there is always some time,

is restless,

is restless,

How will you choose to let go,

Let's go for a ride!

In autumn, enjoy the spring flowers and autumn leaves together with your children, and marvel at the change of seasons;

Or experience the normality of life on the up and down slopes?

Parent-child cycling section: 42km Greenway East Xiaokou Forest Park-Hexin Park Section

Dongxiaokou Forest Park is a natural oxygen bar among high-rise communities in Beijing. There are 3 artificial and natural lakes, 4 artificial plastic basketball courts, 4 badminton courts, and 4 tennis courts. The beach covers an area of ​​3,000 square meters. It is a place for people to exercise and do activities.

Dongxiaokou City Leisure Park is adjacent to the completed Dongxiaokou Forest Park. The construction of the park in the early stage is mainly based on afforestation. The Dongxiaokou Urban Leisure Park will more reflect the function of community services. Near the north gate of the park will be built a 7-a-side football field, 4 basketball courts, and 4 tennis courts each. A children's playground, incorporating multiple functional elements such as outward bound training in the southern district. There is a waterfront space in the northeast corner of the park, which will be turned into a mini beach for parents and children to relax. In addition, according to the seasonal characteristics of different plants, the park has specially designed a spring garden and a rose garden, and planted a large number of autumn leaf tree species and evergreen trees.

Hexin Park is an integral part of the northern extension of the central axis of Beijing, and also a node of the Beijing North Green Wedge and the North Airway. The park extends to Dongxiaokou Forest Park in the east, Xunhe Road in Dongxiaokougou in the south, East Side Road of Building Materials City in the west, and Metro Line 13 in the north, covering a total area of ​​about 70.67 hectares. The park is connected with the completed Dongxiaokou Forest Park, Dongxiaokou City Leisure Park, Taiping Country Park and Huoying Park under construction to form a park green space system with an area of ​​7,000 mu.

The park plans "one belt, five areas and sixteen points", that is, the forest axis experience zone, the entrance activity area, the tree-lined leisure area, the forest core recreation area, the rainwater collection area, the forest conservation area, the wind-resting pavilion, the maple shadow gallery, and the spring scenery of the apricot forest . There are sixteen scenic spots in the wind. There are also fitness trails, skateboard and roller skating playgrounds, children's rock climbing and swing venues, a small display stage, a selfie mirror wall, and an insect vegetation display wall.

Or make an appointment with three or five riding friends for a trip that you can ride as soon as you say it?

Empty your mind and integrate yourself into the scenery along the way,

enjoying the free wind speed,

feel the roughness one after another;

Or stop and go, eat and drink,

Feel the aroma of apples from the autumn harvest.

The best section for adult cycling: Changping New Town Binhe Forest Park-Ming Tombs Reservoir Section

Changping New Town Binhe Forest Park

The 10,000-mu Riverside Forest Park starts from the Ming Tombs Reservoir in the north and ends at the Jingmi Diversion Canal in the south, covering an area of ​​398 hectares. Historically, there used to be a lot of water flow in this place. With the change of the environment, the current situation of beaches and wetlands has been formed. In order to protect and improve the existing ecological environment, the Changping District Committee and the District Government decided to plan and build a 10,000-mu forest riverside park.

The original site of the park was a sand mining site, which was backfilled with foreign soil after reconstruction. The park construction plans to invest 544.13 million yuan, which is divided into two parts: landscaping and water conservancy projects. Since its launch in April 2010, the landscape project has planted 682,000 seedlings of various types, and 1,217,000 square meters of ground cover plants such as flowers and lawns have been sown; the water conservancy project has completed the installation of water replenishment pipelines and the Dongsha River Ming Tombs Reservoir Spillway to The Jingmi Water Diversion Canal Section River Improvement Project is in the process of lifting the pumping station, constructing functional wetlands and improving the lower reaches of the Dongsha River. Changping Binhe Forest Park is located on the northern extension of the central axis of Beijing, organically linking Beijing City and the Ming Tombs Reservoir through the green axis, and is a veritable "back garden" of Beijing. After more than a year of construction, the overall landscape of the park has initially emerged. In the past, there were many bunkers, rubbish everywhere, and the barren land could not be seen after three feet of digging. Now it is shaded by green trees and decorated with flowers, attracting a large number of tourists to take a leisurely walk every day.

Mangshan National Forest Park is located in Changping District, the northwest suburb of Beijing. The park has an area of ​​nearly 130,000 mu of artificial forest, with a forest coverage rate of 96.5%. There are more than 170 kinds of trees and flowers in the park. It has a vast natural forest vegetation landscape, Unique cultural landscape, with a total area of ​​8,622 hectares, is the largest national forest park in Beijing, with a peak of 659 meters. Because the mountain undulates like a python, it is named Mang Mountain.

Nearby food: Beijing Jinyu Fengshan Hot Spring Resort - Chinese Restaurant, Fengshan Hot Spring Yanbin Building

On the east side of Qikong Bridge, Changchi Road, Ming Tombs Town, Changping District, nearly a thousand acres of flowers have quietly bloomed, rippling with colorful and gorgeous "flower waves", presenting a landscape of blooming flowers and a hundred flowers. Going to Changping to enjoy the sea of ​​flowers has become a good choice for Beijing citizens for "suburb trips", and the flowering period will run through the entire third quarter.

A total of more than 4.48 million flowers are planted in the Huahai Scenic Area, including more than 20 varieties of daylilies, asters, roses, roses, cosmoses, sunflowers, peacock grass, iris, chrysanthemums, carnations, etc., gradually blooming with the seasons .

The sea of ​​flowers in early summer is quiet and charming, the green meadows under the blue sky and white clouds, and the rolling mountains amidst the mountains in the distance, the beautiful scenery along the way is picturesque. Walking to the Huahai theme park, there are patches of purple sage on the left and right, as if you are in a sea of ​​lavender.

Changping Qikong Bridge Flower Sea is flat and open, with wild flowers everywhere. You can enjoy the magnificent scenery beyond the Great Wall. It is an excellent tourist attraction!

Apple Theme Park is located on the north bank of the Ming Tombs Reservoir in Changping District, Beijing, surrounded by the Ming Tombs, with a unique geographical location. The park covers an area of ​​470,000 square meters. Mr. Li Xiong, a famous designer from Forestry University in my country, conducts professional planning and design, and builds the park with a high starting point and high standards.

Founded in the spring of 2007, it is located at the foot of Jundu Mountain with green mountains and green waters, and on the north bank of the Ming Tombs Reservoir. It is a modern garden pearl in the Ming Tombs scenic area, with a unique geographical location. It covers a total area of ​​706 mu and is divided into five functional areas: sightseeing picking area, variety display area, exhibition display area, hydrophilic leisure area and facility cultivation area. The exhibition area covers an area of ​​15.44 mu, the hydrophilic leisure area covers an area of ​​30.32 mu, and the facility cultivation area covers an area of ​​20 mu, which can meet the needs of citizens for sightseeing and picking, science popularization, entertainment and leisure.

The main facilities of the park include gates, museums, clubs, tea houses and ecological restaurants. Two park gates and the attached parking lot, with a total area of ​​2,620 square meters, are convenient for tourists to enter and exit parking needs; Apple Museum and surrounding squares, with a total area of ​​3,000 square meters, meet the needs of science popularization, sightseeing and leisure; two clubs, with a total area of ​​5,525 square meters, meet the needs of training , meeting needs; 2 wooden houses with a total area of ​​430 square meters, meeting the needs of accommodation and leisure; 1 tea house, with a total area of ​​305 square meters, meeting the needs of sightseeing and leisure.

The structural layout of "one ring and four districts" is adopted. The first ring: sightseeing and picking area; the fourth area: exhibition display area, hydrophilic leisure area, healthy dining area, and variety display area.

The Ming Tombs, a world cultural heritage, a national key cultural relic protection unit, a national key scenic spot, and a national AAAAA-level tourist attraction. The total area is more than 120 square kilometers, about 50 kilometers away from Tiananmen Square. The Ming Tombs are located in a small basin surrounded by mountains on three sides in the east, west and north. The area around the tomb is surrounded by mountains, the central part is a plain, and there is a meandering river in front of the tomb. From the beginning of Changling in May of the seventh year of Yongle (1409) to the burial of Chongzhen, the last emperor of the Ming Dynasty, in Siling, during more than 230 years, thirteen emperors' tombs, seven concubines' tombs, and one eunuch's tomb were successively built. A total of thirteen emperors, twenty-three empresses, two princes, more than thirty concubines, and one eunuch were buried [17]. As of 2021, the scenic spots that have been opened include Changling, Dingling, Zhaoling, Shenlu and Kangling.

Or for the most beautiful scenery,

Are you willing to endure the washboard-style punishment section?

After all, the best comes at a price.

Or, the bull rider has the ambition to conquer everything,

Then gravel roads, potholes,

Just a little prelude,

The climax is a reversal of fate - the car rides the man,

The epilogue is utterly lost.

Washboard Punishment Road Section: Wenyu River-Shahe Reservoir Section

Shahe Wetland Park is located in Changping District, Beijing, with a total area of ​​521.24 hectares. It is an important node of Beijing's ecological space, and it is also a practical need to improve Beijing's ecological and wetland function areas.

Shahe Wetland Park is also guided by the protection and restoration of biodiversity, focusing on the protection of the current bird habitat areas such as the tidal flats on the south side of the Beisha River inlet, the waterfront area on the north bank, the area in front of the gate, and the islands in the reservoir area. Restoring the water and land crisscross of the edge beach will increase the gentle slope into the waterfront zone and shallow water space, enrich the diversity of wild animal habitat space, and plant in the water conducive to the habitat and foraging of birds, fish, and amphibians, as well as water purification. There are 17 kinds of aquatic plant communities including algae and hornwort. The land area of ​​the wetland in the embankment is dominated by natural wild herbaceous plants, with appropriate amount of shrubs. A small number of trees are used to properly cover the position away from the beach to reduce the disturbance to birds. The woodland outside the embankment will be replanted with food-source plants such as hawthorn, mountain peach, and honeysuckle, as well as honey-source plants such as crabapple, elm leaf plum, and redbud, to enrich the spatial heterogeneity of understory organisms, and at the same time improve the water quality to promote the rich biodiversity of wetland animals.

This is a 42-kilometer greenway.

It is also the epitome of life.

We always start with taste, get tired of reality, and finally return to freedom.

This is riding,

All you see is scenery,

Landscape is called life!