Opening of the 4th Qingshanyuan Autumn Harvest Festival丨Visiting the zoo, parent-child development, watching folk performances, walking children in autumn can be done in one stop!

The golden autumn with clear skies brings the joy of a bumper harvest and a sense of ritual full of happiness. On September 25th, the 4th Qingshanyuan Autumn Harvest Festival successfully opened in Liubinbao Township, Yanqing!

To provide Beijing citizens with a 2-hour direct traffic to the rural life in the urban living area, and to provide urban families who "have been in the cage for a long time" with the warmth of "returning to nature".

This year's Qingshanyuan Autumn Harvest Festival will last for 30 days, with six highlights including autumn harvest landscape, farming experience, folk performances, village market, amusement park, and mini zoo. During the National Day (October 1-6), local folk performance artists are specially invited to present wonderful performances for tourists.

On the day of the opening ceremony, many people from the surrounding villages were attracted, as well as many young people and families from downtown Beijing who made a special trip to come. Generations of people enjoyed themselves together, making this rural paradise deep in the mountains very lively.

Reward: The grains in the field are yellow, and the harvest is booming

Qingshan Garden was built in the hinterland of the valley 25 kilometers east of Yanqing District, Beijing. This fertile land is surrounded by mountains in the north and Sichuan in the south. It is rich in mountains and rivers and rich in various crops.

Yellow corn kernels, golden pumpkins, millet bent over with a smile, blushing sorghum, red agate-like hawthorn... At this time of year, facing these generous gifts from nature, the local villagers The tradition of celebrating a good harvest became the origin of the Aoyamaen Autumn Harvest Festival.

Fruitful scenes can be seen everywhere in Qingshan Garden. Various vivid exhibitions of corn, five grains and red lanterns are built. The five grains are plentiful and thriving, and this small village is gilded with golden abundance and happiness.

The 11-story harvest tower and flags are the most beautiful birthday gifts for mothers from Xinnong people; in addition, the tractor shape and car corn shape are lifelike, very practical, and you can sit on it and look majestic.

In the corridor of "Five Grain Harvest", lanterns and strings of corn complement each other. On the grass, the 12 zodiac signs woven with straw ropes have different postures, entrusting the beautiful vision of "every year has the present, and every grain of grain is harvested", so that everyone can participate in the garden and enjoy the joy of the harvest together. .

Watch: Nostalgic exhibition of old objects, revisit the past years!

In order to restore the real and simple rural life and bring immersive experience to tourists of different ages, during the Autumn Harvest Festival, Qingshan Garden specially exhibited many old objects with a sense of age.

Many old-fashioned aircraft, cars, motorcycles, and military equipment from the early days of liberation are exhibited in the park...all of which are rare and unique, which makes military fans excited.

In the Reminiscence Hall, there are traditional agricultural tools such as rollers, wheelbarrows, loaders, stone mills, mills, and rice windmills; old objects such as rattan baskets, baskets, wooden shuttles, moon cake molds, fish baskets, and thousand-layer bottoms; It also ingeniously displays the three major wedding items of the older generation: old-fashioned bicycles, TV sets, sewing machines...

These old times allow children to understand the past life of their ancestors, remind parents of their own childhood, and allow grandparents to truly touch those lost times, becoming a common memory for generations of the whole family.

Play: return the particles to the warehouse, be a real mountain farmer

Of course, not only can you see with your "eyes", but you can also do farm work "hands-on".

In the autumn harvest farming interactive experience area, you can shake the old-fashioned corn thresher and experience the sense of accomplishment of returning the grains to the warehouse; then grind a handful of corn flour with your family and feel the joy of "do it yourself, have enough food and clothing".

Go shopping: the country market, take home good things from the mountains!

After a lot of work, of course, it is worthwhile to return home with a full load. In the autumn when the melons are ripe and fruity, the freshly harvested green agricultural products are of course the most important protagonist of the Autumn Harvest Festival.

The country market is filled with a wide variety of local specialties: vegetables and fruits grown by local farmers, wild mushrooms, handmade vermicelli, walnuts, hazelnuts and other dry goods, as well as locally produced organic millet and honey...bring good products from the field back City, share with friends and family.

(The village market is open from 10.1-10.6)

Tour: Hundred-acre Countryside Amusement Park, where the joy never stops

Qingshan Park is equipped with a magical rural amusement park of more than 100 mu in the park, where you can experience animal sightseeing, fruit tree picking, camping, parent-child, adult development, real CS... friends of any age can enjoy Have fun here and have fun.

It is particularly worth mentioning that there is even a mini zoo hidden in the amusement park, which has more than 20 kinds of rare animals such as alpacas, ostriches, emus, sika deer, and yaks. The friendly and cute little animals make the little friends and big friends laugh and linger.

Live: The green hills are still there, warm and comfortable with good scenery

Qingshan Park currently has a very complete reception capacity, with full coverage of food, accommodation, transportation and play. If you are tired from walking around all day, you can check in and rest at the Qingshan Still Boutique B&B in Qingshan Garden in just a few steps.

This single-family small building is built on the mountain, with a wide view, and you can feel the wind blowing in the valley when you open the windows, surrounded by the coolness of the vegetation. In the dead of night, when you sit by the window, you can still see the stars, even the Milky Way, which is rarely seen in the city.

Qingshan Still Boutique B&B has 4 room types: Sunshine Double Room, Normal Double Room, Double Room and Tatami, which can meet the needs of different guests such as couples, girlfriends, parents and children, and groups.

If you stay in Qingshan, you can also enjoy free tickets for the Autumn Harvest Festival Park.

The restaurant on the ground floor of the B & B provides delicious and healthy meals. All dishes are made of healthy and safe farm ingredients. There are "popular dishes" with local characteristics such as stewed chicken with mushrooms, Yongning tofu stewed crispy meat, freshly baked corn cakes, and stone-milled gnocchi soup. ". Through simple and skilled cooking methods, we can make authentic and authentic "home taste".

The 2020 Qingshanyuan Autumn Harvest Festival is already the fourth year. Compared with previous years, this year has greatly improved in terms of scale and facility configuration. In order to optimize the experience of tourists, Qingshan Garden has put a lot of effort into the details, trying to let tourists experience the original rural style, but also get the comfort and joy comparable to a star-rated resort.

||Surrounding play recommendation||

· Baili Landscape Gallery

Yanqing Baili Shanshui Gallery is located in Qianjiadian Town in the northeast of Yanqing. The scenic spot involves 112 miles of Binhe Ring Road, including twelve space nodes in the first ring and three areas. Along the way are Yanshan Tianchi, Dinosaur Amusement Park, Petrified Wood, Oolong Canyon, and Dripping Pot , Chaoyang Temple, Longwang Temple, Guandi Temple and many other scenic spots, hence the name "Baili Shanshui Gallery". The scenery here changes picturesquely in four seasons, and it is a good place for self-driving trips in the suburbs of Beijing.

Distance from small courtyard: 15 kilometers

Address: East End of Muhuashi Road, Yanqing District, Beijing

Tickets: Free

Recommended attractions: Yanshan Tianchi, Dinosaur Amusement Park, Petrified Wood, Oolong Canyon, Dripping Pot, Pearl Spring, Chaoyang Temple, Dragon King Temple, Guandi Temple

· Yanqing Expo

The 2020 Beijing Expo Park is located in the northwest of Beijing, about 74 kilometers away from the urban area, and about 35 kilometers away from Changping New Town, Huailai and Chicheng counties in Hebei. Here, gardening, city, nature and human beings are harmoniously integrated. The park is integrated with the surrounding natural beauty, and it is a garden within a garden in Yanqing, a large landscape garden.

Distance from small courtyard: 33 kilometers

Address: Southwest of Yanqing District

Tickets: 40 yuan / person

· Longqing Gorge Scenic Area

Longqing Gorge was called "Nine Songs of the Ancient City" in ancient times, and was known as "Little Lijiang River in Beijing". It is one of the sixteen scenic spots in Beijing. No matter how hot Beijing is, Longqing Gorge is still cool. In winter, there is also the famous Longqing Gorge Ice Lantern, Beiguo Ice and Snow Paradise.

Distance from the courtyard: 22 kilometers

Tickets: 40 yuan / person

Address: Gucheng Village, Yanqing District, Beijing

· Pearl Spring

Pearl Spring Township, Yanqing County, Beijing is located in the northeastern mountainous area of ​​Yanqing County. The Pearl Spring here is one of the eight scenic spots in ancient Yanqing. According to historical records, it has a history of more than 1,500 years. The strings of bubbles are like rolling beads. It is said that Emperor Yongle named it after drinking from the spring during the Northern Expedition. The spring gushes out all the year round, with a daily water volume of nearly 1,000 tons. It is a heavy calcium carbonate-magnesium type mineral spring. The water is rich in gas, forming a series of bubbles. Every time there is vibration outside the spring, the bubbles will increase.

Distance from the courtyard: 19 kilometers

Address: Pearl Spring Township, Yanqing District, Beijing

Tickets: Free

· Petrified Wood National Geological Park

Petrified Wood National Geopark is located in Yanqing, Beijing's "Summer Capital". It has excellent ecology, rich geological relics, beautiful mountains and rivers, beautiful environment, pleasant climate and simple folk customs, which provides ideal conditions for the establishment of the geopark. Integrating tourism, leisure and vacation, geoscience research, and science popularization, it is the only geological park with the theme of wood fossils in China with beautiful scenery.

Distance from small courtyard: 15 kilometers

Address: East End of Muhuashi Road, Yanqing District, Beijing

Tickets: 30 yuan / person

· Yongning Ancient City

Yongning City was first built in the 18th year of Tang Zhenguan (645 A.D.), and it was supervised by General Wei Chigong (Jing De), and it was called Hanjiang City. At that time, there was a big river in the south of the city, commonly known as the Hanjiang River. When passing here, you can buy some local mountain products.

Distance from small courtyard: 18 kilometers

Address: Ancient City, Yongning Town, Yanqing District, Beijing

Tickets: Free

Recommended attractions: Fire God Temple, Sanyi Temple, Dragon King Temple, etc.

Recommended food: Yongning fire spoon, tofu, local eggs and other local specialties

Practical information you must read before you go

■ travel guide

The 4th Qingshanyuan Autumn Harvest Festival in 2020 will have six highlights, including autumn harvest landscape, farming experience, folk performances, village market, amusement park, and mini zoo.

Address: Qingshan Park, Liubinbao Township, Yanqing District, Beijing

Tickets: 30 yuan / person (free of charge for staying in Qingshan Still Boutique B&B)

■ Dining Guide

The restaurant on the ground floor of Qingshan Still B&B is spacious and bright, and can accommodate up to 150 people at the same time. In addition to the lobby, there are 2 boxes at the front and back, and a small side hall on the right. Strictly select healthy vegetable and fruit ingredients from the farm, professional chefs who have been in charge for more than ten years, provide all kinds of exquisite home-cooked dishes, a la carte, barbecue, company annual meeting, family birthday banquet, wedding banquet, birthday banquet, etc. can be undertaken.

Address: Qingshan Garden, Liubinbao Township, Yanqing District, Beijing

Per capita price: 70 yuan

■ Accommodation Guide

Qingshan is still a boutique homestay, located in the 100-acre parent-child amusement park - Qingshan Garden, a small garden building with a total of 35 rooms, which can accommodate up to 70 people at the same time. There are sunny double bed rooms, Japanese-style tatami mats, and standard twin bed rooms. , a variety of room types, each with its own characteristics. Each room is equipped with wireless network, central air conditioning, LCD TV, independent bathroom, etc.; it has a private lawn, which can undertake customized group building, lawn wedding, company annual meeting and other activities.

Address: Qingshan Garden, Liubinbao Township, Yanqing District, Beijing

(Navigate "Qingshan Still Boutique Homestay" via Beijing-Tibet/Changchi Road)

Room type and price: 580-1080 yuan (reservation includes breakfast)