Due to the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the epidemic prevention and control requirements of scenic spots are as follows:



Kind tips:

1 Due to the high altitude of Huanglong in Jiuzhaigou, Aba Prefecture, tourists need to be in good health when traveling to the destination. If the elderly are 64 to 70 years old, they need to provide a certificate issued by a third-level hospital for going to the plateau and sign a waiver agreement (accompanied by their family members); 70 years old and above are recommended Don't go to high places where you can't get back, and if you have limited conditions, you can't seek medical treatment in time if you have an accident.

2. This product is a two-city connection product of Chongqing + Chengdu. The connection between the two cities is a high-speed rail transfer. Therefore, the car guides for the Chongqing section and the Chengdu section are separate and different, and there will be different transfers The driver and the local driver contact you, but they are all provided by our Ctrip; and the Chengdu section of the Emei itinerary and the Jiuzhaigou itinerary belong to Sichuan's big IP attractions. In order to bring you more detailed and professional services, we will arrange different ones. Director, sorry for the inconvenience caused, thank you for your support.

3.Reminders for rainy season, road maintenance, etc.: Dear distinguished guest, along the line from Chengdu to Jiuzhaigou, due to the onset of the rainy season, in order to prevent safety risks such as landslides and mudslides, the local government has carried out uninterrupted mountain reinforcement and ground renovation projects on multiple road sections along the line. , will cause intermittent traffic jams on this road section, and the journey may take 3-4 hours longer than the usual 8 hours. Please be mentally prepared in advance, and we apologize for the inconvenience.

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If you have the following preferential certificates, please note when placing an order or contact the housekeeper
Nine Yellow Bears 3-Day Tour Refund Preferential Policy
Half-ticket: half-ticket discount for student ID cards recognized by undergraduates and below, and other discounted certificates recognized by scenic spots
Free tickets: 60 years old (65 years old on holidays), military officer certificate, disability certificate and other free ticket certificates recognized by scenic spots to enjoy free ticket discounts
Peak season: 6.1-11.14, half-ticket refund 100 yuan/person, free ticket refund 200 yuan/person
Off-season: 11.15-5.31 next year, half-ticket refund 50 yuan/person, free ticket refund 100 yuan/person

Day 1: Around-Chongqing [24-hour private car pick-up/station]-Hotel

Time: 09:00: Passengers are requested to choose the flight/high-speed rail/high-speed train to go to Chongqing on the order booking page; after arriving in Chongqing, the driver will pick up the airport and go to the hotel.
[Ctrip self-operated VIP service: 24H private car pick-up/pick-up]:
1. No waiting for landing, our company arranges a special car to pick up the airport/station 24 hours a day. The hotel can check in after 14:00 on the day of arrival. When checking in, please bring a credit card or cash to pay the hotel check-in deposit. There is no special situation when you check out, and it will be refunded normally. Deposits vary from hotel to hotel.
2. The pick-up/aircraft master will take the initiative to contact you one day before your departure. If you do not get in touch, please inform your exclusive butler in time; please keep your mobile phone unblocked after getting off the plane. In case of special circumstances, please contact the emergency contact.
3. If the booker is not the traveler, please note the traveler's phone number so that the driver can contact you.
[Tips from Ctrip's self-operated exclusive travel steward]:
Contact you before 18:00 the day before departure to inform you of traffic information, hotel information, etc. Please keep your phone open. If you do not receive the notification by then, please call the emergency contact in the group departure notice in time. From the beginning to the end of the trip, a 24-hour exclusive travel butler, barrier-free communication. The staff will contact you before 20:00 on the day of arrival in Chongqing.

Time: 12:00: Self-care is not included [Recommendation: Chongqing Specialty Snacks/Chongqing Jianghu Cuisine]

Time: 18:00: Self-care is not included [Recommendation: Chongqing special hotpot, Peijie hotpot/Pipayuan hotpot]

Time: 18:00:

Day 2: Chongqing urban area (Yangtze River cableway + Ciqikou + special snacks) + to Chengdu (high-speed rail travel, free 24H special car to Chongqing station + Chengdu pick-up station)

Time: 07:00: Meal time: About 30 minutes Hotel breakfast

Time: 08:30: Pick up from the hotel around 07:30-08:30 in the morning (During the Golden Week holidays, we may depart about 1 hour earlier to avoid congestion, please understand!).
[Kind tips]
1. The specific time of early pick-up is subject to the time of pick-up notified before 22:00 one day in advance. Please keep your mobile phone unblocked.
2. Due to the different hotels of the group members, there are problems of early pick-up and late pick-up in the morning pick-up time. Guests who pick up early will wait in the car for a while, please understand!

Important note: The itinerary time of this group is a reference time. Due to the uncertainty of the itinerary traffic and waiting in line, the order of the itinerary and the tour time are subject to the actual arrangement without reducing the number of attractions. Please understand and support!

Time: 08:30: After receiving all the guests, they set off together to visit today's attractions.Since Hongyan Scenic Area (Bai Mansion, Hongyan Village, Guiyuan, Zhou Mansion) is closed every Monday, in order to ensure the quality of tourists and friends, the following adjustments are made to the itinerary on Monday, please understand: Yangtze River Cableway-Baixiangju-Mountain City Trail - Ciqikou - Graffiti Street - Traffic Teahouse - Railway Fourth Village - Liziba - Eling Second Factory - Zhongshan Fourth Road - Disbandment

Time: 09:00: Activity time: About 30 minutes Including the one-way cableway ticket of the Yangtze River Cableway

Time: 09:30: Activity time: About 30 minutes Chongqing's unique way of travel, to "climb up the hill". There are authentic city life, urban memories that will soon be forgotten, and unique mountain city scenery.

Time: 10:30: Activity time: About 1 hour [Hospital Reminders] 1. Because the "Bai Mansion" is restricted to enter the park, the daily quota is limited, and an online ID card reservation is required in advance; if the quota is full or the park is temporarily closed , resulting in the inability to visit, it will be changed to other attractions, the fee will not change, please understand~ In case of any change, the exclusive travel steward will call you in advance, if you do not receive the notification, you will visit [White Mansion] by default.

Time: 11:30: Activity time: About 2 hours Go to [Millennium Ciqikou Ancient Town], check in the Internet celebrity place, and unlock Ciqikou in depth. You can go to a century-old store to make loose cakes in person, take photos with young ladies from Sichuan opera, explore a literary street with almost no tourists, meet a little brother who is sketching by chance, and have a look at the cute little cats for a while. Closely, overlooking the entire Ciqikou, recording this wonderful moment.

Time: 12:00: Meal time: about 1 hour Then everyone is free to move around. Since Ciqikou has a lot of snacks and delicacies, we specially set aside free dining time for you at noon today, so that you can choose according to your taste. There are many tourists in the ancient town, pay attention to crowding.
[Recommended by the housekeeper]
Maoxuewang opposite Qingyun Tea House is very authentic, and the bean curd there is also unforgettable. The special product is Chen Changyin twist, and the hot pot base is representative, and the hot pot base is more fragrant when it is fried.

Time: 14:00: Activity time: about 30 minutes

Time: 15:00: Activity time: About 30 minutes In-depth experience, here everyone looks at [Liziba Light Rail Station] from the viewing platform, feels the characteristic landscape of Chongqing's light rail passing through the wall, and experiences Chongqing's 3D magical terrain. Take pictures of popular check-in poses, and borrow a seat to shoot "Swallowing Mountains and Rivers" and "Holding Light Rail". Complimentary 1 special snack.

Time: 15:30: Activity time: About 1 hour A place that became popular because of the filming of "Passing Through Your World" is a landmark check-in place for Internet celebrities in Chongqing. These old factories, the combination of old and new, make this place full of charm. Industrial-style covered bridges, mottled old walls, any place can let you shoot fashion blockbusters

Time: 16:30: Activity time: about 40 minutes

Time: 17:30: Take the train to Chengdu, the beautiful city of Rong. After arriving in Chengdu, it is your free time. You can go to participate in local special projects, visit beautiful scenery and taste delicious food by yourself. (Cars, meals, tour guides, and tickets are not included during free activities)
[Reminder from Ctrip Butler]
1. E-tickets are issued by default, and tickets can be collected at the automatic ticket vending machine or manual window at the railway station;  
2. The seat numbers in the train ticket reservation system are randomly assigned, and occasionally the seat numbers may not be consecutive. sorry for the incovenience.
3. Please check out by yourself before participating in the trip today. If you are overdue, you will be charged, please be aware.
[Pick-up station information]:
1. There is a 24-hour pick-up station for the Chongqing + Chengdu section, no carpooling.
2. Please confirm your traffic information in advance and be prepared.
3. The driver who will send you off/pick up the station will confirm the traffic information and arrival time with you before 21:00 the day before departure. Please keep your phone open and pay attention to check the text messages. If you have not received the notification before the time limit, please contact the exclusive travel steward.
Ctrip's exclusive driver and guide will contact you by phone before 21:00 the day before the itinerary to inform you of the time to pick you up at the hotel and the license plate information on the day of the itinerary. If you have not received the notification, please contact your exclusive travel manager as soon as possible!

Time: 18:30: Meal time: about 30 minutes, please take care of yourself

Time: 21:00:

Day 3: Chengdu - Jiuzhaigou - Jiuzhaigoukou Hotel - free Tibetan hot pot, feel the style of Tibetans

Time: Unlimited: [Tips from Ctrip Butler]
Ctrip staff will create an exclusive WeChat group for the tour group before 20:00 the day before the itinerary, and inform everyone of the time to pick you up at the hotel on the day of the itinerary, as well as your phone number and license plate information. If you have not received the notification, please contact your exclusive WeChat group as soon as possible Travel butler!
Chengdu to Jiuzhaigou is about 430KM, and the normal driving time is about 8 hours. Please prepare for the long-distance driving in advance!
Travel Tips:
①. The seat of the vehicle used in this itinerary is reminded that the pick-up vehicle in Chengdu 3rd Ring Road is a small car, and the vehicles used for departure from Chengdu are regular operating vehicles, which are safe and legal. Because of the factory settings of the vehicles, the seats in the last row of all vehicles are fixed. Adjustment. When registering for a tour, we cannot specify a certain seat in advance. We can only advise tourists to carefully observe the arrival of the vehicle after arriving at the boarding location, and prepare for boarding in advance. Prepare yourself in advance, please know.
②. There are small vendors selling small items such as breakfast or raincoats and rain boots near the meeting point. Tourists and friends are asked to identify the items sold by small vendors, and some illegal vendors pretend to be relevant staff of travel agencies to sell goods to tourists and promote false scenic spot prices. Information, please pay attention to precautions, the travel agency will not arrange any staff (including tour guides and drivers) to sell any small commodities to tourists at the meeting point, but our agency has no right to interfere with the rights of small vendors to trade, nor is it responsible for the relationship between small vendors and tourists. Any responsibility for the transaction, please understand!
③. When entering Tibetan areas, please respect the customs and habits of ethnic minorities. If you go shopping in nearby shops or small shops during free activities, please do not buy after bargaining. Please do not quarrel or conflict with the locals. Please do not go out at night by yourself. If you need help, please contact the accompanying driver or travel agency in time. Special reminder again: along the way, there are locals selling goods in toilets, restaurants, service areas, scenic spots, water filling stations, and inside and outside the hotel. Tourists are asked to identify and buy carefully when visiting, and ask for the necessary invoices. At the same time, such stores are not arranged by travel agencies, so if there is any problem with any goods purchased in such stores, tourists can only contact the stores themselves to deal with them.
④. Because the Jiuzhaihuanglong route you are going to is at a high altitude, please consult the doctor in advance before placing an order to see if you can travel to the plateau area, please follow the doctor's advice; the elderly over 65 years old need to provide a medical examination report from a tertiary hospital within the past month and sign at the same time Liability exemption agreement (the exemption agreement must be signed and confirmed by immediate family members), guests over 70 years old (inclusive), it is not recommended to travel to this destination, because the itinerary is hard and prone to high reactions, and local conditions are limited. If there is a high reaction, you may not be able to seek medical treatment in time. It will cause physical damage to the guests, so please choose your travel carefully.
⑤. There are no free public toilets along the itinerary, and the public toilets provided by residents along the route are generally 1 yuan per person (reference), please be aware.

Time: 07:00: Meal time: about 30 hours Hotel breakfast

Time: 07:00: 1. The pick-up time of the car is between 7:00 and 7:30 in the morning. According to the distance where the guests live, the pick-up time will be notified by the master of the car before 22:00 the day before. Please keep your mobile phone unblocked.
2. Due to the different hotels where the group members live, there are problems of early pick-up and late pick-up in the car pick-up time. Guests who pick up early will wait for a while at the meeting point, please understand!
Reminder: The itinerary time of this group is a reference time. Due to the uncertainty of the itinerary traffic/queue waiting time, without reducing the scenic spots, the itinerary sequence and time arrangement shall be based on the traffic conditions and actual arrangements of the day. Please understand and agree support!

Time: 07:30: Departure after unified assembly

Time: 12:30: Meal time: About 40 minutes Mao County self-care lunch

Time: 15:00: Tour time: About 30 minutes At the foot of Minshan Mountain in the upper reaches of the Minjiang River, there is a unique scenic line along the world natural heritage Jiuzhaigou and Huanglong tourism.
Free activities: The journey from Chengdu to Chengdu is relatively long. According to the distance of the day, arrange to stop at some small scenic spots along the way, get off for a rest and free activities: "Diexi Haizi" or "Minjiangyuan" or "Chuanzhusi Town", etc., stay for 10~30 minutes about. Tips: The small scenic spots along the way are all free attractions. The main thing is to get off the bus to rest and visit freely. Please choose carefully the souvenirs sold by local residents along the way, which have nothing to do with travel agencies.

Time: 18:00: Meal time: about 1 hour Complimentary Jiuzhaigou Tibetan hot pot (no refunds)

Time: 19:00:

Day 4: Depart from the hotel-Jiuzhaigou Scenic Area (full-day in-depth tour)-Jiuzhaigou Hotel

Time: 07:00: Meal time: About 30 minutes Hotel includes breakfast

Time: 07:30: After breakfast at the hotel, depart to the parking lot of Jiuzhaigou. The driver will lead you to the entrance of the scenic spot to pick up the tickets.

Time: 08:30: Activity time: about 8 hours Jiuzhaigou has charming scenery in four seasons. The resources of animals and plants are rich and varied, and primeval forests are everywhere, inhabiting more than 10 rare and precious wild animals such as giant pandas. Looking far away, there are many snow-capped peaks, towering clouds, and snow all year round. In addition, the cultural landscape composed of Tibetan wooden buildings, drying racks, prayer flags, trestles, mills, traditional customs and myths and legends is known as "beautiful fairy tale world".
The main gully of Jiuzhaigou is in the shape of a "Y" with a total length of more than 50 kilometers. There are many lakes, waterfalls and travertine beach currents in the ditch. Water is the protagonist of Jiuzhaigou landscape. The turquoise and crystal clear stream is interspersed between the forest and the shallows like a necklace. The colorful lakes and majestic waterfalls are dizzying.
Kind tips:
(1) Jiuzhaigou for sightseeing, the scenic spot is divided into three ditches [85% of the area of ​​Jiuzhaigou has been opened, the specific route to visit the scenic spots is subject to the notice of the scenic spot], one-way 35 kilometers, each scenic spot in the ditch has a station for sightseeing cars, Jiuzhaigou The tour method is a special car guide service, and each sightseeing car has an explanation guide. Sightseeing car stops are subject to the scheduling of scenic spots, and some scenic spots are open to walking plank roads, and you can choose to take a car or walk.
(2) Dining at Nuorilang Restaurant in Jiuzhaigou Scenic Area, box lunch starts from 20 yuan, you can go to eat according to your own needs or bring your own dry food into the ditch.
(3) Smoking is prohibited in Jiuzhai Scenic Area. Guests with smoking habits should go to the special smoking area, otherwise they will be fined heavily. Jiuzhaigou is a world natural heritage, if you love it, protect it.
(4) Special instructions for children's tickets: If there are children over 6 years old, you need to purchase Jiuzhaigou discount tickets and sightseeing car package tickets for you in advance.

Time: 12:00: Meal time: about 30 minutes, please take care of yourself, (you can prepare snacks in advance or choose from restaurants in the scenic area)

Time: 18:30: Meal time: About 1 hour Take care of your own dinner

Time: 19:00:

Day 5: Jiuzhaigou-Chuanzhu Temple-Huanglong Scenic Area-Salongda Blessing-Chengdu

Time: 06:30: Meal time: About 30 minutes Hotel includes breakfast

Time: 07:00: After breakfast, proceed to Huanglong Scenic Area.
[Kind tips]
1. Tickets for the Huanglong Scenic Area are included, and guests can choose whether to visit the Huanglong Scenic Area; if they do not go to the Huanglong Scenic Area, they can spend free time at [Chuanzhu Temple] and return to Chengdu in the afternoon.
2. On the way to Huanglong Scenic Area, there are local plateau service stations along the way, selling cold-proof clothes, oxygen or anti-altitude drugs, the price is relatively expensive, if necessary, buy carefully. This behavior has nothing to do with the travel agency! Please be informed!

Time: 09:00: Activity time: About 4 hours to visit Huanglong Scenic Area (4h) Huanglong Scenic Area has many colorful pools in the ditch, which change with the surrounding scenery and the angle of sunlight, changing colorful colors, known as the "world". Yaochi". It consists of Huanglonggou, Danyun Gorge, Munigou, Xuebaoding, Xueshanliang, Hongxingyan, Xigou and other scenic spots. The main scenic spot, Huanglonggou, is located under Xuebaoding, the main peak of Minshan Mountain, facing the source of Fujiang River, with a length of 7.5 kilometers. 1.5 kilometers wide. Huanglong Scenic Area is famous for its "four wonders" of colorful ponds, snow-capped mountains, canyons, and forests. It is also said that beach streams, ancient temples, and folk customs are added to these "seven wonders". In December 1992, Huanglong Scenic Area was listed as a world natural heritage by UNESCO.

Time: 13:30: Meal time: About 40 minutes Lunch on your own

Time: 14:00: After lunch, go down the Minjiang River, pass through Songpan, Maoxian, Wenchuan along the way, arrive in Chengdu at about 21:30, and return to the hotel
Kind tips:
1. Today's dinner is not included, and the arrival time in Chengdu is late, please prepare snacks in advance, please understand.
2. Due to the long journey from Jiuzhaigou to Chengdu, there may be traffic jams due to many vehicles along the way, please understand.

Time: 19:30: Meal time: about 30 minutes, please take care of yourself (it will be late in Chengdu tonight, please prepare snacks in advance)

Time: 22:00:

Day 6: Hotel-Chengdu Airport-Return to a warm home [free 24-hour car drop-off]

Time: 08:00: Meal time: About 30 minutes Hotel breakfast

Time: 09:00: Tour time: about 3 hours and 20 minutes According to the time of the return trip, you can choose to take a rest at the hotel or go to the streets and alleys of Chengdu with a leisurely mood.
No itinerary today, no tour guide during free activities. Please check out before 12:00 (if the return trip is after noon, tourists can store the salute at the front desk of the hotel before going out to play, so as to avoid unnecessary losses), the staff of the travel agency will send you off according to the traffic departure time you set Go to the site, ride back by yourself, and end the pleasant journey!
[Kind tips]:
1. 24-hour private car drop-off/station service, no carpooling.
2. The driver who will send you will take the initiative to call you to confirm the delivery time and location before 20:00 the night before your departure! Please pay attention to safety and master the time during your free activities, keep your mobile phone unblocked, and pay attention to check the text messages so that the delivery personnel can contact you, and don't miss the time to go home!
3. The airport pick-up will be picked up three hours in advance, and the airport will be sent to the airport two hours in advance; the station will be sent to the railway station one hour in advance.

Time: 12:00:

Time: 18:00: