Day 1: [Stay at the Beach Marriott Hotel + 24h personalized pick-up station] Arrive in Qingdao on your own for free activities, within walking distance of the hotel "Free play": enjoy the scenery on the city balcony scenic spot + enjoy the sea at the thousand-meter beach in Lingshan Bay + go shopping in the mangrove resort.

Time: All day: Your friends in Qingdao - the Xiaobu family"Bruce blue"
The 24-hour standby status has been activated, and we are waiting for you to go to the journey of "Sea of ​​Stars".
"About the departure notice"
«Sea of ​​Stars» received the commander-in-chiefStoudemireWe will contact you before 12:00 one day before your departure to prepare for the trip.
"About the escort team"
housekeeperStoudemireBefore 18:00 on the day of your trip, Xiaolan, the accompanying player, will be pulled to [WeChat group],little blueWe will communicate with you in the group about the departure time of the second day and other information.
"About Qingdao pick-up station"
If you choose a product with big traffic:
StoudemireThe corresponding pick-up service will be arranged according to the way you arrive in Qingdao.
①Qingdao Jiaodong Airport-Hotel: Provide 24-hour carpool pick-up service, and the waiting time does not exceed 30 minutes;
②Qingdao West Railway Station-Hotel: Provide 24h carpool pick-up service;
③Qingdao Station-Hotel: Semi-self-service pick-up service is provided. Take Metro Line 1 (towards Wangjiagang) at Qingdao Station and get off at Wangjiagang Station, then transfer to the Blues shuttle bus to arrive at the hotel;
④Qingdao North Station-Hotel: Provide semi-self-service pick-up service. Take Metro Line 1 (direction Wangjiagang) at Qingdao North Station and get off at Wangjiagang Station, then transfer to the Blues shuttle bus to arrive at the hotel;
⑤ Upgrading to Qingdao Station/North Station-the hotel pick-up station is 160 yuan/car with 5-7 seats: If you need a special car to pick up Qingdao Station/North Station, you can check the "Pick-up" single service in the follow-up booking link! !
If you choose a destination travel product:
StoudemireProvide free Blues shuttle bus service to the hotel;
Departure location: Qingdao Jiaodong Airport, Qingdao West Railway Station, Wangjiagang Station of Metro Line 1; you can also go to the hotel to check in by yourself; Xiao Si will inform the hotel of the check-in information one day in advance.

Time: 14:00: "Live • Immersive resort hotel"
BushThe purpose of choosing a hotel:
A hotel is not just a place to sleep,
It is a travel destination!
The hotel is located on a 4A-level scenic spot,
Happy Bay Commercial Food Street = Hotel Specialty Restaurant,
Lingshan Bay Beach is the front garden of the hotel.
The mangrove resort complex is just a 15m coastal romantic walk away.
"About hotel check-in"
① Check-in method: After arriving at the hotel, report your name and check in. According to international practice, the hotel check-in time is after 14:00 pm. If your arrival time is earlier, if the hotel has no vacancies, it is recommended to leave your luggage at the front desk. Activity.
② Check-in room type: The basic room type of the hotel is a twin room. If you need a double bed room of the same room type, you can place an order and make a note, and arrange it as much as possible.
③ Room card deposit: The front desk will charge a certain amount of deposit when you check in, and it will be refunded when you check out. Please be aware.
④ Check-in inspection: After checking in to the hotel, please check whether the facilities in the room are complete. If you find any problems with the room facilities or supplies, please contact the hotel service staff or housekeeper as soon as possibleStoudemire.

Time: 12:00: Please take care of your own lunch

Time: 15:00: Tour time: about 3 hours There is no group itinerary today, you are free to experience the charm of the sea! !
«Xiaobu Playbook» is presented
"Xiaobu's strategy of playing in the sea - Playing in the seaside"
1. Hang out on the city balcony and Happy Bay;
2. Walking on the beach, surfing the sea, watching the sea in a daze;
3. Watching the sea, shopping and eating, petty bourgeoisie coffee and movies, and feeding pigeons in the mangrove resort complex.
"Xiaobu's strategy for playing with the sea - listening to the tide"
1. In the evening, listen to the sea breeze and watch the sunset;
2. Under the night, listen to the waves, watch the stars and the sea;
3. Quiet in the middle of the night, listening to the sea, the ebb and flow of the tide.

Time: 18:00: "Xiaobu's strategy of playing with the sea - eating seafood"
1. Daguoqiang Seafood (City Balcony Store):
Distance from the hotel: 500 meters, per capita consumption: about 90 yuan/person
Recommended dishes: Seafood Big Cafe\Old Lady Biscuits\PP Shrimp\Small Crispy Pork
2. Lidao Fishing Village Seafood Kitchen (Happy Bay Branch):
Distance from the hotel: 500 meters, per capita consumption: about 120 yuan/person
Recommended dishes: pan-fried tongue fish\ miscellaneous fish noodles\ leek sea sausage\ pimple soup

Day 2: [Stay at Jianguo Beach Hotel + Seafood Free Times] "Painting in Jiao'ao" ​​trestle/church/courtyard/painting postcards + "Xiaolan interprets Qingdao" sea culture/foreign culture/market culture+"Beer 2 Dimensions"+ Natural studio Badaguan + Laoshan cape fishing village, taste Qingdao's home cooking & fish and sea food.

Time: 07:00: Meal time: about 1 hour Rich buffet breakfast in the hotel (no refund required).
"About breakfast"
Breakfast time: 6:30-10:00
Breakfast location: Yikele Restaurant on the first floor
Breakfast policy:
Free for children under 4 years old, 118 yuan per adult,
4 years old ≤ children <12 years old, 38 yuan per copy,
12 years old ≤ children < 17 years old, 80 yuan per serving.

Time: 08:00: Activity time: about 5 minutes

Time: 08:40: Activity time: about 40 minutes >:
Break away from punch-card travel,
Upgrade the shutter aesthetic,
draw while walking,
With hand-painted postcards and 12-color watercolors,
in your own way,
Pass on the beauty of your travel.
"Jiaao"It was the name of Qingdao during the German occupation period.
Now refers to the old city of Qingdao.
"Blues Painting Tour in Jiaoao"trestle bridge
The place where Qingdao started, the symbol of Qingdao.
"Flying Pavilion Huilan" is the first of the top ten scenic spots in Qingdao.
Standing on Huilan Pavilion,
Looking far away from the sea is the small Qingdao of "Qinyu Floating Lantern",
Looking back, the city is Qingdao with "red tiles and green trees".

Time: 09:50: Activity time: about 25 minutes "2 Trends in 1 Day: Blues Art Tour in Jiao'ao"church
As a former German jurisdiction,
Qingdao's external image and internal culture have obvious German imprints,
little blueIt will deeply analyze the imported Germanic culture for you.

Time: 10:30: Activity time: about 1 hour and 30 minutes "1 City, 1 Classic: Tsingtao Beer Museum"
Come to the National YI Museum at No. 56 Dengzhou Road,
Take the time machine and travel back to 1903,
Meet "Mr. August"Sapo",
experience a waking drunkenness,
Read the love story of hops and barley,
"Blues beer 2D"
Tsingtao Brewery's 4 popular names one by one:
Beer Queen - Puree,
Fresh and refreshing - pure raw,
Bitter Sweet - Pearson,
Ancient Brew-IPA,
Accompanied by "yeast beer beans" for beauty and body shaping,
from now onyourbeer in the worldHeartstory!!!

Time: 12:15: Meal time: about 40 minutes "One Meal, One Taste: Qingdao Home Cooking"Red Island clams on the pot
The porridge comes with home-cooked seafood flavor,
It has been infiltrating the taste buds of Qingdao people for more than ten years,
Authentic home-cooked seafood,
White and fat handmade bags,
Refreshing seaweed jelly,
Seafood four-treasure porridge that nourishes the stomach and relieves cravings,
There are also "YYDS" hidden in every piecea landscape paintingRed Island Clams,
are allBushlove! !

Time: 13:05: Activity time: About 1 hour Natural Studio - Badaguan,
Expo Hall of World Architecture-Badaguan
China's most beautiful city - Badaguan. . . . . .

Time: 14:10: Activity time: About 5 minutes The city of sailing, sailing a little...

Time: 14:30: Activity time: about 1 hour and 20 minutes "1 City 1 Classic: AAAAA Laoshan"
Du Yuntai Mountain is high, not as good as Donghai Lao,
Properly the temperament of the fairy mountains on the sea;
Climb the mountain and watch the sea and eat the purple clouds,
It also has the boldness of mountains, rivers and seas!!

Time: 17:50: Meal time: about 1 hour [1城1味:仙山渔海味]自助餐海鲜自由
The scenery of Xianshan Fishing and Seafood,
Buffet Seafood Small Hot Pot:
Clams, scallops, oysters, conch. . .
Eat whatever you want, eat as much as you want;
Cooked food self-service open stove:
Laoshan sweet sun-dried fish--crispy and fresh,
The north is bold and big to eat meat-big bone,
Seasonal wild vegetables - refreshing stir-fry,
Sea Vegetable Seaweed - Rustic Cooking,
Shu QiThe endorsement is as big as a plate-Wang Gezhuang Big Mantou
. . .
Go on,BushMy saliva dripped onto the keyboard, stop! ! !

Time: 18:50: "Stay/Vacation Immersive Hotel"
Hotels tonight continue to be more than places to sleep,
It is an immersive travel destination! ! !
a seaside dreamcastlehotel,
a family was built inwetland beachthe hotel,
Every hotel has its ownholiday style,
More interesting things in the hotel are waiting for you to unlock on the spot! !

Day 3: [Stay at the Intercontinental Hotel on the Beach + Seafood Discussion on the Basin] Qingdao/Weihai/Yantai: Watch the sunrise at sea + take photos of seagrass dwellings + climb to a century-old famous island + travel through the Sino-Japanese War + feed cute seals + pick up dog food in Moon Bay and eat Jiaodong Huabobo.

Time: 06:00: Activity time: about 30 minutes "Xiaobu hot recommendation"
A life experience that must be checked in once:Watch a sunrise over the sea!
We travel through the concrete forest of the city every day,
Being dragged down by the "big drum of work" and "firewood, rice, oil and salt",
How long has it been since I looked up at the sky,
Today is your chance to:
Facing the 180° sea spreading infinitely in front of you,
Looking up at the fish-belly white sky above the head, there is no depth,
Quietly waiting for the sun of hope to jump out of the sea,
The chicken feathers on the ground melted instantly.

Time: 07:00: Meal time: about 1 hour Rich buffet breakfast in the hotel (no refund required).
"About breakfast"
Breakfast time: 6:30-10:00
Breakfast location: restaurant on the first floor
Breakfast policy:
Children under 1.2m are free, adults are 58 yuan per copy,
1.2m≤Children's height<1.5m, 38 yuan/part,
1.5m ≤ children's height, 58 yuan per serving.

Time: 08:00: Activity time: about 30 minutes "2 Trends in 1 Day: Seagrass Residential Houses"
was depositedThe British Museumresidential houses,
"Moana" same stylePrincess Moanahome,
Jiaodong's characteristic culture--seaweed house.

Time: 11:10: Meal time: about 40 minutes [1城1味:胶东饽饽味]荣成牡蛎装盆上
Weihai is the largest kelp production base in China.
Rongcheng's oysters are famous all over the country.
Jiaodong's fancy flowering steamed buns are a local specialty.
NowadaysBushMake arrangements for everyone.

Time: 12:10: Activity time: about 2 hours and 45 minutes "1 City 1 Classic: Liugong Island"
This island is the first batch of AAAAA-level scenic spots in the country.
This small island is as famous as a city,
This island of history is tied to a battle of national awakening,
This island, with its history, culture and geological scenery, is on par with each other.
Board the island by boat and look back at the infinite scenery of Weihai city.

Time: 15:10: Activity time: about 1 hour "2 Trends in 1 Day: Feed the Seals"
Feed the cute seal once - [East Fortress],
Brainstorming a seaside love story--[Moon Bay];

Time: 18:00: "Stay in an immersive offshore hotel"
Crowne Plaza Hotel Nanshan under InterContinental,
The hotel is an 8-minute walk to the beach.
10 minutes walk to Yanda Seaside Park,
At night, after dinner, walk on the beach and listen to the whispers of the waves,
When you get up in the morning, go for a jog in the face of the rising sun,
Proper full blood resurrection.

Time: 18:30: Meal time: about 1 hour

Day 4: [All-you-can-eat seafood buffet + live in 2nd-class cruise ship with bed for children] Yantai/Penglai/overnight cruise/Dalian: Encounter the Eight Immortals in Penglai Pavilion + meet Qi Jiguang in the water city of Chaojungang + reveal the secret of the 37° grape holy land + swing at the winery Golf + Yantai Mountain Beacon Tower Daming Dynasty, tasting the taste of Dongdu Eight Immortals.

Time: 07:00: Meal time: about 1 hour Rich buffet breakfast in the hotel (no refund required).
"About breakfast"
Breakfast time: 6:30-10:00
Breakfast location: Western restaurant on the first floor
Breakfast policy:
Children under 1.2m are free, adults are 135 yuan per copy,
1.2m ≤ children's height < 1.4m, 68 yuan per copy,
1.4m ≤ children's height, 135 yuan per serving.

Time: 08:00: Activity time: about 30 minutes "2 Trends in 1 Day: Meet Qi Jiguang in Water City"
China's earliest well-preserved5 Korea military port,
The entire water city covers an area of ​​270,000 square meters.
HasBeiwadu Sifu Yamen, Shuimen, Zhenyangmen, breakwaters, piers, lighthouses, city walls, forts, moats, etc.
Founded in the Tang Dynasty (over 1000 years oldoh),
The Ming Dynasty began to become an important military port in the north,
The old handsome guy in Terengganu - Qi Jiguang used to train hereQi Jiajun.

Time: 10:00: Activity time: about 2 hours "1 City 1 Classic: Penglai Pavilion"
The country's first batch of AAAAA-level scenic spots,
One of the four famous buildings in China,
The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea--The Great IP of the Chinese Nation's Mythical Stories,
Where the mysterious mirage takes place,
The uncanny workmanship of nature - the dividing line between the Yellow Sea and the Bohai Sea.

Time: 12:00: Meal time: about 1 hour [1城1味:东渡八仙味]蓬莱海鲜自助餐
All-you-can-eat conch, prawns, and salmon,
Sea oysters, meretrix meretrix, mussels, and scallops are placed on the basin,
Roast duck, barbecue, and teppanyaki are delicious and high in energy.
There is also "sea vegetable steamed stuffed bun" that Tieguai Li loves to eat,
He Xiangu likes to eat "Jiaodong Great Harvest" which does not grow meat.

Time: 13:15: Activity time: about 1 hour and 10 minutes "2 Trends in 1 Day: Swinging Wine Estates"
Yantai, China is one of the seven grape coasts in the world.
Junding Winery is located in the golden grape planting area at 37° north latitude.
Le Cordon Bleu took everyone to visit the wine cellar, taste wine, and learn about wine culture.
What's more interesting is the arrangement of noble sports - golf experience,
In the wine estate, 1 par and 5 balls, a small test,
A proper "upstart" was born. . .

Time: 14:55: Activity time: About 1 hour Yantai Mountain is Yantai"Eight Views of Fushan"head of
It is the birthplace and symbol of the city,
It integrates coastal scenery, cultural landscape and port opening culture.
The Yuan Dynasty began to build fortifications and guns here.
Establishment of the Ming DynastyWolf smoke pier,
In the Qing Dynasty, consulate groups of 17 countries were established around it.
Chaoyang Street at the foot of the mountain:
Now Yantai has a "tonal" place,
They all say: Yantai is very beautiful, seven points in Chaoyang.

Time: 17:10: Meal time: about 2 hours "Xiaobu's Dinner Guide"
1. Joy City Supermarket Gourmet-Small Taste Store: Fish Braised Noodles, Fushan Roast Chicken, Laohuang County Fried Meat, etc.
2. Seafood restaurants: Rongxiang Seafood, Mong Kok Fishing Village
3. Seafood food stalls: Seafood food stalls at the foot of Yantai Mountain, gathering in twos and threes, eating barbecue and drinking beer is so casual.

Time: 22:00: "About boating"
departure time:
At about 19:00, drive to the pier and take a boat to Dalian by yourself.
Departure & arrival time in Dalian:
Depart from 21:00--22:30 (different ship times vary, subject to the specific departure time); arrive in Dalian at 4:30-5:00 the next day.
child policy:
Children and adults include second-class berths. If you want to share a berth with an adult, please make a note when booking, and the fee will be refunded.
other instructions:
If the second-class B cabin cannot be guaranteed during holidays,StoudemireWe will arrange other cabins for you, and the price difference will be refunded now! !

Time: 22:00: "Accommodation.Second-class B Cabin 4-person room with independent bathroom"
Quadruple room, bunk beds, independent bathroom, satellite TV.
"Special Note"
Little Blue from ShandongAfter arranging to drive you to the pier,
I'm about to say goodbye to you,
He will pass the playing baton toDalian's little blue,
Dalian XiaolanWill be waiting at the Dalian pier the next morning,
So after the tour from Yantai to Dalian Wharf,
During this period without a guide,
StoudemireFollow your travels online throughout the process.

Day 5: [Stay at the C-seat Nikko Hotel in Dalian + seafood meets iron pot stew] Dalian/Lushun one-day tour: understand Lushun «Half of Modern History» + Meipai enter Guandong Film and Television Base + see the coastal scenery of Dalian + take a battery car for a walk Bangchui Island, mixed cuisine stewed in an iron pot.

Time: 06:00: After disembarking early in the morning, drive to Lushun.

Time: 07:00: Activity time: About 30 minutes One day at Lushunkou, after reading half of modern history,
Lushun was named "Ma Shijin" in the Eastern Jin Dynasty.
In the Yuan Dynasty, it became the "lion's mouth".
In the Ming Dynasty, it was renamed "Lushunkou".

Time: 07:30: Meal time: About 30 minutes It is said that the early bird catches the worm, we got up early enough today,
Let's see if we can find the authentic Lushun people's breakfast taste.
in spite oflittle blueWhat kind of taste will you take everyone to eat?
Port Arthur"Sugar Drum Fire"Everyone must try it.

Time: 08:00: Activity time: about 1 hour and 30 minutes

Time: 09:40: Activity time: about 40 minutes "1 City, 1 Classic: Lushun Museum"
The first batch of "Yi-level museums" in the country,
Opened in 1917, the building itself is one of the museum's collections.
"Special Note"It is closed on Monday and cannot be visited.

Time: 10:20: Activity time: About 1 hour Famous works "Crossing the Guandong", "Forensic Qin Ming", "Old Tavern"
Exploring Guandong Folk Culture Village: Winery, Tea House, Northeast Courtyard;
Lushun Naval Battle Park: Peace Park, warships,
Old Dalian Style Street: Central Bank, International Hotel.
The cultural elements involved in the trip to the double peninsula in "The Sea of ​​Stars" are all here.

Time: 11:35: Meal time: about 50 minutes [1城1味:大连海鲜东北味]海鲜铁锅炖
Dalian is a relatively "two" city,
Northeast cuisine + Shandong cuisine two dishes mixed,
Russian style + Japanese style flavor.

Time: 12:40: Activity time: About 30 minutes Xinghai Square is a representative of Asian city squares.
Dalian city landmark;
The Xinghai Bay Bridge is China's first sea-anchored suspension bridge.
Take a panoramic view of the magnificent sea and sky of Xinghai Bay.

Time: 14:10: Activity time: About 20 minutes The 30-kilometer Binhai Avenue, half mountain and half sea,
The rolling hills, the vast sea, the winding roads,
Tell a romantic story together.

Time: 15:00: Activity time: about 1 hour "1 City 1 Classic: Bangchui Island"
Mountains, seas, islands, beaches, flowers, and grasses constitute a painting,
It's like a fairyland outside the world.
In order to relieve the exhaustion of getting up early,
BushSpecially arranged for everyoneScenic battery carConnection! !

Time: 16:00: Activity time: about 1 hour "2 Trends in 1 Day: Venice Water City"
Row upon row of European-style buildings,
The 4-kilometer seawater canal,
The "Gondola" boat that shuttles in the river,
Instantly traveled to Italy.

Time: 17:30: "Stay in a C-position hotel in an international brand city"
Zhongshan Square is 640 meters away.
Friendship Square is 800 meters away.
Democracy Square is 480 meters away.
Properly located in the square capital - Dalian C.

Time: 18:30: Meal time: about 1 hour

Day 6: [Jinriyi return + 24h drop-off/station] Free activities throughout the day/station: can be upgraded to a half-day tour of Dalian City or Laohutan Ocean Park (including car/ticket) + finally embrace the sea Fisherman's Wharf, hospitable "Bruce Blue" Welcome to Jiaodong and Liaodong again! !

Time: 07:00: Meal time: about 1 hour Rich buffet breakfast in the hotel (no refund required).
"About breakfast"
Breakfast time: 7:00-10:00
Breakfast location: buffet breakfast room
Breakfast policy:
Children under 1.1m are free, adults are 115 yuan per copy,
1.1m≤Children's height<1.4m, 75 yuan/part,
1.4m ≤ children's height, 115 yuan per serving.

Time: 08:00: Tour time: about 4 hours There is no group itinerary today, you are free to experience the customs of Dalian! !
«Xiaobu Recommended Gameplay»
☆☆☆Lexiang International Five-Diamond Resort Hotel:
Nest in the hotel to rest, the hotel is the travel destination, slowly eat a dazzling buffet breakfast, walk to the major city squares for a walk, vacation is so simple.
☆☆☆Upgrade "Dalian half-day tour":
If your flight departs after 14:00 pm, you can upgrade to Dalian Half-Day Tour, just tick it in the booking process.
①Tiger Sculpture Square + Fisherman's Wharf half-day tour (including car + tour guide);
②Half-day tour of Tiger Beach Ocean Park (including car + ticket + tour guide).
Hotel departure time is: 8:00 am.

Time: 11:30: "About delivery station"
If you choose destination group products:
Where the trip ends:
Hotel or Dalian Airport or Dalian Railway Station;
Departure time for drop-off: 1 day before the return trip with the butlerStoudemireagreement.
If you choose a product with big traffic:
StoudemireAccording to your return flight/high-speed rail time, we will send you to Dalian Zhoushuizi International Airport or Dalian Railway Station, take the plane/high-speed rail to return by yourself, and end the pleasant trip to the double peninsulas of "The Sea of ​​Stars"!

Time: 12:00: Meal time: about 1 hour Please take care of your own lunch

Time: 18:00: Meal time: about 1 hour "Xiaobu's Concluding Remarks" 6 days + 4 cities, 5 flavors + 5 accommodation experiences + 2 peninsulas = 1 wonderful trip
[Stayed in international brand themed hotels in 4 cities and 4 stores]Four Points by Sheraton Qingdao I Scenic Beach Hotel + Haiyang Jianguo Hotel Beach Hotel + Yantai InterContinental Nanshan Crowne Plaza I Seaside Hotel + Dalian Nikko Hotel I City C Hotel;
[Have eaten, 1 city, 1 flavor seafood free]Porridge Congee Road | Qingdao Home Cooking + Laoshan Fishing Village | Xianshan Fishing Sea Buffet + Weihai Fishing Village Wharf | Jiaodong Pastry + Penglai Restaurant | Dongdu Eight Immortals Seafood Buffet + Lushun Kang Meal I Seafood Iron Pot Stew;
[Have played • Xiaolan keeps playing tricks]
1 City 1 Classic [Beer Museum + Liugong Island + Penglai Pavilion + Yantai Mountain + Lushun Museum + Bangchui Island];
1 day 2 trendy [courtyard + St. Michael's Church + seagrass dwellings + fun feeding seals + Daming military port + winery golf + open-air architectural museum + water city "Gondola"];
Let's take part in [Bring «Stars and Seas» home + Beach Art + Blind Box of Travel Joy].
Xiaobu family"Bruce blue"
I wish you start your own "Sea of ​​Stars" from now on!!
And you are welcome to visit Jiaodong Liaodong Double Peninsula again!!