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Day 1: Kunming 24h pick-up - free activities after check-in hotel (recommended: Cuihu Park, Golden Horse Square)

Time: All day: Tour time: about 3 hours After checking in to the hotel, go to the favorite scenic spot to play freely.

Day 2: Kunming Dianchi Lake-Dongchuan Red Land (Splendid Garden Colorful Slope, Luoxia Valley, Millennium-old Dragon Tree) to watch the sunset

Day 3: Watching the sunrise on the Red Earth-Jianshui Ancient City-Chaoyang Building (Exterior)-Zhu Family Garden/Confucian Temple 2 choose 1-(Free activities recommended: Zitao Street)

Time: 07:00: Tour time: about 1 hour According to the season, get up early and go to the photo spot to watch the sunrise.

Day 4: Dianyue French-style Jianshui train-Seventeen Arch Bridge, Xianghui Bridge Station, Tuanshan Station-go to Yuanyang Hani Terraced Fields, Azheke Village, and Bada Terraced Fields to watch the sunset

Day 5: Duoyishu terraced fields, Aichunlan terraced fields to watch the sunrise - go to Puzhehei - Puzhehei Scenic Area, the shooting location of Sansheng III

Day 6: Watching the sunrise on Qinglong Mountain, boating on the lake and enjoying the lotus - special car to Line A: Mile East Scenic Spot - Huquan Hot Spring | Line B: Luoping Rapeseed Flower Field, Screw Field

Time: 15:00: Activity time: about 3 hours This is the recommended line A Maitreya line, you can choose freely

Time: 16:00: Activity time: about 3 hours This is the recommendation of the Luoping route of Line B, which can be chosen freely (it is recommended to choose Luoping in February and March, and choose Maitreya for the rest of the time)

Day 7: Line A: Maitreya Keyi Town | Line B: Luoping Duoyi River Scenic Area--Return to Kunming and drop off (it is recommended to choose a flight after 17:00)

Time: 09:00: Activity time: about 2 hours This is the arrangement of Maitreya attractions on route A

Time: 09:00: Activity time: about 2 hours This is the arrangement of Luoping scenic spots on route B