If you live in Beijing for a long time, you should have been to most of the famous scenic spots. I am a southerner. Recently, I have lived in Beijing Weiming Hotel Dongdongsi Store for a long time. I eat and drink near Guijie Street and do some business. Living in this hotel is also very comfortable. Chinese style The style of the building, antique, warm and elegant.

entry corridor

This time, a friend recommended a trip to a suburban attraction in Beijing. It can be regarded as a weekend romantic trip in Beijing!

For me, this is a place that still feels a little mysterious after going there once. Although it was only built in 2014, there are an endless stream of tourists because of the recording of "Run, Brother" at the Simatai Great Wall.

After entering the town, I finally found the inn I wanted to stay in, and started a tour of sightseeing. Looking at the quaint buildings, I wish I could change into appropriate clothes, pick flowers and play in the water with a bamboo basket. This is not outside the Taohuayuan, but it seems to be really isolated from the world. The sky is so blue, the wind is so light, the scenery is so beautiful, and the heart is so peaceful!

How can I describe my mood! Come to the right place, everything is so perfect!

Sitting on the cableway to the Simatai Great Wall on the ridge, it suddenly became clear to look into the distance. How wide your heart is, how big your world is! The Great Wall of China is the tallest in the world, and the Simatai Great Wall is the tallest of the Great Wall of China.

After getting off the Great Wall, there are long queues of snacks that can be seen everywhere. Before the delicious food, I stopped, let’s enjoy it first and then walk! Bridge head cake, snail powder, sesame seed cake, palace cheese, Gubei baked pear... Even two days are not enough to queue up to eat all these snacks.

Find a tranquility for yourself, Nightfall Water Town

Speaking of queuing, we really need to talk about the musical fountain show first. The fusion of water and fire, mysterious stories, gorgeous fountains, moving melodies, and realistic 3D effects, I dare say that you will never regret waiting for half an hour or even an hour just for the ten-minute show! If you are not present at the scene, and you don’t need those 576 million-pixel eyes to feel it, no matter how beautiful the words are, they will be insignificant!

As dusk fell, warm yellow lights shrouded the town, and the tranquil appearance was even more intoxicating. Walking towards the church on the top of the mountain, a place that you can't help but yearn for after hearing the name. The surrounding scenery is beautiful at night! Clusters of daisies, roses, small swings, small fountains, and couples of lovers posing and pressing the shutter... It’s a pity that I am alone, I don’t want to disturb them, and I’m afraid they will touch me Heartstrings~~ I walked into the church and listened to the carols. Although I am not a believer, I still have a sense of respect and love in my heart. I just want to sit down, stay quietly for a while, and let go of my tired mood. Only then can I understand why foreigners regard the church as a sacred place. It is lofty and inviolable, pure and inviolable... I reluctantly walked down the mountain. At that time, the number of tourists on the road gradually decreased. In addition to the noise and noise, I actually wanted to just go shopping all night...

It is a lie to say that travel is not tiring. The hot spring in the Duan Family Courtyard is just the solution to the urgent need. Being in the warm spring water relieves fatigue and looks at the night sky. At this time, the heart is at peace. After coming out of the hot spring, I still didn't want to go back to the inn, so I found a bar and ordered a glass of "Rose under the Starry Sky", which was not too strong. The wine was still very strong, but it was delicious. There were other guests ordering songs, and it looked like two girls who had been hurt by love used songs to vent their feelings. I'm starting to understand, I'm so wronged, I love him, can I hug you, ugly, I'm very happy... I sang very nicely, listening to it, I turned my head out of the window for fear that someone would see me shedding tears. It's not for anything else, it's just that the melody at this time matches the chords in my heart. I adjusted my mood and left quickly.

Back to the inn, back to the room with local characteristics, lying on a comfortable bed, this time traveling alone at night, without missing, very relaxed and leisurely, before I knew it, I was sleepy...

An ancient city, a loved one, a trip, a memory...

Smell the fragrance of flowers, visit ancient roads, step on stone bridges, and look at the beautiful sun

The breakfast on the second day was very rich, steamed buns, steamed buns, buns, corn tortillas, fried noodles, side dishes, porridge, soy milk, fried eggs, and fruits. It was delicious too! Especially the taste of fried noodles reminded me of a Hong Kong-style restaurant in Fiji at that time, which brought back memories and fell into nostalgia. After breakfast, I packed up, retired from the room, and walked towards the center of the town...

This time, I walked very slowly, for fear of missing any scenery. The lilac blossoms are in full bloom, and the breeze blows its fragrance everywhere. Walking on the bridge, the verses I have learned are flooding up!

The tender willow tree is on the shore, it is quietly, only occasionally swaying its branches in the wind;

A boat passed under the bridge, and the boatman rowed his oars, but he didn't know whose house he was going to;

make yourself a dream

There are many unnamed flowers, colorful, competing for beauty, full of fragrance, each with its own merits.

How can I describe my mood! If you have never been here, you will never understand why I am so excited!

I searched for various paths, because it was quiet enough there, and I walked up every stone step, and I saw more beautiful scenery~~

When I came to the post office in Shuizhen, I wrote a postcard, looking back at the past... At that time, the carriages and horses were far away, letters were very slow, and there was only enough to love one person in a lifetime, right? It is necessary to leave a memory, which is enough to take out and cherish in the future!

winding path

At that time, the carriages and horses were far away, the letters were very slow, and there was only enough to love one person in a lifetime.

Ancient Tradition & Emotional Sustenance

I accidentally discovered the Shadow Puppet Theater. I am very interested in the ancient tradition and intangible cultural heritage. Watching the shadow puppet show, I really feel that I have earned it! I always have a different feeling for things with a sense of the times.

So I have to go to Yongshun Dyeing Workshop, Sima Xiaoyao, New Year Painting Workshop, Lantern House, Kite Exhibition and so on. Paper lanterns, paper kites, wooden grates, tobacco shreds for men, rouge for daughters...I think of the "red flowers" in Yuelao Temple, the rippling heart is like a swaying boat, and I can't calm down for a while~ ~While admiring the pure handmade art, lamenting the craftsmanship of the craftsmen, while annoyed that the time goes by too fast, the clock ticks to three o'clock in the afternoon...

The heart language mangroves are tender, and the red thread is full of dreams. Both men and women are passionate, so that no one will have worries for a lifetime.

continue - dream

So for me, this is a trip to a place that is still mysterious, because I have been a passerby in the past two days, and I have been in a hurry, I don’t know how much beauty I missed~~

I found out that there is still such a fairyland by accident. If I don’t come once, I’m afraid I will leave regrets. I love this ancient charm, I love this small town and alleys, I love this green mountains and green waters, I love this paradise on earth !

Gubei Water Town, it does not have the history of Wuzhen Zhouzhuang, but it has traces of the past. I am glad that I have a little literary heart and brought me here!

This is the best recommendation for a weekend romantic trip in Beijing!