"Autumn in Peking is a paradise on earth, maybe a little more prosperous than heaven!" Lao She once praised the autumn in Peking. I think that the autumn in Beiping must be amazing, even if it is not amazing, it will not disappoint, right? Otherwise, how could Mr. Lao She praise Beiping's autumn several times? Otherwise, why do so many tourists come to Beijing to enjoy autumn every year?

When we arrived in Beijing, the lights were already on. Through the glare windows of the plane, I admired the brightly lit city. The lights of Wanjia light up the city of Beijing and the way home for dreamers. When I got off the plane, I couldn't help wrapping up my coat tightly because of the cold air that hit my face. That's right, it's already chilly in Beijing in November.

Holding my tired body and pulling the suitcase to go to the booked homestay, the night was dark and the sense of direction was not strong, I searched and searched but couldn't find the building where the homestay I booked was located. The community was surprisingly quiet, with only the sound of me pulling the box and the occasional chirping of insects from the grass, I began to feel uneasy. Fortunately, I met an aunt who spoke authentic Beijing dialect and enthusiastically showed me the way. At that moment, there was a warm current surging in my heart. This warm current is enough to offset or even cover up the coldness of late autumn in Beijing, and it is also enough to warm all my memories about Beijing.

Autumn in the market: golden trees, autumn everywhere

After a good night's sleep, the next day is another day full of energy. Fortunately, I was invited to visit the headquarters of Tujia. Since the homestay I stayed in was not far from the National Convention Center, I planned to go there on foot.

As I walked and looked around, the city of Beijing seemed to have changed during the day. The clean and tidy streets were linked by busy vehicles, and the hurried footsteps of office workers outlined the most beautiful gestures of strugglers. When the autumn wind blows, fallen leaves fly, red, orange, yellow, green and other colors are intertwined, which is the most charming autumn color in Beijing.

We spent a good morning at the headquarters of Tujia, and then we went to "Big Nail" for lunch. It was only when I arrived at the Olympic Park that I realized that the autumn in Beijing is so beautiful, and the autumn colors in Beiping are so tantalizing!

The weather in Beijing that day was surprisingly good. The blue sky is clear and bright, just like my bright mood. Although the wind is not gentle at all, the sun is very warm and warm, making people want to find a place to bask in the sun and take a nap, but the scenery in front of me makes me unable to close my eyes to enjoy the scenery The leisure that belongs to autumn alone. Look, how dazzling and charming the golden ginkgo leaves are. Listen, the ginkgo leaves are falling, gently and softly, with nostalgia for autumn, singing praises to life. The golden ginkgo trees are full of autumn romance, and everyone can't help but raise their mobile phones to take pictures, freeze the color, pack the poetry, and put the sparkling autumn into the softest place in their hearts.

Enjoying a sumptuous lunch at the sky restaurant on the 73rd floor of the Olympic Tower, while overlooking the city of Beijing, enjoying the scenery in autumn, this experience is simply amazing!

If autumn inside Beijing is yellow, autumn outside the city is red. The red leaves of Xiangshan Mountain are beautiful, but since I don’t like noise, I naturally wouldn’t make it my first choice. I heard that the red leaves in Sunshine Valley in Miyun are also beautiful, small and original, and there are no crowds. So, we unanimously decided to go to Sunshine Valley to find autumn.

Autumn in the valley: red leaves all over the mountain, dyed forests

Sunshine Valley is a camping paradise with the theme of characteristic leisure and vacation, only about an hour away from Beijing. However, because I was too excited to play games in the city that afternoon, I set off a little later, and it was almost eight o'clock in the evening when I arrived in Sunshine Valley. After eating and lying on the bed, I couldn't help but imagine what autumn in Sunshine Valley looks like.

On the third day, the helpless weather made a little joke with us. Fortunately, our mood was not affected too much. A group of people went into the mountain talking and laughing.

The autumn in the mountains is indeed more intense than that in the city. The fallen leaves are randomly scattered on the wooden plank road, making a crisp sound when stepping on it. One of my favorite things to do in autumn is to walk on fallen leaves, just as I like to walk on snow in winter. I wonder if you can feel that feeling? There is plenty of fun under our feet, and hidden beauty in front of us that we can discover with a little attention. Hickory nuts and mountain persimmons hang proudly on the branches, and various unnamed plants also show off their fruits. Among the lush trees, the houses in the valley look like houses, a peaceful and peaceful scene. Autumn in the valley, like a hermit master, does not fight or grab, just so low-key and beautiful.

The mountain is not too high, and it doesn't take much physical effort to climb it. There are two viewing platforms on the mountain, a 180-degree viewing platform and a 360-degree viewing platform. It is recommended to climb to the 360-degree viewing platform on the top of the mountain, because it can not only overlook the Sunshine Valley, but also enjoy the infinite scenery of Miyun Reservoir, and it is also an excellent place to enjoy red leaves.

Standing on the 360-degree viewing platform and looking far away, the mountains in the distance are undulating, and the Miyun Reservoir extends to the sky until it merges with the edge of the sky. The red leaves scattered in the mountains and forests nearby release their colors enthusiastically. It perfectly combines its bright red with the orange, yellow, green, dai and other colors of the mountains to form a colorful picture. up.

Thoughts were flying among the mountains and forests, and I suddenly realized that a piece of red leaf is the bearer of the life course of the tree, the witness of the cycle of seasons and the changes of the years, and it is also a gift from nature, isn't it? Thinking about it this way, instead of being sad about autumn like the ancients, instead of expressing sorrow for writing new words, it is better to live with your heart and enjoy the present time. What do you say?

When I was going down the mountain, I picked up a red leaf and put it in my backpack, and made it into a bookmark when I got back, to cherish the autumn colors of Sunshine Valley forever.

A ray of sunlight, a valley, a fairy tale

After coming down from the mountain, the sky gradually cleared up! The Sunshine Valley shrouded in sunshine is like an independent fairy tale world. In this fairy tale world, there are mountains and waters, flowers and grass, forests and wooden houses, and of course there are cute animals... Every scene and thing in the fairy tale will have a nice name, and the same goes for Sunshine Valley, "Sahuaner The World", "A Piece of Grass", "Sunshine Box", "Sunlight Good Night"...

Sahuaner World is a paradise for children, but this paradise is different from the children's paradise in the city. All the entertainment facilities here are carefully crafted, returning to the basics and having unlimited fun. Not to mention children, even my big friend had a great time playing there!

There is a large green lawn in the valley, the lawn is covered with leaves, and a path winds forward in the grass, which is quite artistic. There is a lake beside the lawn, and the sun pours down, telling her thoughts to the lake. I have no way of knowing what is on Sunguang's mind, but I am willing to tell you what's on my mind. Are you willing to listen?

The sunbox is one of my favorite areas. This place is like a Pandora's box. The 3,000-square-meter glass greenhouse is used to keep the green, so that visitors can see and feel the vitality of the plants at any time. It's amazing! The green plant area is just like ins style, the cute little chinchilla in the cute pet paradise is gnawing its carrots wholeheartedly, the childlike innocence is released in the children’s paradise, and the manual workshop calms down to do handwork... In the era of fast-paced life, being able to It is enough to have such a lazy and comfortable time. It is worth mentioning that "Huang Ran Canteen" is also located in the sunlight box. Eating green seasonal vegetables grown in the valley, you can see all the eye-catching green plants, and the dining experience is simply amazing!

What captured my heart the most was the wooden house in the valley. The wooden house is an essential element in the fairy tale world. With the embellishment of wooden houses, Sunshine Valley is clearly the fairy tale world I yearn for. Rows of wooden houses are scattered in the valley, and each wooden house has an exquisite courtyard. The creaking wooden door seems to be connected to the gate to the world of fairy tales, just like when Alice first entered Wonderland, I walked into the courtyard with curiosity.

There are deck chairs, leisure seats, and even a barbecue grill in the courtyard! Just imagine, having a barbecue in the yard with relatives and friends at night, eating skewers and drinking beer, accompanied by a sky full of stars, it's so cool!

The basic facilities in the room are complete, and the wooden decoration is simple and atmospheric. Nest on the sofa to read books and drink tea, go to the outdoor balcony to enjoy the scenery in a daze, take a photo with the cabin in the yard, no matter which method you use, you can let go of your physical and mental fatigue and reap a lot of joy.

There are many types of wooden houses. In addition to wooden houses, Sunshine Valley also has RVs and tents to choose from.

I live comfortably, eat comfortably, and have fun in Sunshine Valley. More importantly, I can enjoy different red leaves and see a different kind of wonderful autumn scenery here.

Leaving from the Sunshine Valley, the trip to Beijing for autumn is over. Autumn in Beiping is hidden in the old alleys full of fireworks, on the avenues covered with ginkgo leaves in the Olympic Park, in the forested mountains of Sunshine Valley in Miyun, and in our eyes. In the fall of next year, I will come to Beijing again to enjoy the autumn of Beijing...