Beijing, in the eyes of children, is the Tiananmen Square full of the city; in the eyes of teenagers, it is a paradise of dreams; in the eyes of young people, it is unaffordable houses and endless traffic jams; in the eyes of old people, it is the slanting sun setting in the Summer Palace. And the birds singing in the morning in Beihai Park. In my eyes, she is a familiar and unfamiliar existence in seven years, and it is the gathering and parting of everything related to you.

  The East Third Ring Road, the most prosperous area in Beijing, is full of high-rise buildings and constant traffic. There are too many stair-climbing parties who have broken through numerous obstacles and climbed to one rooftop after another, just to see the unique charm of this steel forest. At that time, you said that you wanted to see the night view of Beijing, but I couldn’t afford the tickets for the revolving restaurant of the sightseeing tower, so I had to take you through the tall buildings one after another, hoping that there would be a door open for us. You said that would be good, It's good to have me here. I still remember the moment when I climbed onto the roof, the CBD block was brightly lit, and the endless stream of cars converged into two rivers of light on the third ring road. We cheered, and you took out a doll from your bag and gave it to me. Call it Meng Xiaozhu, the wind that night smelled sweet. But now when I stand here again, there is no longer your figure beside me, only Meng Xiaozhu is by my side, the world in front of me has changed a lot, and I no longer cheer for the wide field of vision and the scenery painted with lights and shadows at the beginning of the Huadeng .

  This city is too small, so small that there is only such a small dot on the map, and this city is too huge, so huge that we are close to each other but never meet again. I often walk on the road in these four or nine cities, passing by in a hurry, and before I can enter that cafe, it has been replaced by a Chengdu snack bar. .

  In 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, I came to university in 2008. All the places where I can write on the volunteer form, I can't wait to fill in the school with the word "Beijing". At that time, Beijing was just a distant dream for me. Later, I came to Beijing as I wished. The Olympic Games was the hottest event on the news that year. I remember walking from the bus to the subway and following the guidance along the way for a long time. After turning a corner, the Bird’s Nest and Water Cube that had appeared on TV appeared in front of me, surrounded by people from all over the world. Tourists, the torch is burning on the top of the bird's nest, and athletes who go to various venues to participate in the competition can be seen from time to time. In addition to the uproarious human voices, the popular Olympic song "Beijing Welcomes You" came from the Central Axis Square at that time. I silently followed in my heart and said, um, Beijing welcomes me.

  The winding road back then is now only two kilometers away from me. From the window, I can see the tall Pangu rolling non-stop in the smog and the huge brightly lit advertisement. On that summer night, like tourists from all over the world, we carried backpacks and wandered in the Olympic Sports Park in the evening after the heat wave. At that time, the bird's nest did not change the lights, only red and yellow, huge, solemn and quiet. stands tall. At that time, the Water Cube did not have light and shadow shuttle, only the blue foam gathered in the huge square box. The feelings at that time will not change, just like the night wind blowing over your back, bringing a burst of fragrance, which lasts for a long time.

Considering that if there is no tour guide, Beijing can see nothing but cold palaces and city walls. This is like a person who can write but can't write articles. Although you know those characters, you just can't feel the charm and fun of words. And it is time-consuming and labor-intensive to do the strategy (especially with the elderly and children). We were fortunate to learn about being a Beijing Amu from a friend. Before departure, we chatted with Amu for a few hours and gave me many plans and suggestions!

Summed up: Beijing is very big, just follow him to eat, drink and have fun. let's go! ! !

Amu arranged everything for us, including our food, accommodation, tickets, car, tour guide and so on. We just have to play with confidence and be bold. Facts have proved that my choice is very wise, and I had a very happy time! Friends who want to go to Beijing can ask Amu to arrange, and everyone has fun~~~

Day1: wandering the Forbidden City under the sun

We arrived in Beijing on Friday night, so let's start directly from Saturday. two days

  We missed a concert that year, missed the premiere of Transformers 3, we never walked around the riverside, missed the scenery here for too many years, and missed each other in the turbulent time.

  The bird's nest in the peak summer season has also become a must-see destination for tourists. The people passing through the square wear all kinds of clothes, speak different dialects, and walk with different steps. I don’t know where they come from, let alone where they are going. It’s just this moment, I look at them, occasionally It doesn't matter whether they look at me, or smile at each other, avoid shyly or stare suspiciously, who knows if this glance is agreed in the previous life?

  The time after get off work on Friday was occupied by the climbing stairs and the bird's nest in the CBD. I suddenly remembered a lot and forgot a lot. Beijing is as strange as it is familiar to me, and I realize in a trance that all the streets and alleys that I used to be familiar with have become blurred and strange as those years have dissipated. I wanted to find those memories about you, so the next day, I set off with Meng Xiaozhu.

  In the early morning, the sunshine in Nanluoguxiang was shining slightly, and the smooth journey made the sauna day with a forecast of showers but more than 30 degrees have a cool start. I have been here countless times, but this is the first time I have visited in the early morning. Saying goodbye to the hustle and bustle of the night before, Nanluo is surprisingly quiet, almost all the doors of the shops are locked, have the displays in the windows just fallen asleep?

  Rabbit God is a traditional toy in old Beijing and a god worshiped by the people in old Beijing folklore. There are many legends about it. It is said that one year, a plague suddenly broke out in Beijing, and almost every family got it. Seeing this scene, Chang'e felt very sad, so she sent the jade rabbit beside her to treat the common people. Yutu turned into a young girl, and she went from house to house and cured many people. In order to thank Yutu, people gave her things one after another; but Yutu didn't want anything, just borrowed clothes from others to wear. Later, in memory of Yutu, the people used clay to mold the image of Jade Rabbit, some riding a deer, some riding a phoenix, and some wearing clothes. Those who wore armor also wore various clothes for workers. So far, the image of Master Rabbit has been formed. This should be the most widely circulated legend. Although there is a big gap between our cute Xiaozhu and the rabbit master, the matching of the clothes is very in line with the taste of the two rabbit masters behind him.

  At that time, I always liked to visit some small and strange shops. You said that they were very crowded and waited for me outside, so you left me with too many side faces like this. Meng Xiaozhu's side profile is also quite handsome. .

  Hush, keep your voice down, don't let people find out, my name is Meng Xiaoping, I'm a bottle now, not a pillar!

  With your back facing a bunch of happy words, you look like you are thinking about life, may I ask, are you worried about getting married?

  Little clay figurine: You hit me, you hit me. I:... . Meng Xiaozhu: You hit me, you hit me. Me: snap! Meng Xiaozhu: Ah... T-T

  Sitting again, are you thinking about life again? Excuse me, is your butt not hurting?

  Hide when you get angry? Think I can't find you? She still ignores me arrogantly and doesn't even look at me, her courage is really getting bigger and bigger.

  What? ! In such a short period of time, you actually want to learn art from a teacher, and you still want to use martial arts with me?

  Hey, no matter how powerful you are, you still can't escape from my palm, be honest.

  Wenyu Cheese is one of the shops with the most personality in my opinion. The most personal because it is open from 9:30 am until sold out. In order to eat a bowl of their cheese, you really have to go there early and queue up for a long time, and it is very likely that you will be sold out when you are in the line. Why do I say it used to be? It’s because it’s such a unique store. Every time I saw him, he didn’t close his business until late. Obviously, he changed his business strategy because he took care of customers’ needs. cool.

  hi girl, give me five.

  In the past, carriages, horses, post and telecommunications were very slow, and there was only enough to love one person in a lifetime. When I was a kid watching Anime City, I only thought the melody of the theme song was good, but I never understood the meaning of the lyrics. But now I understand the full touch of it, but I will never go back to that innocent and kind age.

  "It's been raining all night, getting up early is good weather, and dreaming of you last night, our happy games are all because of my carelessness, I blame myself for being too careless, I can't find your address, but Dad is going to the post office , I want to tell you quickly that I used the crayons you gave me to draw a picture and express it to you, and tell you quickly that I miss you so much, it doesn’t matter how far away I am, my heart is with you.”

  Nanluoguxiang covers 16 hutongs from south to north, and the 8 hutongs in the west are Fuxiang Hutong, Maoyi Hutong, Yuer Hutong, Maoer Hutong, Jingyang Hutong, Shajing Hutong, Heizhima Hutong, Qiangulouyuan Hutong , Hougulouyuan Hutong, Nanxiawazi Hutong, etc.; the eight alleys in the east are Chaodou Hutong, Banchang Hutong, Dongmianhua Hutong, Beibingmasi Hutong, Qinlao Hutong, Qianyuanensi Hutong, Houyuanensi Hutong, Chrysanthemum Alley. These alleys had no names in the Yuan Dynasty, and the names gradually evolved after the Ming Dynasty. For example, Ju'er Hutong was called Ju'er Hutong in the Ming Dynasty, and was later renamed Ju'er Hutong. It was only called Ju'er Hutong when Xuantong was announced in the Qing Dynasty, and it has continued to this day.

  In the long history of more than 740 years, I have walked here side by side with you. From its inception to the present, there are many palaces and countless famous residences here, most of which are closed to the outside world today, but it is undeniable that Nanluoguxiang has an important historical position and precious cultural value for thousands of years.

  There are three or five little tabby cats on the storefront in the window. They thought that they would not wake up in such an early morning because they were sleepy and lazy, but they did not expect them to be so energetic.

  At the moment when the four eyes meet, have you ever worried about the gap of a glass that cannot communicate, whether you will never forget it in the rest of your life, or forget it early.

  In the dense morning, I still remember the slender index finger you stretched out when you teased the kitten, but I don’t remember what kind of road our footsteps were printed on. The heart is a smooth stone road, a vast expanse of land, so clean.

  cough cough. . . I really didn't think too much about it, it just told it that it was a little tired and wanted to lie down here for a while. Speaking of lying down, what are you doing in such a graceful posture?

  what happened? ! You didn't do don't have to be so fierce, hurry up...we prove to each other that this matter has nothing to do with us...

  Nowhere is allowed to go, fortunately I can transform, otherwise it would be really difficult to move...

  The first ray of sunshine sprinkled on Nanluoguxiang, and the first group of tourists also woke up the sleeping stone path. The quiet morning where you can hear the sound of birds flapping their wings will usher in a bustling and crowded day, good morning Beijing, good morning, Nanluoguxiang.

  It takes only ten minutes to walk from Nanluoguxiang to Jingshan Park, which is the best place to overlook the Forbidden City. In the years without reinforced concrete, he was once the commanding height of the capital. Today, when the weather is fine, you can see the National Grand Theater in the south, the Pangu Grand View in the north, the CCTV Tower in the west, and the Guomao CBD in the east.

  Jingshan Mountain is 42.6 meters high. Although the vertical height is not high, it still takes a little physical strength to go up the mountain with winding paths, winding paths and winding turns. The vegetation in the whole garden is rich and the flowers and plants depend on each other very pleasantly. Just take a step forward to the top of the mountain.

  There is little sunlight, looking at the ancient city walls of Shami, the resplendent pavilions and pavilions, the sound of traffic can't wake up the sleeping old things, you and I have walked under the vermilion walls and run in the rain. In the later days, I no longer dared to walk the old road. The day of the beginning of autumn is still not cool, time is a corridor, and memory is a threshold that I have stumbled but can't find.

  Looking at the city with Meng Xiaozhu, I don't know if his eyes that need to be brightened by me can see the colors in front of him, and whether his body that needs to be swung by me can feel the wind blowing back with a piece of history. colored memory fragments.

  Jingshan South Gate is facing the Palace Museum, but this gate is an exit, not an entrance.

  Everyone has a turret in their hearts. I have thought about countless ways she should look like, so today she is like this. In the northwest corner of the Forbidden City is Beihai Park. Every time I come here, I can still think of the scorching heat that summer. You said you wanted to enjoy the wind and row a boat, so there was a small boat on the lake in Beihai Park that pushed away the waves. I sang at the top of my voice, as if the bounded lake really turned into a boundless sea, the reflection of the White Tower became unreal in the ripples, and the surrounding green trees and red walls also produced delicate colors. , also seems to really cool up.

  A little red among the green bushes. The blooming of the lotus will always attract many tourists to rent and appreciate it. The people I see are the us I once dreamed of. You have gray hair marks, and my eyes are dizzy, but in my eyes, you are the indispensable and most beautiful scenery.

  I am intoxicated in this green sea of ​​powder, I envy their hearts that never grow old, I envy their beauty that breaks through the quagmire.

  The singing on the shore attracts me, because the melody brings back too many memories for me. This kind of elderly red song chorus can be seen everywhere in major parks and squares in Beijing. The large-scale singing process is very shocking and exciting. A song "My Motherland and Me" dragged me into the vortex of memories. When I first entered the school, I was actively participating in various activities. The school organized a chorus competition and I also signed up for the team in the department. It was also the meeting with you in the backstage of that chorus competition that made me know what love is in the days to come.

  The first and second finalists of the competition will form a school choir to represent the school in the competition. I am delighted to find that you are also on the list. During formation rehearsals, I secretly changed positions with the people next to me just to be closer to you. I dared not sit next to you in the bus to and from the competition venue, and used text messages to communicate. Love at that time was always mixed with shyness and simplicity.

  In the next few years, I was always in the opposite direction in the crowd, watching the oncoming people quickly attack and then pass by. I didn't have time to see their faces clearly, and they all left too hastily. In a hurry to forget to stop to feel life, in a hurry to forget to stop to enjoy love, in a hurry to...

  Right opposite the north gate of Beihai Park is the lotus market, also known as Shichahai. Along the road, there are many bars and western restaurants on both sides. When night falls, bartenders will be on the street to solicit business, and singers will sing in a low voice or shout hoarsely.

  Autumn has not really come yet, and the afterglow of summer is floating in the ancient city. Houhai during the day has lost its bustling and impetuous at night, and is as quiet as a child sleeping in the morning, with clean eyebrows and eyes after washing off the heavy makeup. An old man passed the street in front of me with a vegetable basket, walking leisurely, and I smelled a pure and peaceful atmosphere from the tiredness after feasting and feasting.

  Turning back to Gulou from Yandai Xiejie, I suddenly wanted to go to the lavender manor that I had promised you. Taking the subway and taking the bus can be regarded as a long journey, and I came to Tongzhou District. The morning sun exposure turned into a sweltering sauna day after half a day of fermentation. Without refreshing, the whole body is sticky and uncomfortable. The originally clear sky was now covered with dark clouds, and the sparrows were flying low, making it hard to breathe. I seem to be able to hear thunder coming from a distance, and I am afraid that this rain will not be able to escape.

  The coincidences and fates of life always come inadvertently, and you don't know when it will happen, nor when it will end. It's like this sudden heavy rain, like someone just asked you to borrow an umbrella, like the dry ends of your hair after the sun is clear, like the love that dissipated in the moonlight.

  The first time I heard about Li Feng was when they were traveling together that year. When we were poor students, it took us a lot of effort to choose affordable, comfortable and high-end accommodation when traveling. Browsing disorderly among many brands, your finger suddenly crossed my eyes and stopped on a French name, "La lavande". At that time, you said, you really want to go to France to see lavender.

Please click on the hotel booking link:

  Later I learned that La lavande means lavender, and the name of Lavande (Lavande) comes from its meaning. A heavy rain trapped me where I came from. The Lavender Manor is out of luck. Let's find a place to stay first. The mobile phone signal was not very stable during the thunderstorm. I looked around for some help, but the heavy rain wiped away all the pedestrians on the street like a rubber. Just when I wanted to give up helplessly, the huge signboard at the intersection not far away reminded me of my wise saying: "Don't worry, happiness will always come". For me at the moment, the greatest happiness is to find a hotel to escape the misty and rainy weather. To my surprise, the light box word on the signboard - Lai Feng.

  I trotted all the way to here in the heavy rain, and I was already soaked when I entered the hall. The waiter at the front desk greeted briefly and immediately prepared hot towels and a cup of scented tea. Everything is so familiar, but this time I am the only one running in the rain.

  At that time, you often hummed in my ear, "The most beautiful thing is not the rainy day, but the eaves that once hid the rain with you". And I also stubbornly believed that the torrential rain on that summer night not only trapped us from moving forward, but also frozen our most pure and beautiful moment at that moment.

  The paintings on the wall attracted me deeply. It was the beautiful scenery I promised you. It was the helplessness that passed away as soon as it passed away. It was the halo left by the receding street scene in the rearview mirror. It is beautiful. , but cannot reach it.

  At first I thought it was just a simple decorative painting, but when I looked closer I realized it was a real oil painting. Not to judge the quality of the painting, at least for me, it makes me very comfortable.

  The simple and stress-free style made me feel full of warmth as soon as I stepped into the door, and the hot towels also drove away the coldness of the heavy rain just now. Reservation and check-in are also professional and convenient. The high-end self-service Internet facilities also made me take the elevator back to the room after playing for a long time.

  Push open the door, full of sense of technology, all touch interface is also very easy to operate. The receptionist specially introduced some unique facilities in the room. I like the Bluetooth multimedia and natural environment sound effects the most. Connect to the phone and bring up Bandari's Woodland night. Such a wonderful feeling, even alone, is an ultimate private enjoyment.

  Turning through a few pages of the book, eating a few mouthfuls of fruit, thinking about reading a few times, and taking out the cute little pillar, how could I let him go.

  The custom-made mousse mattress is moderately soft and firm, and fits the body without the feeling of springs, nor does it make the body uncomfortable because it is too soft. There is no need to worry about the insomnia caused by "recognition of the bed", lying on it is like returning home. This means, Meng Xiaozhu, are you going to occupy the whole bed and let me sleep on the floor? Why are your eyes so bright!

  After a while, you didn't watch it, and you turned out other people's delicious food, and you couldn't eat it, so why did you look for it? Don't you know you need to drink gasoline?

  Punish you to freeze and reflect for a while. What's the matter with the whole body shining...

  You are so happy when you mention taking a bath. Do you want to play trapeze when you jump so high? Are you not afraid that you will get rusted by such a strong water flow?

  Do you have to take a toothbrush to take a shower?

  Well, you have the right to choose what you like, but you picked a pink one, girly girly girly heart. In other words, this pure natural thing without additives can really protect your steel armor.

  Why don't you wear clothes? You came out wrapped in something strange. This photo of you... your face looks very white after washing. Eh! Why do you still want to hit someone? Be good, don't be naughty. Come on, let's read a bedtime story.

  You once said that I captured time with photos, in that frozen negative, through my eyes, you saw the most beautiful side of the world, so I started to use photography to record life and leave memories.

  I walked through the Drum Tower, crossed the North Sea, set foot on Jingshan Mountain and looked at the Forbidden City. I walked on the road of all the four and nine cities with your shadow, but I failed to take you to see the purple flower sea. I have read every line of words similar to you, I once remembered a leaf passing by the window, just like remembering you, I can't remember its appearance.

  Like a lion in a cage envious of a pair of wings of a bird, weak but light. Like the sunset glow amidst the cicadas singing after a thunderstorm, it fades away but is wonderfully beautiful. Like a mocked walker, down and out but free. Happiness is never innate, let alone perfect, happiness is lonely, and happiness needs to be found. So, I went to the distance, because in the dream, you were there, smiling.

  Falling asleep amidst the singing of insects and singing birds, the aroma lamp is still on, and the faint aroma in the room always makes people forget their troubles. A sea of ​​words on a page, a tune, a good night's sleep.



1. Transportation:


Baochao Hutong Bus Station is the north entrance of Nanluoguxiang, and Nanluoguxiang Subway Station is the south entrance.

Jingshan Park:

Beihai Park:


2. Diet:

Special recommendation:

1. Wonton Hou: (Address: No. 309, Gulou East Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing (next to Di’anmen Drum Tower); per capita: 21)

2. Yao Ji Fried Liver: (Address: No. 311 Gulou East Street, Dongcheng District (southeast corner of Gulou Bay); per capita: 25)

3. Inverted grilled wings: (Address: No. 15, Nanluoguxiang, Dongcheng District, no telephone, per capita: see how much you can eat.)

4. Wenyu Cheese: (Address: No. 49, Nanluoguxiang, Dongcheng District (at the entrance of Black Sesame Alley, 15 per capita)

5. Barbecue season: (Address: No. 14, Qianhai Dongyan, Di'anmenwai Street, Xicheng District; per capita: 120)

3. Accommodation:

Address: No. 105, Yunhe West Street, Tongzhou District, Beijing;