In order to ensure travel, 1-2 people sign up, please consult customer service!

If you need to take care of your own air tickets, please switch the departure point to Chengdu and place an order!

Linzhi Peach Blossom Festival Route Description: From March 9th to March 30th, take Line B Peach Blossom Festival route.

special reminder:

1. If the Renqing Inn is full or closed in winter (November to March of the following year), you will change to Bomi County or Renqing House to stay and experience related activities (Tibetan clothing, bonfire party, barbecue experience) It will also be cancelled!
2. The itinerary defaults to standard rooms. There are few double-bed rooms in hotels along the route. If you need a double-bed room, please inform in advance and try to arrange it. Some hotels do not have double-bed rooms of the same room type!
3. In order to avoid peak crowds, starting from August 1, you need to reserve tickets 1 day in advance for hiking in the milk sea and five color sea areas!

4. Due to the closure of the horseback riding photo project in winter (travel from November to March of the following year), this project will no longer be presented as a gift, and there will be no refund for the gift project, please be informed!

5. Meals are self-care throughout the whole process, and the team leader’s lunch and dinner will be shared equally by teammates on the bus (you can lead the team to eat together, or share the cost of 40 yuan per meal for the team leader)!


Day 1: All over the country - Chengdu gathering (pick up/station)

Day 2: Chengdu - Kangding - Tagong Grassland - Xindu Bridge

Day 3: Xinduqiao Town - Daocheng County - Shangri-La Town

Day 4: Shangri-La Town - Yading Scenic Area - Shangri-La Town

Day 5: Shangri-La Town - Litang County - Batang County - Mangkang County

Day 6: Mangkang County - Zuogong County - Basu County

Day 7: Basu County-Ranwu Town-Bomi County/Guxiang Lake

Day 8: Bomi - Lulang Town - Nyingchi Town

Day 9: Nyingchi Town - Basongcuo - Lhasa

Day 10: Lhasa - Yanghu Lake - Lhasa

Day 11: Potala Palace - Jokhang Temple