In recent years, with the rapid development of the homestay economy, homestays have gradually become the "home" that more and more young people love by virtue of their diverse styles, comfortable accommodation environment and value for money.

Different from traditional hotels, B & B has developed more advanced functions about "playing" based on the function of "living". How to spend only one price to get more free additional experience? The backyard will take you to unlock the tricks of homestays that do not leave Beijing during the epidemic, so that staying in a homestay is super worth it!


Ximu | Photo Photography B&B

"Beauty Blessing 100%"

Taking pictures is one of the favorite daily activities of most girls. To take a perfect photo, appropriate clothing, makeup and background atmosphere are essential. Every grand festival or some memorable important moments in life, many little fairies even spend huge sums of money to shoot professional photos in the studio.

However, although photo studios have good film effects, they are also easily restricted by many conditions such as price, number of photos, and shooting atmosphere, which cannot meet the psychological needs of fairies to "take whatever they want and enjoy taking pictures".

Backyard·Yumu has re-engraved the layout of the houses in the Edo period. The pure Japanese theme style is matched with the free kimono clogs. For the little fairies who want to take pictures of Japanese kimonos, you can come here to take a fun photo. bother~

Hanging stove, Japanese tatami mats, wooden bathtub, cherry blossom paper umbrella, Kanagawa Ukiyo-e...every detail in the room can be used as a photo background and props.

Drink a glass of sake in the tea room, stroll with a paper umbrella, and feel as if you are in the neon country Kyoto with any posture.


Persimmon Yard | Sunshine Meditation B&B

"Soul Habitat"

Hunan Satellite TV's popular slow variety shows such as "Longing for Life" and "Dear Inn" quickly set off a trend of "slow life" in pursuit of poetry and distant places.

Living away from the troubles of the city and living quietly in a place free from worldly disturbances may be the most luxurious dream most of us modern people yearn for.

Persimmon Courtyard in the suburbs of Beijing is located in Baihujian Village, which is far away from the busy city. Surrounded by mountains, there is a kind of nature and tranquility of "deep courtyard", and it is also the most suitable place to relax and meditate.

It has the most beautiful appearance in winter: the sun shines on the body through the glass corridor wall, the magpie occasionally flies past lightly and silently, the whole heart stops with the wind, and all the troubles drift away with the thoughts and return to zero.. ....

Sit quietly, meditate, let go, close your eyes and feel the collision of all things in nature and the soul, find the most authentic self, and meet the original heart.


Factory Warehouse | Internet Celebrity Bookstore B&B

"Companion with a room full of scholarly fragrance"

Sanlitun, home to PAGE ONE, Sanlian Taofen, Yanjiyou, Laoshuworm and other online celebrity bookstores, is often a trendy sanctuary favored by literary youths and Tandian bloggers.

Taking pictures in the uniquely designed Internet celebrity bookstore, or looking for a hidden corner to read quietly, the bookstore scene with a strong artistic atmosphere has become a check-in space that many people yearn for.

Changcang moved the Sanlitun Internet Celebrity Bookstore into the B&B. The book wall restores the design style of words and warmth, with warm lighting, moving ladders, and a comfortable reading space, just like a private library for reading lovers.

Looking up, the collection of books everywhere is the "favorite" collected by the "bookworm" landlord for decades, including historical biographies, philosophy and art, and literary novels.

On weekend afternoons, open a favorite literary novel, accompany the room full of books, immerse yourself in the world of books, and read endlessly.


Hawthorn House | Minority Wedding B&B

“Romance speaks for itself”

Not liking the red tape of traditional ceremonies, more and more couples are beginning to choose Western-style weddings with simple procedures: flowers, candles, balloons...the beloved walks from the bright starlight, and completes the sincere love for each other under the witness of both friends. Life promises, extremely romantic.

And a warm and well-designed homestay has gradually become the most ideal small wedding venue in their hearts.

The Hawthorn Courtyard retains the old Beijing courtyard style, with a small open-air courtyard in the middle. The unique lighting design at night and the exquisite and careful layout fully meet the venue needs of small confession weddings.

Enclosing a private courtyard, a warm and loving atmosphere, the closest friends, and the most loved ones, all the stories related to love are staged here, meeting romance.


Workshop | Team Building Party Homestay

"Rich gameplay without duplication"

The end of the year is the peak period for many companies to hold team building parties. During the epidemic, avoid the crowded crowds in the downtown area, book a few B&Bs in the suburbs of Beijing, and come to a holiday-style group building that combines relaxation in the suburbs + fun and parties. All contacts are with familiar internal personnel of the group, which is safe and secure.

The workshop is redesigned from a large furniture factory in the village. The large space of 240 square meters can accommodate up to 50 people at the same time. It is an excellent venue for company annual meetings and group building parties.

The homestay is equipped with a 150-inch projection screen, pool table, foosball table, bar table, and a KTV with its own karaoke machine. The rich equipment experience is super value!

The open kitchen area provides fully equipped cooking supplies and Chinese and Western tableware, as well as intimate Yangfang special food reservation service.

On a cold winter day, a table is gathered, fresh vegetables, and plates of fat and tender lamb are placed on the table, eating meat with big mouthfuls, drinking in big bowls, heartily!


Rainforest Mystery | Healing Bubble Pool B&B

"Double SPA for body + mind"

The temperature in Beijing has dropped sharply recently, and hot springs have become the first choice for people to travel and relax. The Rainforest Mystery introduces the elements of hot spring pools indoors, providing a comfortable accommodation environment while also opening up a relaxing trip to the pool for residents.

The B&B has a Southeast Asian rainforest style as a whole. It seems as if you have entered a tropical rainforest full of natural atmosphere, and your body relaxes instantly.

In the cooling season, you don’t need to care about the outdoor temperature, immerse your body in comfortable hot water and moist water vapor, and enjoy the double SPA of body and mind.

All rooms in the backyard are checked in with a green code. All areas are fully disinfected in accordance with epidemic prevention standards every day, and the body temperature of the service staff is normal. To provide you with the ultimate security protection, please rest assured.