1. Hotel: Residential accommodation, Baihuashanshe, 1090 meters above sea level, beautiful environment, butler service.

2. Itinerary: The combination of museum knowledge and landscape, reasonable route design, in-depth slow tour, relaxed and comfortable itinerary, learning and knowledge in the itinerary.

3. Car use: Form a group independently, use a special car for the whole journey, do not join a group with strangers, and the sightseeing time of scenic spots is flexible.

4. Attractions: Covering characteristic elements such as humanities, history, nature, religion, monuments, architecture, etc., read thousands of books and travel thousands of miles.

5. Transparency: pure play, no shopping and hidden consumption, travel comfortably and at ease.

Day 1: [Place of Departure - Beijing] After picking up the station at the agreed location, take a bus to Mentougou and visit the Memorial Hall of Huang'antuo Commands - Baihua Mountain [special car]

Day 2: [Beijing-Return] Sleep until you wake up naturally, you can move freely at the homestay, and return by car in the afternoon. [special car]