In my impression, the summer in Beijing should be hot and hot, and the autumn should be golden

Early summer and early autumn, looking for two weekends

Hong Kong to Beijing

Big capital, let's go one.

【Chapter 1 Living in Beijing】

I went to Beijing twice and stayed in three hotels, the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse to fulfill someone’s dream, the must-have Fragrant Hills Hotel in autumn, and the Crowne Plaza Utang for points.

Let's talk about it one by one

1. Diaoyutai State Guesthouse

Diaoyutai State Guesthouse, which I have heard a lot on TV since I was a child, is the place where the state receives heads of state and important places. Later, when it was opened to the outside world, I found that Ctrip could book directly, so I came eagerly

The booking process is very rough. I started booking two months in advance. The next day I received a call saying that the booking was cancelled. It was because the State Guesthouse was not sure whether there would be any foreign affairs activities at the time of booking. I was told half a day in advance. Try again in a month, but at that time I had already bought my air ticket, so I was anxious to wait until mid-October to book again. I received a call and submitted all the information of the check-in personnel. After a few days, my mobile phone received a message from the housekeeper. After the information, the reservation is considered successful

After spending a day outdoors with a smog index over 200, we finally arrived at the hotel in the evening. The armed police will first check your identity, luggage and people need to go through security checks, for me who was a little guilty when I saw the police since I was a child, I almost broke out in a cold sweat.

After passing the customs smoothly, dragging the suitcase and following the signs, we arrived at Building No. 3 where we were going to stay. Each building has an independent check-in place. After confirming the ID card, two passes will be issued to you, saying that you need to carry it with you, and a fluorescent sticker should be pasted on the coat (it feels like a one-day tour group) ...the whole feeling was that, here, it should be safe.

The lobby of Building No. 3 still has the feeling of a state guesthouse, very solemn.. Also, the girls who receive the reception are so dignified, with curvy figures, and they look good in cheongsams. They are ashamed of their appearance..

The rooms are nothing special, old fashioned but don't feel dated. The overall area is really quite big... Just remember that the things in the minibar are not free.

There are also welcomedrinks and refreshments, and the cookies are quite delicious.

After tidying up, I’m going to go to Jubaoyuan for dinner~~ It’s the first time I passed by this big archway and building No. 18 where most people can’t live. This imitation Ming-style building is located in the center of Diaoyutai, where most foreign heads of state will stay. The place, so it is also called the Head of State Building, I heard that the daily rent is 50,000 US dollars orz

A good night's sleep, breakfast is semi-buffet, richer than I imagined

After eating, I couldn’t wait to go to the famous Ginkgo Avenue in Beijing outside the east wall. It was already crowded with people at nine o’clock. Well, the photo is a bit silly

Or go back to the hotel and wander around. In fact, Diaoyutai State Guesthouse is located in the royal garden of the Qing Dynasty in the past. The environment is really good. There are no people everywhere, quiet and peaceful, and the PM2.5 index feels normal.

Yangyuanzhai Wanliutang Qinglutang, pavilions, small bridges and flowing water, this is the garden within the garden of Diaoyutai

Here, I saw the red leaves not even in Fragrant Hills

I can finally sing that line

Slowly falling maple leaves are like longing


When I left, I asked the butler, is there any other channel to book besides Ctrip? He said that he could go to the reservation department directly, and then he said a price, which was much, much, much cheaper than what I booked, and he just wanted to take a sip of salt soda... You can try to book directly.

2. Fragrant Hill Hotel

Xiangshan Hotel is a hotel designed by Mr. I.M. Pei that integrates Chinese classical architectural art, garden art and environmental art. The hotel is located in Xiangshan Park in Beijing Xishan Scenic Area, next to the royal monuments, with rich cultural heritage. It is especially suitable for going in autumn, you can feel the autumn in Peking without going out of the hotel.

The room is also relatively old-fashioned, and the overall feeling is a bit old

I haven’t been to Fragrant Hills yet, but this tree in the garden of Fragrant Hills Hotel satisfies all my imagination of autumn in Peking.

Before leaving the door, the one-day portrait shooting task has been completed, and I feel that I will not feel regretful when I go home immediately

There are like-minded friends who shoot here together, and they also volunteered to create a romantic rain of fallen leaves

3. Crowne Plaza Chaoyang U-Town

The hotel is in the center of the CBD, next to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the first embassy area, not too far from Sanlitun Bar Street, and the location is quite convenient.

The layout inside is the standard layout, the Crown Hotel is almost the same everywhere in the country

【Chapter 2 Eating in Beijing】
1. Hu Da Restaurant

Whenever you mention Guijie, you will think of Ma Xiao; when you mention Ma Xiao, you must think of Hu Da Restaurant. The spicy crayfish tastes so good that I have come to Beijing twice, and I always remember to come back to eat it.

As soon as you get out of the Beixinqiao Exit of Metro Line 5, you can see this branch from a distance. Once at 4 pm, there is no need to wait for a seat, and once at 11 pm, I waited for about half an hour in the smog.

It’s hard to come here, the signature dishes must come one each, crayfish, the price varies according to the size of the shrimp, there are spicy thirteen fragrances and garlic.

Gluttonous frog, delicate meat, big meaty legs

The two crayfish were basically contracted by me alone

I am the legendary shrimp eating expert!

If there are many people together, barbecue is indispensable~~~ Mutton skewers are the best

2. Kyung Jo Yoon

At the beginning of November, when I landed in Beijing, I found that I encountered the worst smog this year

The red leaves of Fragrant Hills are not yet red, and the whole city of Beijing is gray

Pedestrians on the street are in a hurry, masks and masks are all in battle

In this case, finding a good restaurant to eat has become the only choice for a weekend trip in Beijing

Jing Zhaoyin, Yebang said, this is a famous courtyard vegetarian restaurant in Beijing

The entry is a pure white screen wall of the wall book "Jing Zhao Yin"

Through a narrow gate, the winding path leads to a secluded place, a bamboo forest, and the famous people who have been there are printed on the wall on the right, and you can see my song at a glance

Blue tiles, white walls, gravel. At the beginning, there are waiters in common clothes, polite and enthusiastic

Wooden table and chairs with orchids on the table

Book a seat a week in advance, hoping to have a window seat, and finally, as we wish, outside the floor-to-ceiling windows, there is a beautiful view

I stored my luggage. Seeing that I am interested in the layout of the courtyard, I took me for a walk and introduced it inside and out. It is elegant and simple. Harp and cello performances in the atrium

Don't look antique, all the facilities are very modern... Its toilet, um, you can really go there... I was confused when I first went in

I chose Xiang's set meal, and each person ate ten dishes for two hours

Each dish has a brief introduction of raw materials, origin, and efficacy, which makes people feel very attentive

a small glass of aperitif

Appetizer sweet and sour short ribs, avocado, and I don’t remember much, it probably feels like beef jerky

Matsutake soil bottle steamed is very strong

Beauty rice with honey beans and crispy walnuts. Beauty rice is actually chicken head rice, which is Gorgon seed. It tastes QQ. It is really good with honey beans and walnuts.

Rock salt black pepper mushroom pie, tastes like steak, soft and glutinous

Mushroom buns that are difficult to distinguish between true and false

Matsutake slices and tomato salad are also delicious

Glutinous rice is also so delicate

After eating here, I can’t taste the taste anymore. The portion of each dish is not much, but it still feels full after eating.

Dried radish fried rice, after eating so many dishes, I was already very full. I thought I would not be able to eat the dried fried rice. After taking the first bite, I found that the taste of the rice was very good. It was served with dried radish, and I ate it all involuntarily.

Beijing snacks, Aiwowo, pea yellow, mung bean cake~~I still like pea yellow the most

Looking at the maple leaves flying in the garden, I feel like eating kaiseki

Write essays and aftertaste at the end

After dinner, continue to let us store our luggage

You can go to Lama Temple after dinner and then go to the airport

The service is really perfect, generous, thoughtful and enthusiastic, soft-spoken

It is not cheap per capita, but it is enough to spend a leisurely autumn afternoon here

3. Da Dong

When I came to Beijing in June, it happened to coincide with Father’s Day

I chose to choose, and I chose Dadong for Father’s Day dinner... I want to see the legendary artistic conception dishes

Cherry foie gras, the appearance is perfect, and a bite of foie gras is quite greasy...

Sweet and sour short ribs, when served, the waiter sprinkled powdered sugar and chanted Liu Zongyuan's "Jiang Xue"...

The Kung Pao Shrimp Balls are not good, but the sweet and sour taste is quite good...

Chestnut cabbage in safflower juice is very sweet...

The signature ducklings are very crispy...

At the end, I also gave millet porridge and iced lychees... The whole meal is still too much for three people... Maybe the taste is too sweet...

Dadong (Fucheng Road store)

Address: No. 93, Fucheng Road (near Yongxing Garden Hotel) best old dad...Happy Father's Day

4. Siji Minfu

Strolling around the base of the imperial city, what should I eat? Let’s continue to eat roast duck... It should feel good to eat roast duck facing the Forbidden City, so I came to Siji Minfu early

When traveling, if you want to eat at a popular restaurant, you will try to stagger the meal time. No, come for lunch during the Cantonese morning tea time. The location of the audience is basically optional.

It is said that you are eating roast duck facing the Forbidden City, but the angle is not particularly good. You still have to go to the viewing terrace outside to enjoy the unobstructed first-line view of the Forbidden City.

Randomly ordered a few small dishes, all of which tasted good

The main roast duck is also remarkable

Four Seasons Minfu Roast Duck Restaurant (Forbidden City)

Address: Next to the East Gate of the Forbidden City, No. 11 Nanchizi Street

After eating, you can walk around the Forbidden City to digest...

5. Four generations under one roof

In Beijing, I want to experience a restaurant with a Beijing flavor... After searching on various websites, I locked in this four-generation family with a very powerful name.




The dining environment is really top-notch. As soon as you enter the door, you have a feeling of traveling through time and space. It feels more harmonious to eat in a costume





Mahjong pea yellow, this is a dish that I have been looking forward to... Full marks for shape and taste.

Its name is Da Chi Bao Catch Wu Kui, don’t make a mistake



Small hanging pear soup, the taste is light, but it is also suitable


This is a landmine, so I took a short video wholeheartedly, and the photos only left the appearance of the landmine after it exploded. If you like surprises, don’t forget to order one to watch the fireworks... Although this, the taste, is really not very delicious



Three non-stick dishes are also authentic Beijing dishes. It does not stick to teeth, chopsticks or pan. If you like dessert, you must order it




Baylor barbecue, according to the reviews, almost every table must order the sesame seed sandwich meat, it is delicious, because I ordered too many sweet and greasy things, I still can't eat it



With such a beautiful environment and such a beautiful restaurant, it is certainly worth a try



6. Jubaoyuan

The legendary Beijing's No. 1 hot-boiled meat...There are two stores in Niujie, the old store in Beikou and the branch in Nankou. When I arrive at the weekend meal time, the queuing posture is unimaginable. If I really want to eat, I can only go to the Nankou store, where the queuing situation is relatively less severe, and wait...

Standing in the front entrance, looking for a place to sit in the back door, the cold wind in early autumn is also permeating people, this is simply the belief of foodies to support. I don't remember how long it took, I just remember that someone fell asleep and woke up, and then we ate this super charcoal copper pot

The hand-cut mutton of Zhendian Zhibao must not be missed. All the evaluation sites are delicious, delicious, and delicious. The hand-cut fresh mutton is thicker than ordinary mutton, and the taste is soft and soft. The mutton is real and full of meat.

Those who eat shabu-shabu are addicted, don't forget to save some space for his sesame seed cakes. The biscuits here are also a must, crispy and delicious, it is also a must-order for every table in the reviews, and the price is quite cheap

To eat shabu-shabu, it’s right to come to the Arctic Ocean... It’s been many years since I’ve had it

7. Snacks at Huguo Temple

While wandering in Beihai Park, I suddenly saw this Huguo Temple snack. Thinking about how to come to Beijing, you have to eat a few traditional snacks before going back. Then come directly to a snack platter, which includes pea yellow, donkey roll, aiwowo, jujube cake and sesame? ! ...The most used ones are pea yellow and jujube cake, which shows that the ability to accept new things is still too poor~

In addition to snacks, of course you have to try the rumored soybean juice. It’s really hard to drink, and it’s true that I’m not used to drinking it. My mother tasted it slowly, and it’s still a little sweet in the end. I really can’t appreciate it. It’s just a sour taste. stink.

8. Du Xiaoyue

After buying a camera in Sanlitun, I directly commented and found a small shop. Du Xiaoyue can be regarded as a popular shop. Du Xiaoyue Danzai noodles are known to everyone in Taiwan.

I read the news before, you can’t eat Danzai noodles three times, first use chopsticks to poke the meat to make it evenly distributed, then smell the aroma of the noodles, drink the soup, eat the noodles slowly, remember to leave a mouthful of soup for the end. I heard that eating noodles with the method taught by Master Zu is very delicious.




9. Houhai Bar Street

I have been to Beijing several times, but this is the first time I have come to Houhai Bar Street.

Houhai is very lively at night, with delicious food, bars, beautiful scenery and beautiful women. Pass through Yandai Xiejie, stroll along the lake to reach the lotus market. The bars along the road do everything they can to attract customers, so I didn’t choose them specifically. I went in to have a drink, listen to music, and watched a pole dancing show after the early hours of the morning.






【Chapter 3 Playing in Beijing】
Tiananmen Square

Needless to say, tourists must go ==

My last stubbornness is that the smog exploded, and I was determined not to wear a mask when taking pictures

Forbidden City

The last time I came to the Forbidden City, I could still buy a student ticket. Time flies, time flies.

But the last few times I didn’t come here to take a good photo. Our Grand Forbidden City is beautiful in spring, summer, autumn and winter.

As long as the weather is good, it is really beautiful

There is a line outside the noon gate

How to take pictures of the Forbidden City without people

Just turn your head to the left or right to look~~ The main road in the middle is crowded with people, but there is almost no one on the side

The imperial city is truly majestic

The flow of people here is just like a train station during the Spring Festival travel... Everyone wants to catch a glimpse of the dragon ride

The emperor's imperial garden is really small...but think about it, he can go to the Old Summer Palace or the Summer Palace...or go directly to Jingshan or Beihai Park

Red walls and yellow tiles, this is the Forbidden City

How many joys and sorrows they have witnessed

After the lightning and thunder, will there be a former court lady strolling here?

The Nine-Dragon Wall of the Forbidden City is located outside the Huangji Gate in the Ningshou Palace District of the Forbidden City. This is one of the three major Nine-Dragon Walls in China. The other two are one in Beihai and one in Shanxi

Jingshan Park

Jingshan Park is considered to be the most cost-effective park. Tickets are 50 cents or 1 yuan. Here, you can climb high and have a panoramic view of the imperial city.

There is a kind of momentum that I want to shout, this Forbidden City is contracted by me

The park is located on the central axis of Beijing City

Beihai Park

After descending from Jingshan Mountain, go straight to Beihai Park... Beihai Park is probably most famous for this White Pagoda. This is a Tibetan Lama Pagoda located on Qionghua Island in Beihai Park, Beijing.

The picture below is the color palette of last year’s portrait. It’s so white and unnatural. The aesthetics of the year still have a generation gap.

Let's paddle together

The boat pushes the waves

The sea reflects the beautiful white tower

Surrounded by green trees and red walls

This is the second of the three major Nine Dragon Walls in China, the Nine Dragon Walls in Beihai Park

Dip, check in successfully


Nanluoguxiang is an alley, starting from Gulou East Street in the north and ending at Ping'an Street in the south, with a width of 8 meters and a total length of 787 meters. It is one of the oldest blocks in Beijing and has a history of more than 740 years. Now Nanluoguxiang is full of bars, cafes, restaurants, and hotels, and the flow of people is like weaving.

There are a lot of online celebrity shops, you can eat all the way from the street to the end of the street..

The text cheese, which is a must-see in how many strategies, doesn’t seem to taste too good, it seems that the milk taste is a little bit rich

Mutianyu Great Wall

If you don't reach the Great Wall, you are not a hero. Walk the Great Wall a few times! There are still many sections of the Great Wall that are open to visit around Beijing. Since we don’t have a car, we took our parents with us and wanted to find a relatively mature Great Wall for a walk. After searching for various one-day tours, I immediately locked on the Mutianyu Great Wall.

The Mutianyu Great Wall in Beijing is located in Huairou District of Beijing. It enjoys the reputation of the Great Wall of China and Mutianyu at home and abroad.

The weather on the day of climbing the Great Wall was really frighteningly good, with no clouds in the sky. In order to save energy, we chose the cable car to go up and down the mountain. Take the cable car and go directly to the No. 14 watchtower, and then slowly climb up to the No. 23 watchtower.

The scenery in each section is basically the same, but the fewer people get to the top, so I tried my best to climb up.

After that, there is no repair of the Great Wall

My dad's continuous shooting skills have reached the peak at this moment, and he really deserves 32 likes.

Just after this series of filming was hearty, bang, the camera fell on the city wall, shook, and I don't know if it was the glass or my heart that shattered.

A camera/lens that fell to pieces on the Great Wall... and a me, me, me, who wanted to cry in my arms... (It fell straight on the ground at a height of one meter and rolled a step. There was no scar on the surface, and it was shaken. The sound of glass shards inside, the focus can only be correct on the left side, the center and the right side are both invalid, can you still be saved?)...... Let me fall......

The thoughts of the vote circle at that time can best express my feelings. The summary is to drop the camera-repair the camera-stolen lens-buy the lens

What a wicked day today... I am still restless... First, I dropped the camera and lens when I was handing over the camera to my dad on the Great Wall. After eating at noon, I took apart the lens and camera and found that they couldn't be installed, so I had to hold them all the time. On the way to the repair center, I crossed the road at Sanyuan Bridge, my hand shook, and the lens fell to the ground again... I went to the repair center and said that the lens anti-shake broke and the lens fell off. It took time to repair, but I still put my lens back. , and then I went to the Bird’s Nest and took a photo with half of its focus, and then on the way to Sanlitun, my dad said to help me carry the camera. It was still there when I got on the bus. Find out why the camera my dad is carrying just has a hollow hole! ! Immediately got on the bus to look for it, couldn’t find it after sitting for one station, and then went back to the station to report the loss... The main reason is that the three of us didn’t hear the sound of the camera falling to the ground! ! ...It's just three things...I'm really confused...Is the 24-105 destined to leave me...Recalling that I bought a 600D plus head 18-55 not long after I graduated and went to work. After a month, I found that it was not enough I bought 24-105 after researching it for a long time. I went to many places with me and saw a lot of male gods. Although I disliked it in the middle, I still take it every time I go out for convenience... Today is really... Speechless Sad... I can only temporarily buy a lens in Sanlitun that is not so much different from Beijing and Hong Kong in price...bye24-105F2.8hello50F1.4

Bird's Nest Water Cube

As a Chinese who has never seen the actual Bird's Nest Water Cube, I still have to come over and make a card...

There are hawkers selling popsicles, really, childhood memories.

If you bring a swimsuit, swimming in the Water Cube is also a very good experience.


Taikoo Li at night is very beautiful, and there is also the famous Uniqlo

We didn't go here for a long time, but we found an underground cat cafe and played for more than an hour.

I am so afraid of cats and dogs, I can’t help but be tempted, I slowly approach, and I can hug it, the main reason is that the cats here are so cute and cute

Old Summer Palace

Everyone is familiar with the Old Summer Palace, the destruction of the Old Summer Palace may be mentioned in elementary school texts, or the burning of the Old Summer Palace may be mentioned in history books.

Still going to the scene, the sadness, remorse and unwillingness are more obvious. History will always remember those looters, and their crimes will never be forgotten.

On October 6, 1860, the British and French allied forces invaded Beijing and broke into the Old Summer Palace. They looted all the things that could be taken away in the garden, and used carts or animals to carry the things that could not be taken away. If it can't be transported, it will be destroyed and destroyed at will. In order to destroy the criminal evidence, more than 3,000 invading troops were ordered to set fire to the park on October 18 and 19. The fire continued to burn for three days, and clouds of smoke enveloped the entire city of Beijing. This treasure of garden art and the essence of architectural art in our country was reduced to ashes in this way.

summer palace

The Summer Palace, formerly known as Qingyi Garden, is also the royal garden of the Qing Dynasty. We also found a tour guide to take us around. Only the 50mm portrait lens can only take portraits.

Qingyan Boat, commonly known as Stone Boat, is a large stone boat by the lake at the west end of the promenade. Its predecessor was the release platform of Yuanjing Temple in Ming Dynasty. When Qianlong built the Qingyi Garden, he changed the platform into a boat and renamed it Shifang. The stone boat is 36 meters long and is made of carved marble. There are two-story ship buildings on the hull, the bottom of the ship is paved with tiles, the windows are stained glass, and the top is decorated with brick carvings. When it rains, the rainwater that falls on the top of the boat passes through the hollow pillars at the four corners, and is discharged into the lake through the four faucets on the hull.

The Seventeen-Arch Bridge is located on Kunming Lake, between the East Causeway and Nanhu Island, and is used to connect the causeway island. It is the largest stone bridge in the garden. The stone bridge is 8 meters wide and 150 meters long, and consists of 17 bridge holes. There are more than 500 stone lions of different sizes and shapes carved on the railings on both sides of the stone bridge.

Peking University Tsinghua University

After visiting the Summer Palace, Peking University and Tsinghua University make a card by the way..

National Theatre

The National Center for the Performing Arts is regarded as the highest hall of performing arts in China. When wandering around the entrance, I happened to see a quartet concert, so I bought a ticket and went in to receive an artistic edification. Looking at the schedule of the National Center for the Performing Arts, one after another activities, concerts, recitals, and theaters, I am really envious of my friends in the big capital.

temple of heaven

The Temple of Heaven is the place where the emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties worshiped the heaven and prayed for a good harvest. The Temple of Heaven is the general name of the two altars, the Circular Mound and the Valley of Prayer. There are two layers of altar walls, forming an inner and outer altar. The main building is the inner altar, the Circular Mound Altar is in the south, and the Prayer Valley Altar is in the north. The two altars are on the same north-south axis, separated by a wall in the middle.

The Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests is supported by 28 golden nanmu pillars arranged in a circle. The middle 4 Longjing pillars are 19.2 meters high and 1.2 meters in diameter, supporting the upper eaves; the middle 12 gold pillars support the second eaves. The base paint is painted with exquisite patterns in the method of leaching powder and gold; 12 outer eaves columns support the eaves of the third floor; correspondingly, there are three floors of ceilings, and a dragon and phoenix algae well in the middle; The four Longjing pillars in the middle of the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests symbolize the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter; the twelve large pillars in the middle layer are slightly thinner than the Longjing pillars, named Jinzhu, which symbolizes the 12 months of the year; the 12 pillars in the outer layer are called eaves. The pillars symbolize the 12 hours of the day. There are a total of 24 pillars on the Chinese and foreign floors, symbolizing the 24 solar terms. -Baidu

Circular Mound Altar is the place where the winter solstice ceremony is held. The center of the upper floor is a round stone, with nine circles of fan-shaped stones on the outside and nine circles on the inner circle, which extend outward in multiples of nine. Nine or multiples of nine symbolize the number of days.

Everyone scrambled to stand on the center stone in the center of the upper center of the Circular Mound Altar and speak, hoping to hear the echoes in the rumors

Lama Temple

Lama Temple is also the former residence of Prince Yong. Counting that both Emperor Yongzheng and Emperor Qianlong were born here, two emperors came out of Lama Temple, and it became a blessed place for dragons and dragons. Therefore, the palace has yellow tiles and red walls, which are the same specifications as the Forbidden City Imperial Palace.

The present Lama Temple is a temple of Tibetan Buddhism

Wudaoying Hutong

Wudaoying Hutong, it is said that this place was the garrison of the Ming Dynasty guarding the city, hence the name. In the Qing Dynasty, it belonged to the Xianghuang Banner and was called Wudaoying. The current Wudaoying is also a specialty shop, with many coffee bars, which is a good choice for Beijingers to live leisurely.




Qianmen Dashilan

Qianmen Dashilan has now become a pedestrian street built in the period of the Republic of China. There are many time-honored brands on the street, such as sauced meat from Yueshengzhai, tea from Qinglinchun Tea House, photos from Dabei Photo Studio, second-hand ancient books from China Bookstore, roast duck from Quanjude, Textiles from Yizhao Mall, dried fruit from Tongsanyi Dried Fruit and Seafood Store, silk from Ruifuxiang, jade from Shangzhen Pavilion, tea from Wu Yutai, and shoes from Neiliansheng.

Xiangshan Park

The red leaves of Xiangshan Mountain are well-known both at home and abroad. In 1986, it was rated as one of the sixteen scenic spots in New Beijing. , Enjoy the autumn colors together.

I arrived in Xiangshan in early November, climbing the mountain all the way, shouting all the way, where are my red leaves

For breakfast, I found a stall in the park and ate a bowl of noodles

This is really the reddest tree I've ever seen.

The highest point of Xianglu Peak is 557 meters above sea level. It is the highest point of Xiangshan Park. Because of its steep terrain and difficult climbing, it is commonly known as ghosts and sorrows. You can enjoy the panoramic view of Xiangshan Mountain from the peak.

There is a Biyun Temple at the foot of the mountain, which requires extra money. Maybe because of this, the flow of people is much less and the scenery is quiet. There is a particularly large ginkgo tree inside, with fan-shaped leaves shining brightly in the sun

At noon, I went around and went back to the small shop where I had breakfast in the morning, and simply settled my lunch.

It took almost four hours to go up and down the mountain, but at the end I found that there were a few red leaves at the foot of the mountain. In the promotional video, how many months in late autumn will it be lucky to see the red leaves all over the mountains and plains? It can only be regarded as a small regret.

bye bye bye

Next stop, Tokyo+Bangkok

Next, Bali? new Zealand?