Beijing Yanqing Badaling Mu·Great Wall View B&B is a pastoral-themed B&B. It has a natural living state based on local customs and cultural heritage. You can enjoy the scenery of the Great Wall, the four seasons are distinct, and the scenery is picturesque. Let you release the pressure of reality and enjoy the vision of a comfortable life.

Beijing Yanqing Badaling MU·Great Wall View Homestay especially has guest rooms in mountain houses and other courtyards, with light luxury, modern and comfortable natural style. It is an independent three-bedroom courtyard. The rooms are bright, quiet, and rustic. No matter when you check in, you can also experience full comfort. The interior layout is simple but exquisite, and the lighting is soft, which makes you feel at ease. It is suitable for small groups to house parties. Everywhere exudes an irresistible charm. The soft sunlight pours into the room through the floor-to-ceiling windows, and the whole person feels warm when they live in it. The high-quality soft bedding and the oversized room bring a sense of low-key luxury.

The scenery of the mountain house is pleasant. In the morning, the sun shines on the courtyard, taking a nap in the courtyard, and the breeze blows gently. It is a natural and comfortable feeling. The house is full of warm sunshine in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows, and the clouds are rolling and relaxing on the sunny roof. Courtyards are related to elegance, and elegant people endow them with more experience and imagination. The extremely spacious courtyard makes the gathering to the extreme.

Each guest room in Beijing Yanqing Badaling Mu·Great Wall View B&B has its own characteristics, a total of 27 rooms with various types of rooms. Each room shows a different soft decoration scene, and by creating a different artistic conception of life, we hope to bring customers an elegant, cozy and comfortable new life experience.

North King Room

Daylight King Room

Pu Su Twin Room

North Twin Room

Daylight Twin Room

Pusu Queen Room

Junior Suite North

large suite

View Junior Suite

Pusu Parent-child Room

parent-child room

Beijing Yanqing Badaling MU·Great Wall B&B is an excellent holy place for camping, bonfires, barbecues, and parties. The terrace is suitable for climbing and overlooking.

Provide a wealth of entertainment facilities, the homestay has mahjong machines, game consoles, make an appointment with friends, and play mahjong in your spare time, so pleasant! (Whether the homestay is open or not)

There is also ktv, rich in entertainment activities, allowing you to return to the pastoral and natural life.

The homestay is equipped with an open-air swimming pool. The sparkling clear water is blue and clear, and naughty children are playing. It is really exciting to experience it with your own pet dog!

When you are free, sit in the courtyard and experience the slow, quiet, and full of life. You can choose a quiet place in the busy city and spend your days leisurely. The sun dyes you, the mountains arch you, the woods support you, and a quiet landscape that catches your eyes is the place you long for day and night.

Beijing Yanqing Badaling MU·Great Wall View B & B's beautiful starry sky tent camp is also under construction. Every detail can touch the heart, and every angle is a scenery. Stay tuned!

Beijing Yanqing Badaling Mu·Great Wall View B&B is also a holy place for marriage proposals, where sweet couples propose marriage, describing their lifetime commitment to each other.

Laimu·Great Wall View B&B, I only hope that you will be here, unload your luggage and the fatigue in your heart, and enjoy a comfortable and quiet life like a local.