The Summer of Gubei Water Town Two days ago, my friend saw me and said, I really admire you who have been to Gubei Water Town so many times. I think the reason is self-evident, the water town always has fresh ways to play in different seasons to bring tourists. I have gone 7 times in three years and still haven't played the place, are you sure you are playing right? This summer, let me reveal new ways to play for you, update your water town methodology and values, and seize the opportunity!

The night of the water town in 2019 is like a summer Spring Festival 01 Summer colorful pool party

I took a look at the photos I took. I have been there 7 times in the past three years, covering the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter. To me, Gubei Water Town is like "Legend of the New White Lady". I've watched it countless times, and every time there are scenes I haven't seen, until this year's Spring Festival TV broadcast, there are still scenes I haven't seen, which is really amazing.

This is the first time I have come to Gubei Water Town in summer and experienced the summer carnival for the first time. If you like excitement, love water, and want to have an unforgettable summer night, then you must try the Summer Fun Pool Party at the William Edgar Boutique Hotel, where you are no longer a spectator, you are the protagonist no matter where you are .

The activity started from listening to the songs, and played a lot of familiar old songs, such as "Look at the Girl Opposite", "Single Love Song", "Dang", "Shanghai Beach" and so on. Taking care of me won the first place, and my acceptance speech was the first time I received the award by the pool.

Water Town also invited the famous DJ Leslie, the founder of the well-known music label House Rabbits, and the Japanese singer-songwriter and pianist Yu Matsuo to sing live.

In the last stage, the audience was asked to order songs. I rushed up and ordered the theme song of "Sailor Moon" - "Legend of Moonlight", and I really knew it! Brings back endless memories. When I was in elementary school, I watched the second-to-last episode. Except for Usagi, the rest of the sisters died. In the last episode, she came back to life and met with Tuxedo Mask on the street. She didn’t know anyone. It was very uncomfortable. . In fact, I still want to order the opening or ending of "Doctor Strange and the Robot Doll", but I don't have time...

The dancers of Yudachizi came to the audience, from the "Secrets of the Uyghurs" show, to dancing, to pulling the audience to dance together, and then jumped into the water to play, and the staff who hosted the event and the active atmosphere also jumped into the water Carnival, super good at dancing, singing and English, the host picked up a dancing girl and threw it into the pool... This is the first time I realized that Gubei Water Town really has so many talented employees who can spread the culture of the water town and accompany Playing with tourists, they have a unified name called CCO.

02 Making a wish with a lantern on the Great Wall

Climbing the Great Wall during the day is not new, but it is a very rare experience at night. The north of Gubei Water Town is adjacent to the only section of the ancient Great Wall "Simatai Great Wall" that retains the original appearance of the Ming Dynasty Great Wall. It is also the only Great Wall in China that is currently open for night tours. There are many lanterns placed beside the Great Wall. Holding the lanterns, you can see the panoramic view of Gubei Water Town. The feeling at night is quite different from that during the day. Sitting on the steps with the summer wind blowing is very comfortable and romantic.

03 Star Beer Night Market

The night in Gubei Water Town is like a summer festival. Unexpectedly, I have seen folk performances and lively markets in winter and during the Spring Festival, and the current Riyue Island Square is still staged.

Peking Opera is being performed on the stage, and the seats below the stage are full of people watching the quintessence of Chinese culture. Traditional Chinese folk arts, such as Jingdong Tieban Dagushu, Hebei Bangzi, and Pingju, will be performed on this big stage from morning to night.

At the booth selling magic props, the owner is performing for the children, which makes me want to make a move; I have seen the big brother who blows sugar three times, and this time he let the children of tourists experience the blowing process in person; The little handsome guy in the middle of the night squeezed out a bark team. What makes me even happier is that the artist looks like a cynical young man perming his hair with instant noodles. Nowadays, many folk arts are lost because there are no successors. I hope that more and more young people can take over the mantle of their predecessors.

My favorite is to pull foreign films. This traditional folk art form that has existed since the Song Dynasty has basically disappeared. Children know very little about it. It is possible to put this art in front of the world again and give it a stage. , Let everyone like it and pass it on, it is a merit. A few tourists were sitting around the wooden box and watched carefully, while the artist sang "Exploring the Clear Water River" beside it, which was as beautiful and kind as Guo Degang's singing.

Summer night markets are a cultural scene in many cities in China. There are a wide variety of snacks, and it is more fun to buy and eat while walking. This form is more fun than sitting at a table and eating a big meal. There is a dining car in the Riyue Island Square, and there are roasted sweet potatoes in the anise area, and a few steps forward is the Shuizhen Food Street, which brings together special snacks from all over the country, such as Qiaotou cake, Gubei roasted pear, casserole, skewers, and snail powder , tofu corners, haggis soup, wontons... There are many restaurants if you want to sit down and have a serious meal when you are tired.

Walking on the bridge, walking on the stone road, I heard people with accents from all over the world say: I came here today to see that it is different from last time; it’s so good, if you say we don’t come, what a pity!

If you are walking on Wangjing Street and Guzhai at night, don’t forget to walk up to Shixia Cliff and take a picture of the colorful night scene, which is absolutely beautiful. I remembered the sentence that wine late at night is not as good as soy milk in the early morning, although I still don't know what it means.

04 Drone Kongming Lantern Show

After ten o'clock in the evening, the water town was still crowded with people, the lively scene and cheerful atmosphere were no less than the Spring Festival. If you leave in the evening, you will miss the most exciting experience - the drone Kongming Lantern Show. Every night, more than a hundred drones fly in the sky at Riyue Island Square, like Kongming lanterns floating into the distant night sky, as if entering a poetic dream that travels through time and space, and everyone took pictures with their mobile phones. Shocking scene. Who would have thought that Kongming lanterns are not only flying, but also arranged and combined in the air, changing formations to form the words 2019. The UAV Kongming Lantern Show, which combines tradition and technology, is a pioneering work, and everyone who has seen it admires it.

Newly opened hotels in 2019, one for the other for beauty 01 Huotang Hotel

The area of ​​Gubei Water Town is too large, and it was often lost in the first few times, and it was developed in sections and phases, so there are new shops and hotels every time I go. A few days ago, I discovered that 2 new boutique hotels have opened, Mucheng Hotel and Huotang Hotel, and 1 B&B Yi'an Inn.

As of now, there are 27 homestays, 4 theme hotels, and 10 boutique hotels in Water Town. They are ranked according to my own needs and aesthetics. I like the ones before the comma.

Boutique hotels: Hangu Villa Boutique Hotel, Banshanju Boutique Hotel, Mucheng Hotel, Huotang Hotel, Yushe Hot Spring Boutique Hotel, Thirteen Girls Hot Spring Boutique Hotel, Wangjinglou Boutique Hotel, Wuzhen Club, William Edgar, Great Wall Cloud Home Theme Hotel: Duan Family Courtyard, Gubei Light, Water Town Hotel, Great Wall Bookstore New Homestay: Yi'an Inn Seasonal: Great Wall Starry Sky Tent Camp Hotel: Water Town Home

This time I stayed for three days and two nights and stayed in two new boutique hotels, Huotang Hotel and Mucheng Hotel. They are both in Languri on the side of the scenic spot, far away from the lively market. Huotang Hotel is the farthest and deepest one. . And once again I admire, what shocked many people is that the design of Gubei Water Town was drawn by the planner Chen Xianghong himself, and the Huotang Hotel is the same, admiration.

Downloaded from the official website, shocked

The Huotang Hotel, which is full of ethnic customs from the outside to the inside, has a large area, but there are only 18 rooms, so there are a lot of public areas. There are indoor heated swimming pool with constant view, book bar and romantic bar flame bar. The style of the hotel combines the characteristics of "Hakka Tulou" and "Great Wall". The exterior is made of earth bricks, and the interior is round. The flame bar is the largest leisure place. You can imagine that the center of the patio is lit at night, and everyone gathers around the fire. And sit lively scene.

The Yangcheng restaurant on the first floor of the hotel has indoor and outdoor seating, serving Mongolian specialties and pastries.

The rooms are warm, with princess-style mosquito nets, 2×2.2 large beds, Tibetan-style blankets and handmade copper washbasins, 5 bottles of drinks in the small refrigerator including juice, beer, and carbonated drinks are all free, and turn-down service is available at night. Warm honey citron tea and tinned biscuits arrived in a thermos.

02 Mucheng Hotel

A white square hotel a few steps away from Huotang Hotel is Mucheng Hotel, which looks more modern. The overall design is "blank" geometry, and the distribution is patchwork. There are more rooms than Huotang Hotel. There are 50 rooms in the south and north districts. There are 3 types of rooms, as well as restaurants and gyms...

The room is large in size, the bedroom and the living room are connected, large floor-to-ceiling windows and a spacious balcony, 2×2.2 large beds, especially suitable for a family of three, and there is a couch the size of a standard double bed beside the window. The interior design is modern and simple, the color matching is lively, and it is not commercial, which is what I like the most.

Same as Huotang Hotel, rich welcome fruit, turn down service, free mini fridge, hot milk and biscuits at night...

In the morning, I looked at the valley at the Xuejian restaurant on B1, and had a hearty breakfast in the sun.

03 Great Wall Starry Sky Tent Camp

With so many new hotels and new guest rooms, I won’t say that it is difficult to book a room in Gubei Water Town. Yes, the one mentioned below is more difficult to book than any other hotel. It is the super-sought-for Great Wall Starry Sky Tent Camp just opened.

Living in a tent, let alone a child, is an adult, especially me, who is invincible. In order to experience living in a tent, I took my dad and a group to the Tengger Desert to live in a tent in the evening when the price was so hot and high. Still frozen. Therefore, the marvelous accommodation of tents is divided into seasons, and the Great Wall Starry Sky Tent Camp in Gubei Water Town only has 10 tents, so there are no such tents in cold weather.

The Great Wall Starry Sky Tent Camp is not far from Mucheng Hotel, all in Hangu Villa, in the jungle downstairs of the Hangu Boutique Hotel that I wrote about during the Spring Festival.

Out of the 7 times I have been to Gubei Water Town, this is the first time I have seen it in summer. I was very pleasantly surprised to see a large area of ​​Gesang flowers surrounding the Hangu Villa Boutique Hotel, and the various colors bloomed beautifully. One after another white tents are on the grass among the flowers, beside the stream, spacious tents are set up on wooden platforms one by one.

The area inside the tent is not small, very spacious, with mattresses of 1.8*2 meters, with bedside tables, bedding, slippers, toilet water, mosquito repellent, toothbrush and toothpaste and other toiletries, two bottles of mineral water, disposable paper cups, etc., including breakfast. The bathroom is shared, and the tent is only used as a bedroom. It cannot store suitcases and needs to be stored at the front desk of the adjacent Hangu Boutique Hotel.

The night is full of stars, so romantic. In the early morning, the flowers fall on the trees, the curtain of the tent is opened, and the nature is met. Walking in the jungle with a basket, this is my dream vacation life.

599 on weekends and 499 during the rest of the time, which is very cost-effective. There are also packages including BBQ, yoga, and cycling. You can choose according to your own preferences. Only based on the individual price superposition, the package is definitely more worthwhile.

2019 Midsummer New Play Method, Daytime Wild Luxury Dream 01 Great Wall Yoga Camp

Gubei Water Town is originally a leisurely holiday destination, but how many people mistakenly regard it as a check-in scenic spot. Only by staying, you must live, can you experience the different Gubei Water Town. One night and one morning, it is the water town. The best time, especially in the early morning, when all the tourists have not entered the city, the fresh air of mountains and rivers, the empty streets and alleys, the morning sun passing through the halls...

This summer, Gubei Water Town has a new "Yaomozi". As a "border town" at the foot of the famous Great Wall, it is especially called the Great Wall. The Great Wall can be climbed, and you can make a wish at night with a lantern. Get up early in the morning, smell the freshness of the water town, and do yoga on the private Great Wall that is empty and closed to the public!

The handsome yoga instructor invited from India will play slow music, patiently lead everyone to do yoga, and guide the movements. Talking wholeheartedly with the world cultural heritage, the Great Wall at dawn, is such an experience that I never dared to think about. Here you don't need to be anyone's background, and no one will do it for you. One person occupies the entire picture of the Great Wall.

02 Cruise breakfast + cruise afternoon tea

After working out, you can return to the hotel to enjoy a hearty breakfast, or add a romantic, unique, and hard-to-find way - a cruise breakfast.

The water of the town starts from Yuanyang Lake at the foot of the Great Wall, and the water color presents a charming emerald green. Taking advantage of the cool weather, take the well-prepared morning tea boat, start boating from the foot of the Simatai Great Wall, enjoy the scenery of the mountain lake while having breakfast, what a pleasure.

There are two kinds of breakfast boats, the small one will swim in the Tanghe River in the water town, and the large one can seat 10 people, and it will drive on the Yuanyang Lake at the foot of the Great Wall. The breakfast is very rich, combining Chinese and Western styles, fried dragon fish, cheese and chocolate cake, mini peaches, various varieties of cherry tomatoes, buns, picture scrolls, steamed pumpkin, eggs, porridge, various side dishes, milk, juice...

If you don’t experience cruise food in the morning, there is also afternoon tea on the cruise, on the soft couch, in the swaying, swaying across the river...

03 Cycling the Great Wall

Friends who like sports can book the experience of cycling the Great Wall in advance. Start from the open space between Chengshang Hot Spring and Yuda Hot Spring. Store your bags and wear protective gear. The coach will help you check the vehicle and ride with you to the foot of the Simatai Great Wall .

Different experiences in other water towns

A trip of three days and two nights does not allow you to enjoy some experiential projects in Water Town, and some projects have changed from short-term projects to normal performances, such as the Great Wall Music and Water Dance Show, which has several performances every day. If you go on weekends and want to take good pictures, you have to go early to occupy the front row. There will be fewer people on weekday evenings, which is easy to say. But you must stick to it, don't think that the fountain in front is everything, and the story of the little girl projected on the building behind is the protagonist. From 2:00 to 3:00 p.m., there is a "Summer of Bubbles" that children like in Riyue Island Square. Children can get into the foam and play. Climb up the hill in the scenic area at night, participate in the singing night of the church on the top of the mountain, enjoy the starry sky music night in Gubei Water Town, watch the stars, listen to the melodious singing, it is very romantic, and you can also see the panorama of the water town, because the height is lower, compared with The night tour of the Great Wall is more clear. The game that used to be rare has preserved the time for us

Bowling alley

Those who like bowling can have a go at the bowling alley.

Yongshun dyeing workshop

Yongshun Dyeing Workshop is a holy place for taking photos. I remember that there is still a second floor. I don’t know how many times I have been here. The second floor can experience tie-dyeing. It is especially suitable for parents and children, making a T-shirt or scarf by yourself.

shadow play

Take the kids to watch a shadow puppet show.

Eight Banners Guild Hall

There were wonderful acrobatics and wrestling performances in the Eight Banners Guild Hall.

Sima's Small Distillery

Sima Xiaoshaojiufang can learn how wine is brewed, and you can also buy wine and pickles.

The four seasons overlap, performing a beautiful daily life

Among the four seasons, summer and autumn are the most recommended. The climate in autumn is pleasant, and the colors of vegetation become diverse and gorgeous; some people say that summer is hot, yes, I don’t deny it, but summer also has ways that other seasons do not have. You can enjoy it in the hotel during the hot day, swim indoors, enjoy delicious food, enjoy the beautiful scenery of the hotel, and experience outdoor projects when it is cool.

If you take Gubei Water Town as a scenic spot and check in in a short time, then you have successfully wasted time and time, and missed all the interesting, impressive, participatory, appreciable, and fully integrated in the water town. Children's method.

Reject a day trip, live a slow life, and feel the most beautiful fullness of the water town.


1. The Internet is extremely developed, and you can have enough food and clothing by yourself. When you ask how to order and various detailed information, you have to search all the time. Many platforms are available, and the prices may be different. Compare it yourself, and the official website is the first choice.

2. A good hotel with a good room type must be booked in advance, and it is in demand

3. For booking and introduction, please refer to the official website and official account

4. Everyone must bring their ID card, and check-in must be recorded by facial recognition;

5. All hotels, inns and merchants in Gubei Water Town are under the unified management of the scenic spot, and there is only one phone number at 010-81009999;

6. Through train: The shuttle bus time between Dongzhimen and Shuizhen is as shown in the picture below. Be sure to go early, there are many people

Bus: Take No. 980 at Dongzhimen, get off at Miyun West Bridge Station, and change to Mi No. 51 to Gubei Water Town. Huaimi Line Train Route: Airport Express to Dongzhimen Station, change to Line 13 (Xizhimen direction), get off at Huoying Station; walk about 323 meters to S5 Huangtudian Station, take S5 Line train (Huairou North direction), to Gubeikou Get off at the station, take bus No. 69 to Gubei Water Town, and there is also a dedicated shuttle bus. For details, please pay attention to the WeChat public account of "Gubei Water Town Tourism", which contains "Gubei Water Town Traffic Route".


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