Tianjin Haichang Polar Ocean Park, a national4A

A national-level scenic spot, a national-level popular science education base, and the only polar pavilion in North China. With its rich and unique polar marine resources, exquisite animal star performances, and diversified interactive projects, it is known as "the top ten most popular among consumers" One of the ocean theme parks" and "the preferred destination for parent-child travel projects". Tianjin Haichang Polar Ocean Park is an open scenic spot, covering an area of


Ten thousand square meters, it is a whale-shaped composite structure. It has twelve major exhibition areas (Antarctic Penguin Island, Mysterious Arctic Village, Undersea Tunnel, Ancient Ocean, Shark Harbor, Coral Sea, Beluga Bay, Liu Chuanyu Lane, Seagrass Hall, Adventure Fish, Future Jellyfish Museum, Meng Beast Bay ), four major performances (Happy Moon Island, Whale Moon Legend, Mermaid Fairy Tale, Aoao Star Adventure), five major animal science shows, and high-end special themed products such as overnight stays and banquets, which are very popular among tourists. Among them, the future jellyfish pavilion is a characteristic theme pavilion with an open backcourt, and the total number of exhibition tanks


More than one, the exhibited jellyfish species are as high as


There are more than ten thousand species. Through digital interaction, sound and light projection and other forms, the colorful, magical and dreamy world of jellyfish is presented to tourists.

【Four Performances】

It took three years to build,2014It debuted in 2019, with four distinctive performances "Happy Moon Island", "Legend of Whale Moon", "Mermaid Fairy Tale" and "Adventures of Aowao Star", jointly creating four unique and brilliant performances. The five most popular animal stars—beluga whales, dolphins, false killer whales, walruses, and sea lions, each with their own unique skills, join hands with the mermaid princess to stage a lively and wonderful "Ocean Circus", no matter in terms of plot, performance, or atmosphere creation All of them are of the first-class level in China, which has opened the eyes of many tourists and talked about it with great interest.

【Twelve Exhibition Areas】

The museum is divided into twelve major exhibition areas, namely: Antarctic Penguin Island, Mysterious Arctic Village, Undersea Tunnel, Ancient Ocean, Shark Harbor, Coral Sea, Beluga Bay, Liu Chuanyu Lane, Seaweed Hall, Adventure Fish Universe, Future Jellyfish Museum, Meng Beast Bay. The twelve major exhibition areas complement each other and have their own characteristics. The polar elves such as penguins, polar bears, sea lions, walruses, and seals from the north and south poles gather here to present wonderful animal feeding shows for tourists every day. The second floor of the museum displays unique corals, jellyfish, aquatic plants and marine fishes for tourists. The layout is carefully arranged and each has its own characteristics, making tourists feel as if they are traveling through the mysterious seabed and feel the magic of the ocean.

【Future Jellyfish Museum】

The future jellyfish hall is divided into six major themed exhibition areas: characteristic light and shadow area, jellyfish kaleidoscope, jellyfish mystery, jellyfish concert hall, jellyfish fairy tale area, jellyfish interactive area, and two functional exhibition areas: jellyfish laboratory and jellyfish classroom.

"Jellyfish Kaleidoscope": A total of nearly one-tenth of the world's jellyfish species have been assembled. In the exhibition area, in addition to displaying the familiar species of sea moon jellyfish, Anduoxian jellyfish, and Australian spotted jellyfish, it will also introduce interesting, Ornamental peace jellyfish, inverted jellyfish, egg yolk jellyfish, rosy jellyfish, etc., as well as sea thorn jellyfish that are difficult to raise, such as black sea thorn, Pacific sea thorn jellyfish, purple striped sea thorn jellyfish, etc.;

 "Jellyfish Mystery Zone": Using technological elements such as video, sound, light and shadow, visitors can experience the vast and romantic jellyfish planet intertwined with jellyfish, light and shadow;

"Jellyfish Interactive Zone": Visitors can interact with virtual jellyfish through the interactive bionic wall, learn about the structure of jellyfish, natural enemies of jellyfish, etc., so that tourists can not only understand the interesting science of jellyfish, but also experience the feeling of touching jellyfish, comprehensive Learn about the wonderfully beautiful jellyfish;

"Jellyfish Concert Hall": The music rhythm is perfectly combined with the swimming frequency of jellyfish. Being in it is like lying in the depths of the sea, imagining that there are jellyfish floating by, changing different colors. Improve your breathing rate in accordance with the frequency of jellyfish swings, and achieve physical and mental relaxation and balance unconsciously.

"Jellyfish Fairy Tale Area": ​​It is the favorite place for children. Various types of jellyfish are transformed into cartoon characters, introducing their own characteristics to tourists. The complete knowledge of jellyfish has a panoramic view; jellyfish swings, jellyfish swings, etc. The unique jellyfish-themed rides attract the attention of children.

"Jellyfish Laboratory": The exhibition area will open the backstage for the first time. Lucky visitors can make an appointment and participate in the "Jellyfish Discovery Tour", observe the feeding and reproduction process of jellyfish at close range, learn interesting popular science stories about jellyfish, and have fun with them. Professional jellyfish breeders conduct face-to-face academic exchanges.

"Jellyfish Classroom": It is a jellyfish class prepared for jellyfish lovers and children. If you want to have a deeper understanding of jellyfish science knowledge and anecdotes, you can sit quietly and enjoy a vivid science class in the jellyfish world.

【Ancient Ocean】

2018In 2019, a new ancient ocean science popularization exhibition area was opened, with a total area of700

Yu Pingmi, tour line


Yu Mi, located in the backcourt on the third and a half floors. Mainly taking biological evolution as the clue, the five mass extinctions as the main node, displaying contents including fish, invertebrate arthropods, insects, amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals, etc., a total of exhibition tanks


Surplus sets, creature types




remaining animals. In the order of the time axis, from the Cambrian to the Cenozoic, select several periods with typical events, and use the evolutionary facts of the five mass extinctions as the division point of the exhibition area to design, and select the creatures that are relatively close to today and history. Varieties are displayed. Raccoons, squirrel monkeys, guinea pigs, chinchillas, Eurasian red squirrels, groundhogs, puppet cats and many other cute pets will accompany you through the 500 million years of the earth in a new way!

【Cute Beast Bay】

Mengshou Bay is an outdoor open-air venue, where tourists are shown a variety of marine animals. People can get close to marine animals in the sun and appreciate their life from different angles. While being in close contact with "cute beasts", learning popular science knowledge is the best choice for the whole family to travel and play. In Mengshou Bay, you can meet a group of cute harbor seals and enjoy the leisurely sunshine with the lazy seals.

【Ocean Happy Planet】

Ocean Happy Planet is an outdoor ocean theater that can accommodate thousands of people watching at the same time. Here, the performers combine the ups and downs of the storyline with the wonderful performances of marine animals, allowing tourists to experience a brand-new marine wonderful sitcom, creating a world of marine fairy tales where man and nature coexist harmoniously.

【Featured Items】

For parent-child families, Tianjin Haichang Polar Ocean Park also offers overnight stays and night banquets to explore the characteristics of the polar region at night in the deep ocean, taste polar food in the blue submarine tunnel, sleep with fish at night, and feel the difference at night The magical polar land, this project has become one of the most popular parent-child experience projects in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region.

Tianjin Haichang Polar Ocean Park has carried out a variety of special projects according to the needs of different age groups. For family tourists, the "5Ddynamic experience" and "Ice AgeMuseum". In5DIn the dynamic experience, tourists can feel the shocking visual impact again, allowing you to enjoy the most exciting dynamic experience, whileIn the Ice Age Pavilion at minus ten degrees, visitors can enjoy the rich and interesting animal ice sculptures, visit the mysterious life of the Inuit at close range, and the romantic snow area, allowing you to travel across the polar regions in a second Enjoy cool.

For children, "Penguin Paradise" and "Interactive Beach" have become children's favorite special projects. Penguin Paradise is a polar ocean-themed children's soft bag adventure experience amusement project. Children can find the polar dolls in their minds, communicate with them, explore, play together, and exercise essential growth skills such as social interaction, physical fitness and movement coordination during play. . In the "Interactive Beach" project, children can play on the artificial beach, experience the ocean style, and interact withanimalClose contact.

Tianjin Haichang Polar Ocean Park condenses the essence of the polar region and fully displays the wonders of the ocean. Come to Tianjin Haichang Polar Ocean Park, feel the "blue and white symphony" resounding through the soul, and reap the purest happiness and touch!

opening hours

August 29th-December 31st 09:00-16:30 (last admission 16:20)

Preferential treatment policy

child:Free for those under 1 meter (inclusive) in height; discounts for those between 1 meter (inclusive) and 1.4 meters in height (inclusive)
elder:Aged 60 years old (inclusive) and above, discounts
the disabled:Disabled persons with valid disability certificates, discounts
soldier:Soldiers with valid military officer certificates and soldier certificates, including retired soldiers, enjoy discounts

Service Facilities

PARKING LOT:[Scenic Parking Lot] Reference price: 10 yuan/time; Address: across the road from the entrance of Tianjin Haichang Polar Ocean Park; storage space: 1000
luggage storage:Address: Tourist Service Center
bathroom:There are multiple toilets in Tianjin Haichang Polar Ocean Park Scenic Area, which are distributed on both sides of the sightseeing road in the scenic area and marked with eye-catching signs.
Infant room:Address: Inside the Tourist Service Center
FOOD:There are many restaurants and bars in the scenic area, which are located in the center of the park and marked with eye-catching signs. Alipay/WeChat payment can be used.
convenience store:There are convenience stores in Tianjin Haichang Polar Ocean Park, which are near the polar world on the first floor, the exit on the first floor and the entrance and exit on the second floor.

must see tips

Baby carriages are prohibited from entering the museum, please store them before entering the museum, the scenic spot provides free storage services for baby carriages