On the first floor of a Huaxing Building in an ordinary street called Guangyi Street in Beijing, there is a very inconspicuous place. On the bottom of the light green wall are a few simple white rounded characters: "Guangyi + Guangnei" Civic Cultural Center". Although it looks inconspicuous on the surface, it is a happy cultural paradise for the general society and serving ordinary people.

Recently, under the strong recommendation of Zhu Fengxia, a traveler in Central America, the reporter came here to collect scenery, and personally experienced the wonderful enjoyment of ordinary people participating in various activities here. Push open the pair of glass doors of "Guangyi+" and walk in. The scene that immediately greets people's eyes is simply unique, with distinct layers and brightly colored decoration style atmosphere, which makes people's eyes shine.

First of all, the reporter passed through a long and narrow exhibition wall, and the reporter glanced at it. On the wall were pictures of experts and scholars in various fields of the "Community Culture Construction Expert Advisory Group" who came here to give various lectures on science, culture, education, and art. and profile. Many experts are also well-known celebrities.

Pass through the expert exhibition wall and come to an exhibition hall with a wide view. The colorful "Guangyi+" event preview on the wall complements some vivid news pictures during the event. From one side, it has already made people feel the strong popularity here.

The reporter asked about the meaning of the name "Guangyi+". Wang Gang, the person in charge of the event planning of Guangyi+ who accompanied the reporter on the tour, introduced to the reporter: "The sea is open to all rivers, and art and beauty are united. Art comes from life, and it comes from around us." We want to gather the beautiful atmosphere of art through our efforts, and share the elegant cultural atmosphere in the name of family members. This is the meaning of "Guangyi+".

"Guangyi+" is not only a cultural center and a warm home where trendy art gathers around ordinary citizens, but also a public cultural service platform that keeps improving the vision of aesthetic education following the times! We, Guangyi+, hope to be committed to becoming a public space for lifelong learning for the general public. We hope that every friend who meets and gets acquainted here can continue to feel the charm of art and become a better self.

After passing through the exhibition hall, the reporter visited the activity space on the upper and lower floors covering an area of ​​more than 1,600 square meters. The classrooms with various functions are amazing. For example, yoga classrooms, dance classrooms, fitness venues, etc. are ready for people who love sports to enjoy fitness exercises under the guidance of professional teachers. Coincidentally, in the dance studio that day, the reporter just saw some middle-aged and elderly dance lovers rehearsing happily here, and most of the participants were filled with happy smiles.

The small theater of "Guangyi+" always has wonderful performances not to be missed. Its professional lighting and audio-visual equipment can meet the needs of various theater performances, small concerts, drama performances, drama performances, cross talk, movie screenings and other activities , has always been in an endless stream, and is deeply welcomed by the citizens who watch this place.

For friends who like to socialize, various forms of social activities such as youth friendship, food sharing, and fashion activities are provided here, and people can enjoy the spiritual SPA brought by social interaction in the space filled with art.

"Guangyi+" is elegantly decorated, and the children's reading island called "Book Tower" collects a wide range of books with various themes, which makes people dizzying. Readers can learn knowledge in a quiet reading atmosphere. strength.

What is particularly worth mentioning is the gathering of famous experts here. Scholars personally tell the classics of Chinese studies and recite speeches so that everyone can inherit the classics and feel the charm of culture together; the creative cultural and creative design allows everyone to explore culture together, use art design to bring forth new ideas, and use literature to create ideas Create a unique cultural business card.

Explanation of paper-cut making (photo courtesy of Du Xiaojie)

Here, there are more than one hundred wonderful activities in six categories throughout the year. Experts in community culture construction and teachers from the advisory group will take you to explore the ocean of art. Here, we bid farewell to the hustle and bustle of the busy city, seek spiritual abundance, let art enter life, and let happiness fill our hearts.

Du Xiaojie, member of the Beijing Youth Federation and director of Guangyi + Guangnei Civic Cultural Center, told reporters that every year and festival, our place is even more lively. At the event site, you will see excellent teachers from science popularization, art, Chinese studies, culture and other fields, bringing wonderful social practice course demonstration roadshows, as well as seal cutting, printmaking, lacquer carving, hand-painting, Interactive areas such as paper-cutting and casting are rich in content and diverse in form, attracting citizens and friends to check in and experience.

Happy parent-child activities (Photo: Du Xiaojie)

In addition, we also have a parent-child activity area, a picture book reading area, and a shared activity island to become children's social playmates and make them no longer lonely. Popular science lectures that bring enlightenment and art workshops that develop intelligence can also enrich children's hands-on ability during play. At the same time, we will also carry out various forms of voluntary public service. Volunteers gather together to give wonderful public lectures and carry out various meaningful voluntary service activities.

In the field of social practice, as a representative of our "Guangyi+" teacher Wang Gang, he participated in the design of five major types of curriculum concepts: art, science, literature, sports, and social practice, especially in social practice activities. , let the children grow up in the experience, and cultivate their interest in the special activities.

  During the activity, the teachers of popular science courses displayed insect specimens and live insects, took the children to experience and touch, carried out popular science activities about insects, explored the mysterious world of insects together, and discovered interesting natural knowledge, with a complete nature education curriculum system It attracted parents to stop and praise.

Opera Lecture (Photo courtesy of Du Xiaojie)

Cultural teachers use rich reading forms and interesting parent-child activity designs to enlighten parents on the parent-child relationship of parent-child relationship, and to cultivate positive personality traits such as self-confidence, independence, optimism, etc., for parents. Vigorously enhance the inner drive of the child.

In the reporter's view, Beijing "Guangyi+" Guangnei Citizen Cultural Center is aimed at the entire community. Whether it is children, students, young people, middle-aged or elderly people, everyone can enjoy a party of happiness when they come here. activity space. Maybe that's why people love this place where they live deep in the streets of Beijing. (Photo: Feng Ganyong)