Jiujiang Lushan Airport (Jiujiang Lushan Airport, IATA: JIU, ICAO: ZSJJ), referred to as "Lushan Airport", is located on Airport Road, Minshan Township, Chaisang District, Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province, China, 8.5 kilometers away from the west gate of Lushan National Scenic Spot in the northeast. It is 16 kilometers away from the center of Chaisang District and 31 kilometers away from the center of Jiujiang. It is a 4C-level military-civilian tourism feeder airport   .
On June 18, 1996, Jiujiang Lushan Airport officially opened civil aviation services; in 2000, 2002, and 2006, Jiujiang Lushan Airport was suspended for three times; on March 21, 2015, Jiujiang Lushan Airport was suspended for renovation; on June 3, 2019 , Jiujiang Lushan Airport resumption and reconstruction project successfully tested flight   .
As of February 2021, the terminal building of Jiujiang Lushan Airport has an area of ​​11,815 square meters, and there are 3 category C remote stands on the civil aviation apron; the runway is 2,800 meters long and 50 meters wide, and can take off and land Airbus A320-200, Boeing B737- Models of 800 and below; can meet the needs of annual passenger throughput of 500,000 passengers   .
In 2021, Jiujiang Lushan Airport will handle a total of 15,880 passengers, ranking 241st in the country; 222 aircraft take-offs and landings, ranking 244th in the country   .