1. Hotel: Stay in a 5-diamond hotel in the core business district for the whole journey, in the city center, near the business district, convenient for dining and shopping

2. Itinerary: classic scenic spots + special experience, easy itinerary, get up early, don't hurry, sleep until you wake up naturally, save energy and improve experience

3. Car use: Selected models of Mercedes-Benz and BMW, dedicated car pick-up throughout the journey

4. Attractions: Covering humanities, nature, history, architecture and other characteristic elements, fully experience the collision of old and new cultures in Beijing

5. Service: Exclusive butler throughout the whole process, providing considerate service, and full-time tour guides explaining scenic spots

Day 1: [Place of departure - Beijing] Free activities [Private car transfer]

Day 2: Tiananmen Square - Monument to the People's Heroes - Forbidden City - Jingshan Park [special car]

Day 3: Get up early - Zoo - Panda House - Beijing Aquarium [special car transfer]

Day 4: Stagger the morning peak, Shijingshan Playground - Shougang Industrial Heritage Park [special car]

Day 5: [Beijing-Return] Free activities [Private car transfer]