walk a lot again (laughs).

I have the most memories with my grandma in Beijing.

Every time before coming to Beijing, my grandma would talk about a lot of strategies for Beijing on the other end of the phone. She wanted to go everywhere, and she wanted to go there again and again.

The Forbidden City is a place that must be visited again and again. She carefully looks at every place, recalling her youth while looking at it. She said that when she came to Beijing for the first time in her life, she stepped out of Beijing Railway Station, stood at Tiananmen Square, and entered the Forbidden City. Every step was solemn and sacred. Every time she steps into the Forbidden City, she still has the same feeling.

Grandma said: The Forbidden City has changed so much! I asked: how come, isn't this an old building? She said: When I came here 30 or 40 years ago, many places were closed, but now the East and West Palaces are open.

However, she is also dissatisfied: Is the imperial garden too small? Aren't the murderous scenes in those Qing palace dramas all in the Imperial Garden? I laughed: that's acting, the reason why the imperial garden is not big is to gather Qi.

In the Forbidden City, we went from opening to closing, and there were still many places we didn’t go. Grandma said with regret and expectation, come again next time, come again next time.

It was the first time I came to the Summer Palace, and my grandma acted as a tour guide for me. It was built by Qianlong for the birthday of Empress Dowager Xiaoshengxian. She also told me that Suzhou Street is where eunuchs and maids dress up as small merchants and passers-by to tease Cixi. The place where the Queen Mother is happy.

Grandma said: Lafayette's life is not healthy, and he travels in a sedan chair, it is better to walk.

On the bank of Kunming Lake, where the plum blossoms are falling, we went to Tingli restaurant for dinner. This restaurant is not easy to book. Important guests from home and abroad will come here specially when they come to Beijing. I only made a reservation a week in advance.

I ate a table of palace birthday banquet based on the menu of the dining room, horse meat, donkey meat, beef and fish, and Aiwowo Donkey Rolling. The food that the ancients seemed to be out of reach, for the current grandma: not delicious, But worth eating!

I asked: Why is it not delicious and worth it? Grandma said: It's an honor to come to Cixi's birthday banquet.

On the stage, I asked my grandma to sit on the upper seat, and under the plaque with Cixi's inscription, I sang "When will the bright moon come" to my grandma, which made her laugh out loud.

Grandma smiled from ear to ear and said to me: You really look like a prince, brother! I also teased her: Then you are Lafayette.

At the Temple of Sun, I really took my grandma to wear an embroidered dress from the Qing Dynasty, and became an old Buddha for a while.

It was the first time in my grandma's life that she put on makeup, and the ladies who put on makeup couldn't believe it: You look so young without makeup? Grandma said: How can people of my age know how to make up, just draw eyebrows and red lips. How can they be like you, a few people help me paint for more than an hour.

I put on makeup for longer, hiding my hair and putting on a wig and braiding it for an hour with a bald forehead.

In the meantime, we also learned about the costumes of the Manchu and Qing royal families.

When grandma put on a dark blue robe embroidered with a phoenix, and then put on a hair ornament and a step shaker, she really looked like a kind, kind and solemn Lafayette.

I also put on a golden dragon robe, and it was not very convenient to walk. Grandma also slowed down and asked me to support me to go to the garden together.

Grandma said: "The clothes are not practical, and I can't walk." I laughed: People who wear this kind of clothes don't have to walk, they sit in sedan chairs, eight-person sedan chairs, and eat, drink, and scatter in the sedan chairs. Grandma smacked her lips again and again: Life like this is so unhappy, I would rather walk!

It snowed that day, from fluffy snow to large patches of snow, falling on the red pillars, green tiles and green trees. We, admiring the snow in the pavilion, seemed to have traveled back to ancient times.

When it snows quickly and when it is sunny, I want Anshan.

I took my grandma to eat many flavors she had never tasted in Beijing.

Having tasted a Michelin-starred Italian meal at Opera Bombana, chef Marino took grandma's hand and walked around the back kitchen of the restaurant.

Although the two of them couldn't understand what the other was saying, many communication in life did not need to be through words.

When every dish like a work of art was presented in front of grandma one by one, she couldn't bear to start talking, and asked me repeatedly if I could eat it?

Grandma asked: Italians spend a long time just arranging the dishes for every meal.

My good friend Jessie is the PR of the restaurant. She smiled and talked to grandma: Grandma, Italians only come to this restaurant for important banquets. Usually they are just pizza and pasta, not as complicated as the restaurant. .

We also tasted a Spanish meal at Migas in Guomao.

The restaurant decorated as a Spanish vegetable market is like shopping, with ham hanging all over the windows and oysters and lobsters on ice.

From the 5J Iberian ham, to French oysters and tapas, every dish satisfies grandma's appetite. Grandma was full of praise: Spanish food is really good, very suitable for Chinese tastes.

Siam Thai in Shinsegae Women's Department Store has tasted Thai food.

Grandma pointed to the raw shrimp that was still moving, although the head and body were separated, and she dared not eat it. She said: Isn’t this alive? If you eat it, you will get sick, right? I said: It’s the same as Chinese people eating drunken shrimp.

She said: How can a drunken shrimp be so big? I said: That's the big one you haven't eaten before, I will take it for you next time. She shook her head again and again: At my age, I still eat less cold food.

The burning sushi in Fangcaodi is my favorite Japanese food restaurant. I don’t want my grandma’s appetite to be completely lost. She ate foie gras and sea urchin and said: Japanese really don’t know how to cook, but Spain is still delicious. Make me laugh and cry.

Grandma and I were guests on China Radio International's "Walking and Watching" program. She told the host Shu Yang in the show: You can eat so many delicious foreign food in Beijing, you don’t need to go abroad.

Shu Yang replied to her: If there is a chance, I still want to go abroad to see it.

She said: I am 78 years old, it may not be realistic to fly for more than ten hours.

I replied to her: Eat well in Beijing first, and I will arrange for you to go to Europe with me next year.

This conversation is still echoing in my ears, and my grandma left, and I can no longer take her on a trip.

I still remember the last wechat call with my grandma, who asked me where I traveled recently.

I said that I recently endorsed a trip to Huai'an, and my grandma immediately asked me: Have you been to Premier Zhou's house? I said that I not only went to the home of Premier Zhou, but also went to the home of Wu Chengen, the author of Journey to the West.

Grandma said: I also want to go to Huai'an to play.

I said: OK! Arrange it now!

After hanging up the phone, I carefully researched the customized trip on Ctrip, and wanted to take my grandma from Nanjing, to Yangzhou, to Zhenjiang, and finally to Huai'an, for a week of fun.

After confirming the itinerary, grandma left before I had time to inform her, and her voice was never heard again.

In grandma's life memories, the most unforgettable happiness happened when she was a child.

She told me that her father was admitted to the Whampoa Military Academy and rode home on a tall horse with sparkles in his eyes. Because of family reasons, her father finally gave up going to school and started a small business in Anqing.

She told me that her mother worked as a babysitter for a wealthy family in Shanghai, and she was funny in her eyes. Boys from wealthy families in old Shanghai wear very tight underwear, and her mother secretly took home a pair to show her.

She told me that when she was a child, when she celebrated the New Year, her eyes were festive, wearing new clothes, holding the little red bowl that her father made for her, and stealing the sacrifices given to the Kitchen God with her older brothers and sisters.

She told me that when the Japanese came to Anqing and gave each child candy to eat, the mother always pulled her and her younger brother to hide under the table in fear, so that the Japanese would not find out. She told me that her mother took her to Shanghai and took care of her while working as a nanny. Her academic performance was good, and her father saved money to wait for her to grow up and send her to study in the United States. Later, the Cultural Revolution also began, and the United States has since It has become an unreachable agreement.

She told me that her father had an affair, someone wrote him a love letter, and her mother found out, and her mother almost committed suicide. That was the saddest memory of her childhood.

Grandma said that she has experienced too much in this life, casually speaking, it is "One Hundred Years of Solitude", she always said that we will chat when we have time, and she will tell me about her life.

One day when I came home for the holidays this year, I took my grandma’s hand and sat on the sofa. The puppy Yuanyuan jumped on her lap. I said, I want to hear her story.

When I asked her about her first job, about her acquaintance with my grandfather, and about her parents, my grandma just gave me a few perfunctory sentences. When I wanted to ask more questions, she frowned: Why do you always ask these things now?

I act like a baby: Didn't you say you wanted to tell me about "One Hundred Years of Solitude"? She sighed and shook her head: I don't want to say it, I don't want to say it.

Many secrets of a person's life are buried in the bottom of their hearts, and they are still reluctant to speak, and they are still reluctant to speak.

This was the last time I had a face-to-face chat with my grandma. After half a year, my grandma left and never heard her voice again.

I have a lot of memories with my grandma, and I cried a lot when sorting out the materials these two days.

Every memory has become out of print.

Life is like a dream, it is too hasty.

We can never travel together again.

Grandma, will you still miss us when you get to heaven?

In another world, will there be someone like me who will accompany you and make you laugh?

By the floor-to-ceiling windows, I put my hands on my head, stretched my feet to the sky, and did a headstand.

I don't remember where I heard this sentence: When you want to cry, just stand on your head, and the tears that were supposed to flow will not flow out.

It seems that this sentence is deceiving, the tears are still flowing, and it is all over the face.

The memory of grandma will be eradicated from the memory of the world, and everything that grandma has experienced will never be repeated, because individuals who are destined to endure a hundred years of loneliness will not have a second chance to appear on the earth.

Grandma, I miss you so much, you know?