1. This product belongs to the theme customized travel, professional customizer provides one-on-one service, and can change the content or days of the customized itinerary according to your needs

2. All itinerary arrangements are subject to the tour notice and contract confirmed by both parties!


4.Available nationwide,Depending on your location,Arrange local comfortable direct or connecting flights


Day 1: [All over the country-Guiyang (24H private car pick-up service)] Arrange a suitable flight for you according to your location, and a professional customizer will serve you one-on-one (30km, 25min)

Time: 15:10: Itinerary: After arrival, the driver(Buick GL8)Come to pick you up, take you to start a wonderful trip to Guizhou, and stay in the French-style mansion designer hotel.

Day 2: [Special car + driver and guide (Guiyang-Huangguoshu Waterfall)] Light hiking in Huangguoshu National Park, punching in the 86 version of Journey to the West shooting location (130km, 1h45min)

Day 3: [Special car + driver and guide] Riding Wanfeng Forest, going deep into the sea of ​​rapeseed flowers of 10,000 mu + light hiking in the Maling River Canyon

Day 4: [Xingyi (accompanied by special car)] Stroll through Wanfeng Forest, one of the five most beautiful peak forests, and explore the Internet celebrity Jilong Fort (60km, 1h)

Day 5: Luoping Jiulong Waterfall

Day 6: [7-seat business car + driver and guide (stay in Puzhehei Scenic Area, 180° double-sided lake view room, Mukeqianxun Boutique Holiday B&B, shooting location of Sansheng III Shili Peach Blossom)] Willow leaf boat tour , take a small boat, paddle in the sunset on the horizon, the hot air balloon overlooks the plateau water village from a 360° God's perspective

Day 7: [Return from Kunming (7-seater business car to send to the airport)] Back to the warm home, we look forward to meeting you next time