You always keep your dreams in the future Traveling in the next thing you want to do and then at the point when it should be the future you are suddenly defeated by no time The future is just talk All excuses But what excuses do you give for procrastination and laziness? There is no such thing as wasting time. You can only waste yourself. There are so many futures waiting for you. You only have the present.

  let's go travel~


  China Eastern Airlines' special ticket booked two months in advance

  Fee: 880RMB

  Ningbo——Beijing Outbound MU5682 2015-4-4 09:50-12:05

  Beijing - Ningbo return trip MU5180 2015-4-7 22:05-00:25

  Beijing Four Days Three Nights Super Raiders

  Many people say that when traveling in Beijing, you must start the runaway mode, but after this trip, my best friend "Silly Big Sister" and I think it's okay. Maybe it's because my strategy is perfect enough and our residence really provides us with a lot. It’s convenient that I’m a person who can walk. My best friend “Silly Big Sister” is a person who calls for a rest after walking a few steps while shopping. Even she doesn’t feel too tired after the whole journey. Feel free to feel it HAHAHA~ Follow my strategy That’s right, I went to Beijing, and the whole person’s conversation and asking directions became full of Beijing flavor, hehehe, what should I do? The language skills are too strong

  Day 1

  Ningbo Lishe International Airport

  Arrived at Ningbo Lishe Airport two hours earlier, met with my best friend, went to the China Eastern Airlines counter to check in, took the boarding pass - security check - waited at the boarding gate

  My best friend - "Silly Big Sister" dedicated to me the first time she flew by plane

  The plane was delayed due to air traffic control (this is not an excuse to take a selfie). . .

  My best friend - "Silly Big Sister"

  The flight of more than 2 hours passed very quickly amidst all kinds of fresh chirping sounds from "Silly Big Sister".

  Capital International Airport

  Originally arrived at the Capital Airport at 12 o'clock, but arrived at 13 o'clock because of the delay.

  We are going to check in at the youth hostel first, put away our luggage, and then go out to play in a relaxed manner.

Capital International Airport T2 Terminal - Beijing HOBO Youth Hostel (Yonghe Branch)

  After getting off the airport bus at Lama Temple Station, I started to look for a youth hostel.

  Beijing's hutongs are really confusing. After asking passers-by and navigating countless times, I finally arrived at the hostel and checked in. It's not easy. In fact, you can call the owner of the hostel after getting off at Lama Temple Station. It takes eight minutes to reach the station and the subway station. We were stubborn and searched for 20 minutes.

798 Art Zone

  Walk 880 meters from the Youth Hostel to Yonghegong Bridge East Station, take bus 909 for 12 stops, get off at Wangyefen Station and walk 800 meters (the journey takes about 40 minutes)

  Address: 798 Art Zone, No. 4 Jiuxianqiao Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing

  Most exhibitions are on display from 10:00-17:00, with the exception of bars, restaurants and individual specialty shops

  Pay attention ahead, a large wave of photos is coming

  The must-drink old Beijing honey yogurt when you come to Beijing. The price varies from 4 yuan in some places to 5 yuan in some places. You will be charged another 2 yuan if you bring the bottle away.

There are personalized graffiti walls everywhere, a good place to take pictures HAHAHA~

  Crooked nuts gathering place. .

Railroad tracks - the most suitable place for taking pictures, various moods

  The original plan was to go shopping for about 3 hours, and then go to eat the copper pot shabu-shabu that my girlfriends are thinking about. Later, because it was dark and the wind was blowing, and I was not too hungry and couldn’t find it, I had to give up and go another day.

  Pancake stall at Andingmen subway entrance

  If you pass by the 798 Art District, walk to Wangyefen Station, take bus 909, get off at Andingmen, and then walk 540 meters

  If you come from other places, you can take Metro Line 2 to Andingmen Station and walk about 500 meters

  On the way back to the youth hostel after returning from Andingmen

  I accidentally found a good shop in the alley with a lot of twists and turns, a noodle shop with a lot of feeling

  Hee hee, as a senior foodie, I came to Beijing, so if I don’t eat old Beijing fried noodles, it’s not worth it.

  Because I am not very hungry and the noodles are also very large, I ate an old Beijing noodles with fried sauce with my girlfriends. The taste is not bad and the environment is also good. 20RMB

  Because I have to get up early the next day to watch the flag raising, so I went back to the youth hostel to wash and rest after eating.

  Knowing that the other friends in the same room will also watch the flag raising the next day, then don’t worry about waking them up too early

  Day 2

  Tiananmen Square

  The day before was hot like summer and I regretted that I brought two coats

  But it was windy at night, and I regretted that the clothes I brought were all spring clothes, which were too thin

  In the next few days, everyone will be wearing cotton jackets and down jackets. We will wear spring clothes. It’s so cool, I can’t believe it.

  The weather has changed too much, friends, remember to watch the weather and prepare suitable clothes

  When I woke up in the morning, I felt a deep coolness, and my skin was so dry that it was almost useless.

  It was a big mistake not to wear a moisturizing mask, my best friend's mouth was blown apart

  Luckily my lips were saved by wearing lip balm all the time

  The second day with a full schedule starts early

Arrived early and waited for nearly 20 minutes. It is not an exaggeration to describe it as a sea of ​​people.

  From the dark to the dawn, I thought I could watch the flag raising at a close distance.

  I didn't expect to be so far apart. The guards prepared early. When the time came, the national flag was slowly raised along with the national anthem.

  a sense of mission

  I love Beijing Tiananmen, the sun rises in front of Tiananmen

Forbidden City

  Enter from the Meridian Gate (South Gate) of the Forbidden City and exit from Shenwu Gate (North Gate)

  Tour route:

  ★Central axis Meridian Gate-Taihe Gate Three Great Halls-Qianqing Gate-Qianqing Palace-Jiaotai Palace-Kunning Palace-Royal Garden-Shenwumen-Jingshan Park to see the panorama

  East Road Meridian Gate - Three Great Halls of Taihe Gate - Qianqing Gate - East Six Palaces - Ningshou Palace - Zhenfei Well - Shenwu Gate

  West Road Meridian Gate-Taihe Gate Three Great Halls-Qianqing Gate-West Sixth Palace-Compassion Ning Palace-Cultivating Heart Hall-Shufangzhai-Shenwumen

  It is recommended to take the central axis. After coming out of Shenwumen, cross a road and go to Jingshan Park to see the panoramic view of the Forbidden City.

  After shopping for about 3 hours, you can come out at 11:00-11:30

  As soon as I entered the Forbidden City, all kinds of ancient costume plots immediately occupied my whole brain. The blue tiles and red walls entered the palace gate as deep as the sea, intriguing and deceitful

After coming out of the Forbidden City, you must go to Jingshan Park to see the panorama

  Beijing Second Sightseeing Line

  Then go to Qianmen Street Xiyuanju Old Beijing Hot Pork

  Address: 2nd Floor, No. 2, Qianmen Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing (KFC is on the 2nd floor)

  Route Tips: Take Subway Line 2 and get off at Qianmen Subway Station, exit B Southeast Exit, and walk 82 meters to arrive

  There is a tour guide on the bus for sightseeing on the second line. There is a kind of rush with the group and will pass by Tiananmen Square.

  Xianyukou Time-honored Food Street

  It is necessary to come to Beijing to eat authentic copper pot shabu-shabu, which happens to be in this cold season. Originally, I chose several restaurants, such as Donglaishun, Nanmen Hot Pork, and Four Seasons Hot Pork. Finally, I communicated with the owner of the Youth Hostel. The boss recommended us to come to Xiyuanju. Now there are too many online celebrity shops. The owner of the Youth Hostel said that Beijing locals like to eat shabu-shabu and recognize this restaurant. Just try it when I come to Qianmen Street. It is said that this store has a long history, one or two hundred years old

  The decoration is antique, the tableware is all bright yellow, very royal style, and the name of each box is also very characteristic, according to the name of the palace in the Forbidden City, such as Jingyang Palace, Chuxiu Palace, Cixi Palace, etc. Ninggong

  There are quite a lot of meat-boilers in Xiyuanju Old Beijing, but today is not a weekend or noon, so I went in after a while, and I didn't have to wait long for a seat.

Xiyuanju Old Beijing Shabu Meat

  Xiyuanju Old Beijing Shabu Meat and their family use a charcoal-fired copper pot to shabu the meat. The clerk said that the mutton is all produced from the exclusive pasture for supply, and their store has its own pasture on the grassland.

  Everyone knows that clear soup is the best way to eat shabu-shabu. Paying attention to the original taste of the ingredients can also test whether the ingredients are fresh.

Xiyuanju Old Beijing Shabu Meat

Xiyuanju Old Beijing's own Baitian lamb is all hand-cut meat, fresh and tender

  The waiter said that it only takes 8 to 12 seconds to simmer, and it melts in the mouth. The first bite feels really fragrant, and it feels like the taste of mutton mutton that I ate when I was a child. The deliciousness of the first bite will definitely not be forgotten.

Xiyuanju Old Beijing Shabu Meat

  Xiyuanju Old Beijing’s own fresh melon strips, the freshly cut melon strips will stick to the plate, very fresh

Xiyuanju Old Beijing Shabu Meat

  Their sesame paste is prepared with their own exclusive recipe. The sesame sauce has an excellent taste, it goes well with the shabu-shabu, and the taste is pure.

  It is indeed a famous shabu-shabu restaurant in Beijing, and the service is also very high-quality. Tasting this old Beijing shabu-shabu, maybe the most satisfying delicacy for old Beijingers in winter is this mutton mutton...

Dashilan Commercial Street

  After lunch, take an hour to stroll around Dashilan Pedestrian Street

  Route: Go through the fresh fish mouth and walk about 300 meters

  Features: time-honored specialty products, the cakes in Daoxiang Village (three grains in the logo circle) are authentic, you can buy some special products as gifts

old beijing candied haws

The famous Quanjude


  Next stop to Nanluoguxiang

  Route Tips: Walk to Qianmen Station, take bus No. 82 for 7 stops, get off at Donghuangchenggen Beikou Station, and walk 400 meters

  Various alleys You can buy commemorative postcards/hand-drawn maps Browse personalized shops

  There are so many people, people are basically crowding and walking, haha


The Central Academy Of Drama

  Next stop Central Academy of Drama

  Haha, it is mainly the alma mater of many stars, see which students come in and out

  They are all the stars of tomorrow. All of them look pretty good.

  Route Tips: Go straight on Nanluoguxiang and turn into East Cotton Alley for about 300 meters

  Bought 10 postcards in a small shop.

  Next stop Shichahai

  Route Tips: Walk for about 20 minutes to arrive at Zhongxi

  If you come at night, you can go to the bar street in Shichahai HAPPY HOUR

  Day 3

  Badaling Bear Paradise

  We got up in the morning and ate some snacks. We prepared dry food and water at noon (the bread in the 7-11 convenience store in Beijing North Railway Station is super good) and headed to the Badaling Great Wall, but the journey was not as smooth as expected

  We originally planned to go to Badaling by the S2 EMU, but when we arrived at Beijing North Railway Station, the tickets were sold out.

  You can only go to Deshengmen to take a bus to your destination

  Here I want to remind everyone not to be cheated by black cars! ! We were almost tricked into getting into a black car three times along the way! !

  Don't believe the 919 route diversion or other signs posted on the road! ! And don't queue up on the side of the road! ! Those are black cars! ! The real Deshengmen bus station is next to a drum tower. It takes about ten minutes to walk after getting off the subway! ! It's a big bus terminal not on the side of the road! ! Don't be fooled! !

  The staff of the real bus to Badaling are wearing red vests. The fare is 12 yuan per person. If there is no traffic jam, it will take 70 minutes. There is a tour guide on the bus who will help explain some important matters. If you come back by bus, it is best before noon. Otherwise, it will really be a dog. We got on the bus at 12:30 and drove for about 90 minutes.

When you arrive at Badaling, the bus stops at the front mountain parking lot (Badaling Bear Paradise)

  After getting off the bus, you can see where to buy tickets

  When you return, you have to come back here to take the car back.

  The last bus is at 5 o'clock, everyone should make good use of the time, it is recommended to return at one o'clock

Badaling Ancient Great Wall (Remnant Great Wall)

  The eighth section of the Badaling Great Wall is the Hero Slope. It is said that if you don’t go to the Great Wall, you are not a hero. You must go to the Hero Slope. So here comes the problem.

  How to go to the eighth section?

  First, walking back and forth is approximately equal to walking 16 steps, and the amount of exercise is slightly larger

  Second, take the cable car to the seventh section and walk back and forth for a total of two sections, which is equivalent to not climbing

  The third is to slide to the fourth section and walk back and forth for a total of eight sections, which is just right

  So we happily chose the slideway. The round-trip ticket price is slightly higher by 100RMB. It hurts ING the extra expense.

The cable car & slide is a bit like a roller coaster, haha, very good experience~

The only photo with "Silly Big Sister"

  Haohanpo is a group photo if you are not careful! !

After dinner, go to ★Bird's Nest ★Water Cube

  Walk to Andingmen Subway Station, take Subway Line 2 and get off at Inner Ring 2 Station, Gulou Street Station

  Walk 136 meters to Gulou Street Station, take Metro Line 8 and get off at Olympic Sports Center Station (exit C southeast)

  Out of the subway station, you can see the Water Cube and the Bird's Nest

  About half an hour

Water Cube (National Aquatics Center)

Day 4

  Today will be an extremely leisurely day, get up around 8:00 after a full sleep, and go out at 8:30

  I ate breakfast in the alley and it was delicious. It was much more delicious than the day in the Forbidden City, and it was only 11RMB for two people. A cage of meat buns + a fried dough stick + a cup of soy milk + a bowl of tofu brain. I really feel that the price in Beijing is really not that good. too high

summer palace

  The Summer Palace, the Old Summer Palace, and Peking University are all on the same line, Metro Line 4, Daxing Line

  We take the route from far to near. Subway arrives first. Peking University—Old Summer Palace—Summer Palace

  We were listening all the way, and the two old grandparents next to us invited one, hahaha

  By the way, the cracked wall here recommends that you must eat the old Beijing pure milk popsicles. The milk is full of fragrance.

Old Summer Palace

  It takes about an hour and a half to visit the Summer Palace

  Route Tips: Walk to Xiyuan Station (A Northwest Exit) and take Metro Line 4, Daxing Line 1 and get off at Yuanmingyuan

Peking University

  One and a half hours after visiting the Old Summer Palace, it is the last stop of this trip to Beijing.

  Go to ▲ Peking University, it’s more like a garden than a school

  Route Tips: Walk to Yuanmingyuan Station, take Line 4, Daxing Line 1 Station, get off at Peking University East Gate Station (Exit D Southwest Exit) and walk 100 meters

Visit Peking University for 1.5 hours and end at 14:00 to visit all scenic spots

  Peking University to Youth Hostel Route Tips:

  Walk to Peking University East Gate Station, take Metro Line 4 Daxing Line (direction of Tiangongyuan) and get off at Xizhimen Station, transfer to Metro Line 2 Inner Ring Station and get off at Lama Temple Station, walk for 1 km (about half an hour)

  After getting off the subway and at the entrance of the alley, it was very windy, so one person bought a popsicle

  I have always thought that the colder the weather, the better the popsicles are, we call them popsicles, hehehe

  My best friend bought two bottles of yogurt by chance and wanted to take them home. The bottles cost 6 yuan a bottle

stroll alley

  Strolling in the alley, the sun is just right

  Suddenly I saw an old Beijing barber shop and my best friend went in to have a hair wash

  Experience the leisurely life of the locals

Beijing HOBO Youth Hostel

  Go back to the hostel and pack your bags

  Sitting in the lobby and playing with Dangdang (the boss' Teddy) for a while

  sunlight pouring into the glass room

  I wrote postcards all afternoon

Courtyard No. 28 Private Dishes

  Because it's a 10 o'clock flight

  So we're all slow, unhurried

  At 6:00 p.m., I took my luggage and bid farewell to my fellow youth hostels

  In the alley, the noodle shop we ate for the first time when we came

  Had my last dinner in Beijing

  It's a beginning and an end, right?

Capital International Airport

  After dinner, wait at the Lama Temple bus station (next to the subway station) and wait for the airport bus. Brazil single line

  To the T2 terminal of the Capital Airport, the fare is 18 yuan, and it takes 30 minutes for the whole journey without traffic jams

  Of course, it is not necessary to take a bus. If you want to go faster and fear traffic jams, it is recommended to take the express rail.

  The security check at Capital Airport is really not that strict

  Of course, my girlfriend's yogurt was found out

  Don't be lucky, everyone.

  And the care solution for contact lenses has not been spared

  It was safe and sound when I came, but I was thrown away when I went back. This is what I didn't expect

  My camera bag and phone were checked three times

  In fact, I think this kind of rigorous work attitude is highly praised.

  After all, the capital is crowded and mixed

  Everyone wants to travel happily and go home safely