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Highlight 1 [Pure play]: There are no shopping stores in this itinerary. If there is compulsory shopping, ten times the compensation for the group fee, and more time to visit scenic spots

Highlight 2 [Itinerary]: Internet celebrity circle design, do not go back, enjoy Tibet's Internet celebrity attractions

Highlight 3 [Features]: Free hot spring boiled eggs/foot soaking experience, Saronda blessing experience, and Mount Everest high mountain hot pot.

Highlight 4 [Service]: Arrange accommodation in Lhasa and 24-hour Tibet Gonggar Airport pick-up service, driver hotel pick-up on the departure day

Highlight 5 [Photography]: Free travel photography in Tibetan clothes in Lhasa city + master with SLR or drone shooting (arranged according to the situation in peak season, first sign up first)

Highlight 6 [Gift]: 3 oxygen cylinders per person, so that you will not be afraid of altitude sickness

【About Air Ticket Description】

This itinerary already includes the outbound air ticket to Lhasa across the country (only for tickets purchased within 1,000 yuan)

If you need to purchase an outbound ticket by yourself, we will refund 1,000 yuan (except departure from Lhasa)

If you choose Lhasa as the departure point, you will automatically lose 1,000 yuan





Day 1: Warm home - Lhasa

Day 2: Lhasa - Nagenla Pass - Namtso Tashi Peninsula - Damxung

Day 3: Dangxiong - Yangbajing - Tashilhunpo Monastery - Shigatse

Day 4: Shigatse - Gawula Pass - Mount Everest Scenic Area

Day 5: Mount Everest Scenic Spot - Gyatso La Pass - Shigatse

Day 6: Shigatse - Karola Glacier - Yanghu Lake - Shannan/Gacha

Day 7: Shannan/Jiacha--Qinhoutai--Lang County--Yalung Zangbo Grand Canyon--Suosong Village

Day 8: Suosong Village - Namjagbarwa Peak - Linzhi - Basongcuo - Lhasa