important! The following information is subject to actual local conditions!

【1】After DAY 2 ends the trip in Haikou, please go to Danzhou Haihua Island by yourself

Recommended transportation:

Haihua Island Bus: You can book the Haikou Meilan Airport-Haihua Island special bus through the Haihua Island app/WeChat public account (about 2 hours)

Intercity train: Haikou East Station/Meilan Station-Baimajing Station (about 1 hour); after arriving at Baimajing Station, there is a free shuttle bus to Haihua Island (about 25 minutes) 

Self-driving: Downtown Haikou - Haihua Island (about 2 hours);

【2】After DAY 4 ends the trip to Haihua Island, please go to Sanya by yourself

Recommended transportation:

Intercity train: Take the free shuttle bus on the island to Baimajing Station (about 25 minutes), then take the train to Sanya Station (about 1 hour and 50 minutes) 

Self-driving: Haihua Island - downtown Sanya (about 3 hours and 30 minutes);


The second trip to live in Danzhou Haihua Island [recommended hotel]


For the third trip, stay at Sanya 5 Diamond Hotel. For more details, please refer to "Change Hotel"


Day 1: [Recommended only] Arrive in Haikou

Day 2: Go to Haihua Island by yourself + Chinese and foreign style commercial street + wedding manor light show

Day 3: Play in Haihua Island all day (recommendation: Children's World Ocean Paradise/Water Kingdom+Museum Group+Five Kingdoms Hot Spring City+"Dream Sea Flower" performance)

Day 4: Go to Sanya by yourself

Day 5: [Itinerary only recommended] Enjoy Atlantis + Sanya International Duty Free City

Day 6: Yanoda Rainforest Cultural Tourism Area (recommended to book a day trip)

Day 7: Sanya - Return