During the epidemic, I have nothing to do at home anyway, and I want to write all the unwritten ones, so that I can have better memories when I get old in the future, and it will also be helpful to everyone.

English is one of main international languages ​​in the world today, also is the most widely used language in the world.

The depreciation of the ruble has reduced the cost of travel, and it is indeed quite cost-effective to travel to Russia now. English is not popularized in Russia, which invisibly adds fear and mystery to friends who want to travel to Russia. Many people will ask me some questions that they feel confused about her. Please ask The most important thing is food, housing and transportation, and language barriers. In order to meet everyone's needs, I will write down what I know in detail in an easy-to-understand manner.

Dating partner:
The people I recruited online, one man, three women, four people, one just graduated from college, two around 30 years old, one retired old lady me.

The handsome guy has a job, is engaged in the Internet, has excellent character, kindness, enthusiasm, and is willing to help others. He is a popular lover among beautiful women. With his presence, we had a great time. He took the initiative to lead the team and worked hard all the way. up.
The big beauty is freelance, good at English, and works as a translator.
The little beauty cooks very well. This time, she serves as the chef for all the meals. Her good cooking skills bring joy to the trip.
I do logistical work and do chores at the end. I did the route this time, and the next route was decided by the handsome guy himself.

Picture: From the left, I, the little handsome guy, the big beauty, and the little beauty.



1. Passport

2. ID card

3. Russian visa

4. Bank card (I won’t mention the name, it’s just an advertisement, if you have something, you can communicate in private).


1. Youdao Translate, Google Translate.

2. Google Maps

3. Booking.com (accommodation)

Print a common language, three languages ​​Russian, English, Chinese, convenient and easy to point to others when using it.

If you don’t know English, just download (translation, map, accommodation), and you will not be afraid to travel around the world with these three things.

Insurance: 221

My insured is 195 yuan for American and Asian "Le You You" overseas travel,

Transit is mandatory to buy insurance for 250 rubles. 26 yuan

Total: 195+26=221


This trip is mainly by train, try to arrange the train at night, get off the train during the day, when you meet a good scene, you want to take a bath, get off the train to find accommodation when you are tired, we search for accommodation on the Booking website, we use private houses and inns Mainly, the price is low, clean, comfortable and can cook, close to the supermarket, never ordered online, it is free and stress-free.

If you want to find a good and cheap accommodation, you need to do more comparisons. For us travelers, we have to take the bus no matter where we live when the transportation is convenient. The distance does not matter whether it is convenient or not. Saving money is the goal. The individual distances are not too far, and the four of us only take a taxi when we feel that it is cost-effective to take a taxi.


Every time I go to the supermarket to buy what I need in advance by train, I will focus on buying fresh and cheap local products.

The climate in Russia is dry, and the eating habits are not suitable. I want to drink some porridge for a long time. As long as time permits, no matter how tired I am, the little girl and I will insist on going to the vegetable market or supermarket to buy our own food. Traveling abroad is hard work and eating Not good, it will definitely affect your mood and itinerary. It is cheap and delicious to make your own food.

Let me introduce the price and environment of the accommodation we have lived in:

2016.9.7 Ulan-Ude: There is an overpass to the left of the train station. Go up the overpass and walk to the next bridge. It is easy to find. You can take a shower, surf the Internet, and cook. The environment is clean and the price is cheap. The bed is 500 per person per day Rubles (50 RMB).

2016.9.9 Irkutsk: There are four beds in a room, you can take a bath, surf the Internet, cook, the environment is clean, the price is 725 rubles per person per day (RMB 72.5).

2016.9.11 Olkhon Island: The accommodation is clean, the environment is beautiful, and the price is high and low. We live on the second floor, with two beds in a room, public Internet access, public bathing, (RMB 50).

2016.9.15 Novosibirsk: The environment is clean and comfortable. You can take a bath, surf the Internet, and cook. The bed fee is RMB 40 per person per day.

2016-09-18 Yekaterinburg: Beautiful environment, clean accommodation, Internet access, one room has three bathrooms, each bathroom can take a shower, the kitchen is large, complete kitchen utensils are convenient for cooking, each room has bunk beds, each bed has The cloth block creates a small space, 43 RMB per person per day.

2016.9.25 Moscow: Clean, comfortable, can surf the Internet, cook, take a shower, very close to the Red Square. Online booking is cheap, and there is only a one-day discount. We booked for two days for a total of 1180 rubles (equivalent to RMB 59 per person per day).

2016.9.25 St. Petersburg: bunk beds, bathing, surfing the Internet, cooking, clean environment, 344 rubles (equivalent to RMB 35) per person per day for accommodation.

2016.10.1 Murmansk: You can take a shower, surf the Internet, cook, and the environment is clean. The bed charge is 500 rubles per person per day (equivalent to RMB 50).

I forgot to take the toothbrush cup in the shower. The next day, I searched all corners of the vicinity and couldn’t find it. I asked the waiter and ignored it. I had to go to the supermarket to buy another toothbrush for 16.8 RMB. Before we left, we wanted to keep the equipment The helper took care of it and ignored it, and felt that his attitude was extremely bad.

2016.10.2 Teriberka: Heating, breakfast, bathing, no internet, clean, very close to the Arctic Ocean, only one accommodation, no choice, 1000 rubles per person per day (equivalent to RMB 100 per person per day)

Luggage storage:

It is "камер хранение" in Russian, and there are guide signs. Every train station has a price of tens to more than one hundred rubles a day

I saved 100 rubles

foreign currency:

Exchange rate: The ratio is 1 to 9, 7 more, divided by the handling fee is 9, 60.

The Russian ruble can only be exchanged by the head office of the Bank of China, and other banks will not exchange it. The exchange is in large amounts.

Russia mainly supports group tours.

If you take the train to Manzhouli, there is a shop on the first floor of Manzhouli Shopping Center that specializes in exchanging Russian rubles.

For those who choose to travel by air, there are cash machines and exchange places in the airport lobby. Many large supermarkets, shopping malls, and accommodations can be swiped by card. Huaxia Card does not charge a handling fee for the first payment. In some places in Russia, there are few cash machines, which is still a bit troublesome. It is done in advance at home, which is trouble-free, convenient, and safe in bad places.

Exchange foreign currency:

Total RMB: 8683

Exchange ruble: 65800

USD 300 uses RMB 1993 (the spare has not been moved).

A girl asked me to exchange 1690 for her. She went to Manchuria to exchange some money herself, but she didn't want it.

In the end, there were 6,000 rubles and 625 RMB left (I exchanged the remaining rubles into US dollars at the airport hall and took them home).


The total cost of food, lodging and travel in Russia is 4375

Russian currency, ruble.


Travel time:

August 30th - September 4th Zhengzhou - Manzhouli

September 5th - October 3rd Russia

October 4 Murmansk - Zhengzhou

36 days

Transportation cost: 2492 yuan

Train ticket: Zhengzhou - Beijing 93 yuan

High-speed rail: Beijing-Zhengzhou train ticket is 309 yuan

Bus: Beijing Railway Station - Beijing Airport by bus 24 yuan

Domestic air tickets: Beijing - Manzhouli 382 yuan.

Foreign air tickets: Murmansk - Moscow - Beijing fare is 1684 yuan.

Total: 93+309+24+382+1684=2492

Manzhouli: From August 30th to September 4th, the total cost of food, accommodation and transportation is 899 yuan

Meals: cost 168 yuan

Accommodation: 37+40+35+40+40=192 yuan

Transportation: 25+20+100+27+73+3+5+92+1=346 yuan

Fee: 77 yuan (medicine 50 (I brought it in advance, I bought some if I was afraid it would not be enough), copy 2 blankets 20 nail clippers 5) Total: 50+2+20+5=77 yuan

This time I used all the medicines I brought, because the weather suddenly turned cold, and all the friends who came here caught colds. This time, I have a strong immune system and took the medicine once, which shows that my physical fitness is not bad. Let them take all the medicines I have used it, because the weather is dry, the beauty has a bad cold and hoarse voice, my medicine is still not cured after taking the medicine, and the medicine bought in Russia is not effective, because Russian medicine generally does not contain antibiotics. It is best to prepare some long-term medication at home.

Exit: 92 yuan for the bus from Zabaikal to Chita. (It is mandatory to buy insurance in transit, the insurance cost is 250 rubles for ten days)

Total: 168+192+346+77+24+92=899


20 rubles. 20 rubles. 10 rubles

Total: 20+20+10=50

There are very few public toilets in Russia and there are charges. It is a difficult and annoying thing for travelers. There must be one near the train station. As long as there is a ticket, it is free. There are large supermarkets, coffee houses, hotels, and KFC. And it's free. When I encounter such an occasion, I must drink more water to solve it. Older people can't bear it like young people.

I usually drink as little water as possible when I go out. It is so painful and the most unbearable thing to find a bathroom in an emergency. If you find a routine, everything is OK.

Traveling poorly in Russia, why don't we choose international trains and choose to take Russian national trains after leaving the country?

Introduce the international train:

There are two international trains from Beijing to Moscow, K3 and K19.

Train K3 departs from Beijing Station at 11:22 and arrives at Moscow Station at 13:58 (Moscow time) 6 days later, via: Beijing, Zhangjiakou South, Jining South, Zhurihe, Erlian, Zamyn Uud, Saiyin Sandar, Joel, Ulaanbaatar, Zonghara, Darkhan, Sukhbaatar, Dodzolny (technical parking), Naushki, Jeddah, Ulan-Ude, Slyudyanka, Irkutsk, Jima, Nizhneudinsk, Ilanskaya, Krasnoyarsk, Malinsk, Taiga, Novosibirsk, Balabinsk, Omsk, Ishi Mu, Tyumen, Sverdlovsk, Perm, Baretsino, Kirov, Gorky, Vladimir, Moscow.

Train K19 departs from Beijing Station at 23:00 and arrives at Moscow Station at 17:58 (Moscow time) 7 days later, passing through: Beijing, Tianjin, Tangshan, Shanhaiguan, Jinzhou, Shenyang, Siping, Changchun, Harbin, Angangxi, Boktu , Hailar, Manzhouli, Zabaikalsk, Borja, Karemskaya, Chita, Shilok, Ulan-Ugye, Slyudyanka, Irkutsk, Jima, Utzes, Ils Kaya, Krasnoyarsk, Marinsk, Taiga, Novosibirsk, Balabinsk, Omsk, Ishim, Tyumen, Yekaterinburg, Perm, Baretsino, Glazov, Kirov, Nizhny Novgodero, Vladimir, Moscow.

The lower berth of the hard sleeper is 4473 yuan, the upper berth is 4049 yuan, the soft sleeper is 5962 yuan, and the premium box is 6527 yuan

To purchase this train ticket, you need to apply for an international visa to Moscow and a transit visa through Mongolia in advance.

After you understand the situation, you will understand that our choice is right. International trains need to apply for transit visas. The procedures are troublesome, the fees are high, and the time is long. Stop and cook for yourself. It can be described as comfortable, delicious food, low cost, good mood, seeing the most scenery, and learning more about folk customs.

International trains can only go to Moscow and we go to the Arctic Ocean in the northernmost part of Russia.

It’s really fun to spend the same money, why not do it!

Let me introduce our itinerary by train in Russia

Chita—————Ulan Ude 1343, 1 ruble (about 700 kilometers away) September 6

Ulan Ude——Irkutsk 606, 30 rubles (450 kilometers) September 7

Irkutsk - Novosibirsk 2748, 50 rubles September 12

Novosibirsk - Yekaterinburg 3303, 6 rubles September 15

Yekaterinburg - Kazan 1592, 5 rubles September 18

Kazan—————Nizhny Novgorod 1751, 6 rubles September 19

Nizhny Novgorod - Moscow 2748, 5 rubles September 20

Moscow—————St. Petersburg 1272, 9 rubles, about 700 kilometers, September 24

St. Petersburg——Murmansk 2135, 4 rubles September 30

Total train fare: 1343+606+2748+3303+1592+1751+2748+1272+2135=17498 rubles

Murmansk-Teriberka (a small settlement on the Arctic Ocean, under the jurisdiction of Murmansk Oblast), 150 kilometers away, 2,000 rubles for four people, 500 rubles per person, 1,000 rubles per person for a chartered car.

The traffic in Teriberka is inconvenient, because we booked the air tickets online in advance, and the time for visa application is approaching. In order to prevent the trouble of not being able to find the car on the return trip, we asked for the driver's phone number when we chartered a car for fear of being in trouble.

Most people in Russia feel to me that they are serious about what they do, and they will do what they say.

When we planned to leave, we contacted the driver the night before and arranged to arrive at 8 am the next morning. I went out to see if the driver had arrived. The driver arrived on time just after leaving the house. Because the driver kept his promise and arrived on time, we flew back to our motherland smoothly.

Introduce the Russian train:

Russian trains are all soft sleepers, which are divided into three classes. The third-class carriages are crowded with locals, safe, and the price is low. The crowded carriages do not feel cold.

Disposable bed sheets are charged, and the cost is more than 100 rubles. You can choose whether you want it or not. If you don’t want it, tell the conductor that you don’t want it when you buy a ticket. If you need to get on the bus, you can ask the flight attendant to buy it.

I bought a blanket for 20 yuan in Manzhouli in advance, so I don’t need to buy disposable sheets. The blanket is light and does not take up space, and it is very useful. Sometimes it can be used as a shawl when it is cold.

Bus, taxi, tram fare:

125+150+50+510+800+18+18+20+125+50+60+40+30+20+30+30+35=2111 rubles

Tickets: 900+700+600=2200 rubles

One-day tour of Lake Baikal 900 rubles (equivalent to RMB 90)

There are also high-cost tour groups in the local area. I am looking for a one-day tour with the accommodation owner. I have a meal at noon, five scenic spots, walk around Lake Baikal, stop at five different places to watch and take pictures, and get off at the fourth scenic spot. The car stays for an hour and a half, the driver starts to cook, and the meal is ready at the meeting time. After the meal, we go to the last scenic spot. It takes one day for a day trip. The car is leisurely and comfortable, and the price is reasonable.

A two-hour boat ride on the Neva River costs 700 rubles per person (equivalent to RMB 70).

St. Petersburg is a water city, composed of dozens of large and small islands and bridges, also known as the "Venice of the North". The Neva River is a major river running through the city of St. Petersburg. The Neva River originates from Lake Ladoga, flows from east to west, flows through St. Petersburg, and flows into the Gulf of Finland. The length of the river is 74 kilometers, and 32 kilometers lie within the boundaries of St. Petersburg.

No matter day or night, whether you are strolling along the river or taking a boat up and down the river, you can enjoy the scenery along the river, or taste the various bridges. If there is an open bridge, the two spans in the center of the bridge are suspended in the air, and the huge steel bridge raises its front hooves like a galloping horse, allowing the stranded ships to sail smoothly to the Gulf of Finland. The impression left is indelible.

Hermitage 600 rubles (equivalent to RMB 60)

It is worth seeing. There are detailed introductions on the Internet, so I will not introduce them one by one. Tickets are 600 rubles, and tickets can be bought at 10:30. There are automatic ticket vending machines at the gate, and you can also queue up to buy tickets.

The total cost of this trip to Russia, including food, lodging and travel: 8726 RMB

A few points should be noted:

1. When you leave the country, you will be asked to fill in a form. Be sure to put it away, and it will be collected when you return home.

2. Every carriage of the train has a door. Russians have a good habit. From sensible children, they know that the door should be opened lightly, and the door should be closed casually. Try not to let the third person hear you when you talk in public places. When you see someone resting It’s better not to talk, if you really have something to do, you can keep your voice down, so as not to affect the people who are resting, it’s convenient for yourself, and it’s also convenient for others.

3. Whenever you go to a new place, you must first read more and ask more questions, and abide by the local customs. No matter where you go, please queue up consciously when there are people.

4. Waiting for the bus in the waiting hall of the railway station, the seat is for people, and the luggage must be placed underground. The ground in Russia is very clean.

5. In places with many people, especially in prosperous areas, you must be careful about your mobile phone and bag. No matter where there are many people, there will be thieves. Do not go to places with few people when you are alone or when there are few people. Try not to go far in the dark, because the language barrier.

6. When you are walking, you must get out of the way when you see other people taking pictures. Small things depend on the quality of people.

7. When you need help, or ask others to help, please say: "Ni Hao". If you don't know English, you can use Chinese.

Once I was on a train and met a Chinese lady who had something to do and went to the train attendant and asked directly, "Hey, where is the thing?" Just after leaving, the conductor pouted to express his dissatisfaction.

When we go abroad, we represent a country. We are rich, but also spiritually rich. When others look down on us, do we also check our own behavior? A small action represents the civilization of a country. When you don’t understand, read more Learn, have time to look at social etiquette.

8. When traveling to Russia, you must be careful not to bring these things. The spicy chicken feet I bought before I left, I asked the driver what can I bring and what can’t I bring during the border inspection? He told me: meat, eggs, seeds. It’s really a lot of minds to ask in advance. If the border inspectors find out that it will not only be confiscated, but will also be fined heavily. I have to put it in the car. .

When we were waiting for the security check, we found that there were a lot of idle staff sitting there. It’s okay. When it was my turn to check, two staff came to check my bag seriously. It seems that these idle staff are specially targeting Chinese people, right? It's better to be careful everyone.

The overall national quality of Russia:

1. Russians are a nation that pays attention to gentlemanly demeanor, especially St. Petersburg people, who can be seen on various occasions, both men and women are neatly dressed. In the elevator, a man will offer to help you with your suitcases. No matter where you go, as long as there are people, you will automatically queue up, and no one will jump in the queue.

2. Please rest assured when walking on the roads in Russia. When crossing the roads and crossing the zebra crossing, not all cars in big cities will take the initiative to give way to pedestrians. The roads in Russia are wide, so you can relax safely.

3. I saw a mother with a girl on the bus, put the paper towels in the clothes bucket, and wrapped the apple cores in paper and put them in the children's schoolbags. They never littered. This time when I was flying back to China, I observed carefully and found that there were a lot of rubbish under the feet of three Chinese girls, and they were checking that there was no rubbish around foreigners. This problem really needs to be changed. Small things represent a country, love yourself, love the motherland, start from yourself, and develop good habits.

4. I went to the revolving door and observed carefully. When people pass by, I gently push it away.

5. They have a strong self-esteem. Some people say that Russians are a nation that does not like to admit mistakes. If you go to Russia, you will find that although some young people also worship foreigners, Russians generally do not worship foreigners, let alone be obsequious, and even have a little reservation. The smell of chauvinism in a big country, so that English road signs are rarely seen on the street (not very conducive to tourism). But they are also sometimes blindly proud and very stubborn.

6. Impatient mood, Russians like to drive fast and impatient. The cars of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on the street are galloping on the busiest street at a speed of at least 120 kilometers. At night, I really dare not walk on the street, because it will be unsafe than during the day. The speed is scary, and the sound sounds like a sports car.

7. On the Novosibirsk-Yekaterinburg train, I encountered a kind of impatience. We bought the middle berth, and we went around all day and wanted to eat some hot rice at night. The entire carriage was full of Russians who couldn’t find a place to sit. See There was an empty seat and I just sat in a corner to eat, and the people who came over asked me to go away with indifferent expressions. This is also the first time and the last time I encountered such indifference, a kind of impatience, a kind of helplessness, so I had no choice but to go to bed without washing.

To sum up, our friendly neighbor is a nation with high quality. Some things are beyond our reach. China's reform and development, such as the industriousness, intelligence and flexibility of the Chinese people.

Is Russia safe?

I personally feel very safe. There is only one beautiful woman who lost her mobile phone while taking the subway.


I often travel abroad and slowly sum up some experience from my experience. Traveling is mainly about equipment. I pay special attention to the equipment, which is demanding. The purpose is to make travel more enjoyable. If you are away for a long time, you need to consider the four seasons of the year. For example, when you go to Vietnam for the first time, the winter is so hot that you have to consider that mosquitoes need electrified mosquito coils. When you come back to Lijiang, it is like winter and you need to prepare enough clothes to keep warm. The less things you need to do when you are away from home, the better. You need to think carefully To not only less but fine but also to meet travel needs.

Umbrella use: Umbrellas can only protect against the sun and rain.

The purpose of the raincoat: to protect against rain and cold. If the weather is cold, you can cover your body to protect yourself from the cold and wind when you rest at night. One coat can be used for multiple purposes. If I choose a raincoat, I will not choose an umbrella.

1. Fleece underwear: fleece is light, quick-drying and warm. For the jacket, I choose a fleece jacket with open placket, which is easy to put on and take off at night.

2. Shawl: windproof, sunproof, can be used as a top, draped over a backpack to prevent thieves, and can be used as a bed sheet for rest at night, multi-functional.

3. Swimming suit.

4. Skin clothing: sun protection, small space occupation, light weight, quick drying, plus wind and cold protection when it is cold.

5. Short sleeves: two pieces, change and wash.

6. A pair of gloves: sun protection in hot weather and warmth in cold weather.

7. A set of autumn clothes and long johns: outdoor type, with fleece inside, good ventilation, no wetness, no peculiar smell, good warmth, comfortable type, the disadvantage is that it cannot be worn outside.

8. Elastic tights: They can also be worn outside at ordinary times, and they are also convenient to wear inside in cold weather.

9. Three pairs of underwear:

It is inconvenient to change and wash outside. You can buy disposable paper underwear in supermarkets. They are of good quality, breathable, and can be washed. If you are out for a long time and you don’t have enough to wear, you can use them sparingly, and you can wash them. Which one from the bathing center is not ventilated, not ventilated, and of poor quality. Not suitable for long distance belts.

10. Socks: Choose outdoor socks, which are comfortable, breathable, quick-drying, and guaranteed in quality.

11. Hood:

(1) Thin two, protect the face and neck,

(2) A thick one, which can be used as a hat and neck protector in cold weather.

Protect face and sun.

12. A pair of glasses: UV protection, wind and cold protection, and eye protection.


1. One charger.

2. Three batteries, I like to take pictures.

3. There is one power socket wiring board. Some accommodations are far away from the power supply, and some rooms only have one socket, which is inconvenient.

4. With the universal conversion plug, you will not be afraid to travel around the world ~ the universal conversion plug

5. Hair dryer:

(1) Use when the weather is cold and the clothes are not dry.

(2) Take a rest after washing and drying your hair to prevent headaches.

(3) If you feel uncomfortable after running for a day, blowing on Zusanli will help your legs recover.

For people who often suffer from neck pain, blow on the neck and temples at night to treat cervical spine headaches. Where to blow hard, a good way to promote blood circulation.

6. An outdoor flashlight.

7. Electric mosquito-repellent incense: odorless and effective in killing insects.

daily necessities;

1. Take a small piece of soap for bathing, shampooing, and laundry. It’s not too late to buy when you need it when you leave the country, so you can save money on consignment.

2. Stewing pot:

Pour hot (ice) water into the hot and cold heat preservation, the shell does not sweat, and the heat preservation (ice) effect can reach more than 24 hours. The vacuum smoldering pot series can be used for daily diet, porridge, soup, various dishes, It can be used for making desserts, and can be carried with you when you go to work or travel.

It's cold in Russia, and I get a sore throat just by drinking cold water.

3. Compression bag: mainly because clothes are compressed without taking up space.

compression bag

4. Body bag, good anti-theft, put it inside the coat, close to the underwear, good concealment, like a passport, put large sums of money inside, the bag will not be lost without leaving the body.

5. Waterproof bag: waterproof and moisture-proof. Things like medicine and things that are afraid of getting wet are put in it, and the equipment is guaranteed, so that you will be happy on the road.

6. Notepad and pen.

7. A little toothpaste is enough, a small plastic cup.


1. Commonly used medicines: cold medicine, anti-inflammatory medicine, Sanhuang tablets, etc.

2. We will focus on this time and prepare some motion sickness medicine.

3. Acclimatization, getting angry, anti-inflammatory and other medicines

4. Shancun: It is an over-the-counter drug of vitamins and minerals, which is used to prevent and treat various diseases caused by vitamin and mineral deficiency.

I usually take it with me when I go out, because it is not good to eat out for a long time. Once the corner of my mouth was rotten, I only ate it once and felt better.

travel light

This backpack was bought at Decathlon, the price is 199 yuan.

It's been too long, some pictures were found in the talk, make up, this is all the equipment for going to Russia. In order to let everyone see more clearly, the pre-shoots are not sorted out.

Mini travel electric kettle, small and light, can boil water for three minutes, and can boil a small bottle of pure water at a time,

This time with several uses:

1. Boil water.

2. If it is convenient, make some rice porridge, because it has a stewing pot and noodles.

3. One thing is multi-purpose, and it can also be used as a bowl. The main consideration is light weight, which is not only refined but less, but also convenient to use.





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