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Autumn in Peking is a fleeting flash of color.

Lao She said: You must live in Beiping in autumn. I don’t know what heaven looks like. But judging from my life experience, autumn in Peking is heaven.

Blessed this week, travel to Miyun with your girlfriends for free, and experience the paradise and fruitful autumn scenery in the suburbs of Beijing.

Under the rare clear sky, the trees are full of golden ginkgo leaves, shining in the dazzling sunlight. It seems that every leaf becomes different because of your gaze!

My best friend works in Chaoyang, Beijing, and received a notice from the trade union. With their Chaoyang trade union card, they can take a three-way trip, and invite a few good friends from our university to take a free "Miyun two-day, one-night tour" by car. Such beautiful things are rare. Pack your bags and leave immediately.

Departing from Shaoyaoju Station, a few friends who hadn't seen each other for more than half a year headed north, laughing and laughing. We couldn't bear to be curious and asked why we can get free if we can hold Chaoyang's trade union card?

My best friend said mysteriously: "In September this year, the Chaoyang Federation of Trade Unions and the Miyun Federation of Trade Unions jointly organized the urban and rural hand in hand to celebrate the Harvest Festival. As a pairing unit of the Miyun District Federation of Trade Unions, the Beijing Chaoyang District Package tickets for some scenic spots in Gubeikou, Jinpoluo, and Caijiawa in Miyun District are issued to employees of the Chaoyang trade union, so we can visit Miyun scenic spots for free.” We who have revealed the answer are so envious.

After driving for about an hour and a half, we arrived at Gubeikou.

First stop: Gubeikou

Gubeikou is located in the northeast of Miyun. It is known as the "Gateway of Yanjing". It has a history of more than 4,500 years. It is the first batch of "small towns with Chinese characteristics" and "one of the most beautiful villages in Beijing".

This time we came to the ancient imperial road, which is the only way to travel between the north and the south in history. It is located in Gubeikou Town, Miyun County, which is known as the "key to the capital", and is nearly 100 kilometers away from downtown Beijing.

Imperial way, imperial way, all roads that the emperor often walks or roads specially built for him are called imperial way. For the convenience of going back and forth between Beijing and Chengde, the Qing Dynasty built more than 600 miles of Jingre Royal Road. Kangxi, Yongzheng, Qianlong, Jiaqing... This royal road and many palaces have been welcoming several generations of emperors of the Qing Dynasty to and fro. Between Jingshi, Rehe and Mulan Paddock.

Enter the ancient Yudao Scenic Area, walk to the north gate of the town, and the ground is covered with maple leaves. Countless branches protrude from the tall body in all directions, and the red leaf shakes gently in the breeze, fluttering and falling down from time to time, laying a golden-red carpet on the earth made of rubble.

Standing on the north gate, you can see that the town is built along with the mountains, showing an irregular shape. On the opposite side of the mountain, like an autumn girl, she put on a set of beautiful "camouflage uniforms" for her hometown, colorful floral dresses, red, yellow, green... like beautiful girls standing in the autumn wind, it is so beautiful.

Strolling along the ancient imperial road, the three exhibition halls here attracted the attention of our group. There are all kinds of exquisite painting fans on display in the exhibition hall.

The lifelike fish, insects, flowers and birds on the fan, the majestic and steep Crouching Tiger Mountain, Panlong Mountain, magnificent temples, and the streets of ancient towns are all vivid on the paper.

The well-known artists, led by the famous calligrapher and painter Wang Yunfeng, sketched and created in Gubeikou, and their excellent works participated in the first fan exhibition of famous artists in Fanyuan Street, Guyudao, Gubeikou.

With a long history and beautiful scenery, there is the Great Wall here, and there are rich and colorful cultural performances, which always touch people's heartstrings.

An enthusiastic aunt told us that on October 29th, the 28th traditional cultural temple fair in Gubeikou Town will open for three days. At that time, there will be folk performing arts teams performing dragon dances, lion dances, drum rolls by local cultural brand teams, There will be performances such as Yangko, Overlord Whip, Manchu Court Dance, etc., and traditional operas will be performed in the Yaowang Temple Theater Building. Let's come and play again next week.

Second stop: Rose Garden

Rose Love Garden is located in Caijiawa Village, Jugezhuang Town, Miyun County, Beijing.

We arrived at the park in the afternoon. There were not many people. After entering the gate, we took a car all the way to the viewing platform of the park. This is the place with the highest and widest view in the park. With a small wind blowing, looking at the distant mountains, soft white clouds drifted over the head, as if walking into a Hayao Miyazaki-style movie screen.

I went there once at the end of March last year, because it was a pity that the flowers hadn't bloomed yet. This time it was really shocking. At first glance, the sea of ​​flowers of various colors covered the hillside, and the back mountain was full of bright-colored roses... It was like stepping into a fairyland, with a strong fragrance floating at the foot of the mountain, overlooking a large sea of ​​flowers from the top of the mountain Simply beautiful!

Walking into the flower field from one flower path to another, wandering contentedly among the various flowers blooming on the slope. It's late autumn, and more than ten kinds of grass flowers such as Dicao, basil, and coneflower are swaying in the wind.

Standing in front of the sea of ​​purple flowers, clusters and blossoms, the rich colors decorate the green valley, as if you are in Provence. The red sunset glow and the ups and downs of purple collide and merge with each other, and the romantic atmosphere blooms in the countryside. In the half-dream and half-awake state, you can feel the quietest softness and the sweetest warmth.

Looking back at Huashan Mountain and looking forward at the open vista, with the blue sky and white clouds, there is a row of small wooden houses with triangular roofs on one side of the viewing platform. Under the wooden houses are large areas of roses, concentrated red or pink, Coupled with the blue sky, it is a symbol of the pastoral flower valley.

Unknowingly, when the lights came on, the Rose Love Garden opened the "Night Scene Feast". On the premise of the original natural landscape of the sea of ​​flowers, it built light sculpture art works.

Rose Flower Sea Lighting Modeling Area on the Peak Platform

Robot and pirate ship karaoke area on the platform

Dragonfly light sculpture has a unique shape

There are also light shows such as peacocks and roses, seven fairies light show performance area, grass carving garden tourist area, wedding avenue wedding area, good luck square eight trigrams dragon column entertainment area, lakeside square laser tower entertainment area, etc. The colorful fantasy colors present a magnificent feast of lighting sculptures.

The third stop: Golden Cherry Valley Happy Farm

From the old friend's homestay, it takes only 5 or 6 minutes to drive to the Golden Cherry Valley Happy Farm located in Xiwengzhuang Town, Miyun District, Beijing.

The farm is very large, the decoration is very distinctive, and the facilities are all logs. The feeling of the farm should be preserved to the greatest extent. There are many outdoor play items:

Slides, rollers, forest crossings, rock climbing walls, swings, rubbing corn, etc. There are also slides that can be played by adults and children, and the safety factor of the play items is high.

Picking organic vegetables, experiencing farming experience such as digging peanuts, planing sweet potatoes, pinching millet, threshing rice, etc. Activities are adjusted according to the crop season.

There are also many small animals that can be fed. With the discarded leaves left after picking, we went to feed goats, big geese, etc., as well as rabbits and monkeys... The children on the farm had a great time playing, and the parents were also very pleased. While fully increasing children's hands-on ability, they also have the opportunity to know nature.

On the whole, this is a poetic village, reminiscent of Tao Yuanming's wild and rural scenes. The green mountains, the smoke from the kitchen, the livestock, and the countryside are intertwined into a painting, and you can feel the changing seasons of the earth.


Old Friends is located in Jinpoluo Village, Xiweng Town, Miyun District. It is said that Fengshui is particularly good. "There is a cover in the front and a back in the back". Surrounded by mountains on three sides, it has a quiet and leisurely pastoral style. The transportation is convenient, and it can be reached within 1.5 hours by car from the urban area.

There are two large courtyards and 12 boutique rooms with different design themes. We live in No. 2 courtyard. The courtyard is like a beautiful garden, where you can meet and make friends and enjoy private space.

On the open terrace, with maple-blown veils and bamboo shadows, it is very pleasant to cook tea, cook wine and read books.


Jinding Yuxiang is located in the center of Yujie in Miyun. It has a large curtain and is the most popular in Yujie. Parking is very convenient, the courtyard is large, and the environment feels like a farmyard.

The fish in the dishes are all live fish, and they are killed first when they are ordered. Serve it with the standard cooking table fish: tofu, wide noodles, vegetables...

When the lid is lifted, it is full of steam. Try a chopstick stove fish. The taste is delicious. The roll is a must. feeling full.

Autumn is a beautiful picture scroll, with its own unique colors, red, yellow, green... complement each other, and it is full of autumn. Feel the precipitation of the historical years in Gubeikou, and immerse yourself in the romantic sea of ​​flowers in the Rose Love Garden. In the field, there is a scene of a bumper harvest. In the Golden Cherry Valley Happy Farm, you can exercise outdoors and experience the fun of farming.

1. Ancient imperial way:

Address: Beside Gubeikou Tunnel, Gubeikou Folk Village, Miyun District, Beijing

Daylight saving time: 8:00 am to 17:00 pm

Winter time: 8:30 am to 16:00 pm

2. Rose Love Garden:

Address: Caijiawa Rose Love Garden Scenic Spot, Miyun District

Night time: Monday to Sunday night 18:00-22:00

3. Golden Cherry Valley Happy Farm:

Address: Golden Cherry Valley Happy Farm, Jinpoluo Village, Wengzhuang Town, Miyunxi, Beijing

4. Transportation method:

Suburban Railway Huairou-Miyun Line (Beijing North to Gubeikou) or self-driving

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