Meet in 2020: couples vacation, parent-child study tour

In a blink of an eye, 2020 has arrived. If Pingyao Ancient City is in your plan in 2020, you can plan ahead! If you want to travel during the Spring Festival, but worry about too many people, here is the most comprehensive guide for you.

In December, there is heavy snowfall in the north. Listen slowly to the sound of snow falling. Friends who like snowy days are optimistic about the weather forecast, and don’t miss the ancient city of Pingyao, which is full of silver and fruit.

From January to February, I believe you have made a plan for the Spring Festival Pingyao holiday in advance, which is suitable for family/parent-child holidays;

From March to May, friends who are going to get married in the current period can go to the ancient city to take wedding photos in advance + feel the honeymoon atmosphere; you can also take a group of personal photos alone;

From June to September, the peak season for parent-child study tours/graduation trips, the summer is not very hot, which is not bad;

From October to November, if you have enough annual leave, it is suitable for honeymoon trips for couples. Food tasting, climbing ancient city walls, and places to check in and take photos with Internet celebrities are also indispensable. . .

Whole year | Pre-departure preparation & itinerary


【Preparation before departure】

Clothing: jackets (thermal underwear, down jacket, sweater), pants (thermal pants, jeans), shoes (suede shoes, snow boots), gloves, hats, masks.

Transportation: In December, the transportation is convenient, and there is no congestion in the ancient city. December is the off-season. It is best to find an inn with heating in the ancient city, otherwise it will be very cold~ If you are lucky enough to encounter snow, you can see the silverware. The ancient city of Pingyao~

[Itinerary] (based on two days)

DAY1: Climb the city wall--County Government Office--Confucian Temple--Town God's Temple--Lunch (Hongwuji Hotel)--See Pingyao again--Dinner (eat outside the ancient city)-Night Tour South Street--Watch the ancient city light show

DAY2: Escort Bureau - Collaborative Celebration - Rishengchang - Lunch - Some nearby small attractions - Go shopping - Buy some souvenirs

January to February

Every new year will be in January~February, so write the itinerary and pre-departure preparations with the Chinese New Year as the theme

【Preparation before departure】

Clothing: jackets (thermal underwear, down jacket, sweater), pants (thermal pants, jeans), shoes (suede shoes, snow boots), gloves, hats, masks.

Transportation: During the Chinese New Year period, most people will choose to travel by car. For the ancient city of Pingyao, the major parking lots are at the peak of traffic jams. You can choose to go to the ancient city at night, which will make parking more convenient, or arrive at the ancient city very early in the morning. Of course, it is more convenient to take the train or high-speed rail.


DAY1: Set a table of Pingyao-style New Year’s Eve dinner & find the most characteristic inn in Pingyao & go to the ancient city wall to see the New Year’s decorations on South Street & go to Pingyao specialty stores to send New Year’s gifts to family members - a group of travel photos

DAY2: County Yamen -- Confucian Temple -- Chenghuang Temple -- Rishengchang -- Escort Bureau -- Synergy Celebration -- Light Show

March to May

March to May is the best tourist season, it is very suitable for wearing autumn clothes and taking beautiful photos in skirts

【Preparation before departure】

Clothing: tops (skirts, sweaters), pants (thin fleece leggings, jeans), shoes (sneakers, sneakers, canvas shoes), sunglasses, sunscreen.

Transportation: The transportation in March is convenient. You don’t have to worry about the lack of space in the parking lot. The people in the ancient city are just right, neither too many nor too few.

Pingyao has a railway station (Pingyao Station), a high-speed rail station (Pingyao Ancient City Station), a bus station, and the transportation is very convenient

Parking conditions are as follows:

Ecological Parking Lot (Visitor Center): Located on the right side of the second traffic light after exiting Pingyao Expressway (opposite to Experimental Middle School)

Shangxiguan parking lot: Outside the Shangxi Gate of Pingyao Ancient City, it is relatively close to Pingyao Ancient City and Pingyao Performance Theater

Xiaxiguan Parking Lot: Outside the Xiaxi Gate of Pingyao Ancient City, the Xiaxiguan Parking Lot is adjacent to the commercial center and snack bar of Pingyao County.

Beiguan Parking Lot: The closest parking lot to the gate of Pingyao Ancient City, next to the family hotel street. city ​​walls.

Parking lot charges:

Less than 7 seats, 10 yuan for 8 hours, 30 yuan for overnight stay.

7 seats (inclusive)-15 seats, 15 yuan for 8 hours, 45 yuan for overnight stay.

15 seats (inclusive), 20 yuan for 8 hours, 60 yuan for overnight stay.

[How to get from the high-speed rail station to the ancient city]

A Take 108 to the North Gate, 30 minutes by car, 1 yuan fare

B Take a taxi to Xiaonanmen of the ancient city, 10 minutes’ drive, 22 yuan (Taxi in the city cannot enter the ancient city, only vehicles with permits are allowed to enter the ancient city, generally only those with houses in the ancient city can apply for a permit, so taxis You can only sit at Xiaonanmen, and then walk to the main street for 8 minutes)

C Ask the inn staff if they can pick you up (the inn I booked can be picked up, but it’s free in the city, the high-speed rail station is in the suburbs, you can take 108 to get off at the county government, and then let the innkeeper pick you up at the inn, if you don’t want to sit The bus can also ask the inn to find a car, the cost is 30, and it can also be taken directly to the inn)


DAY1: Looking for a travel photographer to take a group of photos of Shanxi merchants & tour the South Street of the ancient city at night & watch the light show & write some words for yourself in the yogurt shop

DAY2: County Yamen -- Confucian Temple -- Chenghuang Temple -- Rishengchang -- Escort Bureau -- Synergy Celebration -- Light Show

Lu Yue to Jiu Yue

From June to September, there is summer vacation, and it is also the peak tourist season. In summer, I can finally eat many cups of fried yogurt with sea buckthorn juice~

【Preparation before departure】

Clothing: tops (autumn clothes, coats, beautiful little skirts), pants (jeans), shoes (espadrilles, sneakers), sunscreen, sunglasses, umbrellas, sun hats.


DAY1: Eat a cup of fried yogurt with seabuckthorn juice (ancient city feature) - county government - Confucian Temple - Chenghuang Temple - see Pingyao again

DAY2: Rishengchang--Escort--Collaborative Celebration--Light Show--Shopping is the happiest

Ten months to ten months

Some suggestions for friends who travel during the National Day holiday.


D1: Datong Ancient City - Yungang Grottoes - Datong Cuisine

D2: Huayan Temple - Mount Heng & Hanging Temple

D3: Taiyuan Jinci Temple--Shanxi Museum

D4: Pingyao Ancient City's Essence Attractions--See Pingyao Silo Drama--Pingyao Cuisine

D5: Other scenic spots in Pingyao Ancient City - Shuanglin Temple/Zhenguo Temple (two directions outside the city, you can choose one)

Comprehensive tips:

1. Try to bring as little cash as possible, and keep valuables safe. Now that technology is so advanced, online checkout has become a norm. Therefore, try to choose as little cash as possible when traveling abroad. But carrying less cash does not mean not carrying cash. It would be miserable if you cannot pay online at certain times. At the same time, when traveling, try not to leave valuables such as cameras and computers, and keep them properly.

2. Ticket category: Determine the travel time, choose the means of transportation in advance, whether it is a plane or a train, it is best to download a travel app, so that booking tickets is more convenient.

3. Digital category: SLR cameras, mobile phones, chargers, mobile power supplies, power strips.

4. Check the weather forecast when you go out. It is best to choose a sunny day. For the few days we came, we deliberately chose a sunny day without rain, so that the photos we took were good-looking, and the trip was very comfortable.

5. If you are traveling by car, determine the route in advance.

6. The temperature in Shanxi is low and the wind is strong. When traveling here, it is best to prepare sunglasses, hats and other things to prevent wind and sand.

7. The drinking water in Pingyao tastes slightly salty, and you will feel a little uncomfortable when drinking it. It is recommended to buy pure water instead.

8. Accommodation, meals, shopping, and transportation can all be slashed here. It is recommended to try to bargain.

9. Water tanks and stone ingots for all ticket numbers. Self-help backpackers don't need to hire a tour guide, they can listen along with the group along the way.

10. There are many historic sites in the ancient city, and multiple ticket inspections are required, so keep the tickets properly.

11. The prices of restaurants in the ancient city of Pingyao are relatively expensive, and some restaurants have different prices. Tourists should be more careful.

Chinese New Year Food in Pingyao

What's on the New Year's dinner table in Pingyao?

New Year's Eve Dinner No. 1: Four Button Bowls

Every family in Pingyao cooks a unique flavor of meat during Chinese New Year or festivals——"Sikouwan", also known as "Hewanzi".

Before the new year, people in Pingyao are busy preparing bowls. Hewanzi is a Chinese New Year dish prepared in advance by Pingyao people. All kinds of semi-cooked meat are steamed in earthenware bowls, and more than ten bowls of each meat are steamed. In the past, after making it, cover it with plastic wrap and put it outside the window, in a shaded place in the yard. The weather in the north is very cold, and this year's weather is not good. When eating, you only need to return to the pot and steam it, put it on the plate and serve it directly.

The picture below shows crispy meat

Sauce plum meat, close to buckle meat, is "bad meat" soaked in sauce tofu juice.

The picture below shows the soy bean meat buckle

The picture below is the buckle ball

Hewanzi is an earthenware bowl specially used to place meat. It is not glazed after being fired, and it is slightly shallower than ordinary bowls. Boil pork fat and streaky pork pieces in a pot, remove them, burn them with rice wine, remove them, and cut them into pieces of different shapes, five taels per bowl, such as strip-shaped roast meat, large block-shaped meat, and hoof-shaped blocks with knives , coded in a bowl according to the shape, add scallion knots, ginger slices, salt, fennel, pepper water, steam in a basket, and eat after being placed in a basket. When eating, it is necessary to add the prepared soup, such as roast meat, meatballs and clear soup. Big meat, hoof and thicken soup.

"Hewanzi" tastes great and has a variety of varieties, including sauced plum meat (poor meat), roasted meat, big meat, crispy meat, hoof, meatballs, steamed chicken and so on. Different parts of pork are cut into pieces with the same shape and taste. The big cubes are called big meat, the strips are called roasted meat, the diamond-shaped ones are called "hoof" elbows, and the "bad meat" sauce soaked in soy sauce and tofu There are plum meat, meatballs, chicken, lamb and other varieties. The production of Hewanzi has a long history in the local area. Due to the use of specially-made special utensils and special cooking methods, it is fat but not greasy when eaten, thin but not firewood, and has different tastes. It is deeply loved by people. , It has also become a must-have delicacy for the people of Pingyao to celebrate the New Year and hold banquets.

New Year’s Eve Dinner No. 2: Copper Beef Hot Pot

With the most classic beef in Pingyao, the hospitable Pingyao people will choose copper hot pot to entertain guests. In addition to beef, the beef copper hot pot can also put meatballs and crispy meat in four-button bowls, together with vegetables and vermicelli. The hot pot that is eaten now is a very healthy dish, and the locals sometimes eat it with vinegar.

New Year’s Eve Dinner No. 3: Bubble Oil Cake

During the Chinese New Year, Pingyao people will make oil cakes by themselves, and make oil cakes at home. Bubble oil cakes are very famous in Pingyao. Soft and sweet. Girls with a sweet tooth must order it when they come to the ancient city! Therefore, oil cakes have also become a dish for them to entertain guests.

New Year’s Eve Dinner No.: Pingyao Beef

The local specialty dish is also a favorite dish of Pingyao people. It must be served on the table during the festival. The stewed beef can be bought in chunks and cut into slices. Pingyao beef respects the beef itself. The color, taste, and chewiness are basically the feeling of beef. Pingyao beef has a unique production process, with a ruddy color and a delicious fragrance. It is "fat but not greasy, thin but not dry". There are almost every restaurant in Pingyao, and Hongwuji restaurant has this dish.

The most famous Shanxi delicacy - Pingyao Beef is mentioned in the world-famous song "The Beautiful Scenery of Shanxi".

If you want to buy the most authentic beef, you must also choose the right specialty shop. There are many specialty shops in the ancient city that are full of buffalo beef. How to choose the right specialty store? If we look for the brand, we can choose Guanyun and Guantao agents. Specialty shops will let tourists taste it. If you don’t worry, you can taste it before buying. Usually, it will be mailed directly to tourists for us to go to other places.

There is a 20-year-old Du Quanyong specialty store in North Street, and the appearance is also very impressive. His family is the agent of Guanyun brand. In addition to Guanyun’s beef, there are also many Shanxi specialties, such as Qinzhou yellow millet, Taigu cake, and stone cake.

New Year's Eve Dinner No. 5: Shanxi Fried Pork

Fried pork is a dish that will appear on the dining table of Pingyao people on weekdays. It is made of selected lean meat, starched, oiled, and fried with natural black fungus, mushrooms, and garlic sprouts.

New Year’s Eve Dinner Number: Pingyao Bowl Holder

There must be a bowl holder on the dining table, which can be eaten cold or fried. It is a traditional delicacy in the ancient city of Pingyao.

The white flour is made into a paste with warm water, and the ingredients are placed in a shallow bowl and steamed in a steamer. After being taken out of the cage to cool, it falls off from the bowl and is bowl-shaped. As the name suggests, Wantuo, also known as Wantuo, has the dual advantages of refreshing jelly and strong fragrance of enema. It was created by Dong Xuan, a famous chef in the early years of Guangxu in Qing Dynasty. It has a history of 100 years. He took off, full of praise, and his reputation has been greatly shaken since then. There are two ways to eat the bowl, cold and stir-fried. I prefer stir-fried, but the taste is salty, depending on personal taste.

New Year's Eve Dinner No. 7: Oat Noodles and Castanopsis

The names of many delicacies in Pingyao have a rural flavor, such as oat noodles and 栳栳栳.

The whole name is very embarrassing to read. I don’t know under what circumstances the person who named it got along with the name. 栲栳栳 is a famous pasta in Pingyao. It is made by rolling thin noodles into hollow rolls and steaming. The dipping sauce is self-made according to personal taste .

On the most prosperous South Street in the ancient city, there are also many snacks with a new year flavor, which are very popular with little fairies!

New Year's candied haws

The bag of the pot helmet is also following in the footsteps of the Chinese New Year.

New Year's Taste Eight Treasure Rice Buttons

Best New Year’s Eve Restaurant: Hong Wu Kee Restaurant

The term "Hongwu" is taken from the time when the ancient city of Pingyao was established. The ancient city of Pingyao was built in the third year of Hongwu in the Ming Dynasty (1370 A.D.).

The word "remember" is for us to remember the happy life created by our grandparents and to preserve the history and culture of the ancient city.

Hongwuji is an online celebrity shop in the four main streets, eight alleys, and seventy-two alleys of "Turtle City". The current operator has accepted from only one "Hongwuji" door, and adhered to the founding concept of "come here, cook a bowl of noodles for you", step by step to open up a broad road, and to make the name of "Hongwuji" Pingyao Ancient City.

Hongwuji Restaurant is a large restaurant with six facades. Outside the window, you can see the romantic and warm atmosphere of Hongwuji Restaurant. The waterwheel in front of the gate makes tourists stop here. Now when I get close to Hongwuji Restaurant, there is always a scene in my mind: step into the courtyard, simple and elegant, sit in front of the window, drink a cup of buckwheat tea, and watch the busy traffic on Ming and Qing Streets, and my heart is immediately clean and relieved. Whenever I feel troubled in my heart, I think of an encounter and that comfort.

In order to better inherit the Shanxi noodle culture, the restaurant has set up a Ming stall, and some dishes usually come from here. Most of the handmade noodles, knife-cut noodles, hand-rolled noodles, cat ears, naked noodles with fish, and naked noodles. to pure manual processing.

There are many classical gadgets, steamer drawers, ancient pottery, etc. in the grid on the Ming shelf. Each plaque has its corresponding module. The cold dish area is full of flavor, the cooking area is slow-cooked, and the hand-made area is for smelling the aroma.

The red hydrogen balloon lanterns combined with the vermilion walls and ceilings present a strong romantic and festive atmosphere. A restaurant that can directly accommodate a hall of 100 people is rare in South Street. The table in the middle can accommodate a family gathering of 20 people. It is the first choice for New Year's Eve dinner.

If you want your own independent space, Hongwuji can also provide it to everyone. Each private room can accommodate 10 people. The family can have New Year’s Eve dinner in the private room. It is a very festive environment. The bright red is the color of Chinese red. , the only Pingyao specialty restaurant with private rooms in Pingyao.

The core value of a restaurant is its dishes and services. Hongwuji’s signature dishes: Yellow Rice Cake, Beef Copper Hot Pot, Dry Fragrant Braised Noodles, Pingyao Beef, Pingyao Bowl Holder, Sliced ​​Noodles, Pearl Emerald white jade soup and so on.

In the cold winter, the store will give free camellia, the heart-warming camellia just to warm the cold winter. Watermelon will be given in summer.

The combination of yellow rice cold cake, millet and glutinous rice is not enough. You can also see cranberries and raisins. It is also a wonderful thing to eat with sweet-scented osmanthus sauce. It is sweet and soft, and the world A dish loved by friends everywhere.

Knife-cut noodles, after purely hand-made pasta making and noodle-cutting process, with carefully prepared and stir-fried sauce, can a beautiful knife-cut noodles be produced. The size of the noodles should be paid attention to when cutting noodles. The technique of the master on the left is very important.

Dry fragrant braised noodles need to be simmered in a pot for 15 minutes. Prepare the required raw materials such as beans, mushrooms, tomatoes, cauliflower, etc. in advance, and then serve with the sauce that has been simmered for 12 hours.

The Pearl Jade White Jade Soup is in line with the taste of the public. The soup contains baby vegetables, ham sausage, vermicelli, broccoli, and preserved eggs. Will miss it when I get home.

When it comes to eating, the most impressive thing is his service. The dining experience at Hongwuji Restaurant is a happy one, and I am reluctant to leave, and I want to come again. Want to entertain relatives and friends like greetings and warmth, the intuitive feeling like home. If you are careful, you will find that many foreign tourists will choose to eat at Hongwuji, because the waiters can basically communicate in English.

The waiter will personally come to mix the noodles for us.

The "hospitality Pingyao" promoted and advocated by the local people is indispensable for these people and assistants. The cultivation of the city's image and civilization level is the long-term precipitation of one sentence and one action. The so-called "one can reach a thousand miles without accumulating steps" refers to this kind of cultivation.

Pingyao Chinese New Year Accommodation

When traveling during the Chinese New Year, the choice of accommodation is very important. If you live too far away, it is inconvenient to visit the scenic spots, but if you stay directly near the scenic spots, the convenience of travel will definitely improve. Below are two recommendations, with good ratings and very old-fashioned inns~

NO.1 Xiangchangtai Inn

The inn is located near Rishengchang West Street, with a superior location. From this point of view, staying in Xiangchangtai is a good choice. The inn after the influence of the ancient city culture has a full sense of experience, and you can go to the scenic spots when you go out, which saves a lot of trouble.

The decoration of the inn is a typical courtyard house, and the inn was built according to the concept of Rishengchang. Xiangchangtai Hotel has a total of 21 rooms.

The rooms in Xiangchangtai Inn all adopt the style of dragon and phoenix canopy beds, restoring the most primitive Pingyao architecture, and can live in a big kang room for three people.

NO.2 Deshenglou Inn

Deshenglou Inn is located behind Hongwuji Hotel. In front of it is a restaurant that is very suitable for New Year’s Eve dinner. The second courtyard is an inn that can accommodate 80 people. The courtyard of the inn is full of red lanterns, which is the best choice for New Year’s Eve dinner. The home also has family suites that can accommodate eight people.

The suite adopts the top configuration of transparent glass, which is a relatively new Chinese design, which is more in line with the aesthetics of our modern people. It stands out among many inns in the ancient city.

There are also large kang rooms that can accommodate 3 to 4 people. Each room is equipped with induction footlights, smart mirrors, and USB sockets.

Chinese New Year Attractions in Pingyao

What attractions are worth visiting in Pingyao? Don't miss these attractions~

Ancient City Wall

If Lijiang is a pure and beautiful girl, then Pingyao is a Gone with the Wind with profound heritage. 200 years ago, Shanxi Province was the lifeblood of China's economy. Many people who went out from here became wealthy merchants, known as Shanxi merchants.

It is one of the four existing intact ancient cities in my country. It was built in the Western Zhou Dynasty and has a history of more than 2,700 years. The building follows the traditional feudal ritual system of Zuozu Youshe, and Zhu Yuanzhang's policy of building high walls, and the Dacheng Hall of Confucianism Temple built in the Jin Dynasty and other streets and alleys form a huge gossip pattern. The strong cultural atmosphere of Shanxi merchants, the gray walls of the deep houses, and the sunset of the market buildings.

It has a total circumference of 6,163 meters and a wall height of about 12 meters. It divides Pingyao County with an area of ​​about 2.25 square kilometers into two worlds with different styles. The streets, pavements, and city buildings within the city wall retain the Ming and Qing dynasties; the outside of the city wall is called Xincheng.

The ancient city wall is at the south gate, and the distance between the county government and the ancient city wall is very close, as our second crossing place. Visitors who come to Pingyao will want to climb the ancient city wall. The ancient city wall of Pingyao is 6-10 meters high and has a total length of 6157 meters. There are six gates in the ancient city wall of Pingyao, namely: South Gate, North Gate, Upper East Gate Gate, lower east gate, upper west gate, lower west gate. Each city gate also has a very elegant name, which is simple and elegant when read, but meaningful when tasted.

Ancient County Government

In ancient costume film and television works, the county government and the county magistrate's wife are obvious labels. Among the many counties, Pingyao is a special one. Because the scale of his county government office is even more grand and exquisite than that of many states at that time.

Pingyao County Government Office is located in the middle section of Yamen Street in the ancient city. It is the largest building complex in the existing ancient county government buildings in the country. The buildings are scattered around the axis. Seen from a height, it looks like a large square frame surrounded by several small buildings. box.

Pingyao County Government is one of the four well-preserved ancient government offices in China, and it is also the largest existing county government in the country. The entire building complex of the county government is orderly, patchwork, and reasonable in structure. It is an organic whole. No matter in terms of architectural layout or function setting, it can be called the epitome of the imperial palace. On May 19, 2004, the 11th Panchen Lama came to visit During the inspection of the county government, he happily mentioned the words: Pingyao county government is the most ancient government.

Temple of Literature

Here is the only test paper for the top scorer in the country. If you hadn't seen it with your own eyes, you really couldn't imagine its length. In the year of the college entrance examination, the whole class came together to pray, make wishes, and worship Confucius; the pure and simple happiness at that time seems to be beyond the reach of many people now.

Pingyao Confucian Temple, located in the southeast corner of Pingyao County, Shanxi Province, was built in the early years of Tang Zhenguan. Its Dacheng Hall was rebuilt in the Jin Dynasty and has maintained its original appearance. The only remaining Jin Dynasty buildings.

The Confucian Temple in Pingyao, the only remaining one in China's 1,300-year history of imperial examinations, is known as the "Little Forbidden City". It has a large scale, complete regulations, and a similar central axis.

Town God's Temple

Town God's Temple is located on Town God's Temple Street in Pingyao. It was first built in the Northern Song Dynasty and has been repaired many times. It is based on the etiquette system of "harmony between man and nature". Entering through the mountain gate and passing through the front yard, the Zaojun Temple and the God of Wealth Temple are located on the east and west sides. National key units.

Palaces, verandahs, pavilions, squares, platforms, wood carvings and brick carvings, large and small sparrows, various shapes and exquisite structures, the double-eave corridor of the Chenghuang Theater, and the gossip caisson of the Temple of Fortune Temple are all rare ancient buildings. The glass art on the roof of the cloth palace is amazing and exciting. The blue and green are mainly blue and green. An outstanding example of modern colored glaze craftsmanship. The Town God's Temple is a good model for studying the style and structure of Chinese classical architecture.


Escort, also known as Escort, is the predecessor of modern security companies in my country. The business is very complicated, whether it is the escort of goods in different places, looking after the store, bank exchange in different places, receiving and sending letters, etc., as long as you need it, you can find the bodyguard bureau to handle it.

The Huahua No. 1 Escort Museum is the first museum in the country to comprehensively display the history and culture of the Escort. It has three courtyards. The front yard is a commercial area, including east and west cabinet rooms, treasury and counter room, which is the business place of the Escort; the middle courtyard is the office area, which is composed of three groups of buildings, the letter room, the account room and the middle hall, and is the office space of the Escort; the back yard is The living area, including the ancestral hall, the kitchen and the martial arts field, is the place where bodyguard masters live their daily lives and practice martial arts.

Collaborative Celebration

Synergy Celebration is located in the west of South Street, Pingyao Ancient City, covering a total area of ​​more than 3,000 square meters, consisting of seven courtyards and an underground vault. Synergy Qing is a unique bank in China's bank industry. Founded in the sixth year of Xianfeng in the Qing Dynasty (1856), it is one of the top ten bank accounts in Pingyao. It is mainly engaged in foreign exchange and deposit business. The financial owner is Mijia in Wangjia Village, Niedian Village, Yuci, and Mijia, Pingyao Wangzhi Village. It closed in 2 years of the Republic of China (1913).

The operating characteristics of Synergy Qingpiaohao are very distinctive, mainly as follows: first, people-oriented, knowing people and doing well; second, focusing on flexible allocation of funds; third, highlighting key regional operations, etc. These three characteristics are the important characteristics of the success of modern enterprises.


Rishengchang, the first bank in China, is located in the prosperous area of ​​West Street, Pingyao Ancient City, the "first financial street in the Qing Dynasty". It is the originator of the modern bank of China. From the establishment of the bank in the early years of Qing Daoguang to its closure, after more than 100 years, it has been "the leader of China's finance", with branches all over 35 large and medium-sized cities across the country, and its business is as far away as Europe, America, Southeast Asia and other countries. He is famous and praised by Mr. Yu Qiuyu as the "country grandfather" of all kinds of banks in mainland China. (Yu Qiuyu's "Sorry for Shanxi") is such a small courtyard, which pioneered the Chinese national banking industry and once controlled the economic lifeline of the entire Qing Dynasty in the 19th century.

This is Rishengchang as described by Baidu Encyclopedia. It's not too much, because historically he was born naturally like this.

It is said that at that time, the owner's business was originally operating dyes in Pingyao, and it had a semicolon in Beijing. Due to business needs, the Beijing branch needed a lot of gold and silver, and the silver was placed in the Pingyao head office, but it was not enough for a while, so I borrowed money from the Pingyao Tongxiangmen who were also operating in Beijing, and wrote down the proof, asking them to come to the Pingyao branch. Pingyao general number to withdraw cash. At that time, it was very inconvenient for merchants to carry a large amount of gold and silver in their business transactions, and they might be harassed by bandits and robbers. The loss was not small, and the bodyguards had to pay a lot of extra fees. When they encountered this proposal from the shopkeeper of Rishengchang, they all thought it was very good. Moreover, the boss usually has a very good reputation in business, and everyone followed suit. Over time, other shops also began to entrust Rishengchang to start such services for them, and were willing to pay a certain fee for it. At the end of the year, the owner found that the income from this exchange far exceeded the main business of dyestuffs, so he decisively changed his career. As a result, China's financial industry also took root in the local area, and made Rishengchang, Pingyao, and Shanxi Merchants . Moreover, Rishengchang's practice of employing managers to manage the enterprise is formally the mainstream management system of modern company owners, which fully reflects the shrewdness of Shanxi businessmen.

Pingyao Chinese New Year Theater + Light Show

See you again in Pingyao

 "Encountering Pingyao" broke through the original scenery that used the real scenery of mountains and rivers, but moved it indoors, and organically integrated the elements of the ancient city with the performance. The labyrinth-like theater has a complicated space division, which is completely different from traditional theaters: walking through several themed spaces of different shapes in 90 minutes, the audience can pick up fragments of the lives of their ancestors: Pingyao City in the late Qing Dynasty, Escort Bureau, Zhao Family The compound, the market, the South Gate Square, etc., peep the clues of the story from the numerous fragments... Watching the live performance is like a "time travel", and the audience is sometimes like a spectator, and sometimes like a witness.

 The buildings in the theater are all antique buildings, which are mainly divided into four areas: A, B, C, and D.

 Area A guide area can accommodate more than 300 spectators. Area B is a commercial and cultural exhibition area, which is composed of 22 groups of buildings including streets, alleys, archways, shops, and small temples. Area C life scene display area. District D Comprehensive Cultural and Performing Arts Area

Time creates a brand and time witnesses miracles. In the more than five years since its birth, "Seeing Pingyao Again", which has earned enough box office and has an overwhelming reputation, is obviously well versed in this. Exploring the reasons for its success is not so much the success of marketing, but a revolution of continuous innovation and upgrading.

The breeze blows over the loess, and the soil layer is slowly peeled off, revealing the houses under the loess, and the exposed gray tiles record the stories of the ancestors, and are also soaked in the legend of the blood. This is the unique idea of ​​"Seeing Pingyao Again" - Shawar Theater. It uses loess and gray tiles as the main vocabulary, and the undulating roof design shows people the prosperity and vicissitudes of the ancient city.

Pingyao Ancient City Light Show

The light show of the ancient city of Pingyao vividly shows the changes of the ancient city over time

The Pingyao 3D light show lasts 18 minutes and is divided into five chapters: "Chaos, Momentum, Achievement, Vientiane, and Unity", showing all aspects of regional history, social culture, folk customs, today's glory, and a bright future. The ancient city of Pingyao brought the thousand-year-old city to life through high-tech techniques.

In this 18-minute light show, taking time as the axis, from the beginning of the emergence of human civilization, to the interstellar meeting, the city was piled up with earth in the turbulent wind and clouds, and then the earth wall was turned into bricks after the city was completed, and the pride of Pingyao was gradually built, and then to today's city. The glorious panorama of Pingyao, and finally everything is unified, Pingyao is sublimated, vividly showing the changes of the ancient city of Pingyao. In the interweaving of light and shadow, the entire process is vividly expressed; in the encounter between reality and virtuality, the audience seems to be in the middle of it, and they have experienced this process together; in the collision of civilization and technology, Pingyao is inspired. The vitality of the ancient city.

Pingyao Chinese New Year Peripheral Tour

Shuanglin Temple

Shuanglin Temple, a part of the world cultural heritage "Pingyao Ancient City", is located in Qiaotou Village, 6 kilometers southwest of the county seat.

The temple covers an area of ​​about 15,000 square meters, facing south from north. From south to north, the central axis is the Fort Gate, the Hall of Heavenly Kings, the Hall of Sakyamuni, the Hall of the Great Hero, and the Hall of the Empress. Zhenyi Temple.

Shuanglin Temple is a Sinicized Buddhist temple. The themes of the Buddha statues have penetrated into different sects of Buddhism. The faces and costumes of the painted figures are seldom the style of ancient India, and the configuration of the hall has more Chinese characteristics.

Tang pagoda trees, Song steles, and Ming bells in the temple are all rare treasures; 2052 painted sculptures are in different shapes and have great charm. The ancient murals are colorful, elegant and beautiful.

Tran Quoc Temple

Zhenguo Temple is located in Haodong Village, 12 kilometers northeast of Pingyao County.

Originally named Jingcheng Temple, it was changed to Zhenguo Temple in the 19th year of Jiajing reign of the Ming Dynasty. The whole temple faces south and consists of two courtyards, covering an area of ​​10,892 square meters and a construction area of ​​more than 5,000 square meters. It was announced as a provincial key cultural relic protection unit as early as 1965, and was announced by the State Council on January 13, 1988. It is a national key cultural relics protection unit.

Wang Family Courtyard

Known as "China's No. 1 House", "Wang's Courtyard" is located in Jingsheng Town, a famous Chinese historical and cultural town, 12 kilometers east of Lingshi County, Shanxi Province. Among the Wang family's many properties in Lingshi County, the two most distinctive are Gaojiaya and Hongmen Fort, with a total construction area of ​​more than 30,000 square meters.

The Wang Family Courtyard is not so much a group of Han residential buildings as it is an architectural art museum. Its architectural techniques, decorative techniques, and carving techniques are uncanny, extraordinary and unique.

Inside and outside the courtyard, up and down the house, inside and outside the house, exquisitely carved architectural artworks can be seen everywhere. From eaves, bucket arches, screen walls, kissing beasts to foundation stones, shrines, stone drums, doors and windows, these works of art are lifelike in shape, unique in conception, meticulously crafted, and unique ingenuity. They have both the majestic momentum of northern architecture and southern architecture. elegant style.

The buildings here combine wood carvings, brick carvings, and stone carvings in one courtyard. Painting, calligraphy, and poetry are integrated into one furnace. Figures, animals, flowers and trees are integrated into one, with various postures and unique characteristics. A bright pearl in the architectural art garden.

Zhangbi Castle

The entire castle is built on the plateau, with ditches on three sides and mountains on one side. Only the south of the castle is backed by Mianshan Mountain. ". After looking up historical materials, I found out that the history of wars here can be traced back to the period of the Sixteen Kingdoms.

Millennium ancient tunnel

Walking into the secret passage is like entering a labyrinth with twists and turns, and there are various secret passages and traps. If you are not careful, you will get lost in it. The castle tunnel is a three-story three-dimensional structure extending in all directions. The upper layer is only about 1 meter from the ground, the middle layer is 8 to 10 meters from the ground, and the bottom layer is 17 to 20 meters from the ground.

Hukou Waterfall

Hukou Waterfall is a national-level scenic spot and a national 4A-level tourist attraction. Hukou Waterfall is the second largest waterfall in China and the largest yellow waterfall in the world.

How to take pictures in Pingyao Chinese New Year?

How to shoot Chinese New Year? Photographers are important.

Wang Shengliang is an explorer who keeps trying and creating in the field of photography. He combined the wonderful scenes in the humanities and natural environment into vivid portraits. Wang Shengliang has not only acquired the skill of keenly capturing the expression of characters, but also has the aesthetic vision and conception ability of a painter. Compared with traditional photographic works, his works carry a profound humanistic foundation, considerable artistic accomplishment and skillful picture control ability. Let's take a look at his works~

Chinese Year

The Year of the Ninety-two series launched

Jiu'er - a woman made of wine, strong, mellow and long-lasting. Gentle, a woman like water can overcome strength with softness, and be firm everywhere; surging, when love comes, a woman can love vigorously like a tide; innocent, a woman can flow like a stream to benefit all things in the world. After the grain is mixed with water, after time precipitation and brewing, it becomes wine, which is better than water. Such is the case with wine-like women.

Pingyao Chinese New Year Activities Arrangement