On the first day, I departed from Jiangsu to Hohhot on July 20, 2021. I arrived in Hohhot at noon that day. I lived in Atour (Inner Mongolia Party School), which is relatively close to the airport. The reason for choosing this hotel is that it is close to the airport. The price is relatively 20% cheaper than the same hotel in the urban area. After arriving at the hotel, we took a rest and had some lunch around the hotel. The food in the restaurant is quite expensive. There are 4 of us. We ate a meat dish, a vegetable and a dumpling. It cost more than 200. I still recommend it Everyone just order a takeaway. We took a rest at the hotel after dinner until 2:00 pm, and took a taxi to Saishang Old Street (Jokhang Temple) at 5:00 pm. The taxi fare was about 40 yuan. There are a lot of people in Saishang Old Street, such as square dancers and stage performers. We chose a restaurant on the old street. The price of the food here is quite expensive. We didn’t know much about it, so we ordered some special dishes, such as Inner Mongolia three treasures, farmhouse four small bowls, grilled lamb chops, cold cuts, skin jelly, etc., served. It was relatively slow, and we were already full when the four small bowls and lamb chops came up from the farm. Later, when we checked out, it cost more than 600. Inner Mongolia Sanbao is just a little beef roll, potatoes and noodles. This one dish is enough for the four of us. The large portion is basically noodles and potatoes, which are easy to fill up, and a lot of it is wasted, so I suggest that you just order a grilled lamb chop and cold cuts, and add a vegetable. After eating, I went shopping in the old street. There were too many people on the street to squeeze in. There are barbecues, food stalls and milk tea shops everywhere. I ate too much at the restaurant that day and I didn’t want to eat snacks anymore. I couldn’t eat it, and the weather was a bit I didn't want to go shopping and went back to the hotel.

The next day, we rented a Volkswagen Tanyue (we rented it online the day before. When renting a car, we should pay attention to the fact that the car should be as new as possible, and it will be more comfortable to drive if it has a larger displacement). Remember to rent for the whole day. If you rent for 1 day and 1 hour, it will be calculated as two days, and you will be charged additionally if you exceed the time limit. At 10:00 in the morning, we made an appointment to inspect the car at the airport. In fact, it took an hour and a half for the inspection at the gas station next to the car. After completing the procedures, we bought two boxes of mineral water, 12 bottles of Budweiser, and 12 bottles of Red Bull, happily set off for Erlian. The first scenic spot on the national road is Hongshiya, about 50 kilometers away from Hohhot. We saw that we wanted to climb the mountain, so we didn't stop. Passing through Wuchuan on the road, the road goes uphill and downhill for a while, so SUVs are better than cars at this time. The scenery along the way is beautiful, the air is very fresh, there are no vehicles, but the speed cannot be fast because there are many curves. With the windows open, we were thrilled that the temperature in the mountains was about 10 degrees cooler than in the city. Arrived at Siziwang Banner at about 1:00, we found a small restaurant next to the Siziwang Banner Neighborhood Committee, and ordered stir-fried mutton, haggis soup, scrambled eggs with tomatoes, mutton noodles, and two bottles of kiln for a total of 117 yuan. The boss is too honest, scrambled eggs with tomatoes use 6 eggs, which is rare in Jiangsu, we only have 2 scrambled eggs at home. The meal was a good deal and tasted very good. In the afternoon we came to the Prince's Mansion in Siziwang Banner. Maybe this prince's status is not very high or it is a suburban villa. There is really nothing to see, it is very small. This was the first attraction we dropped off and was disappointed. There are not many tourists to go in, just to show you a big living room, and the ticket is 10 yuan. We gave up and didn't go in. I took a sneak peek and it was similar to a temple. There are places for meditation everywhere. We continued to move forward and passed the Gegentala Grassland. We did not go in and continued towards Erlian. There were no cars or speedometers on the road, because the road was bare and there was nowhere to hide a probe. Then I entered the scenic area of ​​Qianli Grassland, and saw herds of cattle and sheep along the way. Arrived at Erlian at around 5 o'clock in the evening. The characteristic of entering Erlian is the dinosaur gate. After passing the dinosaur gate, there are dinosaur sculptures on both sides of the road. We booked Qiyao Hotel, the room is close to 200 a night. After checking in, we wanted to find a restaurant with Mongolian food. We asked the front desk to suggest that we go to Xilinhe or Yuancanglang. We finally chose to go to Xilinhe. In fact, these two restaurants are close together. We ordered 3 catties of meat, cold shallots, steamed buns with scallions, a bowl of haggis soup, and a tube of homemade yogurt. Our mouths were too dry, so we brought our own beer. This meal cost 350 yuan in total, which is worth it. The most delicious thing here is that the scallion buns are unique. It is not recommended to order Mongolian milk tea and snacks, because the hotel where you live has breakfast, and the taste is similar. After eating, we went to Dinosaur Square, which happened to be the "Tea Road" cultural performance. There were many amusement items in the square. We played with bumper cars and air guns. As long as you played, you would be given a gift. In the end, we took 5 gifts When I got home, I got drunk and thirsty halfway. I bought half a habit. I went to the hardware store and bought two spoons. I have to say that Erlian’s prices are low. I bought 6 catties of watermelon plus 2 spoons for only 12 yuan. , The quality of the spoon is very good and I brought it back. I also asked the locals if they need a visa to go to Mongolia. If it is the one-day trip, you don’t need to have an ID card, because it is during the epidemic period, and the ports are closed and you cannot leave the country.

On the third day, we went to Guomen Scenic Area and looked at the opposite Mongolia. We felt that it was an endless desert with a little green grass. The weather was hot at noon, so we could use it as an electric car for the scenic spot, so that it would not be too tiring. It seems to be 10 yuan per person. , Later, I bought a bag from Guomen, which is of good quality and low price, the style is very good, the material is cowhide, and it only costs 280 yuan. When I came to the duty-free shop, I expected to buy some Mongolian specialties, but I found that there was nothing produced in Mongolia, and they were all products from South Korea and Russia. However, Mongolia is duty-free here, so I have no desire to buy. The Swan Lake scenic spot was also closed due to the epidemic, and I didn't want to see the Dinosaur Geopark. I didn't eat lunch, so I rushed directly to Xilin at noon. The road is unimpeded, and there are almost no cars in sight. The grassland in Erlian is really ugly. The land is too barren and the grass is not lush at all. Occasionally, a herd of sheep and cattle can be seen, as well as residents. Arrived at Xilinhot at 5:00 p.m., because it is a tourist holiday, the accommodation is quite expensive. The Hanting standard room needs more than 400 rooms, so we chose a smaller one, about 250 rooms without breakfast. In the evening, the Mongolian meal is similar to that of Erlian, so I won’t say much about it. After eating, I took a taxi to Beizimiao (I chose to take a taxi because I was worried that the car would not be easy to park). The starting price was only 6 yuan. There are many people in Beizimiao Square, where there are square dances, open-air movies, and snack bars. Let's go to the high place, there are 3 oboos on it, looking down from the high place, it is really beautiful. We went back to the hotel after shopping for a while, and asked the shop owner if the Jiuqu here is fun, the boss said yes, but now the Jiuqu water is all dry. We originally planned to go to the Xiwuzhumuqin Grassland. The boss suggested that we go to Wula Gai. He heard that we were going back to Hohhot and suggested that we go to Lanqi. On the way back to Hohhot, he suggested that we go to Duolun Lake. .

On the fourth day, we set off for Lanqi at 8:30, and got off at the Pingdingshan viewing point post station to check in. The air was really good, and we took a few desperate breaths. I drove about 100 kilometers and encountered a free exercise. I don’t remember. We drove in. The indication on the expressway was only 3 kilometers, but there was a turn and another 10 kilometers. They asked us to rent their car to go sandboarding in the desert and horseback riding in the grassland. We were not very interested and left. There was a delay of 1.5 hours before and after. We didn't take the expressway behind us, and it was almost 1 o'clock when we came to a small town, and we ate some noodles. Continue towards Blue Flag. Seeing the green prairie along the way, I really want to roll over on the prairie. The furry prairie looks very eye-catching, and the number of vehicles is gradually increasing. The first scenic spot we went to was the ruins of the capital of the Yuan Dynasty. It was about a ruins of the capital of the Yuan Dynasty. The golden lotus was blooming all over the ground, and the touch of yellow in the green grassland was very beautiful. We bought tickets and electric tickets to go in. , because the grassland is still quite hot at noon, so let's take a car, I don't want to go. After returning from Yuanshangdu, we looked for a place to stay for the night. We planned to live on the grassland, and drove all the way to Yuanshangdu Resort. We saw a pond on the way, and there were motorcycles, racing cars and horseback riders nearby. We get out of the car and come to ride motorcycles and race cars. I was fine on a motorcycle, but the little racing car was too short, and there was a lot of cow dung, and the cow dung kicked up where the wheels ran over, and I was covered all over. This project can be counter-offered, the asking price is 100, and we got 80. But I still had a lot of fun, after all, the journey is still relatively long. We continued to go to the resort, and encountered many self-operated grassland accommodation along the way. When we arrived at the resort, we needed tickets. We asked the accommodation and said that there were more than 1,000-3,000. We were too scared to enter, but since we came To be a nostalgia, we told the guard to go in and turn around, and then we came out when we went to the toilet. On our way back, we came across a self-operated grassland. We saw a lot of tourist buses and thought we would stay here, because there were so many people that there must be campfires and roasted whole sheep. The boss told us that there are no yurts for accommodation. There is only one Datong shop where 6 people can live. It costs 260 yuan a night. After we bargained, it costs 200 yuan a night. We parked the car and went to play. We played horse riding (fee, 150 for half an hour, and a stableman rides another horse to take you with you, you can run or walk), shooting, grass skiing, golf, etc. is free. After 6 o'clock, the weather was already cold. We went back to the restaurant and said that the table would open at 8 o'clock. We played on the swings with other passengers. The sun was setting, and the scenery on the grassland and the laughter of the children were really pleasant. Very cool. We were too hungry, so we ordered the barbecue. The banquet started at 8 o'clock. We watched the ceremony of roasting the whole lamb. The four of us ordered the grilled lamb chops. I can say that this is the worst grilled lamb chops I have ever eaten. , there is no oil in the roast, it is not dry, this lamb chop cost us more than 300 yuan, it is not worth it, I have also come to the grassland to eat roasted whole lamb, it is not delicious, everyone will go to the grassland to roast Don't have too much hope for the delicacy of Quanyang. It can only be said that there must be this item in the grassland, and it cannot be regarded as a delicacy. We didn't want to live in a yurt at night, so we discussed with the store that we would bear the 50 yuan damage fee, so we still went to live in the town, because the environment of the yurt was too bad. After dinner, there was a bonfire party. There were about 300 people that day. They set off fireworks and danced. They were so happy. We went to the town until 9:30. I suggest that you don't live in a yurt in the future and you can go back to the town after playing. The price is cheap and comfortable, and it is not far away.

On the fifth day, we went to Duolun Lake after breakfast. When we entered the scenic spots, we had to drive. The whole journey was 40 kilometers. It went around the lake, because many entertainment projects were closed during the epidemic. We encountered scenic spots suitable for taking pictures. I went to a farmhouse at noon. I found that the attractions in the northwest are not expensive. The four of us ordered 2 noodles, 2 Liangpi, 1 large frozen watermelon, and a braised one. Fish, only 160 yuan. And it is very delicious, the cold skin is very strong, and the fish is very delicious. After eating, continue to play around the lake. The scenery of Duolun Lake is really beautiful, so beautiful that it takes your breath away. To visit Duolun Lake, we headed towards Wulanchabu, passed Zhangjiakou on the way, and found that it is closer to Beijing than to Hohhot. We came across the Great Khan’s Palace on the road. We came down to have a look. The items we visited were the same as those on the grassland. This place is called the No. 1 Grassland in Zhangbei. Later, we didn’t want to play anymore because it was about to close, so we wandered around and continued. Go to Ulanqab. We stayed in Jining at night. We chose Home Inn, which was just opened. The price is cheap and the environment is very good. I now know that the key to booking a hotel is to check when it has been renovated. If it has been renovated in the past two years, the conditions are good. Ordered takeout when it rained.

On the sixth day, we went to the Ulan Hada Mountain Geological Park. Because it rained last night, it was cloudy again today, and it was a bit cold. We added a coat. We climbed up to the crater, looked around, and it was noon. We found a prairie family nearby for dinner. At noon, we ate hand-meat meat, milk tea and a few vegetables. This hand-meat meat is better than the Mongolian meal in the restaurant. Too much, the one in the restaurant was too dry, but this one was cooked just right. We ordered a thermos of milk tea, which only cost 20 yuan. We spent a total of 300 yuan for lunch that day, and the environment is very clean. There is no smell after entering the house. Not greasy on the table either. Much cleaner than the grasslands in the Blue Flag. After eating, return to Hohhot to return the car.

This is our 6-day free travel. I would like to share with you some of the problems and experiences we encountered. Pay special attention to the Xilin Gol Grassland. I thought it was a specific grassland, but it is not. The whole grassland is called the Xilin Gol Grassland. He refers to a range. Not a specific one. In fact, when you go to the grassland for the first time, you don’t have to go to a good grassland. They are all similar, and the items to play are also similar, so there is no need to travel far. We have covered a total of 2,000 kilometers this time.