Guangzhou-Beijing for 6 days (October 4, 2018):

The 6-day tour is quite satisfactory. Since the time arrangement is very good, there is no need for crowds to visit Beijing for a few days. The time to visit is from October 4th to October 9th. At this time, Beijing’s public transportation is not congested at all, there are not many people, and there are often places to sit in the car. In terms of scenic spots, non-key scenic spots are preferred. The Great Wall and the Forbidden City are the last choice. Go in two days to avoid crowds.


1. To take a bus in Beijing, you need to swipe your card once when getting on and off the bus. Taking the bus is definitely cheaper than taking the subway. You can download the "Bus E-Road" APP to check the information of the bus, including the arrival time, so as to reduce the waiting time. It is very convenient to take the bus.

2. I heard from the locals that as long as the store has the old Beijing signboard, it is a lie (I don’t know if it is true or not).

3. All scenic spots in Beijing have WeChat or APP voice introductions. There is no need to rent audio guides (except the Forbidden City). Note that there are introductions at the ticket office or at the entrance, but remember to bring a mobile phone headset.

4. There are security checks everywhere in Beijing, especially Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City, so don’t bring anything except necessary items.

5. Many scenic spots in Beijing restrict the flow of people. It is best to buy tickets online first.

DAY1 (October 4th): Take the plane to Tianjin, get off the plane, take the subway to Tianjin Station, then take the light rail to Beijing South Railway Station. There is a small room on the left hand side of the north gate exit of Beijing South Railway Station. You can apply for the Beijing municipal card. You need an ID card. Press Gold is 20 yuan, recharge 80 yuan is enough, you can get a refund when you leave, and you can get a refund at most subway stations. I refunded it at the subway address "Guang'anmennei". For details, you can consult the subway station staff.

Apply for a municipal card here, one ID card and one card.

After applying for the card, go directly to the hotel to drop off your luggage. It is already 16:00, and the next stop is Shichahai.

In the evening, go to Wangfujing Snack Street, where it closes at 22:00, so pay attention to the time.

DAY2 (October 5th): Since the hotel is within the second ring road, go to the attractions in the city first.

Morning: After breakfast, ride a shared bicycle to Tiantan Park, my browsing route: Ximen—Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests—Echo Wall—Circular Mound Altar

It was already noon when the south gate exited. I originally wanted to eat at "Hongyuan South Gate Brush Meat" at the entrance, but there was a long queue at the entrance, and there were also many people in the "Old Beijing Snack City" opposite. There was no choice but to find other places Have a meal. Go out the south gate and go straight for about 600 meters to find a "Siji Renhe Brush Meat Restaurant". This is an old shop with good products and cheap prices. It may be far away from the scenic spot, and there are not many guests (I even met a family of 5 from my hometown here), the following is the small ticket, in fact, it is enough for 3 people to eat.

Afternoon: Go to Prince Kung’s Mansion, remind you that the ticket sales time for Prince Kung’s Mansion is until 17:00 (the audio guide is returned at 17:00, it is recommended not to rent), but the business hours are until 18:00. If you enter the park later, you can first Visit the house, because they all stop at around 17:00, and then you can slowly visit the garden scenery.

I believe everyone is very familiar with this place. Many movies and TV shows are filmed here, including Plum Blossom Three Lane (the long inclined corridor) and Huanzhugege (Western Gate) and so on. You can search the Internet, plan the attractions you want to visit first, and then go there, that is a different mood. It is worth noting that there is a big stone mountain in the back garden, and there is a word "Fu" written by Emperor Kangxi in the cave, which means "many fields, many sons, many talents, long life, and many blessings". Because of its preciousness, it has been covered with glass. You can touch it and be lucky.

Summary: Everyone here knows the big corrupt official: He Kun, but there is actually another important person: Prince Gong—Yi Xin (this person can be said to be the turning point of the Qing Dynasty, you can search for information on the Internet). In addition, although the back garden of Prince Gong’s Mansion is not as big as the Royal Garden of the Forbidden City, it is more beautiful than the Royal Garden (personal opinion), and you can compare it.

DAY3 (October 6): Go to Xiangshan Park by car, enter the north gate, and take the cableway. The biggest disappointment of this trip is that the cableway stopped because of the strong wind (Tucao: Tickets were purchased on the official website of the day, why not remind guests , otherwise I will change the date), if you have no time to walk up the mountain, you can only visit "Biyun Temple". This is the place where Sun Yat-sen placed his mourning hall, and the environment is elegant. Stay at the foot of the mountain for a while.

I heard from the staff in the park that the leaves on the mountain haven't turned red yet, and they won't look good until early November.

This is Biyun Temple

Mr. Zhongshan's Clothes Tomb

On the way down the mountain, there are many shops for souvenirs, and meals are not expensive

In the afternoon, go to Yuanmingyuan. Because the area of ​​Yuanmingyuan is too large, I only choose to go to the nearby scenery such as Western Building and Dashuifa (if you don’t want to go, you can directly enter from the east gate). There are free battery cars in non-main park places, and there are stations along the way. For getting on and off, and there are bicycle rentals. The park closes at 20:30 in the evening, but there are few street lights, so you can walk more if you have time. Many of the marked attractions are only the remains of the fire, or the buildings that were rebuilt later. If it takes a day to visit the panoramic area.

Changchun Immortal Pavilion, granted to the prince Hongli in the seventh year of Yongzheng. In the third year of Jiaqing, it was granted residence by Qianlong (Hongli).

This is the well-known Haiyan Hall, where the bronze statues of the animal heads of the twelve zodiac signs are placed.

In the method of watching water, the only emperor in China sat on the throne facing south and north. The Qing Dynasty also went downhill from this period.

The east side of Yuanmingyuan is the school area. If you leave the garden late at night, you can eat in the annex, which is economical.

DAY4 (October 7): In the morning, ride a bicycle to Dashanlan (from Meishi Street), which is a famous old shopping street in Beijing: Deyunshe, Tongrentang, Daguanlou, etc. After breakfast, you can go shopping (be careful when drinking soy milk in Beijing, ask first, the local soy milk is so sour, it’s really hard to drink), there are many special Beijing items here, you can buy them back as souvenirs. Go along the Dashan Lane and go to the end to the front door. Turn left to go to Jianlou, cross the opposite road to Jianlou, go to the left to buy a ticket to Badaling, go to Tiananmen Square on the right, and follow the two underground passages to reach Tiananmen Square (there is also a railway museum in the middle, you can go in and have a look if you have time)

That bean juice tastes very strange, I can't accept it.

Dashanlan - Daguanlou, the birthplace of Chinese movies.

Go to the Deyun Club at night, no photos are allowed inside

Tongrentang Old Store

Zhengyang Bridge, facing the Arrow Tower, cross the road and turn left to buy a ticket to Badaling (I don’t get on the bus here, I’ll tell you later), and go to Tiananmen Square on the right.

Great Hall of the People

National Museum of China

In the afternoon, go to the Summer Palace. There are several gates in the Summer Palace. I entered from the North Palace Gate (the North Gate is the back mountain. If you are physically fit, you can go directly to the back of the Xiangyan Zongyin Pavilion from here). The downhill is facing Kunming Lake. . Tour to Shifang, where there is a boat (20 yuan one way) across the lake to continue the tour. It is open until 8:00 in the evening. Like the Old Summer Palace, there are no street lights. In the evening, you can sit by the lake and watch the sunset, the scenery is very beautiful.

In the evening, go directly to the National Stadium to see the Water Cube and the Bird's Nest. There is a sightseeing bus at the entrance of the stadium (you can see it after passing the security check), 30 yuan per person. PS: That night seemed to be the crossover singer finals, so it was very lively). After a day of activities, you can go back to Dashan for supper. Wangfujing closes early.

DAY5 (October 8): Today’s destination is the Badaling Great Wall + Ming Tombs. Dingling, since it is October 8, everyone starts to go to work, so you have to go out early, take the bus at the gate at 7 o’clock, and there are people on the bus Not too many, because I am afraid that there will be many people taking the subway, and some roads of Beijing buses are bus-only lanes, so there is no traffic jam. Bus No. 5 goes directly to "Deshengmen" and turns to 877. The hotel is relatively close to Jianlou, but I chose Deshengmen, which is farther away, because 877 can be used for municipal cards and there is a 50% discount. Taking the high speed, the journey time is similar to that of Jianlou, so I chose Deshengmen. There are not many people going to the Great Wall today, so you can go directly to 877, and the bus will fill up quickly (about 10 minutes from queuing to driving). There are many websites that write about standing queues or seat queues on the bus, but there is no such thing, so it is useless to worry, and there are no black cars here, they are all regular bus stops. It took about 80 minutes to arrive at the high speed. There was a tour guide on the car to introduce it all the way, but I felt cheated by the tour guide. Although it didn't have much impact, because I had already bought a round-trip ticket for the cableway at that time, and the 877 station was more than 1 km away from the cableway. , I originally planned to walk all the way to see the scenery along the way, but the tour guide said that today the wind is strong and the cableway is out of service (because of the experience of Xiangshan two days ago), so I can only refund the ticket and buy a round-trip ticket for the slideway. The slideway is at the 877 alighting point Go forward about 500 meters, there is food at the place where you get off until you reach the slide, the price is affordable, and there are actually quite a lot of toilets (get off the 877 bus, go to the slide after passing through the Bear Paradise, go to the Great Wall, go to the North 7th floor There are also ropeways). The slideway goes up to the north 4th floor. When I got to the north 6th floor, I saw the ropeway in operation. I really wanted to scold people, but think about it, there were not many people that day, and it took only 1 hour to go back and forth from the north 4th floor to the north 8th floor. , and the cableway goes directly to the north 7th floor, and the scenery along the way is small, so I don’t care about it in the end. I think that if I have the opportunity to go to Beijing again in the future, I will walk from 877 to the main entrance of the Badaling Great Wall by myself and then walk up the Great Wall.

People often say "Hero Stone", I heard that the original one has been placed in the museum, and the replica is placed on the Juyongguan Great Wall. What about the Badaling Great Wall? Near the exit of the slideway (North 4th Floor), there is actually a big stone with the words "Hero Stone" written on it, and there is a charge for taking pictures while standing on the stone. At the place where 877 gets off, there are two shops on the roadside on the slide to issue "hero certificates". There are not many people, there is no need to line up, everyone understands.

This is Deshengmen. After getting off the bus, take the 877 on the opposite side. If you are not sure, you can ask the conductor on the bus. Beijing buses generally have a conductor + two conductors.

This is the 877 sitting behind here

Juyongguan is ahead

This is the Badaling Great Wall, (I don’t like being photogenic, I’m just a passer-by in the photo) Standing at the 879 bus stop, what I saw was the 877 bus stop.

Great Wall ticket and slide ticket

slide uphill

As the slide goes down the mountain, everyone can see that there is no line at all. There were really not many people on the Great Wall that day.

Many people on the Internet complain that the slides are not good and expensive. In fact, it is not necessarily true. It depends on personal needs. I think it is okay, because after walking for a few days, it is a good thing to save distance with these motorized equipment.

The weather is very good today, short-sleeved + windbreaker is enough, and it is very windy above the 6th floor in the north, very comfortable, and there are few people.

There are many slopes, many bends, and the ground is very slippery, so it is not safe if it rains. And the armrest on the inner side is very low, so you must be careful with children.

The leaves here are starting to turn red, which can make up for the scenery of Xiangshan

Yuanwang is the cableway on the seventh floor of the north, and then the eighth floor of the north, but the eighth floor of the north is closed and cannot go forward.

On the fault of the Great Wall, the cableway is on the right. This is the sixth floor of the north. It is approaching the eighth floor of the highest point, and there are more and more people.

Go up to the eighth floor of the North, which is the highest point of the Great Wall. If it is closed, you can’t go any further. You can only go back along the road. Take the slide on the fourth floor on the north and return to the drop-off point. The food here is not expensive, and you can spend more than ten yuan After eating a bowl of noodles, at about 13:00, continue to walk forward, pass the 877 get off point, and then walk forward to see the 879 bus (the picture has been posted above). There are probably not many people waiting for the bus at this time. 879 runs every 30-40 minutes (use "Bus Elutong" to check the departure time of the last bus), you can take a bus to the Ming Tombs (Shenlu-Dingling-Changling), if you walk fast, you can go After the three points, there will be many cars going to Dingling after arriving at Shenlu. If you don’t want to wait, you can take a black car. Similarly, there are many cars going to Changling in Dingling. Take Changling bus 872 back to Deshengmen (the return journey will pass through Dingling, the return journey may be late and there are few passengers on the bus), and there is a 50% discount for swiping the card. Dingling is to see the underground tomb, and Changling is to see the palace on the ground. Due to the lack of physical strength after walking for a few days, I only went to Dingling.

On the way to Dingling, there are many persimmons planted, and there are hawkers in front of the cemetery. The big ones are big, you can try them.

In the evening, I went to Quanjude, Dashanlan, to eat duck. For me from Shunde, I think this dish is famous, but it’s good to try it once, and the price is not cheap. A duck alone is about 300 yuan, which is really not worth it.

I feel like I have entered the romantic place I saw on TV

The waiter said that each duck has a unique certificate

DAY6 (October 9th): On the last day of this tour, pack up your luggage in the morning, check out, and take your luggage to the last stop in Beijing - the Forbidden City. Since I want to withdraw the municipal card today, I chose to take the subway. Although there are only 5 stations, I have to transfer to 3 lines: Line 7-4-2. Taking the subway in Beijing is tiring: 1. It is troublesome to transfer in the station, especially When turning to Line 4, I went up and down the escalator. The escalator was long, and the aisle in the middle was longer than the road. 2. The line that happens to be on is the line with the most people, which is similar to Guangzhou Line 3. So it was the right choice not to take the subway the day before, and I felt it this day, and it was not yet the rush hour for work.

Since Tiananmen Square is closed in the morning (it seems to be because of the flag raising), you can go directly to Tiananmen Square only on Metro Line 2. You have to go through a security check when you enter the subway, and you need a security check after you leave the station (to show your ID card + face recognition) , Only two security check channels were opened, but the queue lasted for more than half an hour, and a security check was required before entering the Forbidden City. So the Forbidden City will definitely be safe. . . Here you can take a few more photos of Tiananmen at close range. Cross the Waijinshui Bridge from the right side of Tiananmen Square.

Reminder: The Forbidden City restricts the flow of people. It is best to buy tickets online in advance. In addition to preventing too many people from buying tickets to enter the Palace, you can directly enter the Forbidden City with your ID card if you buy tickets online. Because there are many people queuing up to buy tickets at the ticket window, it is super exaggerated.

Past the Forbidden City on the right

Duanmen - Meridian Gate - Forbidden City

Go through the security check into the Forbidden City, turn left, there is an unremarkable small house, where the luggage is checked, if you can’t find it, you can ask the staff, there are staff around. Since the Forbidden City is a one-way visit, free luggage is provided, which is why I arrange to visit the Forbidden City on the last day. The luggage check-in requirement is to check all the boxes, which is stricter than the airport. 1. There is no large amount of mobility. Liquids, such as: water; 2. Do not break items. For example, I bought a small crystal ornament of a bird’s nest. Although it is packaged in a box, it is not allowed to be checked; 3. Smaller backpacks are generally not allowed to be checked; 4. Checked The time should be 2 hours in advance. If you stay in the Forbidden City for less than 2.5 hours, they will not arrange consignment. Check the luggage to Shenwu Gate, and after exiting Shunzhen Gate from the Imperial Garden, turn to the left and there is an inconspicuous small room, where you can retrieve your luggage.

The big bronze lion in front of the Taihe Gate is said to not be moved, touched, or photographed.

This is the first hall - the Hall of Supreme Harmony, the number of visitors is not too many that day

The throne of the emperor and the three main halls have three layers of guardrails, which cannot be seen at close range. They are stricter than the Hall of Prayer for Harvests in the Temple of Heaven. According to my wife, she was not so strict when she came here more than ten years ago.

Inside the Cining Palace

Go out of the back garden here, go to Shenwumen, get back your luggage, go out of Shenwumen, and take the airport car for the return journey.

The 6-day trip is over, and there are still many photos that have not been uploaded, so you can experience it yourself. I bought the wrong ticket for the return trip. It turned out that there are two airports in Beijing. I bought the ticket for Nanyuan Airport by mistake—United Airlines. Due to the inconvenient transportation to the airport, I directly called the airport shuttle bus. Nanyuan Airport is used by the military. The facilities at the airport are very poor. Tianjin Railway Station is already the worst light rail station I have ever seen. As an airport in the capital, it is even worse here. There is nothing to say. The air ticket was bought in advance. Although I knew there was a problem at that time, I couldn't refund the ticket after buying it. There was no other way. You have to pay for your own luggage, starting at 60 yuan, and you have to pay 30 yuan if you exceed it. It’s black, and it’s 150 yuan for two checked bags. There is no meal on the plane. You can buy a piece of 60 yuan on the plane. There is no free drink. The plane is It was full, and the aircraft model was the same as the China Southern Airlines I flew from Guangzhou, but United Airlines added a few more rows of seats. It was hard to sit. When I came, two people sat in three seats, and the seat space was much more comfortable. It was only after I came back that I found out that United Airlines is a low-cost airline, and there are a lot of 88 yuan tickets there, so unless it is very cheap, don’t take these low-cost airlines. The plane was 30 minutes late and arrived in Guangzhou at 8:20 pm.