Speaking of world cultural heritage, do you guys have any impressions? There are currently seven in Beijing. In addition to the Great Wall of the Forbidden City that we are familiar with, there are also the Summer Palace, the Ming Tombs, the Grand Canal, and the Zhoukoudian Peking Man Site. Today we will show you the Great Wall and the Summer Palace. One is majestic and majestic, the other is beautiful and diverse, like a combination of a burly man and a graceful beauty, so interesting and harmonious. come with me~

Badaling Great Wall

Means of transportation: subway/bus to through train

Take the subway to Exit C of Beitucheng Station on Line 8/Line 10, and take the bus to Badaling Express after arriving at the station.

It's windy, keep warm, wear thick clothes, you can wear silk scarves, and have a concave shape.
The weather is sunny, pay attention to sun protection. Remember to wear sunscreen in winter too.

Wear comfortable shoes. Go up and down the mountain slowly, it is best to have trekking poles, otherwise the knees can't stand it

Expenses: The Beijing subway is charged according to the mileage. Generally, 4-6 yuan for a one-way trip can be settled, and a round trip is more than a dozen yuan.

Through fare: 150 yuan (including round-trip fare and tickets for two major scenic spots)

Personal suggestion: To climb the Great Wall, it is recommended to take the car early. This through train departs from the subway station at 7:30. One stop goes straight to Badaling, and you can reach the Great Wall at 9 o'clock. In this way, the time can be guaranteed, you can play for 4 hours, and you can go to watch the dome movie if you come down early.

The through train arrangement has an on-board tour guide to explain, and I learned a lot about the Great Wall. When it finally arrived, I was very excited. The drop-off location is at the scenic parking lot. Behind is the Great Wall Museum, and you will see many tourist buses.

After getting off the bus, those who bought a cable car ticket on the car can follow the guide to the entrance of the cable car. I didn't buy a cable car ticket because I thought I was physically strong. The tour guide is good, and there is no mandatory sales at all. It has always been said that it is a personal choice, and it is not necessary to buy it.

Great Wall tour begins

The Great Wall is divided into north and south. Many people struggle with which side to climb. If you climb all the way, your physical strength will not keep up. Personally, if you climb alone, you should choose the north.

Generally speaking, the south side is relatively steep and there are relatively few people, but there are no cable cars or sideways going down in the south side, so it is relatively difficult. The north side is relatively gentle, but there are still steep places, but it is not worth mentioning compared to the south side. Of course, there will be more people in the north, but autumn and winter are fine, there are not so many people that it feels difficult to move, so it is very important to grasp the time.

We climbed all the way to the north eighth floor. The North Building is the highest enemy building on the Badaling Great Wall, and it is the best place to overlook the Great Wall. If feeling strenuous. When going down the mountain, there will be a lot of people going up the mountain and climbing the city, but you can go down the mountain through the downhill passage next to it, and you can go down the mountain quickly if there are few people. It takes 3 hours to go up and down the mountain.

Check in on the eighth floor of the north, there are not many people.

If you still want to climb other buildings in the north, you can continue to challenge. But those are considered wild Great Walls, few people climb them, and there is a certain degree of danger. If you are not a donkey friend or the like, it is recommended not to challenge it.

If you don't reach the Great Wall, you are not a hero.

I didn't deliberately look for it, but I ran into it on the way down the mountain. It is said that there are no real inscriptions, only those left for tourists to take pictures

The hero's journey has come to an end. Consummation.

summer palace

Means of transportation: bus to through train

It takes 1 hour by car from Badaling to arrive at the Summer Palace. The Summer Palace is a royal garden in the Qing Dynasty. It is located in the western suburbs of Beijing, about 15 kilometers away from the urban area, and the water covers about three-quarters of it. Adjacent to Yuanmingyuan. It is a large-scale landscape garden built on the basis of Kunming Lake and Wanshou Mountain, modeled on Hangzhou West Lake, and drawing on the design techniques of Jiangnan gardens. It is also the most complete preserved royal palace and royal garden, known as the "Royal Garden Museum". . There are mountains, rivers and bridges, shaded by trees, pavilions, pavilions, and fluttering corridors, which are too beautiful to behold.

The Summer Palace is unique. The Summer Palace in winter is quiet and atmospheric, suitable for taking pictures, and it satisfies all my imagination about winter. The knowledge of the tour guide lady is really not a cover, the official history and unofficial history are handy, I am very interested in history, and I asked her for some opinions, and she was really insightful.

Recommend several must-see attractions in the Summer Palace~

kunming lake

The trees around Kunming Lake are shady, the scenery is pleasant, and the lake is clear, which is really refreshing. Of course it's freezing in winter, so if you like skating, you can play some.

Foxiang Pavilion

It turns out that the building in the picture of the General Summer Palace is the Foxiang Pavilion. Standing in front of the Foxiang Pavilion and looking down, you can see most of the scenery of the Summer Palace. Lush groves set off yellow and green glazed tile roofs and vermilion palace walls. Right in front, Kunming Lake is as quiet as a mirror; green as a piece of jasper. Cruise ships and painted boats glide slowly across the lake, leaving almost no traces. Looking east, you can vaguely see several towers and the White Tower in the city.


As soon as you enter the Summer Palace, you walk a long road and you can see the house where the Empress Dowager Cixi lived. After walking through the house, you don't know how long you walked, and you stepped into the famous corridor. The promenade certainly lives up to its name. There are thousands of murals on the promenade, each of which is different. There are "Journey to the West"; "Dream of Red Mansions"; "Romance of the Three Kingdoms"; , increased knowledge~

Do you know what story this painting tells? guess

Le Shoutang

It is the main building in the living area of ​​the Summer Palace. It is the place where Cixi lived. It was originally built in the Qianlong period. It was later burned down by the British and French allied forces. Later, Emperor Guangxu presided over the reconstruction. Leshou Hall faces Kunming Lake, leans against Longevity Hill, reaches Renshou Hall in the east, and connects to the promenade in the west. It is the best place to live and play in the park.

The words of the tour guide made people feel full of emotion: Qianlong built the Summer Palace for his mother, and Guangxu rebuilt the Summer Palace for his mother. One is strong family affection, but the other is mixed with too many political factors. Guangxu came here for Empress Dowager Cixi to "care for Chonghe", take care of her old age and then give up the imperial power to him. The emperor's mind and bearing, and the circumstances of his birth can also be said to be a world of difference.

Seventeen Arch Bridge

This is my favorite place because it's so beautifully curved. The Seventeen-Arch Bridge is located on Kunming Lake, flying between the East Causeway and Nanhu Island to connect the causeway island. It is the largest stone bridge in the garden. The stone bridge is 8 meters wide and 150 meters long, and consists of 17 bridge holes. There are more than 500 stone lions of different sizes and shapes carved on the railings on both sides of the stone bridge.

stone boat

By the lake at the west end of the promenade, there is a big stone boat named Qingyan Fang, which means "sea clear river Yan". It is the only Western-style building in the Summer Palace. Its predecessor was the release platform of Yuanjing Temple in Ming Dynasty. When Qianlong built the Qingyi Garden, he changed the platform into a boat and renamed it "Shifang". The stone boat is 36 meters long and is made of carved marble. There are two-story ship buildings on the hull, the bottom of the ship is paved with tiles, the windows are stained glass, and the top is decorated with brick carvings. When it rains, the rainwater that falls on the top of the boat passes through the hollow pillars at the four corners and is discharged into the lake through the four faucets on the hull. The design is very ingenious.

There are quite a lot of attractions in the Summer Palace, and it can be said that each has its own merits. It is really a good place that makes people linger and forget to return.

A perfect day is over. In the morning, experience the majesty and magnificence of the Great Wall, focusing on physical strength. Feel the exquisiteness and chicness of the royal garden in the afternoon and relax your mood. The day's itinerary is unhurried, thoughtful and meticulous, but also natural and relaxed.

Really want to do it again.