[Charming Qingdao]


★ 海滨风景度假区

Based on the golden coastline of the coastal walkway in Qingdao, from west to east, it includes the Qingdao Bay area in the southwest, the Sea Palace, Badaxia Villa Area, Tianhou Palace, etc. The area centered on Huiquan Bay in the middle of the urban area is very distinctive. Lu Xun Park, Huiquan Bay Bathing Beach, and Huiquan Square are all very popular places.

Taiping Mountain Scenic Spot is a scenic spot in the urban area of ​​Qingdao that is dominated by natural mountains, forests, flowers and other animal and plant landscapes. It concentrates many parks such as Zhongshan Park, Zoo, and Botanical Garden. To the east of Huiquan Bay, Taipingjiao, Huiquanjiao, Yueyang Road Nursing Home and Badaguan Villa District constitute Qingdao's enduring tourist attractions.

Shilaoren Resort is also a newly built tourist area. International Beer City, Expo Center, Haier Science and Technology Museum, Shilaoren Beach, Ocean Amusement Park, Golf Course, Yizhong Sports Center and high-end villas are concentrated here. Shopping and marine entertainment are featured.

★ Laoshan Scenic Resort

The mountains and the sea are beautiful, and the mountains and the sea are connected to the Laoshan Mountain. Among the famous mountains in the country, the Laoshan Mountain rises from the sea. Laoshan has many scenic spots and a vast area. It is divided into eight tourist areas: Jufeng Tourist Area, Taiqing Tourist Area, Shangqing Tourist Area, Beijiushui Tourist Area, Hualou Tourist Area, Dengying Tourist Area, Qipanshi Tourist Area, and Yangkou Tourist Area. Scenic area.


Day 1: Depart from the whole country-Qingdao Feel the unique charm of the island city Free activities (recommended attractions: Taitung Night Market, Zhanqiao)

Time: 15:50: All the following disclosures are recommendations only, not actual income. Everything is subject to the actual reservation of the guest!

Go to the departure airport by yourself, check in, and depart for the coastal city of Qingdao! (It is recommended to check in online in advance.) After arriving in Qingdao, it is recommended that guests book the pick-up service in advance. The pick-up master will inform the waiting location of the vehicle by phone/text message in advance on the day. Please pay attention. At that time, we will be waiting for you in the airport parking lot in advance.

[Qingdao Jiaodong International Airport-Hotel TIPS]
1) Qingdao has been updated as Jiaodong International Airport, the original airport is abandoned, please be careful not to choose the wrong one when booking air tickets
2) To go by subway: Take Line 8 at Jiaodong Airport - transfer to the city subway and get off
3) Take a taxi: the airport is about 60km away from the urban area, take a taxi for about 1 hour, about 150 yuan
4) The new airport is far away from the urban area. If you want to have a better VIP experience, you can directly book a private car pick-up service.

[Qingdao Station-Hotel TIPS]
1) By subway: Line 1 at Qingdao Station - transfer to Line 2 at Taitung Station - get off at Miaoling Road
3) Take a taxi: the airport is about 20km away from the hotel, take a taxi for about 30 minutes, about 40 yuan

[Qingdao North Station - Hotel TIPS]
1) By subway: Qingdao Station Line 3 - get off at Miaoling Road
3) Take a taxi: the airport is about 20km away from the hotel, take a taxi for about 30 minutes, about 40 yuan

Time: 15:00: Tour time: about 2 hours If you arrive at the hotel early, you may need to wait patiently for check-in, please understand. It is recommended that you take a short rest in the hotel. If you have time, you may wish to take a stroll in the hotel to learn about the various recreational facilities.

After checking in, you can play in the hotel by yourself: walk on the beach, swim in the pool, take your children to the kids club...

Time: 17:00: In order to relieve the fatigue of the journey, it is recommended to have meals in the hotel or nearby areas
[Local delicacies tasted by the product manager] It is not an advertisement, it is purely for reference~
Golden Lion Plaza: Thai Cuisine Siam Street Trendy Thai Cuisine, Internet Celebrity Murakami Ichiya, Chengdu Internet Celebrity Sauce Chicken Taro
Jinding Square: Chaoshan Hot Pot with Sea View, Special Northeast Dishes Beidahuangren
More delicacies are waiting for you to explore by yourself!

Time: 19:00: Activity time: About 1 hour Walking along the seaside, you can also try to see if you can find the little Gala and the little crab.

Time: 21:30: The above hotels are recommended hotels, the actual check-in is subject to your reservation

Day 2: Sea Xianshan Laoshan Yangkou + Qingshan Fishing Village Today includes a one-day chartered car

Time: 07:50: Meal time: About 30 minutes Enjoy buffet in the hotel

Time: 09:00: We have arranged a one-day chartered car for you in Laoshan. The small car travel is safer and more convenient. There is also an old driver who will take you to the sea and climb the mountain to visit the small fishing village

Time: 09:00: Activity time: About 3 hours [Small TIPS for booking a ticket] Open the official account of Laoshan Scenic Area - Ticket Center - Reservation Management Platform - select ticket reservation - click on the scenic spot to be replaced - enter ID card number.

Yangkou is what everyone calls "Laoshan", a classic scenic spot, mainly for climbing mountains and enjoying the scenery

[TIPS personally tested by the product manager] There is a cableway, and the one-way running time is 13 minutes. If you are short of time, it is recommended to take the cableway up.
If you have enough time, you can go up the mountain on foot. According to the order of Taiping Palace, Lion Peak, Youlong Cave, Xiantao, Shouzi Peak, Mitian Cave, and Tianyuan, walk for about 4 hours to the top, and then choose to walk or take the cableway down the mountain, and walk down the mountain for 1 hour. about.
On the way to climb the mountain, you will encounter food stalls. If you are tired, take a rest and then have a bowl of Laoshan jelly, which will make you feel refreshed and energetic.

Time: 12:20: Meal time: About 50 minutes Farm food at the foot of Laoshan Mountain

Time: 13:00: Activity time: About 1 hour A small fishing village that has not been commercialized, this is the life you yearn for.
When the weather is good, any photo will look good. Under the sun, 🌸The whole fishing village is clearly visible. ⛰️Walk up the mountain road, and there are terraced fields and other scenery. Walking into the fishing village will also have a special view.

Time: 17:00: The above hotels are recommended hotels, the actual check-in is subject to your reservation

Day 3: Tour along the coastline of Qingdao, catch all the famous spots on the net

Time: 08:00: Meal time: About 30 minutes Breakfast in the hotel

Time: 09:00: [Recommendation for outing]
1) Take a taxi/transfer to the subway
2) Book a chartered car tour in advance, the car travel is safer and more convenient, and the local "veteran driver" will take you to enjoy Qingdao (you can book directly in the next step)
3) You can also book a full-day tour in Qingdao city in advance, go directly to the Golden Beach, take a car to watch the cross-sea bridge + submarine tunnel, enjoy the east and west coasts, sail the yacht + lunch + afternoon tea (you can book directly in the next step)

Time: 09:00: Activity time: about 3 hours [TIPS personally tested by the product manager]
1) Catholic Church: Gothic architecture, very good shot
2) Zhongshan Road: century-old shops + beautiful European-style buildings
3) Daxue Road: A favorite place for literary and artistic youths! There are many ins-style small coffee shops~
4) Little Qingdao: The landmark is so beautiful on a sunny day, you can take a stroll and daze

Time: 12:00:

Time: 09:10: Activity time: about 1 hour [TIPS tested by the product manager]
1) Starting from Yan'er Island Park, walk along the coastline and walk along the boardwalk to the beach. The "Night Great Wall" at night is not to be missed.
2) The scenery of Wheat Island is really beautiful. It is surrounded by the sea on three sides, and the lawn is on the half slope. It is very suitable for picnics, dazed and taking photos.
3) Watch the light show here, the time of the light show is attached!

[Light show time TIPS] Except for statutory holidays, it is only open every Friday and Saturday❗
①❗Peak season 4.16-8.31 Every Friday and Saturday, 19:40-21:00, the building is lit up, and the light show is played at 20:00 and 20:30;
②❗9.1-10.15 Every Friday and Saturday from 18:40-20:00, the building lights up and the light show is played at 20:00 and 20:30;
③ ❗Off-season 10.16-4.15 Every Friday and Saturday from 18:40-20:00, the building lights up and a light show is played at 19:00;
④❗Statutory holidays include New Year's Day, Spring Festival, Lantern Festival, Ching Ming Festival, Labor Day, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, and National Day holidays, Xiaonian, New Year's Eve, Lantern Festival, and Double Ninth Festival will also open;

Time: 17:00: After watching the light show, you can go shopping in the Vientiane City next to it!
Food recommendation: Chuange Fish Dumplings, Try Qingdao's Mackerel Dumplings, Cantonese Taixing Restaurant, Qingdao Specialty Restaurant Kaihai

Time: All day: The above hotels are recommended hotels, the actual check-in is subject to your reservation

Day 4: Memories of Time | Qingdao - Home

Time: 08:30: When placing an order, please pay attention to whether your room type includes breakfast. If the room type does not include breakfast, please take care of yourself.

Time: 09:00: Activity time: about 1 hour and 30 minutes pretending to be in "Prague", located in the "University Road" section, the first choice for taking photos in Qingdao, where you can see the red tiles, green trees, blue sea and blue sky in the old city of Qingdao The scenery, the viewing platform is equipped with tables and chairs, you can make a pot of tea or a cup of coffee, and enjoy the scenery while tasting tea, leisurely and leisurely.

Time: 11:00: Activity time: about 1 hour

Time: 12:00: The taste of old Qingdao in my memory, the price is moderate, the environment is good and the taste is delicious, not only attracting many friends from other provinces, but also deeply loved by local people.

Time: Unlimited: [Traffic Tips]: 1) → Select Ctrip's drop-off service on the subsequent page, a total of 80 kilometers and a time of 60 minutes (for reference only)
2) →Take a taxi from downtown Qingdao, reference time and price: 80 kilometers, 60 minutes (for reference only)