Fun Beijing Raiders

                       Accommodation strategy

Wangfujing: 29% of tourists choose
Here is the center of Beijing, with Beijing's symbol - Tiananmen, the Forbidden City. If you live near here and arrive at Tiananmen Square, you can get up early to see the national flag being raised.

Houhai - Drum Tower - Nanluoguxiang 15% of tourists choose
There are many relatively well-preserved hutongs and courtyard houses in this area. It is good for accommodation and wandering. Houhai is a bar street in Beijing, while Nanluoguxiang is a little more literary and artistic, and they are not far from each other.

Temple of Heaven 13% of tourists choose
The Temple of Heaven is an altar where the emperors of all dynasties offered sacrifices to heaven. It is very solemn and solemn. Located in the south of Beijing, accommodation is generally cheaper. It's not far from Beijing Railway Station, so it's more convenient when you first arrive in Beijing.

Sanlitun - Workers' Stadium 13% of tourists choose
It is a famous bar street in Beijing, with many trendy shops and rich nightlife. There are also many concerts and ball games in the Workers' Stadium.

Xidan—Financial Street 11% of tourists choose
This area is located in the middle of Chang'an Avenue, which is an important commercial center in Beijing. Most of the high-end hotels in this area are ideal for business people.

8% of tourists choose Guomao CBD
The bustling area of ​​Beijing. The new site of CCTV, Beijing TV Station, Wanda Plaza, and Shin Kong Place are all concentrated in this area.

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Day 1: Everywhere—Beijing, enjoy Shichahai/Nanluoguxiang

Day 2: The ancient culture of the capital, the beautiful Forbidden City

Day 3: Badaling Great Wall

Day 4: Cultural Landmark, Scenic Spot Royal Garden

Day 5: Temple of Heaven - Qianmen Street