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Day 1: Go to Chongqing (book the additional service of pick-up and drop-off provided by this product, just tick it when placing the order)

Time: 08:00: Take the optional flight and fly to Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport (according to your flight time, please arrive at the departure airport 2 hours in advance to check in). After flying to Chongqing, you can go to the downtown hotel in the following ways:
[How to arrive at the hotel in the urban area] It is recommended to book a pick-up service, which is convenient and fast!
When you first arrive in Chongqing, you may wish to feel the pulse and breath of the city first, and recommend itineraries - Jiefangbei, Hongyadong, Chaotianmen Square.

Time: 12:00: After placing your luggage, you can first go to experience the unique transportation in Chongqing - the Yangtze River Cableway. The cableway starts from Longmen Road in Nan'an District and crosses the Yangtze River to Xinhua Road in Yuzhong District. The total length is 1166 meters , known as the Yangtze River Air Corridor. Sitting on the cableway and looking out, you can see the vast river and tall buildings on both sides.
[Arrival method at Longmen Road Station of the cableway]
1. Public transportation: Transfer from Metro Line 1 to Line 6 and get off at Shangxinjie Station, then take No. 321/304/376 at the Tiantianmen bus stop and get off at Longmenhao Station;
2. Taxi: The taxi from the hotel is about 4 kilometers away and takes about 20 minutes.

Reminder: There are many people queuing up in peak season, and the specific queuing time depends on the situation of the day! Operating hours: 6:15-22:00.

If your flight is late, it is recommended that you walk to the food street near Jiefangbei to experience the spicy mountain city on the tip of your tongue first!

Time: 13:00: Get off the cableway and arrive at Longmen Road in the center of Jiefangbei, and start to feel the pulse and breath of the city. Recommended tour routes - Jiefangbei, Hongyadong, Chaotianmen Square.
First go to watch the landmark Jiefangbei located in the bustling commercial center, next to Bayi Street there are many snacks to satisfy the taste buds;
When you come to Hongya Cave in the evening, you can take a taxi or walk there (about 2 kilometers). The night view of the stilted buildings here is gorgeous, which is a real reproduction of the animation "Spirited Away", while the Jialing River flows quietly beside Hongya Cave. The Qiansimen Bridge across the river is full of brilliance;
Then go to Chaotianmen, the intersection of the two rivers. It is recommended to take a taxi (about 3 kilometers). This is the water pier in Chongqing. You can take a cruise ship to enjoy the gorgeous night view of the two rivers like a galaxy on earth.

Time: 17:00: In the Jiefangbei area, you can eat almost all Chongqing delicacies and snacks. I have to say that Chongqing hot pot is spicy, delicious, and tangy. I especially recommend Brother Zhou's hot pot near Jiefangbei. It will give you the privilege of self-operating with Ctrip, and you can skip the queue at any store! The snacks here are also quite rich. When you come to the nearby Bayi Road delicious street, you can find cheap and delicious hot and sour noodles, skewers, small rice balls in Shancheng and Chao Shou.

Time: 22:00: This product has a variety of 4-diamond hotels to choose from. You can choose your favorite hotel from various latitudes such as hotel location, hotel class, and room type!
Reminder: The check-in time of the hotel is generally after 12:00 or after 14:00 (the check-in time depends on the specific hotel; if you arrive earlier, you will encounter the situation of waiting to check out, you can check in according to the situation Or store your luggage at the front desk, and go to the Jiefangbei around the hotel to visit first, so as not to delay your tour time!); If there is a problem with the facilities in your hotel room, please contact the hotel front desk as soon as possible to deal with it.

Day 2: 1-day city tour-check-in & night view PLUS food (book the additional service items for the 1-day tour in Chongqing with a chartered car provided by this product, just tick it when placing the order)

Time: 08:00: Chongqing has undulating terrain and is located on two rivers. Every day, magical scenes such as light rail passing through buildings and flying over the Yangtze River are staged one after another. It is a gathering place for online celebrities to check in. The bright night view of Liangjiang and the tempting spicy food also attract everyone who visits not far away~
On this day, you can experience and pose for photos to your heart's content, feel the three major highlights of the city, the night view, and the food, and recommend itineraries--Daytime: Liziba Light Rail Station, Graffiti Street, Lianglukou Crown Escalator, Night: Nanbin Road, Nanshan a tree.

Time: 10:00: Sleep until you wake up naturally, first take the light rail line 2 to the magical Liziba light rail station, which is famous for the light rail speeding through the building, and it spreads all over Douyin~ After arriving at the station, you need to go down multiple stairs, Exit from Exit A and reach Liziba Main Street, where you can choose a shooting location. The light rail departs every 2 or 3 minutes, and the coats of each shift are different. Use the camera to record the magic in the sky.

Time: 11:00: Graffiti Street is a masterpiece of teachers and students of Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts. You can immerse yourself in the giant 3D paintings. You can stop by the 501 Art Base, a gathering place for artists. Then come to the Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts, which is full of literary and artistic atmosphere. The elements of art permeate every corner. The art gallery and tank warehouse on the campus cannot be missed.
[Arrival method]
Public transportation: continue to take light rail line 2 from Liziba Station and get off at Yangjiaping Station, then take bus No. 441 or 233 from Yangjiu Road Bus Station and get off at Huangjueping Zhengjie Station for 5 stops, and then you will reach Tuya Street ( It takes about 45 minutes); walk about 300 meters along Huangjueping Main Street to Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts.
Taxi: Take a taxi from Liziba for about 12 kilometers and take about 25 minutes.

Tired of visiting the Chuanmei campus, you can take a rest at the old Chongqing teahouse - Jiaotong Teahouse, which still maintains the original traces of that era. There are several rooms in the teahouse, and many works of the "Teahouse" series by the teachers of the Academy of Fine Arts are exhibited, which are works derived from life. Blue brick walls, kettles, old tables, old people in twos and threes drinking tea, playing cards and chatting, there is a sense of sight returning to the 1970s and 1980s. Because of the filming of "Crazy Stone", this place has become a check-in place for literary youth, and the endless stream of tourists makes this place full of seats.
[How to get there] No. 5 attached to No. 4, Huangjueping Main Street, Jiulongpo District (near China Construction Bank), 5 minutes walk from Tuya Street.

Time: 12:00: Don't worry if you're hungry when shopping here. Chongqing's delicacies can be found in every corner, and there are many delicious ones on the nearby Tuya Street. We recommend Tikan Douhua, Erwa Small Noodles, Huji Tihua Soup, etc. Old shop, cheap and delicious. It's a local style to mix and eat with the locals here.

Time: 14:00: Go to Lianglukou Crown Escalator to experience the unique traffic characteristics of the mountain city. "Extreme Challenge" was filmed here. The escalator is built according to the terrain, and it is more than 100 meters long from top to bottom. It doesn't feel like the end, and it takes up to 2 and a half minutes one way.
[Arrival method]
Bus: First take bus No. 441 or No. 233 to return to Yangjiaping Light Rail Station, take Light Rail Line 1 to Daping Station after 3 stops, then transfer to Line 2 and go to Lianglukou Station after 2 stops, then exit from Exit 4.
[Play Tips]
The crown escalator is a common means of transportation for locals. The fare is 2 yuan/one way. First, take the escalator down. If you go out to the end point, you will be at Chongqing Bus Station and there are no other attractions. Take the light rail to visit other attractions.

Time: 17:30: Then go to Haitang Yanyu Park on Nanbin Road (about 10 kilometers away, take bus 375 or 338 from the nearby Panlong Rotary Station and get off at Haitang Yanyu Park Station after 12 stops, or take a taxi to ), the night view near the Sheraton Twin Towers is extremely spectacular, it is recommended to enjoy dinner after night falls! In the south of the Yangtze River, the lights of the high-rise buildings on Nanbin Road complement the Yangtze River. The light in the river and the river in the eyes are like heaven and earth. There is a dry land music fountain in Haitang Yanyu Park. The fountain, music and night scene blend together every night, which is very romantic.
Then head to Nanshan Yikeshu Observation Deck, where you can overlook the beautiful and dazzling night view of the Yuzhong Peninsula surrounded by two rivers at night (it takes a long walk to take the bus, it is recommended to take a taxi directly, the journey is about 4.5 kilometers)
Then go to the hotel to stay and rest, the public transportation is inconvenient, it is recommended to go directly by taxi.

Time: 18:00: Nanbin Road is known as the Bund of "Chongqing", which has the boldness of the "Ten Mile Foreign Market" on the Bund of Shanghai. The food here is as exquisite and unique as its scenery. The recommended ones include Yuxin Sichuan Cuisine, Xinyuan Fishing Port, Baweitang, Qinma Hot Pot, Pinliangcheng Roasted Chicken, etc. It is a real treat.

Time: 22:00:

Time: 19:00: Activity time: about 1 hour. You can check additional resources when placing an order [Chongqing Liangjiang Night View Cruise Ticket]
(The travel time allows it to be used at any time during the itinerary, it is recommended to use it on the first night)
Ticket collection location: 10 meters in front of the bus station at Chaotianmen Nine Wharf on Changbin Road.
Tour time: 19:10-22:30 Rolling boat departure (queue to board the boat, the pier is relatively traffic jam, it is recommended to pick up tickets at the pier 1 hour in advance)
Ticket collection method: report your name + call to collect tickets
Embarkation address: subject to the actual boarding pier where the ticket is issued
Ticket collection time: before 21:00
Kind tips:
1. You need to go by yourself, remember to bring your ID card to board the boat (if you don't bring your ID card, please go to the No. 7 Pier Water Police Station to apply for a temporary ID card);
2. The above information is for reference only, please refer to the housekeeper's notification in the end;
3. The above items are not included in the basic package. If you want to participate, you need to check the corresponding additional items.

Day 3: Ordovician Paradise--Challenge & Excitement (you can choose Dazu 1-day tour/Ordovician 1-day tour if you place an order)

Time: 06:00: Experience many high-altitude challenge projects, such as: "Sky Corridor", which holds the Guinness World Record - Cantilevered Sky Glass Corridor, "Cliff Swing", "High-altitude Walk", etc.
Play rich Ordovician geological theme projects, full of fun and sense of technology, such as: Children's Happy Valley, Science Fiction DreamWorks, 500 million-year geological wonders, jungle leap & high-altitude speed skating, etc.
[Arrival method]
The park is located on the top of Heishan Mountain in Qijiang District under the jurisdiction of Chongqing City, with an altitude of 1300 meters and about 120 kilometers away from Chongqing City. You can get there by:
1. Book a round-trip bus connection from downtown to the park & ​​adult ticket package that is matched with you in the product, which is affordable and convenient.
Bus itinerary (for reference, please refer to the staff notice and actual arrangement):
06:30 Wangfujing Department Store, Jiefangbei, Yuzhong District or 07:00 Nanping Four Kilometer Transportation Junction Station
07:10 Take the bus to the Dream Ordovician Park Scenic Spot;
Arrive at the park at 10:10, pick up tickets to enter the park (children do not include tickets, they need to take care of themselves);
15:10 Take the bus back to downtown Chongqing;
18:10 Arrive at the Nanping four-kilometer transportation hub. (After disbanding, tourists will go to the hotel or the city to play by themselves.)

2. Take a car from the four-kilometer traffic hub station in Chongqing to Wansheng Bus Station, and then transfer to the local bus or take a taxi to arrive at Ordovician Paradise. The journey takes about 4H.

Time: 08:00: Activity time: about 5 hours Reminders about the fantasy Ordovician scenic spot:
1. Some projects in the park are stimulating projects, which are not suitable for pregnant women, drunks, fear of heights, high blood pressure, heart disease, spinal diseases and other people.
2. When the specified number of tourists is reached in some high-altitude projects in the park, the on-site staff will control the number of tourists entering the venue. Tourists who have not entered the venue must wait outside the venue in an orderly manner. For details, please consult the staff of the scenic spot. It may cause inconvenience to you. Thank you Please forgive me!
3. Regarding meals, you can bring your own dry food. There are informal stalls in the scenic area, please choose carefully according to your own needs!

Time: 19:00: Shihui City is very down-to-earth at first glance. It is close to the old residential area of ​​Chongqing. It is a place where locals are keen on food. The price is affordable, the taste is authentic, and the variety is also rich. There are stone-milled bean curd and Bajie Snacks such as roasted pig's trotters, plum skewers, and Qiu Po ​​Chao Shou are also available, as well as hot pot Chongqing dishes such as Sweet Potato Old Hot Pot, Shenhuo Garden, and Qianjiang Chicken Offal.
Here, order two bottles of Jiangxiaobai and three or five small dishes, taste the taste of Chongqing, talk about life and ideals.
When you walk to the end of Shihuishi Street and turn left, you can also see the characteristic stick-stick soldiers of the mountain city gathered here. They climbed up the hill and carried bamboo sticks on their shoulders. They were coolie porters under the mountainous terrain of the city. Fewer and fewer.
[Arrival method]
Take Line 3 from the Four-Kilometer Light Rail Station to Lianglukou Station, then transfer to Line 1 and get off at Jiaochangkou Station, then exit 6A. The food street is adjacent to ASE Plaza.

Time: 20:00:

Time: 08:00: Additional fees can be added when placing an order [Dazu Pure Play 1-Day Chartered Tour] / [Ordovician Pure Play 1-Day Chartered Tour]

[Dazu pure play chartered car 1-day tour]
09:00 The master will pick you up at the hotel and go to Dazu.
11:00 [Changzhou Ancient City] (Tour time: 1 hour) Experience the ancient city of Changzhou, known as the "Begonia Fragrant Country" in ancient times. Feel the prosperous city buildings at that time, Sansheng Stone, Changzhou Bridge, Changzhou Government Office, Theater Building, Stage, Embroidery Building and other buildings. From time to time, you can also experience various performances such as Kaicheng Ceremony, Antique Weddings, Antique Judgments, and Art Performances .
12:00 Lunch (self-care)
13:00 [Dazu Baoding Mountain Stone Carvings] (tour time: 2 hours)

[Ordovician Pure Fun Chartered Car 1-Day Tour]
At 08:00, the master will pick you up at the hotel and head to Wansheng Ordovician Theme Park.
11:00 [Fantasy Ordovician Scenic Spot] (Tour time: 1 hour)
12:00 Lunch on your own, it is recommended to bring your own dry food
[Fee includes]:
1. Vehicle usage fee, fuel fee, road and bridge toll, parking fee, vehicle maintenance fee.
2. Driver service fee, master accommodation fee, meal fee.
[Cost does not include]:
1. Meal expenses for tourists, personal consumption expenses, scenic spot tickets, ancient city maintenance fees, night driving fees, overtime fees for drivers.
2. If tourists change the itinerary or increase the itinerary midway, they need to pay the relevant fees for the changed and added itinerary (less than 5 kilometers will not be billed and negotiated with the master), please consult customer service for details!
Kind tips:
1. The service time of the chartered car cannot be interrupted or divided. For example, the normal service time is from 8:00 am to 18:00 pm. If you use the car and service beyond the time limit, you should pay the corresponding overtime service fee. The actual mileage plus the mileage of the return trip to Chongqing (based on Baidu map); or if you rush to complete the itinerary in a hurry, the original price will also be charged, and the fee will not be reduced because the time is shortened but the itinerary is not shortened.
2. Please choose the package type according to the actual number of passengers (infants and young children must occupy a seat). Each car has a master. Please provide the exact number of passengers.

Day 4: Mysterious and beautiful Wulong one-day tour (you can choose Wulong 1-day tour charter service when you place an order)

Time: 09:00: Proceed to Wulong Tiankeng Scenic Area, which is the filming location of movies such as "Three Lives III, Ten Miles of Peach Blossom", "Transformers 4", "Full City with Golden Armor" and the TV program "Where Are We Going, Dad" , The karst landform landscape is charming and fascinating, which can be called the uncanny craftsmanship of nature, which makes people linger and forget to return.
[Arrival method]
Since the scenic spot is far away, the local traffic cannot be reached directly and needs to be transferred. It is more troublesome to choose the public travel method by yourself. It is recommended to choose the first two methods provided by this product.
Method 1: Choose the additional service provided by this product, Wulong one-day group tour or Wulong chartered car tour, the service is considerate and the price is affordable;
Method 2: Choose the direct bus provided by this product, which is convenient and fast.
Method 3: Take public transportation by yourself: Take the train from Chongqing North Railway Station to Wulong Station, or take the bus from the four-kilometer traffic interchange hub to Wulong Bus Station, which takes about 3 hours; after arriving in Wulong, transfer to the bus The tourist reception center in Fairy Town takes about 50 minutes; after that, buy tickets at the tourist reception center and take the bus to Tiankeng Diseam National Park Scenic Area.

Time: 21:00: [Food Recommendation-Jiaochangkou Night Market]
After a day of sightseeing, come to the lively Jiaochangkou Night Market in the evening. The proud world here has a wealth of hot pot and Chongqing cuisine. I recommend Jiumen traditional old-school hot pot. The taste is authentic and the dishes are fresh. You can treat your stomach well. There are also Famous bar for relaxing.
[How to get there] After returning to the urban area, walk about 400 meters southwest of Minquan Road from Jiefangbei to Jiaochangkou Deyi World. You can also take a taxi directly.

Time: 22:00:

Day 5: Chongqing returns to its sweet home

Time: 09:00: [Ciqikou Ancient Town]
If the scheduled flight time is late, you can go to Ciqikou Ancient Town. The ancient town faces the Jialing River in the east. It used to be a very lively water and land wharf. Later, with the development of land transportation, the wharf gradually fell into disuse.
Walking in the streets and alleys of Ciqikou Ancient Town, Ming and Qing style buildings can be seen everywhere on both sides of the alleys, and the bottom of the feet is the bluestone road filled with the atmosphere of the ancient town.
When visiting Ciqikou Ancient Town, you can taste a lot of local delicacies and snacks. Maoxuewang, Qianzhangpi (bean products) and salt and pepper peanuts are the "three delicacies" in the town. In addition, even more famous than the "three wonders" is the "Chen Twist", which became famous in the late Qing Dynasty. The twist is all handmade, crispy and crispy. There are many "Chen Mahua" in the town, which one is authentic? You can see which store has the longest queue.

[How to reach Porcelain Port]
First take Light Rail Line 3, transfer to Light Rail Line 1 at Lianglukou Station, and get off at Ciqikou Station.
[How to get from Ciqikou to the airport]
Take Light Rail Line 1 via Station 12 to Lianglukou Station, and then transfer to Line 3 to reach Jiangbei Airport Station via Station 21. It takes about 90 minutes.

Time: 12:00: You can also go to the large-scale emerging business district - Guanyin Bridge Pedestrian Street, a comprehensive modern commercial district integrating catering, shopping and entertainment, which is larger than Jiefangbei. This is a frequented place for Chongqing locals, and naturally it is also a good place for outsiders to visit beautiful women and feel another part of the city's prosperity.
[How to get to Guanyin Bridge] The traffic in Chongqing is well developed. You can take Light Rail Line 3 and get off at Guanyin Bridge Station. It is recommended not to take a taxi during the daytime, as it is easy to get stuck in traffic.
[Guanyin Bridge-Jiangbei Airport Arrival Method]
1. Light rail: Take Light Rail Line 3 from Guanyinqiao Station to Jiangbei Airport Station.
2. Take a taxi: take a taxi, the journey is about 20-30 kilometers.

Time: 16:00: Take the optional flight, return to the departure point, and end the pleasant trip to the mountain city. Please arrive at Chongqing Jiangbei Airport by yourself 2 hours in advance according to your return flight time.
You can book the airport drop-off service provided by this product when placing an order, or you can choose to go to the airport by light rail, taxi, etc.