Nine-day itinerary:

Day1: (9-13)


Staying at the hotel is recommended to live within the third ring road and go anywhere by subway.


Apply for a Beijing transportation card when you get out of the airport. You can swipe the card directly when you take the subway or train, which is very convenient! You can refund the card at the airport station when you leave Beijing!

When taking the bus in Beijing, you must pay attention: you need to swipe your card when getting on and off the bus, and the fare is calculated according to the number of stops.

Shared bicycles can be seen everywhere in Beijing and Nanjing, and there are bicycle lanes on the roads. It is about 3 kilometers away, and riding a bicycle is more convenient than taking the subway or bus. Buying a monthly bicycle card can save money and be environmentally friendly!


If you are traveling with four people, it is recommended to rent a car and drive to the Ulan Butong Grassland. The scenery along the way is beautiful, and there are many unknown flowers blooming, which are more original than the scenic spots that go with the group. The two-day tour is 399 in mou Baobao for two-day trips, which is the most cost-effective, safe and easy.

Ulan Butong is located at the junction of Inner Mongolia and Hebei. Starting from Beijing is equivalent to breaking down three provinces. The distance is about 450 kilometers (6-7h)

Day2: (9-14)

6:20 Take the bus at South Exit B of Huixin West Street

Drive to Ulan Butong Grassland (duration 6h) for lunch,

14:00 Hongshan Army Racecourse, Baicao Obo, Film and Television Base, General Paozi, Princess Lake.

The shadows of the trees in the setting sun are mottled on the surface of Princess Lake, and there is a golden sky beside the clear lake, so beautiful! ! !

18:00 Dinner

19:10 Bonfire party, fireworks

Day3: (9-15)

7:00 Off-road vehicle at own expense 280/person

(Take you into the prairie, pass the cattle, and witness the running sheep. There are free Mongolian minority costumes to wear to take pictures, and the bright-colored costumes match the green grasslands and clear lakes, perfect)

12:00 poplar back

A place dedicated to horseback riding.

13:00 Lunch

Return at 14:00 (if there is no traffic jam, it will arrive at the Third Ring Road of Beijing in 6-7 hours)

Day4: (9-16)

Tiananmen Square—Coffee in the Corner Tower of the Forbidden City—Siji Minfu Roast Duck (Forbidden City Store)——Tiantan Park——Lian COFFEE&T——Dawanju (Dinner)

Dawanju is a northern dish, and the portion is very small according to the picture. As a result, I ordered three dishes and one soup and couldn't finish it. I recommend the pimple soup, which is delicious and filling, and the fried lamb is delicious.



Why should I go to the Palace Museum and the Forbidden City Corner Cafe separately?

Because the Forbidden City is closed on Mondays, most people will choose to visit the nearby Forbidden City corner building coffee and eat nearby when the Forbidden City is open.

But there are too many people, so we have to queue!

Especially the Four Seasons Minfu Roast Duck Forbidden City restaurant. I arrived at 10:27 on Monday morning. There are a total of four viewing seats, and there are two left. My father and I caught up with the viewing seats without queuing, luck!

Day5: (9-17)

Badaling Great Wall—Entrance of the South Line—Exchange ground cable car tickets—Round trip by cable car—Great Wall Museum of China—Galaxy Soho Shopping Center—Elephant Restaurant (dinner)

The Elephant Restaurant serves Western food. The salads and paella are good. The kale tastes good and the ingredients are sufficient.



Transportation methods from the city center to Badaling Great Wall:

? Self-driving/taxi (1.5h)

?Take the subway to Huoying Station, follow the crowd and walk to Huangtudian, transfer to the suburban train s205 (1 stop) to Badaling Great Wall (no need to buy train tickets in advance, just swipe the Beijing bus card) (the whole journey takes 2-3 hours)

?Take the bus and turn to No. 877 or 879 (Great Wall Special Line)

I choose the first way of travel, the fare is low, and the advantage is that there is no risk of traffic jams. I swipe the Beijing transportation card to enter the station directly. On the way, you can see the scenery along the suburbs of Beijing, and experience the herringbone railway designed by Zhan Tianyou.


Climb the Great Wall because you want to see the stele of heroes inscribed by Mao Zedong, so you climb the northern line. There are guides on the train who will let tourists go to the northern line, because there is a stele of heroes, other scenic spots are similar, and you can choose.

My suggestion is to climb the south line, 95% of them choose to go to the north line, so there are fewer people on the south line. I think less people are more comfortable, and it is convenient to take pictures! Take the cable car back and forth, save time and effort, and spend your energy wisely!

It is recommended to bring your own dry food and water, and eat bread and steamed buns at noon, which are more delicious than the shops under the Great Wall. My father and I cooked rice in Sichuan and Hunan. It's so unpalatable that you doubt your life!

Day6: (9-18)

Forbidden City - Jingshan Park (Wanchun Pavilion) - Yijucheng Old Beijing Roasted Meat - Berry Beans (coffee) - Ming·Xinpai Hot Pot (Dinner)

It's a pity that Wanchun Pavilion was closed for renovation when we went there, and we couldn't go up to see the panoramic view of Tiananmen Square.

There is no off-season in the Forbidden City, there are too many people, it is really not easy to take pictures without people, to find an angle, and to wait!


Yijucheng old Beijing Zhizi barbecue, authentic old Beijing Zhizi barbecue, put the meat on, the sound of "Zi, Zi, Zi" sounds, the aroma is tangy, the roasted lamb is dipped in cumin chili noodles, and the appetite is whetted~

The point is that there is also a set meal for two people of Gou Rmb146, my father and I can't finish it!

From Beijing 23:05—to Nanjing 1:10

Day7: (9-19)

Jiming Soup Buns (Breakfast) Recommended to try Chrysanthemum Leaf Soup Buns, a kind of traditional Chinese medicine? It lightens the greasyness of the meat, and it is full of refreshing soup in one bite!

——Nanjing Museum——Wanjingyuan Park (fishing by the river)——Green Expo Garden (European-style manor)——Laomendong (Nanjing time-honored gourmet restaurant, Deyun Club)——Qinhuai River (colored boat ancient building)

The above two pictures were taken in Wanjing Garden. The church is more distinctive, but it is usually not open to the public. The sign on the riverside says that fishing is prohibited, but there are many old men fishing, hahaha!

The following four pictures were all taken in the Green Expo Garden, with blooming sunflowers surrounding European-style buildings, towering windmills, and lotus flowers. . . It's beautiful here and worth a visit! I heard from the locals that many locals come to these two parks on weekends.


There are a lot of mosquitoes in the Green Expo Park, so be sure to bring toilet water or water that is afraid of mosquitoes! ! ! I have only been bitten by mosquitoes for a few days here. . . . . .


Day8: (9-20)

Aftertaste Duck Blood Vermicelli Soup (Breakfast)——Niu Shou Mountain Cultural Tourism Area——Flag Coffee (Afternoon Tea)——Close to Dinner (Li Ji Halal Museum, Jianye Road)

Day9: (9-21)

Fangpo Cake Shop - Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum - Zhongshan Scenic Area. Music Station (feeding pigeons) - Sports Park - fishhtank fish tank coffee - medicinal chicken coop

(Dinner: The medicated chicken coop is very upright, the soup is clear, the smell of medicinal materials has been boiled into the soup, and it is not as greasy as chicken. I still think the soup is delicious until I get on the plane)


The Zhongshan Scenic Area is very large, and there are many scenic spots in it, as well as the aquarium and so on. There will be connecting buses and tour buses in the middle, of course it will be more convenient to drive by yourself! The subway station is far from the classic! The whole journey is 2.3 kilometers. My dad was tired from walking, so we took a car to the sports park to rest. We found that it is very comfortable and suitable for parent-child travel. The locals bring their children to camp!

The original plan was: Wanjing Garden

Transfer from Metro Line 1 to Line 10, 51 minutes, get off at Luboyuan Station, Exit 2

19 minutes by taxi is estimated to be 39 yuan

Wanjing Garden—Green Expo Garden

These two are next to each other, just a few steps out of the door

Green Expo Park - Poly Grand Theater

Although you can take the subway, it is recommended to take a taxi, 4 kilometers, 7 minutes

Poly Grand Theater - Yuzui Wetland Park

It is also recommended to take a taxi or bicycle: 3.2 kilometers

Plane: From Nanjing 23:10 to Guangzhou 01:15

Dressing suggestions, the temperature difference between day and night is very large, and it is also windy, so wearing thin long sleeves will not protect you from the cold! You really need to bring a cotton jacket and a thick coat. Just because Guangzhou is hot, you can’t assume that Beijing and Nanjing are not cold either. Sad lesson, I caught a cold when I returned to Guangzhou!