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Half-ticket: 60-64-year-old seniors with ID card, student ID card recognized by undergraduate and below;

Free of charge: Seniors over the age of 65 with ID cards, active military officer IDs, disabled military IDs, active-duty soldiers, army civilian cadre IDs, and journalist IDs and disability IDs recognized by scenic spots;

If you have the above documents, please note when placing an order. Tickets are discount packages for travel agencies. Ticket discount policies are as follows

Peak season March 1-October 31: half-ticket refund 40/person, free ticket refund 100/person

Off-season November 1-February of the following year: half-ticket refund 15/person, free ticket refund 50/person

Day 1: Around-Chongqing (24-hour private car pick-up)-Night tour in Chongqing-Hotel

Time: 09:00: Passengers are requested to choose their own flight to Chongqing on the order booking page; after arriving in Chongqing, the driver will pick up the plane and go to the hotel.
[Ctrip self-operated VIP service: 24H private car pick-up]:
1. There is no waiting for landing. Our agency arranges a special car to pick up the plane 24 hours a day, and the driver comes to the station to greet you. The hotel can check in after 14:00 on the day of arrival. When checking in, please bring a credit card or cash to pay the hotel check-in deposit. There is no special situation when you check out, and it will be refunded normally. Deposits vary from hotel to hotel.

2. The pick-up driver will take the initiative to contact you one day before your departure. If you do not get in touch, please inform your exclusive butler in time; please keep your mobile phone unblocked after getting off the plane. In case of special circumstances, please contact the emergency contact.

3. If the booker is not the traveler, please note the traveler's phone number so that the driver can contact you.

[Ctrip self-operated exclusive travel butler]:
Contact you before 18:00 the day before departure to inform you of traffic information, hotel information, etc. Please keep your phone open. If you do not receive the notification by then, please call the emergency contact in the group departure notice in time. From the beginning to the end of the trip, a 24-hour exclusive travel butler, barrier-free communication. The staff will contact you before 20:00 on the day of arrival in Chongqing.

Time: 12:00: Take care of yourself

Time: 18:00: Take care of yourself

Time: 19:00: [Chongqing Night Tour] WFC Huixian Tower Observation Platform-Nanbin Road-Sunshine 100 Observation Deck-Changjiahui Observation Deck-Chaotianmen Bridge-Chongqing Grand Theater-Qiansi Gate Bridge - Hongyadong loose group
If the flight time of the guest is late, which makes it impossible to participate in this itinerary, please arrange to participate in the next day or arrange a self-service hot pot/Two River Night Cruise ticket as a replacement, please understand.

Time: 19:30: Activity time: about 30 minutes WFC Huixian Building Observation Deck is located on the 73rd-74th floor of WFC. The observation deck was officially opened to the public in June 2017 and has become one of the choices for viewing the magnificent scenery of Chongqing . The viewing platform echoes the landmark architectural landscapes such as Jiangbei Grand Theatre, Nanbin Road, and Nanshan.

Time: 20:00: Activity time: About 10 minutes

Time: 20:00: Activity time: About 20 minutes From the Yangtze River Bridge, pass through Nanbin Road No. 1 road to see the night view of Nanbin Road, and pass by Fountain Square

Time: 20:00: Activity time: About 20 minutes Watching the confluence of two rivers and taking pictures of the reflection in the water

Time: 21:00: Activity time: About 20 minutes Go to [Changjiahui Observation Deck] to take pictures of the sky and keep you in the photo frame

Time: 21:30: Activity time: Pass Chaotianmen Bridge for about 20 minutes, arrive at the Chongqing Grand Theater, take silhouette shots, view Hongya Cave, Qiansimen Bridge from a distance, see the different night scenes of the mountain city, and have a romantic contact with the night of the mountain city . The various colors of the exterior walls of the theater are just like our national quintessence of changing faces, which arouses people's enthusiasm for playing with silhouettes at the right time, which is full of fun.

Time: 21:50: Activity time: About 10 minutes Arrive at the Qiansimen Bridge, walk through it, and take pictures while walking. The bridge has a unique landscape effect, and it is a place not to be missed for night view viewing.

Time: 22:00: Activity time: About 10 minutes Arrive at Hongya Cave to disband, guests can choose to return to the hotel to rest, or play in Hongya Cave by themselves and return by themselves

Time: 22:20:

Day 2: Chongqing City (Airbus Yangtze River Cableway Experience + Ciqikou Ancient Town + Special Snacks in Chongqing Air Raid Shelter + Red Relics)

Time: 07:00: Meal time: About 30 minutes Hotel breakfast

Time: 08:30: Pick up from the hotel around 07:30-08:30 in the morning (During the Golden Week holidays, we may depart about 1 hour earlier to avoid congestion, please understand!).
[Kind tips]
1. The specific time of early pick-up is subject to the time of pick-up notified before 22:00 one day in advance. Please keep your mobile phone unblocked.
2. Due to the different hotels of the group members, there are problems of early pick-up and late pick-up in the morning pick-up time. Guests who pick up early will wait in the car for a while, please understand!

Important note: The itinerary time of this group is a reference time. Due to the uncertainty of the itinerary traffic and waiting in line, the order of the itinerary and the tour time are subject to the actual arrangement without reducing the number of attractions. Please understand and support!

Time: 08:30: After receiving all the guests, they set off together to visit today's attractions.Since Hongyan Scenic Area (Bai Mansion, Hongyan Village, Guiyuan, Zhou Mansion) is closed every Monday, in order to ensure the quality of tourists and friends, the following adjustments are made to the itinerary on Monday: Yangtze River Cableway - Baixiangju - Mountain Trail - Ciqikou --Tuya Street-Traffic Teahouse-Railway No. 4 Village-Liziba-Eeling No. 2 Factory-Zhongshan No. 4 Road-Participation, please understand

Time: 09:00: Activity time: About 10 minutes The Yangtze River Cableway includes a one-way cableway ticket

Time: 09:30: Activity time: About 30 minutes Chongqing's unique way of travel, to "climb up the hill". There are authentic city life, urban memories that will soon be forgotten, and unique mountain city scenery.

Time: 10:30: Activity time: About 1 hour [Hospital Reminders] 1. Because the "Bai Mansion" is restricted to enter the park, the daily quota is limited, and an online ID card reservation is required in advance; if the quota is full or the park is temporarily closed , resulting in the inability to visit, it will be changed to other attractions, the fee will not change, please understand~ In case of any change, the exclusive travel steward will call you in advance, if you do not receive the notification, you will visit [White Mansion] by default.

Time: 11:30: Activity time: About 2 hours Go to [Millennium Ciqikou Ancient Town], check in the Internet celebrity place, and unlock Ciqikou in depth. You can go to a century-old store to make loose cakes in person, take photos with young ladies from Sichuan opera, explore a literary street with almost no tourists, meet a little brother who is sketching by chance, and have a look at the cute little cats for a while. Closely, overlooking the entire Ciqikou, recording this wonderful moment.

Time: 12:00: Meal time: about 1 hour Then everyone is free to move around. Since Ciqikou has a lot of snacks and delicacies, we specially set aside free dining time for you at noon today, so that you can choose according to your taste. There are many tourists in the ancient town, pay attention to crowding.
[Recommended by the housekeeper]
Maoxuewang opposite Qingyun Tea House is very authentic, and the bean curd there is also unforgettable. The special product is Chen Changyin twist, and the hot pot base is representative, and the hot pot base is more fragrant when it is fried.

Time: 14:00: Activity time: about 30 minutes

Time: 15:00: Activity time: About 30 minutes for in-depth experience, not just car viewing, here everyone get off at the viewing platform and look at [Liziba Light Rail Station], feel the characteristic landscape of Chongqing's light rail passing through the wall, and experience Chongqing 3D magic terrain. Take pictures of popular check-in poses, and borrow a seat to shoot "Swallowing Mountains and Rivers" and "Holding Light Rail". Complimentary 1 special snack.

Time: 15:30: Activity time: About 1 hour A place that became popular because of the filming of "Passing Through Your World" is a landmark check-in place for Internet celebrities in Chongqing. These old factories, the combination of old and new, make this place full of charm. Industrial-style covered bridges, mottled old walls, any place can let you shoot fashion blockbusters

Time: 16:30: Activity time: about 40 minutes

Time: 17:00: Tour time: About 1 hour Go to [Hongya Cave] to unify the group and end a pleasant journey for the day! You can taste authentic specialties at this free time (you can also ask the driver to return directly to the hotel)

Time: 18:30: Meal time: about 30 minutes, please take care of yourself

Time: 22:20:

Day 3: Chongqing--Third Natural Bridge--Longshuixia Ground Fissure--Fairy Mountain Town

Time: Unlimited: Activity time: about 20 minutes [Tips from Ctrip Butler]
1. Wulong road problem: It takes a long time to drive from Chongqing to Wulong scenic spot, and there are many winding roads on the road, so be sure to fasten your seat belt. If you have motion sickness, please take the motion sickness medicine in advance, and you can also bring snacks to relieve the fatigue of the journey;
2. Weather problems in Wulong: the temperature in Wulong District is about 4-6 degrees lower than that in the urban area, and the temperature difference between morning and evening is large. Please bring thick clothes;
3. Dining problems in Wulong: There are some differences between Wulong's local diet and tourists' eating habits, and the dining conditions are quite limited. Please be mentally prepared;
4. Accommodation problem in Wulong: Wulong belongs to the mountainous area, the climate is humid, and the conditions are not as good as hotels in the urban area. Some hotels do not have air-conditioning; there are many mosquitoes in the mountainous area, please prepare in advance and take anti-mosquito medicines;
5. Wulong Tiankeng Scenic Spot: The whole walking time is about 3 hours. There are many uphill and downhill scenic spots. Please wear non-slip and light shoes. There is a lot of rain throughout the year and the weather changes greatly. Remember to carry rain gear with you; if you are old People, pay attention to the safety of your feet when walking, and please do what you can according to your physical condition;
6. Tiankeng Scenic Area: At the entrance of Wulong Tiankeng Scenic Area, you need to queue for about 30 minutes to take the elevator. In peak season or when there are many people, avoid queuing time to delay the tour. It is recommended to walk in the pedestrian area. The scenery in the pedestrian area is also good;
7. Transportation from Tiankeng to Dixie Scenic Area: Transfer from Tiankeng Scenic Area to Dixie Scenic Area, you can choose a battery car or walk to arrive. The battery car is an item at your own expense, 15 yuan/person, about 5 minutes by car, and about 15-20 minutes on foot;
8. Ground Fissure Scenic Area: The road in the ground fissure scenic area is relatively tortuous and narrow. Please drive slowly and pay attention to your feet; some stones on the stone wall of the scenic area are protruding, so be careful to bump into each other; there is occasional water on the road, please be careful not to slip.

Time: 07:00: Meal time: About 30 minutes After a full sleep, have breakfast at the hotel.
[Kind tips]
1. If the departure time is too early, we will prepare the way early for everyone;
2. In peak seasons or major holidays, activities, the departure time may be advanced, and the actual departure time is subject to the actual notice

Time: 07:30: pick up at the hotel around 07:30-08:30 in the morning (during the Golden Week holidays to avoid congestion, we may depart about 30 minutes earlier, please understand!).
[Kind tips]
1. The specific time of early pick-up is subject to the time of pick-up notified before 22:00 one day in advance. Please keep your mobile phone unblocked.
2. Due to the different hotels of the group members, there are problems of early pick-up and late pick-up in the morning pick-up time. Guests who pick up early will wait in the car for a while, please understand!

Important note: The itinerary time of this group is a reference time. Due to the uncertainty of the itinerary traffic and waiting in line, the order of the itinerary and the tour time are subject to the actual arrangement without reducing the number of attractions. Please understand and support!

Time: 08:30: Depart for Wulong County after unified assembly

Time: 11:30: Meal time: about 1 hour The driver recommends local delicacies, you can choose voluntarily and eat by yourself

Time: 12:30: Activity time: About 4 hours to play Tiankeng + ground seam

Time: 12:30: Activity time: about 2 hours and 30 minutes A "Transformers 4" showed this mysterious and beautiful karst scenery on the world stage, making it famous, and many movies and TV variety shows were filmed here. It is also good to wash your eyes with natural beauty, or to find different and novel "likes" between mountains and mountains. "Green Dragon Knife" and "Fish Leaping over the Dragon's Gate" were posed for a photo, experiencing a small personal art of Internet celebrity.
[Kind tips]
1. The battery car in the scenic area is 15 yuan/person, and the glass plank road is 25 yuan/person. Guests choose to consume voluntarily.

Time: 15:30: Activity time: About 2 hours to explore the mysterious center of the earth, experience the karst landform formed by the orogenic movement tens of millions of years ago. pleasure. There are jagged rocks on both sides of the canyon, and you can only see a ray of skylight when you look up. The stalactites in the cave are densely covered with different shapes. With so many small natural pools in sight, I always feel that a bathing fairy will poke her head out in the next second... It is no exaggeration to say that there is no ground seam, no Wulong.

Time: 17:30: Meal time: About 1 hour Dinner on your own

Time: 19:00:

Time: 20:00: Tour time: about 1 hour [recommendation for free activities]: According to your own needs, you can voluntarily go to watch China's seventh impression series created by Zhang Yimou, a large-scale landscape performance performed in the canyon [impression Wulong]. (Watching time is about 60 minutes, please take care of "Impression Wulong" ordinary ticket 238 yuan/person or check this item when booking to enjoy special discount, and free round-trip transfer)

Day 4: Fairy Mountain National Forest Park - Furong Cave - Furong River Boat Tour - Chongqing

Time: 08:30: Meal time: About 30 minutes Go to the hotel restaurant for dinner (included in the hotel room rate, no refund if not used)

Time: 09:00: Activity time: About 2 hours to clock in the popular Nanguo Grassland Highway, take different fashion blockbusters, lie on the Nanguo Grassland to relax, breathe fresh air, and feel the beauty of nature comfortably, or take a special ride The small train sightseeing car in the scenic spot takes pictures on the beautiful road, who is not a little fairy! Or take part in interesting horse riding, pigeon flying and kite flying activities that return to childhood, and there are more interesting ways to play waiting for you to unlock.
[Housekeeper Tips]
1. There is a sightseeing train at 25 yuan per person in the scenic spot, and tourists can choose to take it voluntarily.

Time: 11:30: Meal time: about 1 hour lunch on your own, the driver recommends local specialties, choose by yourself

Time: 13:00: Activity time: about 2 hours, drive to "Furong Cave" (playing time is about 2H, Furong Cave cableway is included). Take the cableway to see the beautiful scenery of Furong River and arrive at Furong Cave. Furong Cave is a large limestone cave formed in the Quaternary Pleistocene (about 1.2 million years ago) and developed in the ancient Cambrian dolomitic limestone. The stable temperature in the deep part of the cave is 16.1 degrees. The main hole of Furong Cave is 2,700 meters long, the tour path is 1,860 meters, and the bottom width is more than 12-15 meters; the height of the hole is generally 8-25 meters; sq. m. is quite spectacular. At the same time, it is known as one of the "three major caves in the world".

Time: 15:00: Activity time: About 2 hours to [Furong River Cruise]

Time: 17:00: Return to Chongqing by car, arrive at [Hongya Cave] at about 20:00, the end of the day's itinerary (return to the hotel by yourself after free activities here, or if you need to rest directly, please inform and send you back to the hotel.)
Go to Hongya Cave to break up the group, and taste authentic specialties at free activities here.
[Hongya Cave] Diaojiaolou is a stilted building, built on the hillside and along the river. The night scene here is the realistic version of "Spirited Away". Come here to eat authentic food in the old street, and you can also go to the Grand Theater through the Qiansimen Bridge. The switching of various colors is like our national quintessence of changing faces, attracting people to play With a big heart, pinch the time to play a silhouette.

Time: 20:30: Meal time: About 20 minutes You can go to [Hongya Cave] to taste special delicacies freely, and dinner is at your own expense.

Time: 22:20:

Day 5: Chongqing (car to airport)-warm home

Time: 9:00: Meal time: About 20 minutes Hotel breakfast

Time: 12:00: Tour time: about 3 hours and 20 minutes According to the time of the return trip, you can choose to take a rest at the hotel or go to the streets and alleys of Chongqing with a leisurely mood.
No itinerary today (cars, meals, tour guides, tickets are not included during free activities). Please check out before 12:00 (if the return trip is after noon, tourists can store the salute at the front desk of the hotel before going out to play, so as to avoid unnecessary losses), the staff of the travel agency will send you off according to the traffic departure time you set Go to the station and return by yourself. (Please check the specific flight information in the next step of booking) Happy trip is over!
[Kind tips]
1. 24-hour private car drop-off service, no carpooling.
2. The driver who will send you will take the initiative to call you to confirm the delivery time and location before 20:00 the night before your departure! Please pay attention to safety and master the time during your free activities, keep your mobile phone unblocked, and pay attention to check the text messages so that the delivery personnel can contact you, and don't miss the time to go home!
3. Generally, we will pick you up and send you to the airport three hours in advance.

Time: 12:10: Take care of yourself

Time: 18:00: Take care of yourself