In the green May, go find a quiet forest! The poetic residence for weekend vacation is here.
It takes two hours to drive from the urban area to Niutuo, the high-quality hot spring belt at 38 degrees north latitude, enjoy the pure natural mineral hot springs comparable to Japan, and the blue sky, white clouds and good air. You can enjoy a villa by yourself, and the usual busyness and fatigue will be swept away. Empty, shuttling among the green forests, returning to the tranquility of nature.
The cattle and camels soak in private hot springs, pick fresh cherries, the villa area is easy to see, the forest park has a beautiful environment, and there is a super-large dream children's playground.

spa town

Niutuo Hot Spring Peacock City is located 30 kilometers south of Beijing New Airport, Gu'an Niutuo Town, and the Niutuo Exit of Daguang Expressway is just around the corner. It is a hot spring area with superior ecological environment in the city. The hot spring belt at 38° north latitude, fluorine-silicon type medical hot mineral hot spring, low-density community, super large forest park and children's playground, the new Chinese-style villa courtyard is of high quality, very suitable for friends to gather For weekend vacations, each household has a hot spring with a constant temperature of about 45°C-50°C entering the house, allowing you to enjoy nature and beauty anytime, anywhere.
It belongs to one of the four hot springs in the world, with high value of medical care. The hot spring pool in the community is organically combined with the living space, the environment is lush green, and every corner contains the beauty of life. Indoor pools, outdoor courtyard terrace pools, multiple experiences of hot springs. In addition, there are hot spring pools in the garden, hot spring landscapes, allowing hot springs to penetrate into the scenery bit by bit, as well as hot spring hotels and businesses. The price is very high!

This is like a hot spring town in a German fairy tale, which is Baden-Baden in Beijing. The nourishment of natural hot spring water makes it a paradise-like health resort town. Here, it is not only the scenery that stretches wantonly, but also the surging natural aura. The villas here are exquisite and elegant, ingeniously integrated with the garden landscape, and the scenery is charming while walking, making people admire both indoors and outdoors.

Xu Xiake, a traveler in the Ming Dynasty, once wrote a poem "Hot Spring": "Once a lovesickness is made and a wish is made, money calls for water to be passionate; when the sun rises in the bath, steaming heat waves are born. The whole body is as refreshing as crisp, and the disease is as wonderful as a god; if you don't admire the birds in Tianchi, you will be willing to do it." Hot spring people." The beauty of hot springs is the appropriateness and transparency that cannot be described in poems.
How to play:
It is recommended to stay in a villa homestay or hot spring hotel for one night, for a relaxing and comfortable weekend vacation.

Traffic routes:
Convenient and direct access to Daguang Expressway, 1-hour living circle in Greater Beijing
Route 1: Take the Beijing-Kaikai Expressway from Yuquanying Bridge, take the Daguang Expressway from the Yufa Exit, exit from the Niutuo Exit, and follow the project indication system to reach the project.
Route 2: Take the Beijing-Kaikai Expressway from Yuquanying Bridge, take National Highway 106 to Niutuo Bridge (not passing the bridge), turn left, and follow the project indication system to reach the project.
Route 3: From Beijing Yongdingmen Long-distance Bus Station, take 943 and get off at Niutuo Bridge, go south to Niutuo Bridge (do not pass the bridge), turn left, and follow the project indication system to reach the project.

Children's Corner

Colorful childhood has big lawns, dreamy Trojan horses, interesting games and partners who grew up together~~ Niutuo Hot Spring Peacock City Children’s Paradise is the most eye-catching landmark here. When driving past and before arriving at the place where they live, the children are clamoring for it. Come down to play, the merry-go-round on the lawn is very eye-catching, and this is also a niche photo spot! It is very popular recently to pretend to be a Disney princess on the run, so you can take pictures on the big lawn! This is an amusement park that is very suitable for taking pictures. I am going to bring good things to have an ins-style picnic party here next time!

The super-large-scale children's playground, the blue plastic venue is full of vitality, and the overall international design is refreshing. Meet the Rainbow Bridge, Rainbow Tower, Insect Rocking Music, Moon Swing, the healthy and safe activity space is huge, and it is fun to play!

About 800 mu of forest park is rich in vegetation. The aerobic life of the circular fitness track starts from the foot. The natural oxygen bar surrounded by greenery is a rare beauty in the urban area. If spring comes, there will be a charming sea of ​​flowers here!

The leisurely weekend for the whole family is not only suitable for the livable life of the elderly on vacation and retirement, but also very suitable for letting children's dreams fly. It is very convenient to drive from downtown Beijing, especially suitable for residents of Nancheng. It is definitely a good place for parent-child travel in the suburbs of Beijing!

Picking farm interest

Living in a hot spring town is so leisurely that you don’t want to go home. You can pick entertainment items for parents and children on the way back to Beijing! Feel the beautiful gift of nature! If you want to pick sweet cherries, you must come to Uncle Carl's house. The quality is super high, and you can even contract a tree!

Uncle Carl's Happy Farm is located in Zhoujiawu Village, Qugou Township, Gu'an County, Langfang City, Hebei Province. It is a comprehensive park integrating parent-child experience, leisure and picking science popularization. The farm's characteristic fruit and vegetable varieties include: cherries, strawberries, tomatoes, melons, figs, watermelons, grapes More than forty kinds of fruits and vegetables. Here you can enjoy the joy of the harvest with your baby, and the sunlight in the greenhouse is also very good. Under the fruitful cherry trees, let’s take a group of small and fresh pastoral photos!

Navigation Tips:
Picking Garden Address: Uncle Carl's Happy Farm
Niutuo Hot Spring Peacock City Sales Office Address: Gu'an Hot Spring Business Industrial Park (Search Niutuo Hot Spring Peacock City by Gaode, one-click arrival)