The heart is far away, but the steps stop!
The epidemic is still with us...
Every year I go to different countries and cities to experience,
Now, they can only be forced to stay in Beijing
I believe that many friends who love to travel are also like me...
Then, those around the city, such as: Beijing·Miyun Gubei Water Town (Simatai Great Wall) International Tourism Resort, have become the first choice destinations for weekend vacations! Christmas and New Year's Day are approaching, how is the festive atmosphere in this fairy tale town under the Great Wall? Follow my footsteps and explore for everyone!


Consider first the travel time issue. According to my personal self-driving travel experience, the expressway leaving Beijing on weekends in Beijing is the most congested between 7:00 and 9:00 in the morning. We will use the Sanyuan Bridge as the starting point to calculate, and the time to drive to Gubei Water Town is about 2 hours. The drive is about 140 kilometers; the return trip is arranged on Monday morning... so I made the following itinerary for reference only:
[DAY-1] 09:00-11:00 arrive at Gubei Water Town for check-in; 11:30-12:30 lunch; 13:00 start tour; 17:00-18:00 afternoon tea at the church on the top of the mountain; 19: 00-19:30 Participate in the Christmas parade and watch the drone show; 19:30-20:30 dinner; 21:00 soak in the hot spring
[DAY-2] 09:00-11:00 Simatai Great Wall; 12:00-14:00 Check out and change hotels, lunch; 14:00-18:00 Tangshi Street; 18:00-19:30 Dinner ;20:00 Return to the hotel to soak in the hot spring in the room
[DAY-3] Sleep until you wake up naturally; pack up and prepare for the return journey.

The delicacies eaten in Gubei Water Town

Winter Limited Theme Banquet [Beijing Ancient Roast Duck Banquet]
Roast duck has always been my favorite. Every time I go back to Beijing, I have to go to the roast duck restaurant for a meal. I feel inexplicably full of energy! When we arrive at Gubei Water Town, we will have a roast duck at noon. The environment is antique and the taste of the dishes is superb!

Beijing ancient roast duck is different from ordinary roast duck. The ancient roast duck is roasted with jujube wood, pear wood and other fruit wood over charcoal fire, so the duck meat has a hot fruity aroma. In terms of material selection, Gubei Water Town selects Peking duck with the best meat quality in the world and a rare breed, and invites 8 generations of ancient roast duck inheritors to come out of the mountain to make unique and secret roast duck.

The roasted duck is ruddy in color. Take a bite, the meat is tender, crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, fat but not greasy. You can eat more than one duck.

Stir-fried golden trout: This is another delicious way of golden trout, it is recommended to try it in your own kitchen.

Beijing-style braised pork: Exquisite pork belly with exquisite cooking methods, each piece can be called top-grade, authentic Beijing flavor.

Stewed old goose with shochu: the heat of the stew is just right, no firewood, a bite of goose meat, there is a little springy feeling.

Tomato sauce sugar tenderloin: It adds a layer of tomato flavor to the ordinary sweet and sour pork tenderloin, making it softer and more delicious.

Duck-flavored sesame seed cakes: golden in color, with duck meat inside, take a bite, and it will leave a fragrance on your lips and teeth! Endless aftertaste! Winter limited theme dinner 【Arrow Tower Steak Dinner】
Steakhouse, to be precise, is a romantic dining place! It can be a world for two, and you can dine in a private party. Today, our dining environment is also the best place to get drunk in this steakhouse. Through the window, you can enjoy the entire Riyue Island Square. The strong Christmas atmosphere is suitable for the occasion!

In this dreamy long table feast with candles, if you pay attention, the tablecloth of the table is folded to look like a Christmas tree, which shows the carefulness and dedication of the restaurant.

Pre-dinner bread, seasonal vegetable salad, soup...everything is in order. This grilled main course platter also shows a little boldness in such a Christmas atmosphere. Beef filet, deep-sea bream, Argentine red shrimp, Crispy frankfurter sausage, turkey leg, buttered corn, organic seasonal vegetables and more.

Righteous host: Gale steak. It is said that this steak is Queen Elizabeth's favorite! I was fortunate enough to taste such delicious food today, and the itinerary has no regrets. Food is so easy to give people a sense of satisfaction!

Winter limited theme banquet [Miyun Reservoir Cold Water Fish Feast]
As we all know, the Miyun Reservoir is the largest and only source of drinking water in the capital Beijing, and the water quality has been kept above the national surface water secondary standard all year round. good water! Reservoir fish is also naturally big and plump, rich in nutrition.

Gubei Water Town invites famous fish chefs to take the spoon, and presents a table of different flavors of cold water fish in Miyun Reservoir by steaming, boiling, frying, sautéing, etc., so that every tourist who comes to Gubei Water Town can taste it Go to Miyun Lengshui Yuwang Food Banquet.

Steamed Miyun Reservoir Fish: This one should weigh more than a dozen catties, and it takes two people to carry it to the table. As far as I am concerned, I prefer to eat big fish, which are delicious and plump!

Old altar sauerkraut fish in thick soup: sweet and sour, lovable! Soup with rice is a good accompaniment.

Braised yellow spicy diced with garlic sauce: yellow spicy diced is a medium-priced freshwater fish. It is rich in nutrition, delicious in meat, and has no small bones. It is a fish that most people like to eat!

Fragrant Steamed Niannianyou Fish Cake: There is fish in it, and it is not fishy. The chef handles it very well. Recommended! Winter limited theme banquet [Miyun Roasted Pork Hometown Banquet]
This is a gourmet restaurant that you can eat again and again, and the dishes with very local characteristics are also very popular among people! Although the front door is not big, the inside is actually as deep as the sea... There are also private rooms on the second floor. The Roast Meat Restaurant is very close to the Simatai Great Wall Cableway Station. If you are tired from playing on the Great Wall, you can order a large plate of meat to replenish your energy.

Miyun people are good at using maltose-coated meat to hang color roasted meat. The meat is carefully selected. The pork belly is about three fingers thick, three parts fat, and seven parts thin. It is cooked with a variety of seasonings of traditional Chinese medicine. It is served with vegetables, honey sauce and fire, which is full of color, fragrance and taste, making Miyun Roasted Pork a taste of the year with years. The plate of roast meat in front of me is it! Remember dipping sauce + lettuce + cucumber sticks + small buns are more suitable for eating!

Chestnut farm bowl steamed meat: large slices of steamed meat with chestnut aroma, the smell makes people drool!

Guzhai Soy Pork Skin Jelly: This is a common dish in the suburbs of Beijing, but this is the first time I have seen it, and it tastes good.

Local chicken stewed with wild mushrooms: relying on mountains to eat mountains, Miyun’s wild mountain products are stewed with native chickens, which is a very delicious dish in winter. The most distinctive hotel in Gubei Water Town, recommended! [Recommendation 1] Gubei Zhiguang Hot Spring Resort Hotel
Parent-child travel or family travel, most people may still choose this place first. The overall specifications are still a very suitable environment for vacation. The rooms are easy to book, the price is relatively affordable, and you can also soak in hot springs. At this moment, the moment I entered the hotel lobby, my eyes were filled with the festive atmosphere of Christmas.

Surrounded by mountains and rivers, the environment is beautiful. With the theme of the elements of the Great Wall, the hotel uses the design technique of "city wall interior" to highlight the concept of symbiosis between architecture and interior, nature and humanities, history and modernity. The standard star-rated standard room package, with welcome fruit, does not provide mineral water in the room, that is because the tap water can be drunk directly, which is very good!

The hotel has the unique Yuquan Western Restaurant and the unique Meixi Teahouse Restaurant, as well as an 800-square-meter multi-functional hall and various Chinese food boxes, providing Huaiyang cuisine, Cantonese cuisine, and local Miyun specialties.

The special dry goods are here: Although the hotel can directly lead to the hot spring, it is a bit devious, so it is recommended that you wear cotton clothes and walk out of the main entrance of the hotel to soak in the hot spring 3 minutes before walking. The outdoor hot spring is very comfortable if it is snowing , Indoor dry and wet steaming is also really good.

[Recommendation 2] New Youth Art Hotel
This New Youth Art Hotel is located opposite Gubei Light Hotel. The name sounds full of curiosity. It should be a very suitable environment for young people to stay. The moment I enter the lobby, the color tone reminds me of old Shanghai instantly. Hanging some famous paintings will really make it more tasteful!

The building area of ​​the hotel is about 4,000 square meters, with 36 guest rooms, including 17 double-bed rooms and 19 twin-bed rooms, which are divided into 7 different room types. The hotel has a Chinese restaurant, which can accommodate more than 200 people. There are 2 special meal packages and 1 tea room, with Hangbang cuisine as the main cuisine. Although the above are all standard expressions, when I finally saw the words "Hangbang Cuisine", I can see the owner's feelings for designing this hotel!

[Recommendation 3] Shisanmei Women's Theme Hot Spring Hotel
The hotel is located in Wangjing Street, Gubei Water Town Scenic Area, close to Wangjing Street Snack Street and Music Fountain. With the theme of "Celebrity Culture" and hot spring private experience, it is a hotel that integrates accommodation, catering and hot springs tailored for high-end consumer groups. A comprehensive boutique themed hotel. This is also the second time I have stayed here, and I am familiar with everything. What I am most looking forward to is the outdoor hot spring in the room.

Open the door, it is full of warm warm yellow tones, spacious and reasonable space division, the desk is very long, and the small things full of suitcases will not look too much on it, and the large bed with moderate softness is my favorite Favorite! As a traveler, it always seems so luxurious to sleep until you wake up naturally, and it can only be realized when you meet a suitable big bed! That's it!

The washroom is also quite spacious, and the different functional areas pay special attention to the control of details. You can get what you need just by raising your hand. The innermost room is the hot spring pool. This time I live with a roof. In fact, this will be safer. After all, drones are too common now, and privacy is very important!

Facing the first ray of sunshine in the morning, start breakfast. The set meal is divided into Chinese style and Western style. Each portion has more than a dozen nutritionally balanced foods. This nutritious breakfast is full of vitality!

Traveling in Gubei Water Town, Yongshun Dyeing Workshop, those check-in spots not to be missed
The founder of Yongshun dyeing workshop is Zhang Jukui, who was founded in 1900. It is reported that Zhang Jukui learned the unique skills of dyeing craftsmen in his hometown when he was young. He was able to make his own Tutu indigo fuel.

Compared with the archway at the main entrance, everyone prefers to take this small alley and walk through its west gate to enter the courtyard. It has become a good place for Internet celebrities to check in and take pictures! With light and shadow and color, the only difference is your full creative posture...

From a photography point of view, I prefer the sunshine around three or four in the afternoon, and I can borrow more warm light when shooting in the dyeing workshop, so that the picture has more room for composition design and more creative colors. Look here and think of Jiangnan. Next summer, I will go to Jiangnan and see the working scene of the dyeing workshop. It should be more interesting and capture more first-visual materials.

There are three floors of exhibition halls in the dyeing workshop. People who are not in the industry can see all the decorations with a sense of design and colorful colors! Looking at the introduction of the wall panels, I feel ignorant, but I am also praised by both hands for the development of the printing and dyeing industry! Craftsmen are always respected!

There is an experience room on the second floor, where you can experience learning carving skills and feel the beauty of printing colors. The indoor space is large, suitable for various parent-child experience course activities and industry exchange activities.

Sima Shaoyao
Although I am not a glutton for wine, I always have a concept that one side nourishes one side with water and soil, and one side makes a pot of good wine with good water! In fact, Sima Xiaoshao has been heard for a long time. It is brewed with grain and has a high concentration, but it tastes soft and smooth. Even if you drink too much wine, you won't feel a headache when you wake up the next day.

This is also an intangible cultural heritage handicraft workshop. Sima Xiaoshao belongs to the Miyun Sanshao type of shochu. Miyun has a long tradition of wine making that can be traced back to the Qing Dynasty. "Miyunmei Nongjiafang" is a representative of Miyun's traditional pure grain wine making. Wuliang wine made from sorghum, rice, glutinous rice, wheat and corn is very popular. Wuliang is the guarantee of quality! There are tasting and selling indoors, which is the best gift for relatives and friends when you come to Gubei to play as a souvenir.

kite shop
From the perspective of self-feeling, this kite shop has a strong sense of experience. The owner is also an inheritor of intangible cultural heritage. Whoever does not do well will help out, and praises who do well! The price of making a kind of kite is not expensive, only more than ten yuan.

Simatai Great Wall
When you come to Gubei, you must go to the Simatai Great Wall. There is a round-trip cableway, which is safe and has a very good view! During the day, it will be open to go straight to the No. 8 Beacon Tower to climb the section of the Great Wall. Special reminder: it is cold in winter, and the top of the Great Wall will be colder, and the wind is relatively strong. Be sure to pay attention to keeping warm and walking safely.

From Beacon Tower No. 7, it is very steep, the artificial ladder is almost straight up and down, and there are a lot fewer steps on the Great Wall...but! Climbing high and looking far away, the wide field of vision is also quite shocking! Such a beautiful scenery, no matter how hard you climb up, you feel that everything is worth it!

Shuangdan is coming, how is the festive atmosphere here? Usually I park my car in the parking lot of the Gubei Water Town Hotel, there are ground and underground parking spaces, and more importantly, it is faster to enter Gubei Water Town for accommodation. Shuangdan is coming, what kind of dresses will be here to attract visitors from all over the world? Come in and feel it with me!

The sightseeing shuttle bus that happened to pass by has appeared in beautiful clothes! The Christmas elements are full of ornaments, and the red car body highlights the festive atmosphere!

The festive atmosphere in the dormitory hall is even stronger. The story of the Nutcracker is waiting for you to read. It has become a small bookstore and a place where tourists compete to check in and take pictures.

Don’t miss the Christmas fairy tale show at 4 pm next to the Riyue Island Square. There is only half an hour of wonderful performance time. There are performances and interactive games on the field. After the show, you can take photos with clowns and Santa Claus on the stage.

The Christmas parade on the weekend was even more exciting. It was the second heavy snowfall in Beijing last weekend, and the experience in the snow was very interesting! Departing from Nantianmen at 7:00 p.m., polar bears, gorillas and performers in various costumes, every time they pass by, attract the attention of many people, vying to take photos with them.

Sun Moon Island Square at night has been brightly lit, and the curved surface of the city wall and doorway is already full of colorful lights. Walking through it, there is also a sense of solemnity and the illusion of time travel! In short, the photo must be very beautiful!

The huge Christmas tree has also become the central symbol of the fairy tale town under the Great Wall! Listening to cheerful music, accompanied by dancing snowflakes... as if already in the world of Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tales, he has become a child, playing willfully to feel the festive atmosphere!

The more important things in travel are shared here! Be sure to "go to the market" to discover the beauty of local life, handicrafts, and soul! Find a few small items you like, take them home and share them with your family and friends, and tell about all kinds of interesting discoveries you made in the market.

I believe that every friend who comes to Gubei Water Town will not miss the church on the top of the mountain and the cafe in the cloud! Experience the process of watching the entire Gubei Water Town from nightfall to bright lights! that moment! It seemed to ignite the fire in my heart!

At this time, the top of the mountain is still a bit cold. It is recommended not to stay outdoors for too long at the top of the mountain. You can sit in the cloud cafe and taste the special seasonal cakes and desserts, with a cup of latte coffee. A few friends sit around and chat unlimited!

It would not be an exaggeration to say that Gubei Water Town is a "peach blossom garden" in winter! If there is a heavy snowfall, the snow will not melt the next morning, and the scenery will be more charming! This winter is still going on, and there is still a chance to encounter snow like me! Everyone says that Japan is a neon city, but I would say that Gubei Water Town is a neon town, a high-quality resort integrating nature, history, and humanity.

If we have soaked too much in the hotel's hot springs, we can also go outdoors to enjoy the foot baths here, it's free! At the same time, I would like to tell you one of the best places to enjoy the scenery of Simatai Great Wall while soaking in hot springs - the top floor of Yushe Hot Spring Boutique Hotel. There are two outdoor pools and one indoor pool. You can see Simatai Great Wall at a glance. !

I can’t say enough to say goodbye, I recommend everything that should be recommended! Although I still have something to say, but at the end of the itinerary, I believe this guide to the front stop will add color to the upcoming Shuangdan Festival in Gubei Water Town! It also provides some pure dry goods for friends who want to go to Gubei Water Town to spend Shuangdan this winter! However, more discoveries, from a traveler's point of view, are still your own heart, just follow your heart and discover, that's right! I wish you all a happy Shuangdan in advance! The new year of 2021 is about to usher in, and I wish you all the best and all the best!