Don't travel far on weekends, spend a warm holiday with your family here

A few years ago, my father passed away, and my mother Lao Gao moved in with us. In addition to taking care of each other, Xiaoyue Gege also gave Lao Gao great spiritual comfort.

However, since Xiaoyue Gege went to school, we moved to rent a house near the school, leaving Lao Gao alone at home, waiting for us to go back to get together on weekends. Later, as our work became more and more busy, we could not guarantee to go home on weekends, and we spent less and less time with Lao Gao.

(Online A4 paper life form: If my mother and I meet twice a month, this is how much time I can spend with her)

Until recently, when I saw this A4 life form circulated on the Internet, my heart felt as if it was suddenly hit by a heavy hammer, and it hurt so much that I burst into tears! Recalling that Lao Gao, who is very good at cooking, has always been substandard in cooking recently, sometimes salty and sometimes bland; recalling that her smile and words have gradually decreased when she was always optimistic and cheerful; recalling that her good-natured mother has become more and more like a child Just as capricious and eccentric, I realized that Lao Gao is getting old, and she needs the care and love of her family. We should really spend more time with her.

Golden autumn is the best season in Beijing. I decided to take Lao Gao and Xiaoyuegege together for a vacation around Beijing this weekend. During the summer vacation, I was planted by my best friend Anlifeng Tainan Palace Hot Spring Manor Hotel. This time, considering that Xiaoyue Gege has to do homework on weekends, he can’t play for too long; the old tall legs are not good, and he can’t walk too much. It’s a good choice to choose a hot spring vacation, um , just leave! Departing at noon on Saturday and returning at noon on Sunday, it was relaxing and fulfilling. Xiaoyue Gege was very satisfied, and Lao Gao was as happy as a child. I haven’t seen her so happy for a long time.

On Saturday morning, Xiaoyue Gege got up early and finished her homework at an unprecedented speed. At 10:30, hit the road! Along the way, we sang "Let's go, let's go, let's go for an outing" in unison. In less than an hour, the car arrived at the gate of Nangong Hot Spring Manor Hotel.

【European and American Style Nangong Hot Spring Manor Hotel】

Unexpectedly, the development around Beijing in the past few years has been beyond imagination. It is completely different from the farm hotel in my impression. Nangong Hot Spring Manor Hotel has a European and American resort hotel style.

【Pink Princess Castle】

As soon as we opened our princess-themed room, the room was filled with pink, sweet, elegant and fresh tones and various cute princess accessories, which made the three "princesses" of different ages "wow" at the same time. Xiaoyue Gege loves Kawaii's phone number the most. She wants to dial out but doesn't know who to call, so she finally asks the room service to bring a pillow. Lao Gao, who is still young at heart, also looks at this and touches that in the pink and tender "Princess Castle", and loves it so much. It seems that the girl's heart has nothing to do with age.

The design of the room considers family factors very thoughtfully: there are two beds, one big and one small, to sleep loosely and comfortably; each corner is carefully pasted with anti-collision corners to prevent babies from bumping into each other; even the sink is made one tall and one Low parent-child table.

There is even a private soup and a warm stone bath in the room! For the price of the hotel, this is a bit amazing for the price/performance ratio.

While I was preparing my swimsuit for the hot spring in the afternoon, the grandparents and grandson were already sitting comfortably on the big balcony, discussing the fruits on the fruit tree, and feeding snacks one by one, with a happy expression on their faces .

[Farm restaurant? Tropical garden? 】

Lunch is at the Chunmanyuan Restaurant of Quanyiyuan Farm at the entrance of Nangong Hotspring Manor Hotel. I have heard about the beautiful scenery and delicious food of this restaurant. I was shocked when I entered. Pavilions, tropical flowers and plants, rockery pond fish, The winding path is so beautiful that it is a bit confusing. Is this really a farm restaurant? Or a tropical indoor garden?

We were arranged in a semi-private space separated by a semi-permeable screen, tropical plants, and small bridges and flowing water. Watching fish, enjoying the scenery, and tasting dishes is full of elegance and fun, which completely refreshed my understanding of the word "farm". .

The dishes here not only maintain the original taste, freshness, and large-volume rural dishes, but also are very rare to be light and delicate, not greasy or greasy. The stone-milled tofu is freshened with chive flowers, light soy sauce, and chili sauce, which can just taste the original fragrance of the tofu; the production level of the tea-flavored duck is higher, and the lean duck is specially selected, which is not fatty at all, but roasted perfectly The outside is charred and the inside is tender, and the duck meat is quite delicious, which is really rare; the vegetarian dish of apricot wood sprouts and gluten-braised loofah is refreshing and healthy; Lao Gao is always very picky when eating out when he is old, but this time he repeatedly praised that the food was very comfortable, not salty or greasy, and getting Lao Gao's compliment is the highest evaluation for this place. Just when we paid the bill and were about to go to the hot spring, I saw the restaurant lady coming out of the back kitchen with a large plate of grilled lamb chops. The appearance was so good that I couldn't help but stepped forward to take a picture. I only hated us. My stomach is too small, and the dishes are too big, so I can't order more dishes. We have been discussing for the past few days that we will make a special trip to Chunmanyuan for food.

By the way, I will also show you the breakfast I had here the next morning. Sitting under a tree with a bunch of bananas hanging on it and eating little hedgehog bean paste buns is simply a great joy in life.

【Nangong Ethnic Hot Spring Health Garden】

The highlight of the afternoon is to relax in the Nangong Ethnic Hot Spring Health Garden in the World Geothermal Expo Park near the Nangong Hot Spring Manor Hotel. Nangong is located in Qianmen and Liangxiang geothermal zone. It is the largest geothermal field in Beijing. It is a typical medium and low temperature geothermal well, which is very suitable for bathing and health preservation.

I've heard that Nangong Hot Spring is very big before, but before I went, I didn't expect it to be so big. There are two water parks for adults and children, as well as outdoor hot springs outside. The indoor features are Four Seasons Health Center, Hangong Steam, Amazon Children's Area, Medicinal Bath, Swimming Pool and Spring Water Functional Area. If you feel dizzy just listening to it, it is recommended to look at the map at the door to understand before entering, or like us, go in and go around first, consider what you are interested in, and then make arrangements.

The children's sandals from the disinfection cabinet are pink and tender, so cute!

The Nangong Ethnic Hot Spring Health Garden is a big park outside. We walked along the path full of yellow flowers, passing by spa tree houses, mud bath huts and open-air bathing pools of ethnic minorities from time to time. I met two peacocks who were walking, and then walked back, there was actually a bigger pond, where wild ducks and waterfowls were playing leisurely in the water, which was very pleasant.

There are two kinds of outdoor pools, hot spring and cold spring, cold spring in summer and hot spring in winter.

The outdoor bubble pool is surrounded by low walls of gray tiles and dense bamboo forests, which is quite elegant and private. If it is late autumn, in the open-air pool, you will be able to see the poetic scene of sycamore leaves falling with the wind outside the wall, creating a pool of ripples...

There are many amusements in the water park in the outdoor area, which is very suitable for summer. Unfortunately, the weather is getting colder now. After playing outside for a while, Xiaoyue Gege and Lao Gao decided to move indoors.

The alternation of summer and autumn is a good time for detoxification and health preservation. The indoor four-season health care center is a major feature of Nangong Hot Spring. The whole health care center is like a tropical plant garden, with various tropical plants surrounded by milk springs and rose springs in winding paths. , red wine spring, lavender spring... It is said that each has the magical health effects of beauty, weight loss, calming the nerves, and lowering blood pressure.

We soaked in the rose spring, the body was wrapped in the hot spring water with rose fragrance, the whole body became soft and relaxed, and the mood was extremely comfortable. Xiaoyue Gege and Lao Gao chatted about school anecdotes, and the two laughed from time to time. sound. The gentle sunshine in the autumn afternoon, shining on the grandparents and grandchildren through the gaps in the green leaves, was indescribably touching. At that moment, my guilty heart seemed to be comforted a little.

There are seats and drinking fountains everywhere in the indoor hot spring area. After soaking for a while, you can come up to replenish water and rest at any time. The service is quite considerate.

The indoor hot spring has three areas, large and small, suitable for children of different ages to play in the water. The Amazon children's water play area is the largest, with waterwheels, slides, suspension bridges, kayaks... very suitable for water play and family fun, not to mention children, even adults. It was super fun, and Lao Gao and Xiaoyue Gege had a great time.

The water in the other children's area is very shallow, suitable for young babies to play, but the level of fun is not low at all.

Another children's playground next to the swimming pool has a two-story large children's slide, which is super cool for older children!

The second floor of this children's entertainment area is the very popular Korean steam room. Since sweat steaming is not suitable for the elderly, Lao Gao took Xiaoyue Gege to play in the water downstairs. Out of curiosity, I went up for a walk alone. Although I didn't stay long, I was quite impressed by this place. The Korean steam room has a strong Korean style, and the environment is elegant and quiet. It is especially suitable for relaxing with girlfriends. It can not only beautify the skin, but also detoxify and lose weight. I have already thought of a good girlfriend to steam together next time.

There are also various herbal baths, slate baths, and beautiful swimming pools in the Nangong Hot Spring Health Center. It is only an afternoon. With so many items, we really can’t feel them one by one, leaving regrets. We will definitely come back next time Would stay an extra night.

After soaking in the soup, taking a comfortable bath, and drying her hair, Xiaoyue Gege began to complain that her stomach was growling. Because she wanted to visit the night view in the botanical garden next to her at night, she chose the Chinese restaurant on the second floor of the hot spring health center. Eating Lu cuisine, I just wanted to eat casually, but I was really amazed. Roasted sea cucumber with scallions is an authentic Shandong flavor; the seafood pimple soup is light and delicious; the big Shandong steamed stuffed bun is so big that I couldn’t eat it in the end, so I packed them all up and took them away. I was hungry after soaking in the room at night, and had another delicious meal Night snack. These dishes are healthy and healthy, very suitable for the elderly and children.

【Glowing dreamy botanical garden】

Lao Gao likes to look at the lights at night, which is one of the main reasons why we chose Nangong Hot Spring for vacation. It is said that the botanical garden here will emit colorful lights at night. Just looking at the various lights of the fountain at the entrance, Lao Gao was already grinning from ear to ear.

As soon as you enter the park, you can see various animal lanterns and light balls of various sizes extending along the road, leading to an extremely shining world. Inadvertently, the curious Lao Gao discovered that patting the light ball on the side of the road can actually change into different colors. He was very excited, and his expression was more like a child than Xiaoyue Gege.

Standing at the entrance of the Greenhouse Paradise, the moment the automatic door opens, it is like opening a beautiful dream. The shining moon, love hearts and stars are hanging on the trees, and flowers, butterflies and colorful parrots are spinning on the ground...

Walking into the Greenhouse Paradise and passing through a butterfly curtain, you will find a more wonderful world. Fireflies, which are very rare in the city, are flying all over the sky in the dark, drawing lines of light. Some were probably tired from flying, and they landed on the disc-shaped grass below to rest. The grass seemed to have turned into a miniature version of the sky, covered with twinkling "stars". If you look closely at those "small stars", some The ones are still jumping restlessly, Xiaoyue Gege described them as dancing in the "sky" holding hands.

It's a pity that the environment here and the equipment I brought made it impossible to record the beauty of fireflies with a camera, so I had to keep all this in my heart. I was remembered with the fireflies, and we held hands and watched together in the dark. The feeling of joy and happiness when fireflies flicker.

There are different themed areas in the Greenhouse Paradise, including the Sand Paradise and the Desert Oasis where you can play with sand to your heart's content, as well as the Famous Flowers and Famous City with a panoramic view of the world's beautiful scenery, and the mini driving school with neon lights, which meet the needs of children of all ages. Not only can you watch, but each area has interesting interactive items. You must not miss the sand painting in the sand park and the beach fishing in the desert oasis. Going further inside, there are two children's play areas, Huaguo Mountain and Shuilian Cave, which are themed on Journey to the West. There are not many people at night, and it is absolutely enjoyable to play.

The Famous Flower City is Xiaoyue Gege's favorite area. Seeing so many places he has been to, he feels a sense of intimacy. Xiaoyue Gege introduced Lao Gao like a few treasures. Gao also feasted his eyes.

The sand that children love most can change into many patterns here. It is not only the home of camels, but you can also draw sand paintings by yourself. The big sand-sculpted chinchilla under the light is so dreamy, Xiaoyue Gege said that that night, the sand-sculpted chinchilla came to life in a dream, and followed her on a night tour of the botanical garden.

There is the sound of crashing waves in my ears, behind me is a common thatched hut by the sea, and in front of my eyes are fish swimming freely in the sea... The steady and mature Xiaoyue Gege is actually just a child, playing beach fishing with the children he just met The light and shadow game of the fish, running around in the sand, yelling, Lao Gao and I sat aside and watched her, very happy.

Although it is a mini driving school, turning and reversing is not easy. It is a bit like driving a real car. It requires certain driving skills. Younger children have to sit in the "copilot" and let their parents be the drivers. A child as old as Xiaoyue Gege also needs to learn and study the driving skills. It is fun only when it is difficult. It is the first time to drive on the "road" by yourself, and the expression is nervous and excited. Hey! Hello! You ran a red light!

The amusement facilities in Huaguo Mountain and Shuilian Cave are open until 9 o'clock. At this time, there are many fewer children and there is almost no need to line up. Xiaoyue Gege took Lao Gao to play almost every item like crazy. I like it. I also played it twice, and I was satisfied before leaving with satisfaction.

Before leaving, I happened to see the last clip of "Flame Mountain". It was played on the entire 4-meter-high "mountain". The effect is really spectacular! Xiaoyue grievously refused to leave, she had to read it before leaving reluctantly.

However, don't think that this is the end, you must leave some time outside, the outdoor lantern part is the climax of the night scene of the botanical garden, it is absolutely not an exaggeration to describe it as beautiful, all the way forward, the old man can't stop Admiration, it's like in a dream, her old man would "feed" the peacocks and "tease" the small animals from time to time with a childlike innocence.

This is the home of birds, isn't it the same as its name "Niaoyu Wonderland", is it really as beautiful as a fairyland? Even the ducklings stood at the door of the house, watching the scene and chatting "quack-quack", refusing to go home to sleep.

The light fluffy grass is dyed the color of dreams by the lights.

【Revisit Wuzhou Botanical Garden】

In the morning of the next day, we came to Wuzhou Botanical Garden again. In addition to wanting to see the botanical garden more clearly during the day and play all the amusement facilities again, we also wanted to visit the parrot garden that we didn't have time to visit yesterday. In addition, Seeing the flower pottery workshop closed to thank guests last night, Xiaoyue Gege and Lao Gao made an appointment to do parent-child handicrafts the next day.

Every Saturday and Sunday, the parrot performance time is 10:30, 13:00, and 14:30 respectively. parrot park.

As soon as she entered the parrot garden, Gege Xiaoyue was immediately stunned by the bustling scene in front of her. All kinds of parrots were flying around in the park. Xiaozui started to pick up food on the little girl's palm, and some children put the bird food in the spoon and fed it to the big parrot. Xiaoyue Gege, who has always liked to feed small animals, was itchy to see it, and begged me to do it too. Buy a bag of bird food.

Although watching others feed parrots with bare hands is very interesting, Xiaoyue Gege still has no courage and can only put the bird food in a spoon, which is called: distance produces beauty. Even with a spoon, it can be seen that Xiaoyue Gege was a little nervous at first, but of course, after feeding a lot later, she calmed down freely.

Looking at these obedient little cuties, my heart is going to melt, isn't it?

The little parrots have different preferences for food. When they encounter something they don’t like, they just turn their faces away, with a disgusted expression. Snatch it away, tilt your head and eat with relish. The white cockatoo has the sharpest beak. It only eats corn, and it has to grab it into its own paws to eat it. Seeing you are so cute, I have no choice but to forgive you.

After eating and having nothing to do, the lively little parrot started to be mischievous, hanging on the chain and swinging in circles. Such a mischievous ghost will definitely be spotted by the "class leader", who will stare at him and give him a severe lesson.

At 10:30, the parrot show started on time, and the audience was packed. As soon as they came up, they were just warming up with weightlifting, carrying buckets and swinging performances. Everyone was already amused by the cute little parrots, and the next performances became more and more exciting.

Three shots in a row, lifting the ball, preparing to shoot, shooting... Did it go in or didn't go in? I'd better keep some suspense

The little parrot rides a bicycle, plays bowling and walks a tightrope, which arouses everyone's amazement and cheers: Isn't it too smart? It is simply more powerful than humans!

The funniest thing is the parrot pretending to be dead. When we came back to look at the photos, we laughed every time we saw them. The trainer compared a pistol with his hand, looking at the poor little eyes, wouldn't he think it was a real gun? A "gun" sounded, and the "actor" lay down straight in an instant, so cute.

At the end of the performance, the little parrot raised a red flag with a few big characters written on it. If you want to know what the characters are, go there yourself and experience the fun.

After watching the parrot show, Gege Xiaoyue wanted to play the Huaguo Mountain and Shuilian Cave rides again. Unexpectedly, although there were many people during the day, there was basically no need to queue up. In less than an hour, the two played all the fun games again.

While waiting to play the game, we inadvertently discovered that there are a lot of plant-related knowledge and introductions to tropical plants on the side of the road. If you look carefully, you will find that some real objects are nearby. Xiaoyue Gege and Lao Gao paid attention, and searched like a treasure hunt all the way, and unexpectedly found several tropical plants such as cannonball fruit, jackfruit, lotus mist, and mango.

After playing the game and gaining knowledge, Xiaoyue Gege and Lao Gao, who were satisfied in Huaguo Mountain and Shuilian Cave, decided to return to the pottery studio in Greenhouse Paradise to do parent-child handicrafts. , we walked around again, the daytime here is also very exciting, and we also found several scenic spots that we missed at night.

Finally, I came to the flower pottery workshop that Xiaoyue Gege misses so much. There are all kinds of handmade pottery works full of childishness, and the succulents on the table are also very cute.

Due to lack of time, we changed the original plan and temporarily decided that the whole family will do it together and make a bunch of small flowers for Xiaoyue's father who is working overtime. The seemingly simple work is actually not easy. After listening to the teacher's explanation carefully, Xiaoyue Gege and Lao Gao had to discuss the method from time to time when they actually made it.

Half an hour later, the finished product came out of the oven, and it looks pretty good. Xiaoyue's father returned home after working overtime, and when he saw the gift we gave him, a smile appeared on his tired face.

When I came out, I passed through the Bird Island Wonderland again. In addition to ducks and geese, I could also see black swans cruising and playing in the water during the day. A white peacock who was looking in the mirror saw Xiaoyue Gege, and immediately walked over and stared at her curiously. Look, this probably indicates that good luck is about to come, right? So happy!

Before going out, I saw the fluffy grass dyed the color of dreams last night again, swaying gently in the late summer breeze, as if saying goodbye to us, and welcoming us again...

【Izumi Japanese cuisine with endless aftertaste】

Walking out of the botanical garden, Lao Gao and Xiaoyue Gege wanted to eat Japanese food. I checked it online. The first floor of the nearby Nangong Hot Spring Resort Hotel is the authentic Japanese cuisine "Izumi Japanese Food". It takes less than 3 minutes to drive there, so we are happy. go to.

The entire restaurant is decorated in a very Japanese style. We sat by the window, and the food looked more attractive with the natural light from the window. The sashimi is very fresh, and the thick-cut salmon is really satisfying! From California rolls, tempura, grilled fish, roast beef to a simple bowl of ramen, every dish is authentic, with fresh ingredients and delicious flavors. As the finale of this weekend vacation, it is amazing Unforgettable, perfect!


We live in society, and there are more or less pressures from all sides. Although, many times, parents can't help at all, but we all know that they will always love and protect us silently. Because of this deep love, we can have the courage to face all unknowns and difficulties in our hearts.

Be nice to our family members, communicate with them patiently, don't bring the emotions at work home, and take them out every weekend, because they are always our favorite family members and belong to our hearts.