Day 1: Kunming 24h private car pick-up - free activities after check-in hotel (recommended: Cuihu Park, Golden Horse Square)

Time: 17:00: Tour time: about 3 hours After checking in to the hotel, go to the favorite scenic spot to play freely.

Day 2: Kunming - take a special car to Fuxian Lake - take a special car to Jianshui after full play - Jianshui Ancient City, Zhujia Garden / Confucian Temple 2 choose 1

Day 3: Jianshui (Jianshui small train, Tuanshan folk houses, Seventeen-Arch Bridge)) - special car to Yuanyang, Yuanyang Hani Terraces (Qingkou Folk Village, Qingkou Terraces, Bada Terraces)

Day 4: Yuanyang Hani Terraced Fields Scenic Area (Duoyishu Terraced Fields, Aichun Terraced Fields) - Go to Puzhehei

Day 5: Puzhehei landscape scenery (voluntarily go to Qinglong Mountain in the morning to take pictures of sunrise, cruise boats, Sansheng III filming location, Caihuaqing) - take a special car to Maitreya - soak in hot springs in the evening

Day 6: Maitreya East Charm--Take a special car to Luoping--Duoyi River Scenic Spot [The seasonal scenic spot Rapeseed Flower will be taken to visit by the master in February/March]

Day 7: Luoping--Take a special car to go to the natural palette red land, Dongchuan red land (Guodidang, Wafangliangzi, Luotian, Luoxiagou, Millennium Dragon Tree)

Day 8: Dongchuan Red Land (Jinxiu Garden free to shoot sunrise) - special car to Yuanmou, Langbapu soil forest

Day 9: Yuanmou Earth Forest--Back to Kunming by special car

Day 10: Kunming 24h drop-off - return to a warm home