18 kilometers east of Yanqing County, Beijing, there is Yongning City, which was built in the 18th year of Zhenguan in Tang Dynasty and was supervised by General Wei Chigong (Jing De). The city is also called Hanjiang City.

Traces of history can be seen everywhere here. Outside the east and north gates of Yongning City, there are still relics such as the Dianjiangtai, the horse farm and the stables that Fan Lihua, a female general of the Fanmen, used when she was stationed. In the early Ming Dynasty, Yongning City was used as a garrison station. After experiencing the flames of war and reconstruction, Yongning City was peaceful and peaceful. History did not make it riddled with holes, but left behind many cultural treasures. Walking into Yongning City, every step you take, you seem to be able to follow the things around you back to the busy past and feel the vigorous development of history.

At No. 7 Dongchengwai, Limin Street, Yongning Town, there is such a courtyard house that is quiet amidst the noise and still retains its ancient charm. This courtyard is next to the ruins of the ancient city wall of Yongning, hidden in a little-known alley, without the big signboards that can be seen everywhere in modern cities, and it is low-key and introverted.

The exterior wall is antique, gray-blue brick walls are lined up, and the door hairpins and grand door cymbals carved with blessings, longevity and auspicious clouds have a charm of "sky blue waiting for mist and rain". What catches the eye is the calm gray walls and black tiles, hand-painted verandahs on three sides, the gatehouse is decorated with red parchment lanterns, and red Chinese knots are hung on it, fully displaying the traditional Chinese culture. When night falls, the city's Chinese lights first come on, and here it seems to be full of stars. Although it is only a few steps away from the main street, the tranquility here has a kind of arrogance that is hidden in the city. If it coincides with the Lantern Festival, you can also watch a social fire show that has almost disappeared elsewhere. The lights are bright everywhere, and people gather together to watch stilts and dragon lanterns.

The entire B&B has two floors. The spacious courtyard is clean and tidy, making people feel more comfortable. The stone tables and chairs in the courtyard are available for guests to rest, and the exquisite reliefs on the side walls are amazing. The living room is decorated in a unique way. As soon as you enter the door, you will be greeted by an ink painting called "Prosperous Yongning Ancient City". It comes from the famous Confucianist Mr. Ye. It depicts the lively scene of Yongning Ancient City. Around the Yuhuang Pavilion, the spacious and clean streets and the bustling market show the prosperity of Yongning City. Guests can read a group of books in the book corner, watch their favorite TV programs with the projection equipment in the hall, sit down and play a game of mahjong with friends, and there are also children's toys specially prepared for children to satisfy all your trips Different needs outside.

There are 11 independent rooms in the courtyard. There are 8 standard rooms and 3 double rooms. There are two welcome chairs under the window of the guest room on the first floor. Sitting here to watch the continuous spring rain, or listen to the autumn cicadas. The foyer is fresh and simple. The textured gray Nordic style sofa and the low-key elm coffee table give people a high-end texture like a fashionable bungalow. Several futon cushions of different sizes are scattered in the hall, with a unique shape. Sitting here is like finally returning to a warm home after a hard day, unloading all the tiredness, relaxing the body, and enjoying the moment with all your body and mind.

The facilities in the guest room are complete, and the choice of bedding is even more original. The mattress is soft and comfortable. The so-called turning over can not bear to wake up the person next to the pillow. The bedding here can definitely achieve this effect. Pure white sheets and bedding echo the low-key atmosphere of the whole room, showing a simple atmosphere. A flower arrangement is carefully placed beside the TV, and the details are very popular. A full set of toiletries and sanitary ware has been carefully selected by the owner, and it is equipped with special washing and cleaning products for children. Ladies are also provided with a hair tie and laundry detergent. You can also experience a unique medicated bath for your feet. warmth.

Staying here, you can not only draw at the desk in front of the traditional wooden table, watch the wind and flowers outside the window, but also watch a favorite movie projected in the antique living room. You can cook in person and enjoy unique intimate moments with your family. Have fun with friends. The perfect combination of the modern world and classic elegance makes everything here seem to complement each other so well. The homestay has a spacious and bright modern kitchen, and you can enjoy cooking by yourself during your stay. The boss will considerately prepare food for the elderly and children who are traveling. If it happens, the boss will also provide melons, fruits and vegetables grown in his own small yard, so as to experience the green and healthy farmland.

When it comes to food, anyone who has been to Yongning will praise the special fire spoons here. The Yanqing fire spoons, known as the "Top Ten Special Cultural Heritages" in Yanqing District, are baked in a natural stove, and the meat is tender. The skin is crispy, and the mouth is full of fragrance after one bite. Yongning's fire spoon adopts traditional production techniques and retains the traditional eating method. The hot fire spoon is baked, and can be cut sideways and eaten with cooked meat or fried dough sticks. It has a special flavor. At the table, while eating, you can see the passing pedestrians and the flowers and plants on the roadside, and you can experience this delicious world more.

It is worth mentioning that from here you can drive to the Baili Shanshui Gallery Scenic Spot located in Qianjiadian Town in the northeast of Yanqing District. It is a 30-minute drive from the ancient city and the old courtyard. The beautiful Baihe Valley and the magnificent Heihe Canyon gave birth to the miraculous petrified wood. There are abundant tourism resources such as the group, the majestic dripping waterfall, the mysterious Oolong Canyon, the solemn Chaoyang Temple, the ancient Guandi Temple and the lush Datan primary secondary forest, as well as the unique geological landscape. The astonishing fossil remains of dinosaur footprints and the beautiful sunflower sea of ​​thousands of acres. While marveling at the uncanny craftsmanship of nature, you can also visit cultural relics such as Chaoyang Temple to feel the powerful appeal of culture. The forest greening rate here is nearly 90%, and the negative oxygen ions are abundant. Taking a deep breath can bring unprecedented relaxation to the body and mind. Baili Shanshui Gallery is a veritable summer resort and green oxygen bar with picturesque scenery in four seasons.

The city is developing too fast, and I only wish to find such a unique old house and old courtyard in a long-historic alley on a leisure weekend, make a pot of tea, sip it carefully, sit casually, and read the history of the old courtyard , feel the stories of old homes with the touch of your eyes and fingertips, as if you can deeply understand the long-standing Chinese civilization, so leaving aside the world's troubles, what can you ask for?