The appearance of autumn in your heart

What does autumn look like in your heart?

As a snack food lover who loves life, autumn is the harvest season in my heart.
Look at the sturdy and lovely persimmons hanging all over the treetops, and the whole baskets of corn and pumpkins filled with baskets
Such a sense of happiness full of harvesting in the fields is what autumn looks like in my mind.

Of course, in addition to the joy of harvest, the beauty of autumn also makes people feel happy.

This spring, I went to Hangzhou and was deeply attracted by the flowers in Hangzhou, and became a "nympho"
This autumn, I went to the outskirts of Beijing and was deeply planted by the cotinus cotinus leaves in Pofengling, and became a "leaf idiot"
This weekend, if you haven't arranged yet, you can take your family and friends to drive around the suburbs of Beijing
Like me, go to Pofengling to live "Longing for Life"
Store this autumn with your eyes and camerašŸ“·

Click on Pofengling in the red leaf season

This is also the first time I have been to Pofengling. When I walked through the gate of the capital, I was already attracted by the gate.
The huge red leaf decoration, super large red lanterns šŸ® have the atmosphere of the red leaf season.

Along the way to the scenic spot, there are many shops full of corn, pepper, corn, pumpkin and other agricultural products. At first, I thought they were all the same decorations as before, but it turned out that they were all real food, all real! The kind you can eat!

Isn't this chili tempting?

If you want to take pictures of the scenery, there are actually countless trails here that can be diverted, just choose one according to your random mood.

When we were there, the cable car in the scenic spot was still being tested, and it should be open later. If you are lazy and donā€™t want to climb the mountain, it is recommended to take the cable car up to see the red leaves of Cotinus cotinus. This perspective must be superb.

We belong to those who walk up on our legs, keep fit by the way, and use our own perspective to capture a different kind of autumn.

In the spring of this year, I went to Hangzhou and was deeply fascinated by the flowers of Hangzhou.
This time I came to see Cotinus cotinus, which was really planted by the red leaves of Pofengling.

I often think that the poets and painters in the past used their pens or paintings to leave beautiful scenery purely because they did not have a camerašŸ“·.

Every verse praising autumn is so true here.
Although I am not artistic enough, I do like this gorgeous dark warm autumn scene.

Put yourself in the sea of ā€‹ā€‹"leaves" at will, and take a picture of an exclusive autumn look.
If you are willing to wear a distinctive outfit like this young lady, then this portrait must be super beautiful!

Forgive what I'm wearing for spoiling the view, as I happen to be ill.
Autumn in Beijing is still quite chilly.

Because the scenery is so beautiful, it also attracts a large number of photographers to capture the autumn scenery.
If you also love photography, this is definitely a must-see place this autumn.

If you are tired from climbing, there is also a rest area in the middle where you can stay for a short time. If you bring the elderly or children, you don't have to climb to the top in one go, just stroll here slowly.

Maybe on weekdays, we are all in a hurry to live in work or life, and never want to watch the changes of the four seasons in detail. And here I am, seeing how the autumn paintbrush šŸ–Œ smudges the world.

Listen to me, you must come this red leaf season!

If you want to take something back, there is a big market at the foot of the mountain. The local products here are really simple and of guaranteed quality.

Don't miss Pofeng Zuihe Red Basket

In addition to the beautiful scenery, the unmissable delicacies in Pofengling must be Pofeng drunk and red back pan.

If you are like me, the soul of smell is taken away by corn šŸŒ½ along the road, you can buy a corn cob.

Because Pofengling has a special small farmyard, so the grain is the most here.
The Pofengzui brewed by nearby residents has inspired my alcohol addiction.

You can taste all kinds of aged and refined grain wine in the small house. There are many types and prices are not uniform.
If you are like me, you want to warm your stomach in the cool autumn, this tempting little wine, you can really feel the comfort of poetry wine scented tea in this autumn.

Of course, it is also possible to simply rest your feet and buy a warm milk tea.

This area can also become a paradise for children.
It is also rare for me to have the opportunity to watch the old donkey pull the mill so closely. The cleaning staff also feed the donkey with the leaves from the cleaning, which is also very original.

The Red Basket Catering Department is the second area where you can eat.
I simply took a look at the dishes, and the prices are still very conscientious.

Once you have transferred what you want to eat, just place an order at the collective cashier.

We bought ourselves a cup of hot soy milk, with or without sugar.

The red hawthorn juice actually looks very attractive, with a sweet and sour taste.

If you ask me, what is the most recommended food, then I will definitely say, eat a piece of é„ø鄹 noodles. Miscellaneous grains and rice noodles, pressed and reconciled buckwheat noodles, sorghum noodles, etc. with special rice noodles. Put it in the bed of Hehe, sit on the lever and directly squeeze the noodles into long strips (noodles) and put them in the pot to cook and eat.

Here you can not only see the production method, but also taste a must. A 60-year-old elder said that this is the taste of his childhood. He ate two bowls at once, showing how much he missed the taste.

After eating the noodles, you can also feel the manual experience of grinding cornmeal by yourself in "Longing for Life" next to it, and return to the simple rural life in the countryside.

Come and live in seclusion in the country with the flowers of sumac

Watching "Longing for Life" will always make people yearn for it.
Probably all want to find a small homestay and live in seclusion for a few days.
Then when you come to Pofengling, I really recommend you to live in the Cotinus cotinus flower blooming and enjoy yourself!

Here, every small courtyard is a stone-built exterior wall, especially like walking on the path to grandma or grandma's house when I was a child.
Seeing the ivy hanging all over the corner, I found a secluded state of mind in a second.

When we arrived, it was night, and the red lanterns under the night were very warm.

It is very unique to get up early to see our small courtyard.
The whole arrangement is very comfortable and cozy. In addition to the rooms, each small courtyard has its own public living room.
Whether it's a family coming here for the weekend, or a company coming here as a team, it's very comfortable and relaxing.

When I saw this rustic big cattail fan, I suddenly thought of my old lady.
Only old people at that age can't put down such a simple big cattail fan.
It's definitely not going to work this season.

The equipment in the room is still very complete, and there is a little elegance, so there is no need to worry about the current homestay.
A little lazy guy like me likes a place where everything is there.

There are a lot of people in our group, and we are all scattered in different yards, so we have the opportunity to visit other people's yards.

The layout of the rooms is basically the same, each one is fresh and elegant, and the landscape is also good. The large floor-to-ceiling windows let in sunlight, and the tatami mats in the room allow people to sit and drink tea and chat, allowing people to relax their minds.

There are also dolls and small wooden horses prepared for children here. Families traveling with children can definitely not use iPads to send children away, and there can be more interesting projects to increase the distance between parents and children.

In addition to the blooming of sumac, grandma's house is also worth recommending.

My favorite is the swing at my grandma's house, and the children must like it very much. Big kids like me like it too.

There is another reason for choosing to live in Cotinus cotinus Blossoms, which is that one-stop accommodation can be solved here. I like this kind of natural and original food.
In the morning, the butler will prepare delicious porridge and side dishes. You can have a healthy breakfast without leaving home.

The steamed buns are freshly steamed in the kitchen, and the housekeeper will calculate the time, because the weather is cold and they will wait all the time, and bring them out when they are eaten, and they will be hot.

Millet porridge boiled in a casserole, you can see the thick porridge coating (the skin of the porridge), the grains are full, the coarse grains are matched with polished rice noodles, and the nutrition is balanced.

The eggs are local eggs from the village, and you can tell by eating the yellow color, which is different from meat eggs.

The taste of stir-fried vegetables and pickles is just right, and the saltiness is moderate.

There is also a special recommendation here, oil-free, water-free and sugar-free healthy bread, which needs to be bought separately, and we specially take it out for breakfast. I usually cook by myself, and seeing such healthy vegan bread, I couldnā€™t love it more.

If you come to live here, there is another thing that must be planted is the brazier pot.
The ingredients inside are all local specialties, and the ingredients are also super rich.
What dried beans/cucurbit strips/radish strips/potato slices/konjac as a base, with pork belly/white tofu/fried tofu on top.
Use a casserole as a container and bake it in a brazier, which not only keeps warm, but also has the taste of stewing.

Don't be too satisfied after eating this full of ingredients, and then rinse with vegetables.

The local snacks here, the Sanzi, corn buns, and steamed pumpkins from childhood are also very simple.

There is also this ugly little apple, although the appearance is average, but the taste is sweet and sour and crisp, a small one, just right.

Having said so much, do you love Cotinus cotinus blooming as much as I do?

Practical guides and traffic routes

[self-driving route]
It takes less than 2 hours to drive from Beijing by car! Locate the sumac flower.
The road in Fangshan is very spacious, and the scenery along the way is also particularly good. The high-speed fee is not expensive, and 10 yuan will get it done.

怐Public transit怑
If you plan to take the subway šŸš‡, it is recommended to take the "Fangshan Chengguan" station, and then take a taxi to locate the flowers of Cotinus cotinus, more than 40 yuan.

Listen to me, this autumn, you must go to Pofengling once!
Now the red leaves are more beautiful than when I went, I look forward to having a better weekend with your family or friends!