Beijing, the capital of the People's Republic of China, is the political and cultural center of China. It is a world-famous ancient capital and a world-famous historical and cultural city, with profound cultural heritage and rich tourism resources. It is the pride of all Chinese people. When I was young, the song "I love Beijing Tiananmen..." deeply imprinted Beijing in our hearts, and it became our yearning and first choice to visit Beijing and travel to Beijing. I remember the first time I went to Beijing in the 1980s to accompany my father to see a doctor. Although I was sad, my inner excitement still prevailed. In the end, due to his father's illness, the waiting time for the inspection items was too long, so he gave up, but our father and son visited Beijing's Tiananmen Square, the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, Fragrant Hills and other scenic spots while waiting. The most influential thing was to eat roast duck. The two of us ordered a roast duck at a very high price. We didn’t know the dipping sauce, noodle cakes, etc. It was a joke, but it was good, and it left a deep memory. Later, because of work and family matters, I have been to Beijing 7-8 times, visited almost all the attractions in Beijing, and tasted a lot of food. This trip to Beijing is mainly because my daughter will resign her post-doctorate job at Peking University and go to the University of California to be a postdoctoral researcher. As parents, we mainly accompany and send off our daughter. By the way, we visited some scenic spots in Beijing.

May 2, 2019 Linxia-Beijing

After several days of packing and preparing, we finally boarded the bus to the airport, but the embarrassing incident at my wife's family forced us to refund the fare and get off the bus. Problem solved, enthusiastic friend hired a taxi to drive us to Zhongchuan Airport. Fortunately, we reserved enough time, and thanks to the help of our friends, otherwise we would definitely not be able to travel. The plane arrived in Beijing at 17:50 on the hour, and my daughter Wangding Business Buick went to the airport to pick us up. Soon we arrived at our daughter's accommodation - Building 8, Zhongguan Xinyuan. The daughter prepared a hot pot, and the dishes were very rich. Looking at the busy daughter, eating the hot pot, and thinking about her daughter's upcoming trip, she felt mixed feelings and was deeply moved.

May 3, 2019 Peking University-Hongbin Building-Beijing SKP-Beijing Sanlitun Taikoo Li

The weather is fine today, and it happens that my daughter's two aunts and their families are in Beijing, and they made an appointment to visit the campus of Peking University together in the morning. Peking University, referred to as "Peking University", is a key university directly under the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China and directly administered by the central government. It ranks among "world-class and first-class disciplines", "211 Project" and "985 Project". Founded in 1898, it was originally named Jingshi University, and it is the first national comprehensive university in modern China.

Peking University is a sacred place in the hearts of countless students, and I am very honored to be here again. Stepping into Peking University, you will be greeted by countless lush ancient trees, solemn and elegant ancient buildings, and monument pavilions everywhere. The strong cultural heritage and profound sense of history present a different style here, which makes people feel Proud and refreshing. Weiming Lake, Boya Pagoda, ordinary water, and simple pagodas are enough to make students yearn for.

Walking slowly on the campus of Peking University, listening to the cheerful play of the children, I bowed my head in thought, and felt a little bit of guilt in my heart. Said that there is a little psychological comfort, I hope the children can understand this truth early, and they can be admitted to their favorite key universities in the future.

At noon, my daughter and uncle invited us to have a big meal at the Hongbin Building near the exhibition hall, including roast duck, squirrel fish, fried sea cucumber with green onions, etc. Everyone was in high spirits, the atmosphere was very good, and the food was delicious. After dinner, we went to Beijing SKP, which is a very high-end and luxurious shopping place in the east of Chang’an Avenue in Beijing. As soon as we entered the door, we could see all the first-line world famous brand stores. It feels high-end and grand, and most of the items sold there are luxury items with high prices. Some things can’t be bought even with our lifetime income. I don’t know who will buy them? Here I feel that my income is very shabby, huh, huh.

After looking at it and enjoying it, we arrived at Taikoo Li Sanlitun, Beijing at about 17:00 pm. This is one of the fashion landmarks in Beijing and a consumer center integrating shopping, leisure, art district and entertainment.

This place is really bustling, with a huge traffic flow, crowds of people, shoulder to shoulder, and fashion, culture and art, food and shopping from all over the world are integrated in this open space. All kinds of entertainment, dining and shopping are available. This is also a gathering place for beauties and handsome men, as well as foreigners from various countries... There are many people with cannons to take pictures of beauties and magazines here. As the night falls, there are red lights, green wine, neon lights flickering, bustling crowds, and radiance against the hustle and bustle and luxury of the metropolis, which is very lively and beautiful.

Let's take a look here, look there, and feast our eyes. Under the yelling of the children, everyone went to eat the ice and snow monster together. Although there were a lot of people and there was a queue, it felt very good. The little uncle’s family also bought gifts for their children, and when they were tired from shopping, they went to sit at the roadside bar stalls together, drinking drinks, listening to the Beijing accent, blowing the wind of the capital, and talking about interesting things in life, feeling very comfortable and peaceful satisfy. After saying goodbye to each other around 22:00, we returned to Zhongguan New Garden to rest.

May 4, 2019 Old Summer Palace

We got up at 8:00 in the morning, and around 9:30 our family rode shared bicycles to visit Yuanmingyuan. The Old Summer Palace is a famous royal garden in the Qing Dynasty. It consists of three areas: the Old Summer Palace, the Changchun Garden and the Yichun Garden. In 1860, the British and French allied forces burned the main building to ashes, leaving behind remains. Today, tourists can only pay homage to the wreckage, looking for the glory of the empire.

As soon as you enter the Old Summer Palace, you can see all kinds of colorful flowers in full bloom. Trees and grass can be seen everywhere. Thousands of green branches, small bridges and flowing water, pavilions and curved bridges, resplendent palaces and exquisite pavilions, many scenery in the garden are modeled after famous places in various places, and many scenery is built according to the poetic and picturesque feelings of ancient poets. The "Business Street" in the market also has the mountains and countryside that symbolize the pastoral scenery. There are not only ethnic buildings in the garden, but also Western landscapes. Strolling in the park is like roaming in the north and south, enjoying the scenic spots at home and abroad, lingering in it, as if you are in the realm of fantasy.

The Old Summer Palace is not only a magnificent building, but also houses the most precious historical relics. When I came to the ruins of the Western Building, I saw desolation everywhere, piled up with broken walls, weeds and rocks everywhere, and a few surviving marble columns stood high above, telling the history of that period. The moment I stood in front of it, I really It is really embarrassing to realize what it means to be beaten if you fall behind... The Old Summer Palace is very big. We strolled, rested, patted, and rode bicycles home around 16:30.

After eating dumplings stuffed with cabbage and shrimp in the evening, rest.

May 5, 2019 Beijing Botanical Garden

Today, my daughter stayed at home because she filled out a form. My husband and I went to the Beijing Botanical Garden to see flowers. Depart by subway around 8:30 and arrive around 9:00. The Beijing Botanical Garden was built in 1956 and is located at the foot of Xiangshan Mountain in Haidian District, Beijing. The park is composed of four parts: plant exhibition area, historical sites and cultural landscape area, nature reserve area and scientific research area. It is a comprehensive botanical garden integrating science popularization, scientific research, sightseeing and other functions.

Walking into the botanical garden, the first thing that catches your eyes is that there are several vigorous and powerful characters of "Beijing Botanical Garden" on a boulder. There are hundreds of flowers under the boulder, and there are flower walls and flower baskets in full bloom. Wow, this place is so beautiful. Attracted by the beautiful scenery here, hurry up to take pictures and leave beautiful pictures. There are many flowers in the botanical garden, with various colors, purple, white, red... Every flower is so delicate, so natural, so attractive, every kind of flower is so beautiful The beauty makes people reluctant to leave. We are like bees, rushing to this side for a while, and rushing to that side for a while, taking pictures and admiring them. There are flowers with names and flowers with no names. They are in different poses and with different expressions. , competing for splendor, we are like being in a fairyland of flowers, intoxicated.

In front is Jingcheng Lake, the entire lake is very wide, the blue lake water blends with the sky, the view is wide and the scenery is beautiful! Standing under the willow tree by the lake, looking at the sparkling lake, smelling the slightly fragrant breeze, I feel very comfortable! Not far away is the tulip garden, where colorful flowers are fragrant, delicate and charming, blooming brightly, clusters, crowded, lush, burning like torches, dressing up the earth like a brocade carpet, beautiful It is intoxicating and unforgettable.

And clusters of white hydrangea viburnum blooming on the branches attracted us again. The pure white color is particularly dazzling under the blue sky, which makes people feel very fresh. In the peony garden, most of the peonies have already bloomed, and all kinds of peonies are competing for beauty, showing their grace and luxury to tourists, attracting tourists to admire them!

The botanical garden has a large area and a wide variety of plants. There are also gardens, lakes, streams, hills and mountain trails; there are cultural and historical sites such as the Temple of the Reclining Buddha and the former residence of Cao Xueqin; While admiring, take the subway home around 16:00.

At 17:00, my daughter’s friend Jin Jin invited our family to Hongyuan Shabu Meat City Riverside Restaurant to eat old Beijing’s traditional Halal shabu shabu. We chatted happily and returned home around 21:00.

May 6, 2019 Olympic Park

Woke up at 8:00 in the morning, and my daughter went to go through the withdrawal procedures. The two of us took the bus to visit the Beijing Olympic Park to see the Bird's Nest and the Water Cube. Beijing Olympic Park is located in Chaoyang District, Beijing. It is a unique cultural landscape located at the north end of the central axis of Beijing. The pedestrian square, the longest underground traffic ring corridor in Asia and the largest celebration square, there are Bird's Nest, Water Cube, National Stadium, National Convention Center, etc., there are a variety of sculptures, all kinds of well-designed flower patterns, landscape lampposts, etc. , is a Beijing public park integrating tourism, leisure, entertainment, fitness and sports.

Entering the park, you will be faced with a straight and wide avenue, with various beautiful buildings on both sides, and a dragon-shaped water system on one side. It is very beautifully decorated here. In front of you is the Beijing Olympic Tower, which has a unique shape and contains the five Olympic rings.

Walking along the dragon-shaped waterway, facing the China Science and Technology Museum and the China National Studies Center Building, ahead are many TV relay towers made of rhombic crystal glass - the Linglong Tower and the eye-catching Bird's Nest.

The Bird's Nest (National Stadium) is the main stadium of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. It has become one of Beijing's new landmarks in recent years with its high-end and atmospheric appearance and the many international competitions held there. Approaching the Bird's Nest, I found that the exterior of the stadium is woven into the shape of a "Bird's Nest" by interlacing steel columns like branches. The undulating curved lines make it look like a rhythmic living body. The design style is very unique and the construction is very ingenious. And exquisite, the shape has great visual impact, and the surrounding flowers are in full bloom, which feels very beautiful!

Opposite the Bird's Nest is the Water Cube, which is the main swimming pool built by Beijing for the 2008 Summer Olympics and one of the landmark buildings in 2008. The building is very peculiar. The outer wall is composed of more than 3,000 irregular air pillow bubbles. From a distance, it looks like water molecules in the blue sea. The creativity is very good. Below is the National Stadium, the National Sports Center, there are sculptures, landscape lampposts, etc., next to the subway station.

The weather is very nice and hot today, we didn’t buy tickets to enter the Bird’s Nest and Water Cube, and after browsing outside for more than 5 hours, we took the subway back.

May 7, 2019 Summer Palace

Get up at 8:00 and go to the Summer Palace with the family. Arrive by subway around 10:00. The Summer Palace was originally the palace and garden of the emperors of the Qing Dynasty, also known as the Qingyi Garden. It is the largest and best-preserved royal garden in my country. There are exquisite buildings such as halls, buildings, pavilions, corridors, and pavilions. The promenade at the foot of the mountain connects various buildings, green hills, and blue waves. The scenery is very beautiful. There are many precious cultural relics in the park, which is known as For the "Royal Garden Museum".

We enter the park from the North Palace Gate, and when we enter the park, we will see the Three-Arch Bridge, and under the bridge is Suzhou Street. Standing on the bridge and looking around, it is clear at a glance. Suzhou Street is built like a water town in the south of the Yangtze River, with small bridges and flowing water, and many shops. It is mainly for the emperor, empress, and concubines to travel and shop, creating a strong market atmosphere, haha. Out of Suzhou Street, passing through an archway called "Cifu", there is a group of religious buildings combining Han and Tibetan, resplendent and magnificent, these are the four major continents of the main building on the back mountain of the Summer Palace. The sea of ​​wisdom, a beamless Buddhist temple, is decorated with exquisite yellow and green glazed tiles on the outer layer, and covered with a small amount of purple and blue glazed tiles on the upper part. The whole building looks colorful and magnificent. Down is the Xiangfo Pavilion, Paiyun Temple and so on. Longevity Hill is not high, and it is very easy to go up and down the mountain. At the foot of the mountain is the famous promenade, which faces Kunming Lake and Longevity Hill, winding and winding, with a total length of 728 meters and 548 pillars. The promenade is well-known for its exquisite architecture, and it is the longest corridor among ancient buildings and gardens in my country. There are more than 14,000 colorful paintings painted on each beam in the corridor, with bright colors and magnificence.

In front of you is the clear and mirror-like Kunming Lake. The sun shines on the lake, the wind blows gently, and the water surface ripples. Not far away, a few boats are rippling in the lake, adding color to the blue and calm Kunming Lake. Standing on the railing, enjoying the beautiful scenery around Kunming Lake, and blowing the breeze, I feel very comfortable! Along the promenade to the west, there is a huge stone boat by the lake, also known as Qingyan Boat, with a total length of 36 meters. The two-story white wooden buildings on the boat are all decorated with marble patterns with paint, and the top is decorated with brick carvings, which are exquisite and gorgeous. It is a famous water architectural treasure in the Summer Palace.

We continue to walk along the edge of Kunming Lake, cross Jiehu Bridge, Xitigu Liu, and arrive at Yudai Bridge. We walked under the shade of the trees, watched the Kunming Lake, smelled the faint fragrance of flowers and plants, and felt very happy.

The garden is lush and green everywhere, the lake is rippling, and the red walls and green tiles are majestic among the blue sky and white clouds. The towering ancient willows on Xiti shade the sun, which is very cool. Here, you can not only feel the beauty of lakes and mountains, but also feel the sense of history and culture of the royal gardens. You can also enjoy some natural wildness while wandering around. Mother ducks play freely with their baby ducks... It’s really a kind of enjoyment.

We have been shopping for about 5 hours, and we are a little tired. Not far away is the West Gate of the Summer Palace, so we ended our day of sightseeing. Take the subway back at 15:00.

May 8, 2019 Pack your bags

At home, I help my daughter pack her bags, mail things, etc. Buy a ticket, make a strategy, and prepare to take the train to Chengde Mountain Resort tomorrow night.

May 9, 2019 Tsinghua University

After the handling of the processing, the mailing of the mailing, after the basic sorting, go out together to stroll around the Zhongguan New Garden. Zhongguan New Park is a comprehensive park built by Peking University to improve its reception capacity, integrating accommodation, catering, conferences, teaching, and recreational services. The surrounding environment is very good. After wandering around helplessly for a while, the child felt uncomfortable, maybe because he was anxious and uncomfortable. My wife and daughter went home to rest, and I also felt confused, so I rode a shared bicycle to visit Tsinghua University by myself.

Tsinghua University, referred to as "Tsinghua", was founded in 1911. It is a national key university directly under the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China. A student's dream place. I remember a few years ago when I went to Beijing on business, I went for a stroll in Tsinghua University in the morning, I met a student, bowed to me, greeted the teacher, and asked me where xx was going, I was both excited and embarrassed, and hurriedly pointed forward After pointing, tell him to ask someone else. There was another time when I had something to do with my child and I was standing at the gate of Lanzhou University talking. As soon as one of my children’s junior sisters saw me, she greeted the teacher. Hehe, maybe I have the vigor and demeanor of a professor, but these two things remain in my heart. It has had a profound impact, and now I think of it and feel happy.

The gate of Tsinghua University is still antique, and the big characters of "Tsinghua University" are still very delicate and attractive. After entering, walk along the boulevard. On both sides of the road there is a green space, or a building that combines Chinese and Western styles. Towering old trees, quiet rivers, and hills are peaceful and beautiful. The pavilions and lakes are in harmony with the woods. The environment is very beautiful. You can see young people reading or talking in twos and threes everywhere. This time, I visited the library, auditorium, Tongfang Department, Tsinghua Academy, Century Ding, Sundial, Wen Yiduo Statue, Tsinghua Pool, Shuimu Tsinghua University, Gongzi Hall, Guyue Hall, Lotus Pond Moonlight, by bicycle or on foot. Jinchunyuan Ruins Park, etc.

"Moonlight in the Lotus Pond" On the lake here, the lotus leaves are growing vigorously. They are like small green umbrellas, dotted with a few pink lotus flowers in full bloom in the middle. Under the weeping willow tree, looking at the beautiful scenery, I imagined the beautiful scenery of "Moonlight in the Lotus Pond" written by Mr. Zhu Ziqing. Beautiful. In the peony garden, various peonies are blooming one after another, and the big flowers show their fragrance. Whether it is Yao Huang Wei Zi or Zhao Fan Dou Lu, they are all graceful and charming.

All kinds of sculptures and stone carvings on the campus create a cultural atmosphere on the campus, and the most inscribed one is the school motto "Self-improvement, virtue and virtue". "Shuimu Tsinghua" inscribed by Emperor Kangxi himself. Here, there are sparkling lakes, rockeries of various shapes, small "waterfalls" gurgling and flowing, water in the mountains, mountains in the water, weeping willows on the shore, and big trees growing by the water, towering Entering the clouds, fish jumping in the water, it is really a good place for reading and leisure.

Around 17:00, I went home on a shared bicycle. At around 19:00 in the evening, I happily went to Hongbin Building in Chaoyang District to eat roast duck and squirrel fish. Then I suddenly found out that I bought a train ticket at 0:10 on May 9. In fact, it was a ticket for the morning, and the train had already left La. I hurriedly bought a train ticket to Chengde on the morning of the 10th, and had no choice but to return to Zhongguan Xinyuan at night, take out my packed luggage and go to bed.

Summary: I had a video chat with my daughter some time ago, and my daughter teased me, asking if Beijing Tour has been written? yes! It has been more than three years, and I always feel busy and have no chance to calm down and organize my thoughts. And the longer the time, the more I feel that I can't write down my feelings and moods at that time. During this period of time, the unprecedented epidemic locked us at home, nucleic acid testing, the whole city was silent, and our thoughts went back to the past, sorting out our family's trip to Beijing in May 2019. This time I mainly visited Peking University and Tsinghua University, the highest universities in my country, watched the famous royal gardens, the Old Summer Palace and the Summer Palace, admired the new landmarks of Beijing, the Bird's Nest and the Water Cube, visited the national key botanical garden - the Beijing Botanical Garden, and tasted the Beijing Halal The gourmet Hongbinlou Roast Duck, Nanmen Hot-boiled Meat, etc., visited the high-end and prosperous shopping places - Beijing SKP, Sanlitun, the overall feeling is very good and impressive, leaving a lifetime of memories, full of happiness.

Postscript: After a period of reviewing information and recalling, the 2019 Beijing tour itinerary has been recorded. Through the records, I have improved my tourism quality and perfected my own tourism. At the same time, I have enriched my knowledge, experience and deepened my impression. Let your sensory enjoyment and spiritual enjoyment be combined together, and I feel that this is the perfect travel, and it is also the real travel. On the other hand, making such a record is also to provide some simple references for travel friends who also love to travel. Even if only one person finds it useful, I am very pleased.