When life encounters troubles, when the ancient starlight reaches the eyes through the darkness of the universe, when the mysterious and distant solitary smoke covers the silent soul, when people look up at the starry sky alone in the dead of night, all they want is enough time and time. In the space, you can find a clear and fresh place, and you can quietly sort out the complexities of the past and find the future by yourself.

I have imagined countless times that I wake up in the morning in the scenery of mountains and lakes, the slightly dazzling sunlight penetrates into the room through the window curtains, and the blue water is clear outside the window, the agility of birds singing in the morning dew and the mountain wind blowing through the green trees Whirling sounds, in the scattered light and shadow of the morning light, listening to the melodious singing in twos and threes, waking up from the distant dream...

Now, I seem to have found such a world, where I can enjoy the comfort of returning to nature, and have fun and fun entertainment time, dynamic, static, three or two days trip, my heart will have a different sense of belonging.

Every breath is full of vitality, and every emotion belongs to Jinhai Lake

If someone asks me about the most cherished way of life, I will definitely tell you that there is a clear and fresh lake 85 kilometers away from Beijing and 15 kilometers east of Pinggu District, with a water area of ​​6.5 square kilometers. The comprehensive water entertainment venue with the largest water area in Beijing is named Jinhai Lake.

Before you enter Jinhai Lake, your heart and soul are already delighted by this romantic lake, allowing you to find a resting place for your soul that has nowhere to rest after living in the city of steel and iron tiles. Then dissipated the fatigue and hustle and bustle of the world, and drifted in the vast green lake with the wind.

Jinhai Lake is located in the triangle area at the junction of Beijing, Tianjin and Tangshan, known as "Little Beidaihe". Surrounded by mountains on three sides, the peaks and ridges are emerald green and the scenery is beautiful. There are the lake and mountain scenery of Qiandao Lake, the strange rocks of Tuer Ridge, and dozens of natural and cultural landscapes such as the Huguang Pagoda, the Tomb of Princess Jinhua, the Wanghai Pavilion, and the Sawtooth Cliff.

The water area of ​​Jinhai Lake is wide and blue, and it is an ideal place to carry out water sports and entertainment projects. There are cruise ships, speedboats, self-driving boats, water flying, water paragliding, pedal boats, rowing boats, fat boats, downhill, large water slides, dragon boat races, banana boats, rubber boats, kayaks, beetle sports cars, etc. More than 30 kinds of colorful entertainment items.

In your spare time, make an appointment with three or five friends, go to Jinhai Lake for a walk, feel the pure water scenery here, the turquoise lake water, and the leisurely wandering, let you live in the city of steel and iron tiles, for the nowhere to rest The soul finds a place to rest.

I have always liked Sanmao's words, "If there is an afterlife, I will try my best to be a lovely person. I will shine brightly under the sun, run in the wind and rain, dream my own dreams, and walk my own path." Then, I think, our luck lies in the fact that we don’t have to wait for the next life to find such a place as Jinhai Lake, where we can walk our own way brilliantly and experience such scenery!

If there is such a place, let you live in the innocent sunshine forest

In this era where the gears of time are running at high speed, each of us is like the teeth on the edge of a gear, meshing with others while walking independently. In short, everything is pushing the whole world forward. We obsessively pursue the so-called happy life, a steady stream of money, luxurious cars and houses, all material worlds that seem to have no top boundary. But in this process, how many people gradually lost their families, bodies, and even lost themselves.

Hetang Ruizhu is only 800 meters away from Beijing Jinhai Lake International Tourist Resort. It has a panoramic view of the Wetland Park to the south, and the Yanshan Mountains to the north. It is surrounded by green mountains and bamboo seas with a forest coverage rate of over 95%. Longing for a lake home.

If there is such a place, when the first ray of sunlight shines into the room in the morning, everything is brand new. The soft mattress, the comfortable room, the green oasis exudes the breath of life, and the cicadas and frogs can be heard in the bedroom. The beautiful lake not far away has blue waves and golden light, exuding an innocent sunshine.

This is written by He Tangrui. Here, the 6.5 square kilometers of water is a gift from nature; here, there is so much warmth that always meets you inadvertently;

Hetang Ruizhu is only 800 meters away from Beijing Jinhai Lake International Tourist Resort. It has a panoramic view of the Wetland Park to the south, and the Yanshan Mountains to the north. It is surrounded by green mountains and bamboo seas with a forest coverage rate of over 95%. Longing for a lake home.

In addition, no matter in the distance between buildings or in the configuration of gardens, He Tangrui's works appear to be calm. In terms of garden creation, He Tangrui's works are even more demanding in every detail. Following Longhu's 27 years of experience in building villas, he crafted "one axis? Six gardens? Nine alleys" oriental garden scenery, introducing Changlin and valleys into the garden, borrowing The infinite scenery is in the limited garden, creating the feeling of returning home from the noisy city through the natural forest.

It is worth mentioning that Hetangruizhu is also the first high-quality low-density residential product in Jinhai Lake World Leisure Town. It is adjacent to the main venue of the 16th World Leisure Conference on the north side, which continues to add points to its scarcity value.

Thoreau once said in his "Walden Pond" that the most abundant element in a landscape is a little innocent sunshine. I think He Tangrui's book is such a place that can bring countless sunshine to your life, where you can wander freely in the bright sunshine, sit and watch the flowers bloom and fall, the clouds roll and the clouds relax, follow your inner voice and dreams, Live life according to your own wishes.

Everything is changing, what remains unchanged is the initial love and nostalgia for life

Some people say that a house is like the other half. It fits your outlook on life and values, and shows your taste and heritage. Choosing a house means choosing a way of life.

Hetangrui's 305㎡ lakeside stacked courtyard and 350㎡ combined courtyard create the most comfortable space for the whole family. With a large surface width of about 7.2 meters and a living space of more than three bedrooms, it can fully meet the full life cycle use of a three-generation family. The resource allocation of Hetangrui's famous house is balanced and reasonable, so that the space can give life more beautiful enjoyment.

The new Chinese design is a combination of modern and classic; the convenient and comfortable interior is a combination of rigor and art, and the sexy and meticulous building facade outlines the beautiful lines of the home. Unique one-household-one-court regulation. Each household has a courtyard with heaven and earth, allowing you to enjoy a sense of ritual like a "private house".

The north-south two-way transparent large-faced viewing window is unobstructed, and the expanded space such as terrace gardens is a big surprise.

Whether it is the rising sun or the afterglow of the sunset, we all need a world where the family can be alone, see the most wonderful world outside the window, and share every minute of happy time with the family. Hetangrui has well-arranged courtyards and terraces, each room has a happy family, and each family is full of infinite hope for the future. Sunshine, leaves, birds, flowers, a family, a happy and peaceful heart, at this moment, in He Tangrui's book.

Feasting is a kind of life, leisure and comfort is a kind of life. In fact, life is full of surprises.

Hetangrui will be equipped with a commercial complex of 150,000 square meters around. When you are relaxing, you can bask in the sun, join hands with TA, and bring a pair of children. Time becomes more and more leisurely and gentle here. The 150,000-square-meter commercial complex has everything you need for dining, shopping and leisure, and the beauty in every window is a beautiful reflection of life.

Companionship is the longest confession of love. Perhaps, life is a kind of companionship. In He Tangrui's book, you have the best conditions, you can accompany your children to grow up slowly, accompany your parents to grow old slowly, and spend long years with your lover.

Time goes by bit by bit, everything is changing, what remains unchanged is the initial love for life and attachment to life. Love life, accompany each other, realize your dream of living in a comfortable family, and let your family live the original life.


Tickets for Jinhai Lake Scenic Area

Tickets are 40 yuan; there is another joint ticket: tickets + cruise 85 yuan/person, tickets + speedboat 85 yuan/person, tickets + speedboat + cruise 120 yuan/person, tickets + speedboat + zipline 106 yuan/person. Those who hold the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Tourism Annual Card can go for free, but they cannot be used on holidays. For example, Qingming Festival, May Day, Dragon Boat Festival and other festivals.

08:00-17:00 (weekdays), 08:30-17:00 (weekends)

Jinhai Lake traffic information

Bus route: Take bus No. 852 at Dongzhimen Junction Station to Pinggu New Bus Station, then transfer to small public buses in the area (Ping 28, Ping 30, Ping 40, Ping 45, Ping 57) to Jinhai Lake; Every statutory holiday, the tourist bus departs from Beijing East Bridge (28, 109, 350 Bus Terminal) to Jinhai Lake, the Grand Canyon, the Great Karst Cave and other scenic spots at 8:00 a.m. and returns at 3:30 p.m.

Self-driving route: Starting from Dongzhimen, take the Airport Expressway, take the Jingping Expressway, take the Shunping Road, take the Pingji Road, and then take the Hanhai Road to the scenic spot. The journey is about 85 kilometers. There are signposts along the way and it takes about 1.5 to 2 hours.