Shiyan Wudangshan Airport (Shiyan Wudangshan Airport; IATA: WDS, ICAO: ZHSY) is located in Bailang Economic and Technological Development Zone, Shiyan City, Hubei Province, China, about 15 kilometers from the urban area, and about 25 kilometers from the Wudang Mountain Scenic Spot, a famous Taoist holy place in China. It is a 4C-level civil transport airport and a feeder airport in China.  
Shiyan Wudangshan Airport was officially completed and opened to navigation on February 5, 2016, and was named Shiyan Wudangshan Airport.  
According to information on the airport's official website in April 2019, Shiyan Wudangshan Airport has a terminal building, not T1 (domestic in China), with a total area of ​​16,400 square meters; a runway with a length of 2,600 meters; 7 parking spaces (2 Helicopter slots); can guarantee an annual passenger throughput of 1.2 million person-times, an annual cargo and mail throughput of 2,700 tons, and an annual aircraft take-off and landing of 16,173 sorties   . As of April 2019, a total of 17 domestic fixed routes have been opened in China, covering 26 cities   .
In 2018, the passenger throughput of Shiyan Wudangshan Airport was 1.1825 million passengers, a year-on-year increase of 36.0%; the cargo and mail throughput was 0.5 million tons; 112 bits   .