When visiting the Badaling Great Wall, most people will encounter a problem, that is, there are pulleys, cableways, and ground cables on the Great Wall. How to choose? Which one is more suitable for you?

What is a ropeway?

The Badaling North Trailway starts at the inner end of the Guntiangou parking lot, and goes up to the "Haohan Slope" on the eighth floor of the Great Wall. The North Trailway is the first single-track detachable passenger cableway in New China. Tourists take the North Trailway It takes 8 minutes to reach the "Haohan Slope" directly, climb the highest peak of the Badaling Great Wall, and enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way. Looking up to the east, you can see the beacon tower of the Great Wall of Ming Dynasty, which is close at hand, and look north to see Haiyu Peak in the suburbs of Beijing, which cuts off the clouds and fog.

 The waiting hall is spacious and comfortable, and can accommodate more than 1,000 people waiting for the bus at the same time. The total length of the upper station tunnel is 199 meters, and can accommodate 500 tourists waiting for the bus at the same time. Take the northern trail to climb the Great Wall, and you can quickly climb the highest peak of the Badaling Great Wall - Haohanpo. It is suitable for people who go to the North Great Wall, but it is not recommended for people with fear of heights and chronic hypertension.

What is a cable car?

The lower station of the Badaling ground cable car starts at the opposite of the Zhan Tianyou Memorial Hall, and goes up to the best viewing point of the Badaling Great Wall - the South Fourth Floor. The South Fourth Floor is the highest point of the Nanfeng Great Wall. The car uses a panoramic skylight, which has a remarkable sightseeing effect and the highest operating speed At 8 meters per second, it is also the only ground cable car line in North China, which will provide tourists with a new form of sightseeing experience. It is also the way to climb the city with the highest safety factor in my opinion. It is suitable for middle-aged and elderly people and children. However, the only disadvantage is that it only takes the south side of the Great Wall.

What is a tackle?

The Great Wall’s pulley (also called a slideway) is a flat trolley with rails, which slides down by gravity. There is a joystick in front to brake and control the speed. People sit on it and it is open.

   Peak season (April-October) 7:00 am - 17:00 pm     

   Off-season (November-March) 9:00am-16:00pm

Cableway ticket price: round-trip ticket 140 yuan/person, one-way ticket 100 yuan/person, free for children under 1.2 meters

Cable car fare: round-trip ticket 140 yuan/person, one-way ticket 100 yuan/person, free for children under 1.2 meters

Pulley ticket price: 60 yuan/person for a two-way ticket, 30 yuan/person for a one-way ticket (there is an age limit requirement, the elderly and children cannot sit)

The southern cable car and the northern cableway realize the mutual use of tickets, providing tourists with more sightseeing options.


Appearance difference:

Which one is more suitable for you?

Many tourists often confuse the cableway and the ground cable

Cable car (cablecar) is a collective or general term for equipment that utilizes steel rope traction to achieve the purpose of transporting people or goods. The route selection of the cable car should avoid excessive changes in the ups and downs of the ramp (suitable for middle-aged and elderly people, relatively stable)

The cableway is a kind of detachable cabin, which is fully enclosed, and the cableway is not dangerous. (However, it is not recommended to sit if you are afraid of heights)

The slideway is mostly used by young people, those who like to play exciting can try it (but the operation of Badaling Great Wall is temporarily suspended)

Depart from Badaling Great Wall

I want to go to the Great Wall in the most comfortable posture, and now there is a bus that allows people to rest!

It’s a good time of the year again. It’s the beginning of spring. It’s the season of recovery for all things. It’s also the best time for spring outing and mountaineering. Although it’s still a bit cold in Beijing, it can’t stop my child from climbing the Great Wall. After searching a lot on the Internet, I stumbled upon a through train called "BUSDA". I tried to search for it, and it was really there, so I placed an order - ready to go.

Adults in their family: 120 yuan including tickets and fares; children 40 yuan

Because there are children and the elderly, and I live far away from the gathering, I chose the second bus at 10 o'clock (there is another one at 8 o'clock in the morning, you can choose freely)

Meeting point: Metro Beitucheng Station Exit C

It is really a through train for the common people, it is so convenient, the tour guide is also very considerate, the car is also very clean, and everyone is happy and harmonious immediately after getting on the bus,

It’s really pure play without shopping. The 4-hour tour of the Great Wall doesn’t require rushing. It’s really professional and comfortable. It’s comfortable and has an additional stop in the Olympic Center area on the return trip (those who leave sincerely recommend choosing it, it’s convenient, fast, and worry-free)


It was almost noon when we arrived at the destination, so we brought the old and the young to prepare for dinner. There are quite a lot of varieties, and the price is acceptable.

Enjoy the pictures

Travel summary

The process of climbing the Great Wall was omitted, because I thought it would be quite strenuous with the old and the young, but fortunately, there was a tour guide who helped a lot. I am really grateful for the bus to the through train. If you want to go, you don’t want to strenuously , I really don't want to try this through train