1. Hotel: Beijing selects a 5-diamond hotel close to the city center, with convenient transportation, entertainment and leisure

2. Itinerary: Do not hurry, sleep until you wake up naturally, the itinerary is relaxed and comfortable

3. Car use: form a group independently, use a special car as a guide, do not join a group with strangers, and the length of time to visit the scenic spots is up to you

4. Attractions: In-depth tour of the Forbidden City, climbing the Great Wall, visiting gardens, treasure hunting at Dashilan Liulichang

5. Transparency: no shopping and hidden consumption, comfortable travel

Day 1: Beijing [private car transfer]

Day 2: [Beijing] Flag Raising Ceremony - Tiananmen Square - Chairman Mao Memorial Hall - Forbidden City - Jingshan Park [special car guide]

Day 3: [Beijing] Badaling Great Wall-Olympic Park [special car guide]

Day 4: 【Beijing】Old Summer Palace - Dashilan - Bada Hutong - Liulichang Ancient Culture Street [special car guide]

Day 5: [Beijing] Grand View Garden - Natural History Museum - Temple of Heaven Park [special car guide]

Day 6: [Beijing] Zhoukoudian Peking Man Site Museum - Lugou Bridge [special car guide]

Day 7: Beijing-Return【Private car to airport/station】